The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 8
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PAGEjlGHT BLTTHEVILLR COURIER NEWS , •-^.'•'•''Mroorau** *«wj8''oo. '- ' \ s/ «,**, HAIMK8, PuUWwr ' ,, :-\--l. GRAHAM BUDByRY, Editor . ' (UUUKli-F. NORRIS, 'Advertising Manager Ntttonal 'Ad»trtt*ig RepraenUttra: DtlUei, Inc, Hew York, Chicago, De- , , , C »..E<o>U», DtOu, K^nwctty, PuWWwd < Bvcry Altcroooa Esctpt Sunday •totend/u tecond eluc matter »t the pott- •fflee at Biytheviile, Aricwis*». under act of Concrai, October 9, U17. jSwved by the United -• v SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of BlythevUIe. 15o per week, of tpc per month. By mall, within * radius of 50 miles. (300 per ffti, »J.6p for six months, 75o for three month*; by mail In pO6f»l roues two to ilx Inclusive, tSM per year; In zones seven and el«lit, HOOO per year, payable In advance. The Law Lid Blo'ws Off Completely : People used to have a funny idea that there, was a limit to the things you could do by law. Of course wo know better now. You can dp anything by law, Why, not Ipng ago we had a law telling people what they couldn't drink. There is no longer any limit. Illinois is pioneering. It is on tli<; iioint of passing, a law forbidding picture . houses lo show double features. This of course opens the way for a lot of new laws which nobody had dared to th,inlt about before. Let your imagination go a little: How about a Inw thnt there must be not less than three, not more than live , shrimps in'a shrimp cocktail? This is practically a tradition, anyway, like the third term. How' about a law against any one woman spending more than six hours in a beauty parlor in any one day, How about a law providing that a vegetable plate shall always consist of equal dabs of spinach, buttered beets, carrots, anrj peas? i How about n law providing that all restaurants serving chop stmy must publish on.the menu its exact contents? , How about a law prohibiting doubleheader baseball games? How about a law prohibiting people from 'showing more than once those movies they made on the vacation to Geezick 'Falls? How about a 'law prohibiting doubling at bridge? Or in brass? _ In short, how about a Inw? • Well, how about it? You might think, in 'your innocence, that the question of how many pictures a movie was go, show would be a business question, purely between the people who make and sell the movies, Ihe people who show them, and the people who go to see them. That would be the old-lnshioncd view. So purely private a matter as this, a matter so little tinged with the public interest, would scarcely have been considered a matter behind which to throw iron regulation and the majesty of the law. But Illinois is on the point of declaring otherwise. Do the kids love to sit all afternoon watching an interminable show? No matter—the law knows best. Do the elders want to cliifl in, catch a quick show, and beat it? No matter, the law knows best. Any such law as that now Deposed by Illinois ^ould certainly seem destined straight for a long career in the OUT OUK WAY courts, which will Uicn be'faced .with the difficult task 'of determining precisely how much movie the ''citizen is entitled to see for his quarter. Unemployment Dwindles The best news of many months is (ho estimate of the National Industrial Conference Board that unemployment lias for the lirst lime since last December fallen Ijelow 10,000,000, Forty-four and a half million working—less than 10,000,000 not working. That is the score as of Mny, tljc latest estimate, with every trend indicating that as of ,liniR and probably July, more people were working, fewer not working. • Of course it is not enough of a dent in the problem—basically it remains. JJut if autumn sees the- figure cut to 8,000,000, wllh. the jobs boosted lo 4G,- 000,000, the direction at least will be right. • And direction, these days, is everything. Cleur Conscience /<>/• Another of those, odd.'little stories has come Ih.rough about a person who had a conscience. . This time it was a farmer, who felt lie had been pajd'$2 too much from the. AAA fimda and returned it to the treasury. 