The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1967 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1967
Page 18
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round - NEGRO MAYOR FOR CLEVELAND- On July 5 Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson reported that Cleveland might be the first major city to elect a Negro mayor. Later that day candidates for mayor gf Cleveland lined up exactly as they predicted, with Carl Stokes, Negro attorney, filing in the Democratic primary along with five other Democratic candidates. In a field of six candidates, the one Negro, Pearson and Anderson said, would have an excellent chance of winning in a city which has a 37 per cent Negro population. - o- - U.N. VOTE REVEALS OUR TRUE FRIENDS- WASHINGTON - The list of nations voting for Russia and against the United States in the crucial U.N. debate last week was printed in fine type and most people didn't read the roll call. However, State Department diplomats did, and they got a lesson as to who are the real friends of the USA. Though the U.N. debate was on Israel, it was really a showdown between the United States and Russia. Moscow had called the Assembly and marshaled the biggest guns of the communist world to come to New York. When the votes were finally counted, here are some of the so-called friends of the USA who lined up on the side of Moscow: Spain-The United States came to Generalissimo Franco's rescue with large amounts of cash when he was in jeopardy and has kept on dumping in military cash to a total of about $3 billion. Spain voted with Moscow. Greece - That country was the recipient of about $3 billion under the Truman doctrine, to preserve democracy and persuade Greece to avoid Russia. Greece is now in the hands of a military dictatorship. It voted on the side of Russia. Turkey — This is another recipient of Truman aid and received nearly $10 billion in military aid to bolster the Turkish army. It voted with Russia. Pakistan - This is another military dictatorship which hasn't held an election for years. The USA has plowed $4 billion into Pakistan to support the dictatorship. It voted against the USA and for Moscow. On the other hand, every Western European democracy except France and Sweden voted with the United States. Also significant was the fact that the Ivory Coast, once a part of France, and Laos, where a few years ago we barred Souvanna Phouma for fear he was too leftist, abstained in the first vote but sided with the United States, Israel and Latin Americans on the second vote. - o - - HERO WITHOUT HEADLINES- This column, which has fingered the inefficient and spotlighted the unethical, today pays tribute to an unheralded bureaucrat now retiring from government. He is Bernard Boutin, head of the Small Business Ad- DREW PEARSON ministration, who has operated without headlines, without scandal, and with a healthy record of promoting cooperation between business and government. There was a time when business and the government considered themselves enemies. But under President Johnson big corporations are cooperating in job training programs while small- town banks are helping the Small Business Administration with loans. What happens is that when local banks cannot make a loan they cooperate with the Small Business Administration either in taking part of the loan or getting the SBA to take it all. Administrator Boutin has also retained retired bankers on a per diem allowance to handle this cooperation. When a retired banker approaches a local bank not as a bureaucrat but as a businessman he gets better cooperation. In addition, Boutin has drafted more than 2,000 retired businessmen to work with the recipients of small loans to advise on their accounting systems, their production methods and their general techniques. These retired businessmen have a lot of know-how and Boutin has been using it. Boutin finds that President Johnson takes great personal interest in small business. Despite the press of the Vietnam war and other major problems, the President confers with Boutin every two weeks on small business progress. Boutin is now leaving the gov- ernment for private business. The reason: He has 10 children to support. Note: Boutin first trained as mayor of Laconia, N.H., a city which has sent such other ex* mayors to Washington as ex- Rep. Oliva Hout and Sen. Tom Mclntyre. - o - - HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES Rep. George Malion, D-Tex., loves a good cigar. But when he attended a White House luncheon and received a cigar from new granddaddy Lyndon Johnson celebrating the birth of Patrick Lyndon, Mahon stroked the cigar fondly and decided to preserve it in memory of the new Presidential grandson. . .During the Dodd debate, Sen. Russell Long, D-La., called Drew Pearson a "crocodile," Jack Anderson a "serpent," and urged the Jus- "tice Department to put Anderson away for a hundred years. Remarked Art Buchwald to Anderson: "You would get a hundred years if Long were your attorney.". ..President George Meany of the AFL-CIO paid eloquent tribute to Ed Morgan during Ed's last broadcast. Morgan had the longest sponsorship in history, 12 1/2 years with the