The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 16
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2-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, July 13, 1967 EDITOR'S NOTE: This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, July 5, 1951 edition of the Upper Des Moines. - o - THIS IS THE TIME OF DAY mothers hold most precious. It's evening and the children are in bed. Ifs so quiet you can hear the crickets chirping, though the silence can be broken at any time by an urgent childish request for a drink of v.-ater the seventh this evening. BEFORE THE YOUNGSTERS CAME, while the patter of little feet was still a dream of the future at our house, I thought bedtime would be a wonderful time of sharing for mother and child. The little one would be fresh and sweet from his evening bath, the nursery would be neat and clean witli the toys in neat rows and the tiny clothing all laid out ready for tomorrow. The childish prayer would end the day and I thought it would tie with great reluctance that I would kiss the sleeping child and tiptoe from the room. - o - IT'S STILL A WONDERFUL TIME - if you have the strength to live through it. The little ones are reasonably fresh and clean from a quick hands and face washing. The daily bath involves too much flooding in the bathroom. The nursery is so messy, Mama risks her limbs by walking through it. Today's tiny clothing is left in a heap and tomorrow's will be pulled willy-nilly from the drawers when the children arise at the crack of dawn. THE CHILDISH PRAYER IS VERY sweet, although the childish attention often wanders and Mama must bring it back with the command, "No more giggles". I think the list of "God Blesses" gets longer each evening. This is not due to religious fervor, as I would like to think, but to the fact that if the list includes all the relatives, the casual acquaintances and the neighbor's dog, bedtime will be postponed that much longer. The children are kissed goodnight - often several times. Their affection for Mama is another delaying action. I don't tiptoe from their room, I stomp. Often it's with the threat, "You settle down or else-". - o - BUT NOW THAT I AM AT LAST free to sit down to the typewriter to write the column, I find tiiat I am stumped for a subject. None of the items in my notebook fit under a general theme. My husband says I can always find something to talk about when we girls get together even if it's just chatter. So that's what it'll be tliis week. OUR FAMILY SAW THE MOVIE, "Champagne for Caesar", last evening. It was a story of a quiz program genius who was finally stumped by the question, "What is your own Social Security WHO, ME? Yes, You May Qualify For Training On IBM Equipment As A Computer Programmer If so, you may be missing out on a better job, with higher income, prestige and security Why not (ind out? Take the free ECPI programmer aptitude test. (You don't need any special math background.) If you qualify, you can learn in your free time ECPI offers day, evening and Saturday classes You have nothing to lose, and o whole new future to gain! Find Out NOW Mail the Coupon or Call 5767225 Fort Dodge or 244-3283 Des Moines Bsat The Heat At New Lake With the hot weather forcing the local pools full to capacity, many area swimmers get away from it all at the new lake north of Algona this week. In the photo above, three young bathers splash it up between sun-soaks. The girls, Karen Smith, Maria Wittkopf and Lana Bishop, were joined by dozens of others who are taking to the water at this popular recreational spot located 4 1/2 miles north of Algona on highway 169. If you want to beat the heat, take a break at the new lake. (UDM Newsfoto) V put IT Programming Institute t.. I ort Dodge. la. 50501 n (.'all S7li.7'. 1 2S M. Des Monies. In. .50309 >r Call •J44-3 I JS3 PI,.,,-.,, -o nd rm' a tree aptitude test and Information ,i!-»jut .1 v'omi'uter pro uramm me career. Cit> . State . . _ .. i. Work mi! Hours . _ _. __ Phone S e 17 to 40 High School Diploma number?" I have been questioned at intervals all day by Bill, who wants to know just what Social Security is, and if Daddy and I know our numbers. My information on the subject is hazy as it is on lots of other things he wants to know. Ifs about time we were investing in a set of encylopedias, though I doubt that they could keep up with Little Willie. - o - RONALD COLEMAN, IN THE movie, came out of the contests a little better than Pat Cook did when she won a prize in a contest conducted by a Des Moines firm tliis spring. Pat was thrilled to death when she received the message saying, "Congratulations 1 You have just won ninety dollars." Her joy was short-lived because she discovered that to collect her money, she must apply