The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1967 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1967
Page 30
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I Entered at second class matter at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa j 1(80511). Nov. 1. 1932. under Act of Congress of March 3. 1879 j Hlgona EDITOR'S NOTE: This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, August 9, 1951 issue of the Upper Des Moines. IF I THINK MY LIFE IS A BIT HECTIC, I have only to turn on my radio and listen to what a soap-opera queen has to put up with. Those are the gals who really have trouble. She is always in love with, or married to some man who is not quite worthy of her, She is constantly bothered with two or three other men who are in love with her, and there is always a scheming other woman' trying to do her dirt. And through all her trials and tribulations she must remain sweet, undaunted and most of all, noble, * * * THE SOAP-OPERAS ARE USUALLY ANNOUNCED as true- life dramas. Maybe they are, but they certainly don't resemble the life of anybody I've ever run across. Perhaps the programs have another purpose besides selling soap- they may be designed to make the housewife realize that though things are tough all over, she doesn't have half the grief that happens to the gals on the radio. * * * I WOULD LIKE TO TRY MY HAND AT writing a soap-opera sometime, After all, the only necessary ingredients are a couple of eternal triangles, a case or two of murder, a serious and dramatic surgical operation and some character in the plot who develops amnesia. This latter is a must, along with a good job of psychoanalyzing. MY SOAP-OPERA IS TO BE ENTITLED, "Elmer's Only Wife: Or Life Can Be Beautiful at Thirty-Five and Even Beyond. Any interested sponsor is invited to respond. If there is any resemblance between characters in this drama and any Algonan, it is purely coincidental. A synopsis of the first few installments follows: * * * THE FIRST SCENE FINDS OUR HEROINE, Home Loving Ermatrude, busily unclogging the basement drain with the plumber's friend. The plumber has gone back to the shop to get more tools and to. ponder over the charms of Ermatrude with whom, he is, of course, hopelessly and secretly in love. Background sound effects are the sweet voices of Ermatrude and Elmer s seven little children who are happily screaming to each other, "Aw Sheddup!" The plot thickens as Elmer, Ermatrude's beloved husband, staggers up the walk, stumbles through the house and collapses sobbing on the basement steps. Ermatrude, in lengthy soliloquy, says that Elmer must have met with bad company up at Smoky Joe's Tearoom. Elmer protests, "I don't even know who you are, Ermatrude. Can't you see I have that dread disease, amnesia!" On this unlikely note, the scene ends. Will Elmer recover from amnesia, or is it just a dodge to get away from Ermatrude to go away with that blonde, Wealthy Wynthia Wanson? Will Ermatrude get the drain cleaned in time to do her washing? Listen in tomorrow and find out. THE SECOND INSTALLMENT BRINGS MORE trouble for our heroine for she is facing another crisis. Naturally we have to have some major surgery, so Ermatrude is having her bunions trimmed. While she has her feet up anyway, Ermatrude thinks she might as well be psychoanalyzed. The doctor, hopelessly and secretly in love with Ermatrude, tells her that all her trouble with Elmer springs from a sense of guilt resulting from a time she failed him in early marriage - she forgot to send his best pants to the cleaner. Ermatrude goes on about her remorse over her failure, vowing her great love for Elmer for six minutes, or until the time for the commercial. Will Ermatrude's bunions be pared down enough for her to wear her new shoes? Did Elmer get his pants to the cleaners? Listen in tomorrow and find out. THE THIRD INSTALLMENT FINDS OUR heroine in even hotter hot water. It seems the local cops found Ermatrude, bending over her rival for Elmer's affections, 'Wealthy Wynthia Wanson'. Wynthia is quite dead; Ermatrude has a 22 gauge shotgun in one hand and a bottle of cyanide in the other. Foul play is suspected. The sheriff, hopelessly and secretly in love with Ermatrude, takes her off to jail. Will the kids have the house torn down by the time Ermatrude gets out of the clink? Listen in tomorrow and find out. On second thought don't listen in, because for the next six months this program will feature a lengthy and dramatic murder trial. But our Ermatrude will be freed and she will return to her Elmer, who by this time is hopelessly and secretly in love with another blonde. * * * WELL, MAYBE I'D BETTER LEAVE THE soap-opera field to the professionals. It must be very wearing to have to think up all the troubles. I have a hard enough time trying to think up things for Woman's World. I guess you can tell that by now. ONE ADVANTAGE OF A HOUSEHOLD WITH children is that even if you have the radio turned on full blast, you can't listen closely enough to have it nauseate you too much. Day-time radio isn't all bad, There are lots of programs I insist on giving my full attention, Whaf s more, two of these are soap-operasl * * * IF YOU OBJECT TOO STRENOUSLY TO the commercials, you can listen to the college-sponsored stations. They feature good music and read some interesting books. You also get a lot of those perfectly fascinating hog and grain market reports. # * * I ENJOY ARTHUR GODFREY'S HOURS in the morning. Sometimes I think the cast works too hard laughing at Arthur's jokes for they are often very old and not very funny. I have heard some people say they think he is too much on the vulgar side. fcut you can count on Godfrey for varied and good musical entertainment and for a wonderfully refreshing informal style. Then, too, lots of people listen for the sole purpose of hearing just how much Godfrey can get away with before the censors cut him off the air. GRACE Some Youths Still Seeking Summer Jobs It has been brought to the attention of the Kossuth County Technical Action panel that there are still youth searching for summer employment. Employers are encouraged to hire as many youth as possible by letting youth help skilled workers that are presently doing some work not required by skilled labor. Churches can hire youth for painting, extra maintenance jobs, beautify church grounds, and similar tasks not ordinarily handled by the custodial staff and washing windows, waxing