The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1967 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 25
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2-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moinei Thursday, July 13, 1967 WHAT IS THE FUNCTION ? What is the function of a state legislature ? A quick answer might be that it is "to legislate." If that is all, then the recent assembly in Iowa certainly fulfilled its purpose, lowans will be sometime in realizing fully just how much legislation took place, most of it that will increase the general cost of living and make life unnecessarily more compli- ated. But isn't the function of a legislature also to "protect" the public interest ? If so, the recent session failed to accomplish this. From the looks of the new bills, passed which will now become a part of life, the state legislature has become nothing but putty in the hands of lobbyists for special groups, seeking special legislation, to the benefit of a few groups but the detriment of the general public. It just doesn't seem possible that Iowa needed all of the hundreds of new laws and changes in the old ones that took place in the recent session. And when it came to taxation — a man hired from Purdue University as a special tax consultant seems to have been able to get most of his ideas into law. He can now take his pay and go back to Purdue, but lowans will be milked for years to come as a result of his efforts. We seek more industry in Iowa, yet pass a law taxing "meat processing." This lays a tax on every pound of product every packing plant in the state processes. Then when you buy it over the counter you'll pay another tax. We raise the corporate tax for corporations, yet we invite them to locate in Iowa. (Corporation profits, when passed on to stockholders, are all taxable to the stockholders anyway, as part of individual income). Sales taxes go up and are expanded, a move that will hit every citizen in the state. The expectation of more money is immediately reflected in a raise for state employees and larger budgets for state institutions. The Iowa House of Representatives was dominated by republicans; the Senate majority was held by a small margin by the democrats. Thus, neither party is in a position to particularly blame the other one for actions of the session. However, one piece of legislation canceled a law requiring the G.A.R. to file an annual report. Seems the last surviving G.A.R. died some years ago, and nobody was around to file a report. We have the finest potential form of government in the world, but we as citizens have abdicated our rights, privileges and interest* in determining the course of our own government and our own lives to a handful of men and pressure groups who are making a real mockery of the democratic processes of government. Isn't it time we awakened from our sleep ? ON THE WAR FRONT While Vietnam and the Middle East rate 1-2 in the current war news, two other actions may have slipped by unnoticed. West Germany has announced plans for cutting its military force about 60,000 to enable the government to balance its budgets for the next four years. Who ever heard of such an outlandish move ? And at Geneva, Switzerland, the Canadian delegate to the 17-nation disarmament conference compared the big powers of the world (i.e. Russia and the U.S.) to the "merchants of death" before World War I who sold large quantities of arms to areas of international tension* The spokesman suggested that the big powers cut off all their arms and munition sales to other powers, which in turn would eventually dry up the supply of implements of death in the hands of all the small, belli" gerent countries who seem determined to use them. Who ever heard of such a wild idea ? It does seem odd that the nations of the world with the smallest armed forces and the least armament (Japan, West Germany, Switzerland and Sweden) seem to be the ones that are doing wel.1 today, without involvement in serious squabbles with their neighbors. Definition: Middle age is when tripping starts to get less light and more fantastic. —Knoxville Express HOW TO GET INTO DEBT FASTER Some bonks call it "Ready Reserve." Another calls it "Worry Free Checking." "Checking Plus " is one term; "Instant Money Checking" is used by another bank. None of these terms, v/e might add, are being used in our local area, but are means devised by some metropolitan banks to invite what one honest banker calls