'These things come up now and then —;t relief client, hack on his feet, who returns gratefully what his government has paid him, a .tax-dodger who decides it wasn't worth il, inul forwards some forgotten but successfully evaded assessment. The odd thins is that tin's should be news at all. For sift fir. nil, the world is slill full of people who value a dear conscience higher than a 'few measly dollars. spTHEirsAir Them Is no excuse, whatever'-tor the attempt lo replace'-Injustice .will) greater 'injustices, pro- yoking, war., violent .Invasion, (Icsti-iictlou of other nations, nnd finally catastrophe for the whole TOiHIncnt.-Dr. Kdunrd Bcncs, exiled president, ' of Czechoslovakia. . . . -'•,-.-'* * - * • ' 1 BUCSS die liked it,-Gcor gc b. Roberts, witness In the Alilernion-Etting on'se,' nllcmiillng" lo estimate Ihe reaction of Dorothy Lamour on being kbscrt by Mei-ic' AKIcrmnu. « » > Wherever there nrc fair-minded employers mill disciplined workers, there can be recAiirsc lo rcnson and imdereUmline in the scuicmem of diftcrences.-Joint sUUcmcnt of Sidney Hill- innn nml Morris Frlcclinno, ,011 signing for the 18th year ol peaceful labor relations in the. clothing Industry. ». * » We have n right lo dilrcr from one another in religious conviction nnd practice, nut there is mi oMIgiillon upon us a5 .cl.liMtis of the one country lo Join together'in common civic tasks unoii, which nil of us agree.—Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. •.•.-. • .*. * » : Women, married or unmanled, arc members ol the slate! Subject only to constitutional limi- tiitlons Ihey share with oilier citizens the duties and privileges of citt/.cnshlp.-Mnssachusctts Supreme Court, throwing out a bill to ban" working .wives. . •'• . * * * ''•.:. We can have confidence in the Czechs only when we see their readiness lo put an end to the forces creating dlstiirb.a.iiccs.-Koni-ad Hen- Icln, Gcnnnn governor, at Prague.' | SIDE GLANCES 1 " • - '•'" •••"•••>-•• BLYTJIEVILLfi (ARK.) COU.RIBB NEWS Gajbrarth THURSDAY, JULY 6, "1 could walch you for houis, dnrlingl. You make me ,lccl so helpless," THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William . Ferguson <j our 01= CLAIMS Tp' kjsJCW THE WORDS OF "THE STAR. SPANGLED '' • WHAT is THE 'GREATEST DISTANJCE TWO PERSONS IN THE U. .S. ROPEK.^ CAN BE SERM3ATED f • SERIAL STORY .' PAR IS LOVE BY' EDWIN ' ANSWKft: About 2835 miles as the crow flies . . . were at Cape Kin (levy, Washington, ami the other at a point oji the f loririit coiibl. south of Miami. NF.XT: New names for oldVitamins.' fen Yell's/Ago Funcrnl Thursday ' th'cvlilc July 0^1929 .services.'.-', iverc afternoon ; for W. ing tomorrow for an extended visit tn California nud Oregon, was complimented with n party given at the Ooff hotel Thursday evening by Mrs. H. I/ Reynolds. Robert Grimes, who lias been living In Springfield, Mo., has rc- ge, ., as llc ™ - turned her to make his home. ' at Ills honiB In the Hcecc neighborhood, near this city, Wednesday nflcr a 15 months'• Mrs. J. M. Lambert, who Is Icav- Mr. and Mrs.' C. E. Atkinson vc- luincd today from sr.vcr motor trip lo poinLs of h Arkansas nnd Mississippi. i"-iiii"d"l'. K. 0 '*!'"" •>«<• <»• I IIIIU lleddt* (0 B i»-,. \l'||f r |.l CHAPTER VI did a little dance of pure joy. "Boy, oh boy!" he cried enthusiastically.' "this is great. Name the condition. Just name it." "Well," said Uoy, "it's simply tins: You will have to do just as 1 loll you." "Of course I will,". Wilfrid said cordially. "Anything you like." "Well then, I'll fiivc'you a lesson at 4 o'clock, Bui you've got lo promise to go to bed early (o- nigbl." :• : ' "Bed early? Why?" "Any toiler on the verge of a bifi match,'-' said Roy weightily, "needs sleep. You won't get it tomorrow night. You'll be worrying about the match. So you've got lo get it tonight. And"— he extended an accusing finger— "you went out dancing lasl night and came home and played the banjo. Do you think Sammy Snead would act like that. Do you?" "Humph! Well, you just give me a lesson