The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1967 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1967
Page 18
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12-Algonct (la.) Upper Des Moines Tu«*day, July It, 1967 I The Washington Merry-Co-Round g .DREW PEARSON'S* icandid and revealing I ^column • 3--—------• - A BOMBS AND DICE - The gambling fraternity and citizens of Las Vegas, Nevada, will be glad to know that the Atomic Energy Commission is not planning to disrupt the sporting atmosphere of their city with close-up nuclear blasts. AEC Chairman Glenn Seaborg told the House Appropriations Committee the other day that "higher yield" nuclear devices would not be tested at the present site in Nevada, because Las Vegas "is just too close." "It would shake up the dicer' suggested Rep. Thomas G. Morris, D-N.M. "Seismic effects, of course," said Seaborg, adding with a grin; "As Congressman Morris says, it will shake up the dice on the table and destroy the odds. More serious than that, it shakes the buildings and so forth and could lead to unsafe conditions. We are looking at test sites in alternative places." - o - -CHEAP HAIRCUTS - U. S. Senators, who get haircuts free if they want them, were not present at a house sub-appropriations hearing to protest the proposal of Rep. Mark Andrews, R-N.D., that the price of haircuts be upped to $2 all over the Capitol Hill. They now cost only 75 cents on the House side; long less- privileged than the Senate. - GLASSBORO ACCOMPLISHMENT - At the Glassboro meeting, Johnson and Kosygin came up with only one tangible accomplishment - agreement to push the non-proliferation pact. And at the press conference which followed, Kosygin made the mistake of emphasizing how far apart the two men were on almost everything else. You have to remember, of course, that Kosygin was playing to two audiences: One in the United States, the other in the communist countries and in the Arab states. In doing so, he had one big advantage over Johnson in that Kosygin's government - controlled newspapers did not have to publish any news about the friendly crowds at Glassboro, his own affability on his trip to Niagara Falls in the LBJ plane. All this was suppressed. On the other hand, Kosygin's press conference was published In Ml. Reason for this was the fact that with the elite of the communist world any Kosygin friendship toward the United States goes down like a lead balloon. So also with the Arab states. Not so, however, with the people of the East European communist countries. They would have been impressed with the details of the kindly reception given to Kosygin by the people of Glassboro and Lyndon Johnson. They are strong for Soviet-American friendship. - o - - STRICT INSTRUCTIONS- But the rulers of the communist world had given Kosygin instructions to go to New York, scold the United States and castigate Israel. He stuck strictly to those instructions- which was a mistake. But for him to have been sweet-talked into an op- posite stand by a charming, fast- talking American President adept at changing the votes of U. S. Senators might have meant no job for Kosygin when he returned. He could have been fired as Nikita Khrushchev was fired, in part for being pro-American. This was the reason for Kosy- gin's rigidity. Heads of communist states are supposed to be dictators; but actually Johnson had more authority than Kosygin, who was hamstrung by Kremlin instructions and carried these out to the letter. Second, Russia is already in the wrong with the Arab world for failing to intervene militarily against Israel. And for Kosygin to say nice things about the USA after ten hours of private talks with LBJ would have alienated the Arabs irreparably. Finally, the leaders of the European communist world, including even Tito of Yugoslavia, had met in Moscow, where all except Rumania, agreed to maintain a solid front in condemning Israel and bucking American policies in the Near East. The Kremlin has been trying for a long time to woo Tito back into the