it on a television set or other major appliance and it had to be purchased within 10 days. Grace McGraw also failed to collect her twenty dollar prize she won last year, because it was supposed to apply on a big furniture order. - o - ONE OF OUR FARMER FRIENDS has just emerged from the "doghouse" and it took a lot of scrubbing, shampooing and deodorizing to get back in his wife's good graces. A week or so ago, he had two young pigs to sell at the sale barn. It didn't seem worthwhile to borrow a pickup for the trip, so these little piggies went to market in the back seat of the family car. Rumor has it that even the family dog, who loves to ride in the car, couldn't be coaxed or threatened into it until after all the traces were removed. - o - ' SOMETIMES THERE IS A slight resemblance to a car full of little pigs when the youngsters take an automobile trip. Ardeen Sampson, mother of three young children, hit upon a good idea for those necessary quick clean-ups. She wets one of those handy cellulose sponges, puts it in a plastic refrigerator bag and carries it in the glove compartment. For little hands and faces, it works much better than the old-fashioned wash cloth. - o - DOWNTOWN TODAY, I SAW Nell Larson proudly wheeling her grandson, Bill Hobbins, who is visiting here with his mother, the former Meredith Larson. Billy is cutting teeth. He got his first ones when he was six months old and waited until now, three months later, to continue the job. Meredith said he must have known he was coming to Iowa and would need those extra choppers to eat corn. ~ o - I DON'T KNOW WHAT OUR BILL is going to do when his favorite corn-on-the-cob is served this year. Today he lost the last of his upper front teeth. His one second tooth that has grown in stands in a lonely expanse of gum and makes him look like a single-tusked walrus. - o - I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PASS up beef, at the meat counter in favor of the less expensive chicken, ham and pork, but I find that I can't cook without that old standby- hamburger. Fortunately, a little hamburger goes a long way. Today, we had Italian spaghetti. It was good, but not nearly so tasty as the spaghetti Merle Pratt makes. He doesn't follow an exact recipe, but he must use some seasonings I don't have on the pantry shelf. He cooks the sauce for hours and his wife, Shirley, says he puts in a little of almost everything. - o - SUMMER AND WATERMELONS ARE a natural combination. Recently I yielded to the plea of the kiddies to buy one - to the tune of 10? a pound. This upset the food budget a little so I was determined to waste not a single bit of it. I did throw away the seeds reluctantly - I guess I could have used them to plant next year. With the rind, I made the first batch of watermelon pickles. GRACE ANTIQUES HOUSEHOLD GOOD 105 5th North, Humboldt, Iowa SAT., JULY 15,1967 BEGINNING AT 10 A.M. MINNIE HANNA EST. Harold Johnson and Gene Stewart, Executors Andersen and Kleve, Auctioneers First National Bank, Clerk Fenton Chit - Chat s Fourth of July guests in the Eldon Hantelman home were Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Norland and Arden, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Han- telman and Renee, Bill Hassel, Dr. and Mrs. John Waite and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gib Bleckwenn, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Langerman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frink, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Buscher and Gina, Algona, Terri Voigt, Karen Feye and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bellinger and girls, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Waite and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Langerman, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frink and Tara. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Frink, Bert Bleckwenn, Kathy Knutson, and Diane Uthof. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dean, Ladysmith, Wise., and their granddaughter, Peggy Dean, St. Paul, were afternoon callers July 4 at the Clayton Ditsworth home. Dean is a son of the late Earl Dean. Other visitors Tuesday at the Ditsworths included Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown, Gruver, and Reba Ditsworth, Estherville. Seneca Women Host Bridal Shower July 7 SENECA - Marilyn Goltz, bride-elect of Merle Halverson, was feted at a miscellaneous bridal shower Friday evening at the Blakjer Lutheran church, Seneca. Guests were registered by Barbara Westlind. Corsages were presented to the honored guest," also her mother, Mrs. Leonard Goltz, and sister, Diane, rural Blue Earth, the groom's mother, Mrs. Kenneth Halverson, Fenton, the groom's sister, Mrs. Barbara