simply "overdraft banking," which is what it is. The general idea is thai these banks are inviting persons to legally overdraw their checking accounts, and then pay interest at installment loan rates, on the amount of the overdrafts. However, although it sounds easy, the banks sponsoring the idea are using a little care with regard to those given the "ready reserve" or "checking plus" privileges. It is indeed a new switch in the banking business to find some large institutions inviting overdrafts, after years of caution against such incidents, and advice as to how to establish a nest egg for "that rainy day." Well, it's a world of change, and even the image of the flint-eyed banker is undergoing revision, although actually they haven't been flint-eyed for quite a while, if ever. SECRETARY RUSK'S STATEMENT Speaking before the convention of Lions International, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, among other things, said that "the final solution for peace in the Middle East cannot be imposed from the outside by the United States but rests with the citizens and governments of the countries involved." This seems, indeed, to be a sensible viewpoint. And isn't it strange that when it comes to Vietnam the Secretary can't see the forest for the trees ? COMPLIMENTS REAGAN Tracy, Minn., Headlight Herald — You are a taxpayer if you are still walking around, and it doesn't make much difference what your politics are or the color of your hair. If you have departed this world, the lawyers and the tax collectors will be checking to see what may still be taken out of your hide. Therefore, it is interesting to see the governor of California trying to bring the spending of the state in balance with its income and reduce its mountainous deficit. Generally, a candidate forgets campaign promises of economy after he has snared enough votes to be elected to office. Citizens are largely to blame for public extravagance, because they overlook the fact that they will have to pay in taxes for every public gift for which they clamor. Governor Reagan has chosen a rocky road because of this. Increased taxes and reduced spending are bitter medicine for many people. Conscientious public officials have an uphill fight for economy. It is heartening, however, to see a governor with the stamina to make a fight for restraint in public spending and a balance between income and outgo. A SIMPLE IDEA Grundy Center Register — An argument which leaves us as cold as the traditional Eskimo at the North Pole is: The economy is going along better than expected, so let's raise the income taxes to prevent things from getting out of hand. Wouldn't be a lot better to cut government expenses, and thus reverse any inflationary tendencies which the country might develop ? Someday the fashion designers are going to discover the bib overall It may come in a flash of inspiration while they are looking at a Grant Wood painting or going through an old Montgomery Ward catalogue. But it will come. They have tried almost everything else in the way of male fashions. —Tipton Conservative People wonder why the highways weren't so littered 50 years ago. The answer is easy. You couldn't dump an empty beer barrel on the road shoulder. In fact, you didn't have a car from which to toss the thing. —Bellevue Herald Leader Upper Bea Jiomesf 111 E. Call Street — Ph. 295-3535 — Algona, Iowa Zip Code 50511 ESTABLISHED 1865 OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER KOSSUTH COUNTY CITY OF ALGONA NATIONAL NEWSPAPER IAI ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL ISSUED TUEDAY & THURSDAY & NORTH IOWA SHOPPER THURSDAYS: Newspapers entered as Second Class Matter at the post office in Algona, Iowa EDITORIAL R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher Don Smith, Managing Editor ADVERTISING Denny Waller Russ Kclley Jack Purcell, Foreman I ••:• SUBSCRIPTION RATES In Kossuth County and adjoining areas $5.00 per year To all other addresses in United States or Foreign $7.00 per year (No subscriptions less than six months) f/fom HISWRY'S SCRAPBOOK} I DATES AND EVENTS FROM YESTERYEARS J Destruction of the Bastille marked beginning of the French Revolution, July 14, 1789. Napoleon surrendered to the English at Alx, July 15, 1815. A squadron of 24 Italian seaplanes reached the Chicago World's Fair, July 15, 1933. The District of Columbia was established, July 16, 1790. The first U.S. warships passed through the Panama canal, July 16, 1915. Florida was formally ceded to the United States by Spain, July 17, 1821. Douglas Corrlgan flew to Dublin, July 17, 1938. The Klondike Gold Rush Wan, July 18, 1897. The United States and Canada signed a St. Lawrence River treaty, July 18, 1932. A Woman's Rights Convention was held at Senaca Falls, New York, July 19, 1848. Sitting Bull surrendered, July 20, 1881. Pancho Villa was assassinated, July 20, 1923. 