or two and I'll go to bed at sundown if you want." "Okay," said Hoy. "Good," said Wilfrid gratefully. "Now I'm going in. I want to see Barbara. Never can tell what my brother might be up to, the dirty louse." He gathered up his golfing materials and stalked away. + * t TROY stood for a moment deep in thought. He was not exactly sure how this alliance with Wilfrid would benefit him. Bui at all events, it was a means of getting rid of at least one of the twins for the evening. The thing now was to seek the garage and. do some constructive dunking. He turned and almost trod on a smalt boy who had appeared, like a genii from the other side of the hyacinth bush. "Hello," lie said abstractedly. "Hello, my son." "Hello yourself," said the boy. "And I'm not your son." Roy stood corrected. "No, of course not. Whose son are you?" "The old man's," said the boy irreverently. This, reflected Roy, must be the kid brother Billy of whom Babs had spoken. Strongly endeared to the lad by this thought, lie scrutinized, him more closely. He saw a dark-haired youngster with big black eyes which peered mischievously out of a shrewd elfin Wilfrid retreating into the distance. •..•'• . "That guy," he said disdainfully, can't play golf for nub. And I've got 10 bucks on him." "You've got what?" "When they first stsric'd," explained the boy, "Wilfrid looked bolter 16 me. But now"—he shook his head sadly—"he's gone rotten." "And you think you may lose your 10 bucks?" The boy nodded. "That's what I'm afraid of." "Who arc you belling with?" asked Roy suddenly. "Baskcrville." Ho gave me my choice. And"—he bit his lip in mortification—"like a sap, I took Wilfrid.", ; "Well, If it were I," said Roy, 'I wouldn't kriow which I had bet on. 1 can't tell 'cm apart." ' The boy scoffed. "Aw, that's a cinch. Wilfrid's got a mole on the third finger of his right hand. That's how you do it." "I see," said Roy, filing (he information carefully. "What I want to know is," said the boy, looking at Roy accusingly, "what was lie talking to you about?" "Oh! About a course of instructions in the fascinating game of golf." "You mean lessons?" "Something like that. Bui"— Roy stiook his head—"there isn't time to do much. I guess you might as well kiss your 10 bucks goodby." ' "Gosh," said the lad, in alarm. "I can't do that." 'No? "What's 10 bucks to a financier like you?" "The thing is," Billy said patiently, "I haven't got 10 bucks." ' * » * ' OY took out a cigaret. "There's one way you could win sure," he said, surprised at the depravity of his own brain. "That is, if Ron didn't show up for the match. II he forfeited, you face. know. Didn't play." "How do you mean?" Billy. asked "Oh, I haven't thought out the details yet. It simply occurred to me that would be one way to save you from— from national dis- Jraec." "Well, what do you want me to do?" Billy demanded. "Nothing yet. But if I think of something, are you game to help out?" •-.... "Ami? I should, hope to tell you." "Well then, not a word to anybody. Just stand by ready to rally round, that's all." Billy scampered ' the figure of second lime Roy and for, the garage.. But for the second time he was marked for interruption. The figure of Mr, J. Pemberton Canning was advancing toward him across the lawn. Mr. Canning -had exchanged the gray blanket for a blue flannel coat and dark trousers. He walked, spring- ily, purposefully; " ' "Ah, there you are,' llerring," he called. "Been looking air over the place for/you. Come and see some artist's representations ol glyptodons that just came : irom New York'." . ' "Delighted, sir," said Hoy, wondering what the proper cracks to make about glyptodons might be. :* •'*•*.• ' • ' A GOOD general will pause be• fl times and review the situation before'plunging blindly ahead. A good general sees fliat his plans arc sound, airtight, foplproof. And, much after the manner of a general pausing (6 c'pnsider the position of things, Royallon Augustus Herring sat on the grass near the swimming pool reviewing the accomplishments of the morning. As he saw .things, this mucli had been achieved: He was in the good graces of J. Pemberton Canning due to his avowed interest in paleontology. He'had.