The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 5
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Ttiu»»y, ,iii)y ?.C>, IPfT Alstons' Oei.) Upper DBF WitiinGt- fe/tfo/i Dragster Competes In Races At Winnipeg, Can. '.U'.v <-.; tli? ci'.'WJ'v Brutv.i U'.uui. VH^i;i':-.v.i<' fvt.!:;v.ij-. «'.t tiiv ii'.nV'. V.:-; 1 , MM-;I Jeanetfe's Used Clothing & Furniture l£v ••-...< . Kit r:. t,;/!; "'."..•-. i-::.::is : KJ.;.t-. r: : i.<! ! s. Ji..;w-t I:-:.-.-.: - W • . i.'i', : ;.'.'!• S.!-' 1 .;' VI-;.'!: i/, >s '.-. ';;..., > .l'. i .i 1 ., -.t-.'-.t-. 1 . i'C.'t. •y.ii.iv.^:- ;.'.r'.: i'Cji. .1:. <.'6 i'C.!l '.' ;'.......!: i'.'.l'.' 'JliMU'J*: I'.tl'-U O .'ii.'.VV.iVJ t. Ci!:'> ; ::'l'.!.'"|i:!'.: ii'f.'.A • I/.'. Wl'J tOi. '.-it:'. '.i^v: ijViii'i - .lUlt:t, Ciitl'yl'.t'H'j . 1 i.'.ici MM. CJ.K otiriji'ui, '/. Mii'.jr.i;i 1'it.i 'S'.ui'.Uiy viiej't i:.';U:!i'ihi'.. i. j-ii'Vl'.iii'Ji i'MI TfX., i'.'.l'j M.J. i'.UCi aystii t*)'- Qhub'jji. tut we^k V .i%!'.li.' '.I'.'V.,!: , ; :V.'.."' L . i'C:. i : .'i' : M:i ;^..:.-.- ; :K.-:,y:i4; '":,-.'•.;,%'. ' Ci;:^ .•' riii'^: "•»%-"•'-•• li-;-. ;.;,•: H.:;:.. DIIV. Li .••i i :.i:-.i'.'. <.'. V.A OlsJ Kv.''lt.uc! b'.'i Cj. <-:iC ; M..TS,. • •' •;.' r .'.:: 'f WS i/.t'V.'.V,...Sl '•''W.'i: 11 .^. 1 iiV.:.': . •..v ov.'i-:U; vv: : .'-;,'^. ii Wi .: ; W.'t. Jjtru JiU:';i ^ _ .!•-•;.•,'VU'.'.i'.'J!: V. ! Hi-/.'!!: 1 . 11 !, V.'-it.t. J-' '.'". "'i 1 .'...'ii'.;S / tJJ .'».!.'.'.'''".li } «'A i,^.f.t C'.''.'J'M., ^"JH'^i'V, .'',.. './'. J.'i'".,:-'.' ; Jj'.'hlv .'.''.'.'vr i.'i 1 '. 1 hv .''I. .'"j!; 1 ]>.,!•. j ; l'C>...';,'.i'' r -^'.; W.'. i'.UC M;'t. V.;J>;C '•', ( :i . J !-..!: f . :•:••(.} . 1 v.'iC .M;s, Kviii-iv Oti'i .I.M-V. i.'i; W.'i. >I;-V:J l:'.'.i'"..t i'.U'V .' !::.>..l; Vtrt VJ..'-*i ! J. , u'K::". ^V-:'"> ;',:'lV.r. f ^::C ii 1 . 1 :;;. y, W.•',-.. Ciii.: 1 !:: t J-'irwti, .W.'. ;.-., J./.'.!; .'iS-.V-Vrfl Fenton I Chit - Chat iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiniiaMri and The £ sAJit rrille MJ. wio. Mris, Jzjaes liteyer Stricter, Mr. aoJ Mrs. Herman li^jis, Mr. i-MO Mrs. Free" Jwilz., Vi:. zsA liC:s, Emil ElerfAt*, Mi 1 , g/i-i Kr/i. Vi r m.. Hauteliaan., Mr. 8/i-3 Mr'B. Ervin &3rca£r<it •uti laroilj', Mr. aii'iMrB.Da.rrell Dreyer i^<<i Lamily, Mr. aaHSrs. For Your Doncing & Listening Pleasure Saturday Night, July 22 THE BIRDS Wednesday Nite, July 26 I i THE STRING DUSTERS I SOUTHERN MINNESOTA'S FINEST ! IN CASE Of RAIN - DANCING INSIDE BERNIE'S BEER GARDEN FENTON, IOWA NOW SERVING YOUR FAVORITE COCKTAILS - ,^^ A«K ^xv*si^yai*AXi!