10 YESES AGO IN THf FROM THE FILES OF THE UPPER DES MOINES July 11, 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arend, Burt, were moving to their new home in Algona soon and a neighborhood farewell surprise party was given at their farm home. The guests of honor were presented with a table lamp for their new home. The evening was spent at 500 with awards going to Mrs. Robert Harvey, Mrs. Robert Sarchet, Mrs. Mike Arend, Paul Weber and Fred Davis. The Mike Arends had lived on the Portland twp. farm many years, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arend would continue to live there. - o - Specialist Third Class Thomas D. Carroll, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll, LuVerne, graduated from the 16-week automotive repair course at the Army's Ordnance School, Aberdeen, Md. A 1953 graduate of Corwith High School, he was a farmer before entering the Army. - o - From Odds and Ends- "Fred Kent, Jr. and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ken Cowan, were talking while Patty Cowan was listening in on the conversation. The subject got onto extroverts and introverts and how you could tell which type a person is. "What do you think about it, Patty?" the girl was asked. "Gosh," said Patty, "don't ask me. I don't even know what a vert is." - o- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Studer, Joan Kay, Roger, Thomas and John, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Studer, all of Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellik, Jr., Britt, drove to Colorado Springs where they attended the wedding of the former couple's son, Harry Studer and Nancy Lee Angus of Colorado Springs. The bridegroom was currently serving with the U. S. Air Force. - o The smouldering remains of an old elevator, owned by the Fenton Co-op Elevator Co., was pictured on the Fenton Reporter page. Twenty-one thousand bushels of stored grain were destroyed. The fire was discovered early in the morning by Richard Borchardt of Fenton. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kueck, Lone Rock, accompanied the Maynard Kuecks of Algona to Mason City airport to get Larry Kueck who was arriving on a 14- day furlough from the Air Force, At the termination of his furlough he was being sent to Germany for three years. Larry was a former Lone Rock student. - o - June was a good month, accident-wise, according to Chief Al Boekelman, who reported only six accidents were investigated in the city during June's 30days. Damage to vehicles amounted to $987.91, and property damage was $54.75, compared with May's record of eight accidents and $1,776.63 damage to vehicles. - o - Attending a Brandt family reunion at Blue Earth from the Ledyard area were Mrs. Martha Schroeder and son; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gade and son, Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brandt and family from Elmore; and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jorgenson, and Mrs. Fosgreen, and Frank Diem of Swea City. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wehr- spann arrived in Whittemore from Japan to spend a 30-day vacation at the parental Louis Wehrspann home. Mr. Wehr- spann graduated from the Whittemore High School, attended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, and for three years had taught in the American Independent Schools in Japan. ••v' -0- Mrs. Duane Sheppard, Algona, entertained several little boys and girls in honor of the third birthday of her daughter, Diane. Present were Mrs. Louis Ferstl, Judy and Nancy, Mrs. Louis Schumacher, Patricia, Darlene and Jimmy, Mrs. Francis Kollasch, Kathy and Paul, and the honoree's grandmother, Mrs. Earl Sheppard. - o- Schultz Bros, of Algona had taken the first agency in Iowa for the new Edsel, a medium- priced car manufactured by the Ford Motor Co. - o - "Ridkalus Daze" had once again arrived in Algona, for two days, and various merchants were pictured on the front page of this issue in their "ridkalus" costumes, 20 YEARS AGO IN THI FROM THE FILES OF THE UPPER DES MOINES July 