Westlind, Janice Zumach, and the groom's aunt, Mrs. Henry Wilberg. Mrs. Raymond Bergum welcomed the guests and introduced the groom's mother, who in turn introduced the honoree and her mother and sister. She then extended best wishes to the bride- elect and gave devotions. The program consisted of a poem by Virginia Looft, a vocal duet by Mrs. Ordean Kabrick and Mrs. Henry Wilberg, accompanied by Mrs. John Johannesen. Mrs. Elmer Krause read "How to Cook a Husband" after which Mrs. Ted Jensen presented a saw solo with Mrs. Johannesen as accompanist. Mrs. Bergum concluded the program with a poem after which the honored guest was invited to open her gifts. She was assisted by Janice Zumach and Barbara Westlind. Diane Goltz andMelba Krause passed the gifts for display. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Henry Wilberg presided at the coffee service. Women of the church were hostesses for the event. Marilyn Goltz and Merle Halverson will be married Sunday afternoon, July 23, at the Lutheran church at Blue Earth. They will make their home at Algona where the groom is employed at Weidenhoffs. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Albin Nelson of Phoenix, Ariz., are visiting relatives and friends in the Seneca and Ringsted area. They and Mrs. Nellie Thorson of Ringsted were Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilberg. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilberg and Dennis visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lee, Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. David Looft attended a class reunion of Mrs. Looffs high school graduating class at Truman, Minn, on Saturday evening. The Looft children stayed with their maternal grandparents, the Glen Hoppes, Truman. _ THOMAS FUNERAl CHAPEL Ftnton, Iowa Experienced Embalmed and Funeral Directors Rcllablt 24 Hour Ambulance Scrvict Funeral May Be Referred To Ul With Confidence Phones FENTON 889-2796 RINGSTED 866-1006 866-1001 866-1970 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING Town and City Estimate NOTICE — The Town council of Fenton of Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet August 7, 1967. at 7:30 P.M., at Council Meeting Room. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning January 1. 1968. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. Paul W. Elgler, Town Clerk BUDGET ESTIMATE PUBLICATION NOTICE NOTICE: The Extension Council of Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet August 2. 1967 at 8:00 p.m. at Algona. Iowa, in the County Extension Office. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 1968. Mrs. Orville Thoreson Secretary, Extension Council FUNDS V c w * Sera s . ' Bin- 1 •C >,C 3-3 1 2 Expenditures For Year 1965 1966 Proposed Expenditures «•> Estimated 1968 Estimated Unencumbered Balance to Reduce Levy Jan. 1. 1968 Estimated . Income a (Other Than Taxation 1968 Amount Necessary to be raised by o Taxation 1968 General ... 3,432 1,573 2,037 2,500 600 1,900 Stree.t 3,257 8,423 6,558 6,500 3,000 3,500 FUNDS V c<"S I"gs B&4~ pi 1 2 Expenditures For Year 1965 1966 Proposed Expenditures » Estimated 1968 Estimated Unencumbered Balance to Reduce Levy Jan. 1. 1968 Estimated Income „ Other Than Taxation 1968 J Amount Necessary to be raised by o> Taxation 1968 General ... Stree.t Public Safety Sanitation .. Recreation Utilities .. Debt Service Trust and Agency ... TOTALS 3,432 3,257 4.34U 3,777 1.000 16,619 611 662 33,704 1,573 8,423 2,932 1,116 436 9,364 3,337 304 27,487 2,037 6,558 3.397 1,686 256 9,382 3,270 379 26,965 2,500 6,500 4,000 3,000 1,500 8,000 3,203 500 29,203 500 500 100 1,100 900 8,000 12,500 3,100 2,500 1.000 3,203 400 15,603 Agricultural Extension Education 10,548 20.371 21.022 26,514 2,000 24.514 (53)| See following page for Instructions in filling in above columns. (Figures below to be filled In by county auditor.) Taxable valuation (1966) $ 765,089 Tuxable valuation, agricultural lands (1966) $ 14,245 ' Moneys and credits (1966) $ 260,916 Before you buy the "gas line," ask yourself this. Which is more modern—oil heat or gas? The answer may surprise you. Oil and gas are equally modern. Their equipment looks alike and performs alike. Their efficency is rated equal by the Public Housing Administration. There's only one difference. You save the cost of converting to gas. If you want to modernize, you'll save with oil. New Standard Oil Hot Line Heating Service has AMOCO*Sta-Warm equipment that matches any made- gas or electric. And you don't have to pay for a "gas line." Don't buy the "gas line" until you call Hot Line 889-2964 Oil heat- the clean, safe heat. HOT LINE SERVICE §xfi££f more from Standard and you gjet it!

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