AFL-CIO. He left of his own initiative to undertake educational TV broadcasting for the Ford Foundation. . .When Rep. Carl Perkins, D- Ky., replacing Adam Clayton Powell as chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, tried to fire Powell's one-time assistant, Louise Dargans, he got a terrific flack from Negro leaders. It was so great that other committee members overruled their chairman and insisted that Mrs. Dargans remain on the government payroll. - o - -FACTS ON AIR CRASHES ARE NOW SUPPRESSED - WASHINGTON- Good old Rep. Tuesday, July 18, 1967 Algona, (la.) Upper Des Moines—11 REPORT OF CONDITION OF EXCHANGE STATE BANK of Wesley in the Stale of Iowa at the close of buiineit on June 30, 1967. ASSETS 1. Cash, hnlnnros with other banks, and cash items in of collection .... --$ I4fl.148.93 2. United Slates Government obligations 09.574.62 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 91,843.24 7. Other loans and discounts - 1,228,219.34 8. Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises _. 11,306.28 11. Other assets - -- 71.674.27 12. TOTAL ASSETS —-$1.651,766.68 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships. and corporations 716,934.14 14. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations - 600.077.34 15. Deposits of United States Government - 24.704.41 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 123,769.73 10. Certified and officers' checks, etc - 3,488.08 20. TOTAL DEPOSITS $1,469,873.70 (a) Total demand deposits - $ 701,896.36 (b Total time and savings deposits $ 677.977.34 25. TOTAL LIABILITIES - - $1,469,873.70 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 30,000.00 26. <c> Common stock—total par value No. shares authorized 300 No. shares outstanding 300 27 Surplus - - --- 120,000.00 28. Undivided profits - - 31,892.98 30. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS - 181.892.98 31. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ...-$1,651,766.68 MEMORANDA 1. Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date - ..$1,448,491.06 2. Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call date - $1,274.563.42 3. Loans as shown in item 7 of "Assets" are after deduction of valuation reserves of 19,758.68 We L. H. Klein, President and D. L. Klein, Cashier of the above- named bank do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. L. H. Klein. President D. L. Klein, Cashier Correct—Attest: L. H. Klein J. W. Goetz ) L. T. Root Ben G. Studer ) Directors. Herman Bode ) State of Iowa. County of Kossuth. ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 10 day of July, 1967, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires July 4, 1969. V. W. Wengcr. Notary Public Harley Staggers, the West Virginia Democrat, has been labor's public champion when it comes to the railway unions and opposition to a modified arbitration act to head off a railway strike. But he has been strangely secretive regarding another phase of transportation-the airlines and their accidents. As chairman of the House Com" merce Committee, he has been holding closed-door hearings on airline accidents. The safety of the nation is not involved, but rather the safety of the public. Hearings regarding the Apollo fire have been held in public. Investigations into railway wrecks and auto crack-ups arc held in public. And past probes of airline accidents were held in public. But for some reason test known to himself, the venerable Congressman from West Virginia has chosen to hold airplane accident probes behind a strict veil of secrecy. The latest have involved two spring crashes over Ohio by Lake Central and TWA, plus the New Orleans tragedy when a Delta jet plowed into a motel, killing a group of schoolgirls on their spring vacation. The kin of all those killed would like to know the reason. So would the public in order to prevent further tragedies. Rep. Staggers, however, believes in secrecy. jp»r..m'-iM n iw-irm n iim n Mnm^^ /^ I APPLY NOW for one of the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFERS to qualified applicants for JULY ONLY (limited number only — personal interview required). Young School of Beauty 617 Locust Des Moines, la. j| "Where Beauty Culture Is Taught" COOP) FED HEIFERS Ww*/ Averaged 12,599 Lbs. of Milk This fa just one of 8 Holsteln heifers in a herd born, reared and fed at the farmer-owned CO-OP Demonstration and Research Farm. These heifers are setting an impressive record for milk production. Last year during an official test supervised by the University o! Missouri, these 8 heifers gave more than 100,000 Ibs. of milk during their first 12-month lactation. (Now on their second lactation, they are milking well ahead of last year) Their feeding program has been CO-OP from start to finish. It has included: CO-OP Milk Saver Calf Pro- Starter, CO-OP Calf Starter, CO OP Calf Grower, GO-OP Dairy Feed, Mineral, and Salt. Well be happy to give you full details of their feeding program. Give Your Cows tha Same Feeds — 809 Whittemore Co-op Elevator HOBARTON BRANCH CO-OP «n<* **f>v^ Golden Sun Feeds S For top performance gasoline, fuel oil, oils and lubricants TWUtPBOMK M9.5614

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