Moscow fold, and for Kosygin to have ducked out on a firm stand adopted in Moscow would have sent Tito right back into his anti- Soviet shell. - o - LBJ SCORES - Considering all this, Johnson did well. Probably the biggest point he made at Glassboro was in convincing Kosygin that the United States really wants peace. The President is an enthusiastic salesman. He believes what he says, makes others believe. In talking to Kosygin he not only used his new grandson as a sales point, but rehearsed all the things he has done to try to improve relations with the Soviet- All this, however, ran up against the problem of war in Vietnam. In Kosygin's eyes, that war seemed to nullify every good- Supplies 101.28 Humboldt Concrete Prod., Supplies 3,559.96 Michael Todd & Co., Supplies 1,982.07 Cent. la. Rural Tel., Tel. . 22.11 Charlson Hdwe., Supplies.. 11.66 Pech Motors, Parts 8.00 Paper Calmenson & Co., Parts 3,518.35 Garry's Inc., Chairs 162.00 Cent. la. Tel. Co., Tel. . .28.12 Swaney Equip. Co., Supplies 7.04 Des Moines Steele Co., Supplies 361.21 N. W. Bell, Tel 51.66 Paul Seeley, Appraiser. . . 9.00 Great PI a. Supply Co., Supplies 28.06 Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies. 37.51 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 21.87 James Studer, Supplies. . . 35.00 Farmers Coop. Soc., Supplies 451.25 L. Rock Coop. Tel., Tel. . 13.71 Humboldt Concrete Pro., Supplies 2,068.56 Gulf Oil Corp., Gas. . .. 1,104.80 Bancroft Register, Supplies 12.00 Standard Oil, Fuel 291.30 Ken's Service, Fuel 80.73 Ternes Garage, Repairs... 45.14 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 72.92 Brown Supply Co., Supplies 539.62 Alg. Mun. Util., Utilities. . 22.65 Everds Bros. Inc., Proj. 923 (1) 39,861.00 Everds Bros. Inc., Proj. 566(3)&(2) 21,829,50 Everds Bros. Inc., Proj. 923 (1). .. i 30,907.56 All Wheel Drive Co., Parts 82.62 Mason City Blue Print, Supplies 28.83 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor Co., Parts 95.51 Greenburg Auto Supply, Parts 262.37 Elbert's Chevrolet, Parts.. .9.63 Trupke, Repairs 8.50 Tltonka Tel. Co., Tel. . . .6.30 la. Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec 9.63 Drain 84, Taxes 25.97 Elbert's Hdwe. Supplies. . . 3.89 'I have never been interested will gesture Johnson had made. Ba'nc'roft ReelsteT in 75-cent haircuts," declared ~ ———————— . aancron Register, Andrews. "I do not think this I is something I should have as a member of Congress. Can't we raise the price to $2 and have everybody pay it and get out from under this continual criticism T Pat Jennings, efficient new Clerk of the House, replied that he doubted that Doorkeeper "Fish- bait" Miller, who has charge of House barbers, could do this "on his own." "We have to start somewhere," said Andrews. "The vast majority of members do not want to be subsidized in their personal needs. This has been foisted off on us by custom. Somebody has got to take the bull by the horns and stop some of this stuff. The haircut busine ss would be a great place to start." Jennings: "I could not agree with you more.. .we have to carry out the system that is foisted on us and perpetuated. Someone really needs to study these things." Andrews: "The barbers get salaries, but I do not want to be subsidized. I am glad to pay $2 or whatever the going rate is." Rep. Bob Casey, D-Tex.; "Who sets the 75 cents?" Doorkeoper Miller: "The price of haircuts in the five barbershops on the house side is set by the Commj" - mse Administration/' Andrews; '"•• .;, a we could encourage t>, • . co increase this to the going price so we will not hear about how we are being subsidized on haircuts." So far nothing has happened. "Kossuth County's Favorite Newsp«j*r" Board Proceedings FOURTEENTH DAY June 1, 1967 REGULAR APJRIL SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Charles Plathe, Chairman, & Lawrence Newbrough, Garry McDonald, A.M. Kollascli & Andrew Reising. Absent: none. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that refund in amount of $12.50 be allowedMay- nard Smith on cigarette permit surrendered. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch & seconded by Reising that taxes be suspended on S 1/2 L. 7-8 O. L. to Ledyard In name of John Hartshorn effective on 1967 taxes payable in 1968. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Reising that 1st quarterly report for the soldier relief comm. be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough & seconded by Reising that refund be given Mrs. E.J. Franks in amount of $29.47 for years 196266 for overtaxation on W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 3-97-30. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by McDonald & seconded by Newbrough that wage for appraisers for road condemnation be set at $15 per day & $.10 per mile. Ayes; all. Nays: none. Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS Dr. R.K, Richardson, St. Ann Hospital, Medical 318.70 Buffalo Center Hospital, Medical 106.60 Medical, .6.00 It was motioned that the following claims be paid. SECONDARY ROAD FUND Faber Const. Co., Proj. #601 18,603.00 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd.. 21,203.70 Everds Bros., Proj. #1128 50,138.43 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas. . 59.92 Taylor Motor Co., Parts.. 165.79 Bowman's Small Engines, Parts and Repairs 140.50 Cook's Welders Supply, Supplies 15.00 Co. Treasurer, Taxes. .. .219.28 Brayton Radiator Serv., Repairs 26.30 George's Body Shop, Repairs 14.00 Baline Bahnson, Appraiser 19.00 Kemna Motor Co., Parts. . 13.39 Armco Metal Prod. 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Dodge Co., Supplies. 8.30 Ernest Behnkendorf, R. of W 48.00 Catherine Bauer, R. of W.. 180.00 Welp Hatchery, R. of W.. .100.00 George Wolf, R. of W. . . . 64.00 Charles Qulnn, R. of W. . .52.00 Arthur Nelson, R. of W. . .84.00 Edith Hayenga, R. of W. . .400.00 COUNTY FUND Payroll Fund, Co 9,648.56 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas.. .28.59 Alg. Mun. Util., Util 174.81 Co. Treasurer, Bounty... .114.98 Payroll Fund, Co 3,976.47 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Lodging of Prisoners 56.50 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage & Meals 168.98 Donald Wood, Mileage & Mealp 66.20 Eppo Bulten, Mileage & Meals 60.10 Tom's TV, Repairs 7.70 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies 32.52 Blue Gun Shop, Repairs. . .5.50 Eastman Kodak Inc., Supplies 22.75 Doris Culbertson, Extra Help Nurse 83.75 Joyce Hayden, Mileage... .104.70 Culligan, Soft Water 6,50 J.W. Goetz, Meeting 4.00 Vincent Orulse, Meeting. .. .4.00 Glenn Carlson, Meeting. . . .4.00 Irvln Hlldman, Meeting. . . .4.00 Melvin Alt, Meeting 4.00 Q.A. Bjustrom, Meeting. . . .4.00 Marvin Leigh, Meeting. . . .4.00 Donald Strayer, Meeting. .. .4.00 Florian Hell man, Meeting.. .4.00 Rudolph Rahe, Meeting. . . .4.00 Elmer Hellman, Meeting. . .4.00 Leander Vaske, Meeting. .. .4.00 Koch Bros., Supplies 192.49 Coast to Coast, Supplies. . .3.34 N.W. Bell, Tel 409.03 Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies 144.16 M. & M. Sales Co., Supplies 129.75 Kllpto Printing Co., Supplies 29.82 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 320.61 Burrough's, Supplies 2.05 Koch Bros., Supplies 421.50 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 128.52 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies 20.00 la. Business Machines, Machine 240.00 M. & M. Sales Co., Supplies 125.00 Koch Bros., Supplies. . . ,201.66 Herbst Ins., Insurance,.. .126.00 State of Iowa, Audit 1,704.33 Dr. Schultz & Schultz, Tests 30.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings 116,55 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 111.85 Titonka Topic, Fin. Statements 214,80 Titonka Topic, Notice 2.80 Advance Pub. Co., Notice. , .8.40 Swea City Herald, Notice. , .2,76 Walter B. MacDonald, Expenses .200,77 T. B, FUND Dr, J. R. Walte, Inspection, . , , , 38.75 Dr, T. J, Lensing, Inspection, 46.25 (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)

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