17,- 1947 Louis W. Nitchals, Ruthven, a graduate of the Drake University law school, class of 1946, had rented the office space In the Hutchison Bldg., formerly occupied by H. B. White, and expected to begin the practice of law about Sept. 1 in Algona. - o - Henry Seller, 10, St. Benedict, narrowly escaped drowning In the Algona Municipal pool. Somehow he got into the 10 ft. area, and being unable to swim he went down. Mrs. Dick Norton of Algona noticed him floundering around and at first thought he was merely having fun, but he sank and didn't reappear. She called Doris McGuire, lifeguard, and the latter dove in and brought the boy out. He was unconscious, and Miss McGuire gave him artificial res* piration, bringing him to about the time a doctor arrived. The lad suffered chiefly from shock. . o- Well, it happened I All members of the Ted Hoover family of Doan reported that about 5p.m. one afternoon they saw objects in the sky which resembled the published description of the "flying saucers". The first family member spotting the objects called the others', and the verdict was unanimous that if they were not saucers, they were "something different". - o - Walter Berggren, Swea City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alta Berggren, was pinned beneath his overturned automobile for two hours before being found by George Harner. His injuries consisted of a fracture to his left leg and a chipped bone. The mishap occurred near the Axel Erickson farm, when apparently some bolts in the steering apparatus became loose. The machine upset in a ditch and rolled over two times. - o- A picnic was held at the A.R. Willrett home at Lone Rock in honor of Donald Weisbrod, Ed Meyer and A. R. Willrett's birthday. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Hans Baago, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Luedtke, Donald Weisbrod, Marilyn and Bill, all of Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Carol Willrett and family of Wesley; and Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Taylor of Algona. - o - The first pre-fab house in Algona was being constructed for Lewis Wildin on South Thorington St. The house- had three bedrooms, and was. purchased, through the Gamble store here. - o- Mrs. Anna Mar low of Union twp. had intended being the hostess for the Union Mother and Daughter Club at her home, but she fell from a ladder a couple days before the meeting while picking cherries and Injured her wrist so that she was unable to use it. So her assistant hostess, Mrs. Mary Sarchet, took over and held the meeting at her home and Mrs. Marlow assisted as much as she was able. Thirty-four members and guests attended. - o- In honor of Beverly Larson's eighth birthday about 40 relatives had a picnic dinner at the Edmund Larson home at Burt. In the group were the Clarence Chrlstensens, Mrs. Anna Marie Christensen, and Wm. Larson, Titonka; the Verne Teeters and Otto Harlans, Algona; and the D. A. Teeter, Franz Teeter, Arie Dittmer, Quinten Bjustrom and Harvey Larson families; and the Verle Harlans, Ames. Beverly's two grandmothers were also present, Mrs. Petrea Larson and Mrs. Jessie Mitchell, - o - A miscellaneous shower was held at the Edward Rich home in the Four Corners area, honoring Jean Rich. There were 45 guests present. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. CROSSWORD PUZZLE LAST WEEKS ANSWER ,M For And About Teenagers ] THE WEEK'S LETTER: "Do you think it is ridiculous for a girl of fifteen to date a boy who is twenty? He is really a nice boy, but there is one problem. He drinks too much. I like him very much and I hope to Tiarry him someday. How can I stop him from drinking? I know he likes me, but I don't like boys who drink. I told him I wouldn't go out with him again unless he stops drinking. But I don't want to lose him. Do you think I am right?" OUR REPLY: We think you will be lucky if you lose him. The difference in age is too much - not because it is five years, nut because you are only fifteen. If you were twenty the story would be different. The drinking is another problem. You cannot stop him from drinking? This is something he has to do for himself — and because he wants to rid himself of the problem rather than to please someone else. And, in summary, the girl who sets her sights on a man she has to change in some way to bring up to the standards of a good husband is setting out on a heartbreak mission. H yev hflvt a Iff naff pr«feltm yw mnl (9 dixuu, pf