The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTIIEVrLLE (ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS ; THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1949 THE NATION TODAY Decontrol of Rents is Possible If Local Officials Act Under Provisions of the New Measure By Jami's Mnrlnw . WASHINGTON, March 31. f/P>—Here's an ABC on the now rent law which keeps controls another 15 months. . . The present law ends today, once 'President I'm man has signed, the new one goes into effect Friday, April 1, and ends 15 months later, June 30. 1950. 4- ______ Before examining the new law, remember these thlnps: peals nificte up nf federal Judges, If you're a landlord and think Tighe Woods, called the housing , you should he allowed to ml*e your expediter, Ls rent control boss for rent, go to the area rent cotHiol of- the country. His office is here In Washington. flee In your territory. Woods will have n man there to Under him are 600 _ area offices; go over your problem with you. II fi round Ihe country with staffs to handle problems in their areas. In those 600 ureas are about ftOQj board* you don't get MI li.sf Action there you may consult your iiflvJsory rent control • advisory hoards marie up of citizens volunteering their time. They advise Woods ov his aides on whether they think reius should be raised Jn their territory or rent controls wiped out entirely there, And if you're a tenant with n complaint about your landlord, tell it to ynnr area rent control ofticrc, Now for the new law which inside changes in the present one. The parts which are new will he so la- Woods' office here says that so , . , , . far about 95 per rent of the recom- hclfl(i ]n l™renthscs. mendatkms mode by these boards I 'New) Now any stale It^LsliUme have been curried out. [ l ' an wipe out all federal rent con- If Woods doesn't do what the I[ ' 01 *" lh R whole slsiirr 01 any purl boards recommend, they can appeal j °f Jt whenever ft wishes. lo a special emergency court of ap-' (Now) Any city, town or village Railroad Officials Find Replacement For Little Girl's Cat Killed by Train —provided the governor of Hie slnto approves -run wipe out all fed or til rent control whenever it wishes. Jusi as under thr- pi~p.sent Inw, Woocf.s, (hr- Jjou.MMff expediter, can rejnovo c<infjnls in nny are;t any timo he wishes, if the ruivisory board recommends that to him, lie's pretty Mire lo do it. 'Newl Woods not only can lake controls off any area In the next 15 months, inn also r;ui slap them bsick on Hiiy nre:i he has decontrolled whenever lie thinks they're needed. (Now! Landlords must net a "fair lie', operating income. . . .So far a.s practicable." What rioc.s that menu? At this minute no one knows. Woods will huvc lo work out a formula (hat can be used around the country. ' New> Apii Imnit hotels in New York and Chicago Co bark under controls jinn 1 ul (lie jcntaJ (hey wrrf getting Msm-h 1. 1049. riTirlicaUy fill apartment controls previously hiiti been lillrii. Vi'U Cet I'lefcii'in'i' Vetersm.s of World War If si ill have ^0 days' jurferencp In buying or renting a newly buitl pface. Bui— t Nt'U'i Siirli velerans now have 30 days' jupff'i eiice in bnvinu or rci)tn)(f j) pl:ice newly ronvei'lod )»to !!vhiR (juitrtcr.s. < New) Tiailei s und t railer sp:ice-s, which hud been decontrolled, are now back under controls for ponniMionl fuirM>,. 'New) Tin 1 limjsiiiK expediter lists Jicftt (iivrn t»;ifk tits power to coti- I'ol evictIcms. He can grt a court njutKjtion ID stop an evicliou he hlnks is wrong, ir you're i>ei])^ put in a \VLJV you think i.s illepal. your aiCLi rent control nfrice. 1'h e re a bmi I u hont, 1 ft wu vs in hii'h a [aiuilord can toil a tenant !J move. i No\v> The hon,sinK oxpedilpr cnn ue a htiidloni for three times the mount of rent, he'.s overcharged , tenant, i Under the present, expiring law lie- could sue only for he amount overcbar^cdJ There still ni'o no ci hninsil pen a Hies for doing anything wrong under the aw. 'Newt The new law does not au- Ihovi/p fun her 15 per cent "vol- untiiry" inrrea.sos jj) lent. And it rcconlrols any dwelling decontrolled under -such lenses, at the rent fig- Uie eontrtincd in .such leases. SCIENTIFIC ENGINE TUNE-UP C3 ANALYZE ENGINE PERFORMANCE WITH FACTORY-RECOMMENDED ANALYSIS EQUIPMENT O ADJUST CARBURETOR O ADJUST AND CLEAN SPARK PLUGS O TEST IGNITION AND WIRING O O.EAKI FUEL PUMP D CLEAN OH. BATH AK QEANER D ADJUST GENERATOR CHARGE RATE D ADJUST FAN BELT WHEEL ALIGNMENT CHECK 1 Q CHECK WHEELS FOR BALANCE CD INSPECT KING PINS CD CHECK CAMBER OF FRONT WHEELS D CHECK CASTER OF FRONT WHEELS n CHECK TOE-IN OF FRONT WHEELS n INSPECT BRAKES FOR DRAG D INSPECT STEERING MECHANISM Q INSPECT STEERING LINKAGE $6.80 OXJKOIU), TJU,, Murch 31. M';-- A j ailioatt ordered one of its trains lo jnafce an unproirdcntcd -stop -'it this JilMc Jx>uisiEu;a town ypslcJ'day - all hc' of a cut. '1'he cut, blnck a.s niJdnJRht, i-s /or 13-yejir-otd Wendt. '['lie Kirl wrote the Texas and Pa- cilic Hailrond Miucli 1, .saying: "Dear .Sir: My oat was killed by one of your engines on J-Vfo. 20. lift was black cat named Cinder. I ivoiild ;if>p]cci;tte rtnolher cat." The railroad thought that one, over ii few day.s ajui then pushed the iJuouJe. Jtill .steam ahead. "In (.lie near future we will see that - vou have a cat to replace Cinder," the T. and p. wrote Marlcne. Kmploye.s ol the railroad .scurried! around: to find a cat to suit Murlene. "Cinder didn't have any white what.soover," slie had .said in a scc- ond letter to the T. und P. "Cinder WHS '<\ bij; [jet I mean yon could pu'k hun up aiiyiJoiR and pet Jn'rn." The railroad finally found a .suitable ununul and arranged for H Irani to .slop here yr.stcniny /or lire.