^,^^ SHOP in your HOME COMMUNITY Pent on Busine-ss & Professiorval D'ire-ctory FRJENDIY PENT ON INVITES YOU PENT ON PRODUCE - Lloyd Sund-e Golden Sun Feeds' GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE F-t-rvton, to-wo HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE POT Building - R.tmO'de-ling PKONE 889-2281 Fen-ton, Iowa Dr. E. W. Rutke D-EKT'IS'T Of«-»e.« PKo-n.« 889-2U8 P.e-»;d*-r,:.e 889-2.3S3 F-en-fon, FENTON DRUG R.C-A. Dealer T-V Sale-i & Service Phone 889-2713 FRIENDLY FENTON, IOWA AIL CLOTH fN'G, DISHES, ETC. (EXCEPT FURNiTUFcE) LESS THAN % PRICE SfarHng I p.m. to 5 ; p.m. July 2.7 f-hru J-uly 29 'ps'n fromi 7 to 9 t'hes.e 3 evenings only. Cb'5.ed Augu'Sf 1 f'hru A.wgu-st 21 Mrs. V'k'fof Dreye-r — Fen-ton, lowo CALL 889-2770 Beg in ni nig Wedmietday, July 19, and Each Succfredifnig Wednesday For R.ay P' Weekend Grocery Specials T'he Lin-e Will B^e O'pe-n Co'ntimiO'U' Mornrrvg Until Saturday Eve> DON'T FORGET ! No. 889-UIO FOR WEEKLY SPECIALS Ray Priebe's Store Fertton Store phone 889-2271 I i i i i i FENTON MOTOR CO. A TIMELY LOAN CAN PUT YOU ON SUCCESS STREET! 'Know of a good doal cominr) op you should lokt; advontncjo of? l.dl os liolp you 'stiikd whilu lluj iron's hot. 1 L«t us lUHjotiah) ci loon, tuiloind |o youi ntjcdh. Inlorosl icil<;s di'B low, And iho stakes aro hiyhl Ont; of oui proudest "products" is service to enterprising husinnsi niKii. Mcikt; us your finan < iui |)aitntirl WEISBROD IMPLEMENT JORGENSON LOCKERS FENTON REPORTER FARM SERVICE CO. STOEBER HARDWARE FENTON PRODUCE FIRST T R U ST iJu/'S-AV INGS BANK AHMUKONl* PETERSEN FURNITURE FENTON DRUG CO. FENTON LUMBER CO. CHARLIE'S PX SERVICE KRAUSE AUTO SALES THE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE OF FENTON WISH TO EXTEND A MOST HEARTY WELCOME TO PETE SAXTON r THE NEW OWNER OF THE FORMER BAILEY'S STORE. PETE HAS TAKEN OVER AS OF MONDAY, JULY 11, AND WILL BE OPERATING UNDER THE NAME OF PETE'S MARKET. HE HAS OUR BEST WISHES AND APPRECIATION FOR HELPING FENTON TO CONTINUE AS A STRONG COMMUNITY. BERNIE'S RECREATION JIM MEYER STANDARD AGENT DR.W.WJOLLIY D.O. DR. E. W. RUSKE D.D.S. McFALL PLUMBING - HEATING DR. J. R. WAITE D.V.M. CONSOLIDATED CO-OP CREAMERY E. K. JOHNSON LIVESTOCK FENTON "66" SERVICE Rogvr Uliti FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR FIRST TRUST & SAVINGS BANK FENTON CAFE & TAP ROOM RUTA'S YARN & SWEET SHOP

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