-had dealings with Wilfrid and had assured the absence of that gentleman for tonight. He had enlisted the services of young Billy. And, ; greatest of all, he'\vas"beginning to feel sure that a .certain girl whose long black lashes had the most charming way of dropping over sea-at-suridown eyes, was not averse to seeing him clutter" Y iip the premises. Remained: To interview Ronald, Wilfrid's counterpart, and sec what, if anything, might be done about him for the evening. Roy had come to regard this night as vital. There seemed little opportunity of holding'pro- longed converse with the fair Barbara during the daytime! ' Barbara? He straightened up, amazed at (he thought of "-how, much devastation a pair of big violet eyes :iiad accomplished. Gosh, it had been quick Work. • Only yesterday he had been ' a gay footloose young blade. 'And today . . . well, he was'down for the count. That first glimpse of. her, he realized, had affected him much as a.still sock in the solar plexus. Subsequent . sights 'had rendered him punch-drunk. Np\v, every time she looked his way he felt like a deflated balloon. He gazed across the great-'lawn arid his heart began the Ifirsl movement of a lobp-the-loop. Barbara was approaching; wi|h-one:of.'the twins. ; ;Roy got .to his "feet and prepared himself for deflation. (To Be.Conlutnefd)' • ' THE FAMIIY DOCTOR Has a Broiichpscope Anything to Do With Broncos? More Health -Queries! Rend .Courier News wnut iuf3. By J..R. Williams 0 UK BO AIDING HOUSE with Major Hoople LOOKS LIKE A SCAWDALOUS WASTE ' F!LM«THET'S A MOVIE CAMERA HAllO'T IT? VT-5, BUT HE'S RIGHT •-•IHEVLL HOW TH«< ICWS BREA1HIM'. WITH A STILL CAMEtJA IT • O'VA. CAtflY TTSA.r BILGE THAT SOUE^.KWG SLIVER Tpp.HOOPLE/ I'LL BE MNt>E THE BUTT OF.CHEA.P3IBESBY AW OVERDRESSED BEPFOST.' . . . . SOUK1O WOVI ES WOULD 66 BET16R,-- T»<e.Y'p err TVI' of--f= YEX LAPELS? ivexe MY CmJSft suf?V/VOf(S ~TM£ GRAVY SOAT SCUTTJ.eC>? £>/o 7s/£ IV//JO EVSK stew YA ot/r of YSK PEkCE, PEA.CE ' PEOPessoR 5 DO MTTOFP&JD ; "THE Di6NrrY OP TUs COMMODORE/ I^AK-^AI C A.PT/MW TARR, YOU UMCER-STAWp,OP COURSE, ITHW DEAU LITTLE PERCY IS MERELY A VEMTRiLOfUf PUMMY, AMD WiLL BE ASSOCIATED WITH US ' OKI THE SHOWBOAT BY I)K. MORRIS FISJIBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, am! of Hygcia, the Health "-Magazine .Here are another five questions on health. Five possible answers are given for each question. If yon score 100 (20 points for each correct answer), you arc well Informed. However, tf your mark is less than CO, you should attempt, lo learn more about health and disease. • 1. People should not sleep with their windows open because a) night air Is dangerous; b) Insects and bugs might ay in; c) drafts arc dangerous; d) gases might blow in; c) Ihe windows should be open. 2. A simple goilcr can be prevented by a) wearing amber heads: bl taking regularly small doses of iodine; c> eating plenty of seawed: d) eating cabbage; e) drinking beer. 3. A bronchoscope is a machine 1 for laming wild horses; b) for looking inside Ihe lungs; c) for looking at germs; d) for curing a co'igh; c) for treating pneumonia. <. People v,-ilh pains in the rlgltl lower quarter of the abdomen a> .should lake n laxative: b) shoiiid put on the hot-water bottle; c) should put on an ice bag; <!> iihoiild consult a doctor; c) should take aspirin. 5. A 1 , woman who has just found going lo have the bronchoscope. "I. A pain In the right lower quarter of the abdomen might be. appendicitis. Many deaths result from taking cathartics or laxatives under such conditions. An ice bag helps to control Hie pain. A hot-water bottle increases the congestion. It Is best lo call a doctor to find out what Is wrong. 