^,ent;uion ccrcinonies. Tho noi-y cat i.s named Cinder II. CommJS£ion to Meet Ll'lTLIC ROCK, March 31. itV, — Tht- Aikan^a.s Highway Coitimi.s.sion w:l' ineo* here April 8 lo receive bids on equipment. The Commission ).s sclicrtuleri to buy appioxiinaloly 50 road const i tic" IIMI tiiachine.s, 10 automobiles, twrj jee[i .station wagons and 60 mickr,. Mackenzie Coiililielul from Pagt> B been n trying task Tor the visitors to iK-rlorm, but Cotnmimi.siii per- niHs no deviation from orcli-r.s. It have been particularly flVli- cult for Shaslcikovich, a dijninutive maji vvilii a lilgti pitched voice, life Is musiciil comixxsitioii and »ul power politics. The little compaser really was on a hot 5]>ot, he noi, only had to al'iit'k America in his speech, but reiterated a confession of his fault in wattdehnp, ;way from Coin- munu.t ideology in his musical cojn- jxvtition. He had been roundly .•iU'alcd lor ids aberation baofc in Moscow and li:id been reinstated in Hie g<x>d grucu.s ol the party only alter making abject apologies and promising to set in line. He was o-.\ exhibition here in America, and his .siwreli dad to be right vmli tiie cliieis back home. It is an interesting conuiicntary OK the peace conference that Monday President Truman assigned budget experts to work on a big program ol supplying aims to Western i-:uiope a.s a bulwark against Communism. This program is a follow-up of the North Atlantic defence treaty which Moscow char;;e:. represents a war threat. Thomas A. Edison marie ins first patent application in 18fi8 for an eicclric/il vote recorder. FARMERS LOANS On Fin in Tnu-r.ors, 'I rucks & Cars iiiul Kami Kiniipment to responsible people. Also Real Ivslale Loans and on Farm l/aiuls UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY rtrsl A- .Main—Ingram Bldg. "Kricmlly Service" Our Insuranee Hates Are Low Frigidaire WATER HEATER • Plenty of clean, hot water always on rap wiih a l : ri^idaire Electric Water Heater It's low-cose, clean, safe,- <lcpemiable- and completely automatic! > No "wo(*f-h»c i No flnmti, no il loday! Adams Appliance Co., inc .1. W. AI)Ai\IS, :Mgr. (IS \Vesl iMiiin ['hone 2071 BABY CHICKS Healthy, Sturdy • Buy the liest • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry 419 East Main I'hone 3317 For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call -1G01 NICHOLS DRUG GENTLEMEN: To have a suit thai really fits, be measured by a tailor. Now showing all (he latest spring and summer imported and do- mestiu woolens. Drop down to our shop any day of (he week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Blyfhcvillc's Only Tailor" 109 Riiilroai CAMERAS FOR RENT Flash or Box Type Cameras. Also a tompIvU slock of flash bulbs in all sines. Barney's Drug Store 2006 West Main Phone ;i(U7 TO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I Call 510 or see me in Ingrain Ituiftling Ground floor, rear City Drug Store, 32 slc;is oil Main at United Insurance FRANK D. UNDERWOOD pllift parts OW tie MM I * Powered Iw qnkk-stariing -1-cycle J gasoline engine (\\ f i tip or 3 hp). I * Full adjuMabtc covcrnor f;uaran- iccj accurate, dependable speed control. 2\" blade cuts ri>;ht up to ue« trunks, shruh*, fences, etc. Seamless steel tubing throughout frame insures light ruggcdncjis. Precision comuuction safeguard* apainst faulty operation and minimizes repairs - , . insures trouble- free performance. See the MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. • Distributor BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL «obilga^\ , phon - .Mobiloil] 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry The Best in LUMBER and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder'sSupplyCojnc. \V. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry South Hhvay (il Phone 2131 BABY CHICKS •IA Quality • Order Yours Now • L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry i Railroad. . Phone 4103 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 inch lo 48 inch, pluin ur reenlurct'd Also Com-rele lluilcling Rlock;. cheaper than lumtiri Tnr harns nhirken houses, pump houses, tennnl houses, tool slu-tls \\? ilelivor C';tlt us for free cstiuiu(c lihonc 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Also Alfalfa, l.cspcdcxa, Sweet Sudan, Suthtn. Pasture Mixtures. Lawn Mixtures and other field seeds. Call Us for Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blythcvillc, Ark. 856 Phones 857 e MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs

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