en »bitrvgden to nwk«, «<Mrtll y»v liHtr to FOI *NO AIOUI TflMAOiM. COMMUNITY AND SUtUUAN Kf» JHVICt FMNKFOIT, ICY. ACROSS 1. Backless Mat 6. American naturalist 11. Large ornamental candle- stand 13. Copied 14. Madden 15. Through 16. Utah State flower 17. On* hundred sq. meters 18. Hesitation sound 10. Offer* 20. Arabian garment 21. Forbids 22. Stringed Instrument 23. Whiten 26. Biblical king 26. Rabbit 27. Makes knotted lace 28. Hooaler State: abbr. 29. Malay dagger SO. Sun god 32. Show Me State: abbr. 33. Russian in land sea 34. Point 85. Leveled 87. Girl's name 38. Military dress 40. Came up 41. Garden epotaln the Sahara DOWN 1. Stemllke part, aa the shaft of a feather 2. Candle 3. Extraordinary person: si. 4. Queer 5. French article 6. Closes noisily 7. Spanish river 8. Epoch 9. Bogy 10. Green gem 12. English city 16. Submerge 19. Large bundle, as cotton 20. Affected manners 21. Poet 22. Seasoned soldiers, for short 23. Foolish fancy 24. Former province of Prussia 25. Ave 27. Exchange 29. de menthe aaana HtaaaH miiiiaa taaaaa aaa uan am aaaaraua ana . ;. uaa aaaa HMO BHoaaaa no gga 2J3J UUUH 30. Moon valley 31. Accumulate 33. Cuckoos 34. Exclamation of sorrow 36. Self 37. Greek letter 39. Negative reply 18 25 15" 28" 37" 38 40~ 24 21 36 19 16 29 12 14 27 2S 39 41 22 37 20 .34 17 30 IO 31 Edward Rich, Mrs. Frances Platt, Mrs. Matt Platt and Mrs. Gayle Leek. Miss Rich was also honored at a shower given by Shirley Helberg and ; Marilyn Tuttle of Algona. Guests were members of their high school shorthand class. - o - Pamela Sue, weighing 6 Ibs., 12 1/2 oz., arrived at the Lutheran hospital, Ft. Dodge, July 11, and would be a permanent guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hopkins, Algona. The young lady and her mother were both doing fine. Mrs. Hopkins was the former Delores Potratz of Whittemore. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Halbert Long and Mr. and Mrs. Mel Thompson, Algona, returned home from a week's vacation at Leech Lake, Minn. TAKE THAT ... A kick in the teeth you may get if you take up boxing In Thailand where rules are not quite the same as in western countries. Almost anything goes as this match in Bangkok demonstrates. Professional Directory INSURANCE DOCTORS ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines Of Insurance 295-3176 206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 7 N. Dodge 295-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge 295-5443 Home — Automobile — Farm Polio Insurance HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto., House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone 295-3733 Ted S. Herbst KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. Phone 295-3756. Lola Scuffham, Sec'y. SUNDET INSURANCE AGENCY Harold C. Sundet and Larry C. Johnson 118 So. Dodge — Algona, la. Phone 295-2341 MELVIN G. BOURNE, M.D. Physician Sc Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office Phone 295-2345 Residence Phone 295-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M.D. Physician &'Surgeon • 218 W. State Street Office Phone 295-2353 Residence Phone 295-2614 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D. Residence Phone 295-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M.D. Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Dodge, Algeria Office Phone 295-2408 Residence Phone 295-5917 DENTISTS UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Ill East Call - Algona Phone 295-3535 Chiropractor DR. M. R. BALDWIN Summer Office Hours Mon. - Tues. - Wed. - Fri. 8:30 - 5:00 Thurs. - Sat. — 8:30 - 12:00 Friday Evenings — 6:30 - 8:30 Farm Mgmnt, DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. Dentist At 622 E. State Phone 295-2334 DR. J. G. CLAPSADDLE Dentist At 112 N. Thorington Phone 295-2244 for Appointment OPTOME^ DR. L. L. SNYDER 113 East State Algona Telephone 295-2715 Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. HAROLD W. ERICKSON Eyes Examined — Contact Lenses — Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street Phone 295-2196 Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 t . Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. DONALD J. KINGFIELD Optometrist Visual Analysis and Visual Training Contact Lenses 108 So. Harlan, Algona Phone 295-3743 CARLSON Farm MANAGEMENT COMPANY UVi N. Dodge Ph. 395-J891 MISCELLANEOUS Credit Bureau of Kossuth County Collectrite Service Factbilt Reports

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