5. First, ask the doctor if it Is really so and have an examination to determine whether everything is satisfactory. Second, visit the doctor regularly to prevent complications. Third, postpone a general distribution of the news as well as the collection of a layette for several months. Fourth, leave guidance as to conduct to the doctor who is selected lo take charge of the case. Mind Your Manners SOS Within Apple Saves Stncfien Soldier LONDON (UP) _ A .burri«d)y written SOS .message''ist-uffed' Inside ah . apple and thrown from a train saved the life of Joseph Smith, 19, of Aldersliot Barracks. The young soldier,, a passenger on;a last non-stop .Loncbti express became critically ill. ^fle'.-was sived by Hie cool thiiikiiig , of 1 George Lofehouse, 'who ' thcuglit - of • the apple. The apple was picked up by a signalman "at Suton. who phoned ' t/ondcn. When the train steamed into St. Pancras station, an ambulance was waiting. Dell News Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below. 1. Is it correct for a baby to be christened at home? 2. fs i a baby dresscH completely In white for Its christening? 3. When a family adopts a baby, 1 announcements she is going lo have a is it correct to send annonm >y Should c) keep it a secret;) of the adoption lo friends? b) cal- twice as much; c> have a 4. What Is the usual number of complete examination; :<i) tell her mother:/ c) buy n layelle ANSWERS: 1. Tl^ windows should be kept open In order lo penult a free ;irculalio» ot air. Now screens :cep oiu. insects and drafts maybe controlled. Contaminations by loxious g.iscs arc prevented. There s no icason why the windows should no-, be kept open for health 2. Simple goiler occur.'; in . ocr.'; n ai-cas where there Is a deficiency of iodine in Jc,-od and in water. It may be prevented by taking regularly mall dos^s of iodine and by the >se of Iodized salt. 3. A bronchoscope lias nothing o do will) broncos but is used to ook inside Hie bronchial tubes vhich nre) the tubes passing from he rtiddlpe Into the finer por- lons of the lung. It Is also pos- Ible to remove substances which have beet) inhaled by the use of i goiiparcnls given a child? 5. Arc invitations to a christening formal? What would you do if— Your baby is to be christened and you wonder how to invite friends who live in the same city— (a) Write Informal notes? (b> Extend the uvilalion by telephone? Answers 1. Yes. Unless the family's church forbids. 2. Yes. ' 3. Yes. . ' ' 4. Two godmothers for a girl and one for a boy. Tyvo godfathers for a boy; one for a girl. 6. No. Best "What Would You Do" solution—either (a) or (b). Uthosphere is the name of She solid earth, and hydrosphere cf water. \V. M. U. I^tets ' Twenty-two members including one pew member, Mrs. J. N. Wil- nbnvattended the .meeting of the Woman's Missionary Unlcn -cf the Dell Baptist church Monday afternoon when Mrs. Ed Melcalf was hostess to the group at her home. Mrs. Braxlon Gill was In charge tf the devotional which was followed with sentence prayers. The Bible questions and answers period was led by Mrs, 'pclla' Ozee! During the business session a committee was appointed by Mrs. M. W. Lewis lo serve at the district conference meeting which will be held at the Baptist church Friday. July M. Mrs, C. A. Smith, Mrs. U. L. Talc, Mrs. Jim ftoss aiid Mrs. C, H. Downs are members cf the committee. • Announcement was made thai the Polly Sunshines arev leading the Gloomy Anns in 'the weather contest started several months ngo. Mrs. John Hnrdlii and Mrs. Jim Ross reported (n --(he project for the month of Jtineittlilcii'-was'.Uie selling of ice cream. The meeting was dismissed with prayer by Mrs. J. T. Rcnfro. . The next meeting of the group will be at the home of Mrs. John Stevens, M:nday, July 17, Gosneil News Have Family llcunion Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moody entertained members of their-family at a reunion at their home • Sunday. . Guests were: Mrs.'Mo)Hc Wallace, Tate •Wallace, juanita : ai\d Ulith Wallace, Mr. and'-Mrs! J.-H. : Powell, Munroe Wallace. Airs. Tom Widuer and daughter, Mamie, Mrs. W. p. Amos and s:u. Bitty.'-Mr. and Mrs. Burman Baker : and .son, Buddy, and daughter. Gladys, of Three Rivers, Mich,'Mrjs. ipfttrlc Jarrett and daughter. Shirley, also of Three Rivers, and Sam Moody and Gerald Moody. •••'••

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