floors and taking inventory are other possibilities for youth employment. The Technical Action Panel asks that all employers join the Youth Opportunity Campaign for 1967. Chairman for the Technical Action Panel is KennethD.Cran- dall, county supervisor of the Farmers Home Administration. Other panel officials are Curtis P. Haahr, manager of ASCS; Lyle Riedinger, work unit conservationist for SCS; and Galen DeValois, county Extension director. Auxiliary At Swea City Wins State Awards The Department Convention of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars was held at the Hotel Savery, Des Moines, June 23-25. Awards presented to Tenth District Auxiliaries for Cancer included Swea City. Six awards were given in the Foreign Student Program, and the SweaCity Auxiliary was awarded first place. The Swea City Auxiliary received an award for outstanding hospital program in the 10th District. Swea City was ninth place winner in the Community Activities Scrapbook. The scrap- boos was compiled by Viola Berg. Elsie Kvamsdale received an award and a citation as the most outstanding district membership chairman in the department. Sunday morning sessions included installation of department officers and-district presidents. Mrs. Earl (Elsie) Kvamsdale of Swea City was installed as 10th District President for the ensuing year. Bible Conference The 33rd annual Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference will meet July 2S-August 6 at the conference grounds, Arnolds Park. This year's conference will meet "head on" some of the major social problems of the day and will review the Near East problem in the light of the Bible. Poultry Group Sets Meeting At Des Moines The executive committee of the Iowa Poultry Association at a recent meeting came to a definite decision on Convention dates. The group selected Nov. 29-30 as dates for educational sessions and the set-up of exhibits in the Fort Des Moines Hotel, Des Moines. Set-up date for exhibits will be Nov. 28. The Convention dates chosen will precede the Iowa Turkey Federation's Convention which will be held in the same hotel December 1-2. For the past five years the poultry convention was jointly sponsored by the Nebraska and South Dakota Poultry Improvement Associations and the North Central States Institute. The Iowa board of directors voted to hold their convention separately in a place that would be centrally located within the state for easier access to the annual convention. More Comfort Art exhibit patrons at the Iowa State Fair can sit down this summer to enjoy the show. Viewing benches placed in the display area under the grandstand will enable visitors to be comfortable while they look longer and talk about the pictures more. Stanley Hess, department superintendent and member of Drake University's fine artsfac- SECOND SECTION ...j 1968 Wheat Allotment Will Be Cut 13 Percent Lovely Raquel Welch co-itari with John Richardson in the spectacular adventure, "One Million Yean B. C," a Seven Arts-Hammer production in color by De Luxe released by 20th Century-Fox, ilated to be shown at the Algona Theatre Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 6-8. ulty, said redecoration will put new life into the old "gallery." Summer School Larry Holding of Burt is among 421 students enrolled at Peru State College, Peru, Neb., for the first five-week 1967 summer session, according to Dr. Keith L. Melvin, dean of the college and director of summer sessions. A CLASSIFIED AD WILL GET FAST RESULTS Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman lias announced a national allotment of 39.3 million acres for the 19G8 crop of wheat. This acreage will produce the supply of wheat needed to meet expected domestic and export needs during the marketing year which begins July 1, 1968. R. I. Anderson, chairman of the ASCS county committee, points out that the Secretary's decision follows widespread consultation with farmers, the trade, Congressmen and officials of other government agencies. In announcing the wheat allotment, Secretary Freeman said that the present supply-demand outlook Indicates that 59.3 million acres will meet needs adequately, but this decision could be modified later this summer if changed world supply conditions should warrant or if the U.S. crop should deteriorate significantly. The national allotment of 59.3 million acres, with average weather, would provide a crop of about 1.5 billion bushels slightly less than this year's record crop. A 1968 crop of this size would balance with estimated domestic use of 735 million bushels and an export target of at least 750 million bushels during the 1968-69 marketing year. The 59.3-million-acre national allotment for 1968 reflects a •)D-million-acre allotment, plus 4.3 million acres for small-farm increases. It compares with a 1967 total allotment of 68 million acres and a 1966 total allotment of 51.6 million acres. Price support ' and other features of the 1968 program will be announced soon. Marketing certificates again will assure producers full parity on wheat for food use in the United States. Attend Meetings Robert Farnham and Dennis Georg, Algona; Duane Peter, Burt; Mark McCoy, Ledyard; and Rita Patterson, LuVerne, are among incoming freshmen students in the college of sciences and humanities at Iowa State U., Ames, who attended orientation meetings there last week. Dennis Awe, LuVerne, who will be a freshman in the college of engineering, also attended orientation during the week. OFFICE SUPPLIES — Business forms, office furniture, filing equipment and supplies, at The Upper Des Moines Pub. Co.. Al- Rona. across from new Municipal parking lot. move clock °A° o a fl a Named To Board Donald J. Welp of Welp's Hatchery, Bancroft, was named to a three year term on the Hatchery Division's board of the Iowa Poultry Association during the annual meeting of that group recently. "Kossuth County's Favorite Newspaper" ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY Complete Program begins : 7:009:10 p. m. "One Million Years B.C." - 7:35 - 9:30 p. m. Matinee Saturday at 1:30 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:10 7:10 - 9:20 p. m. "The War Wagon" - 1:30 - 3:30 - 5:30 7:40-9:40. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete Program begins : 7:009:10 p. m. "The War Wagon" 7:30- 9:30 p. m, STARLITE DRIVE-IN THURSDAY and SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m, "Von Ryan Express" 9:15 p., m, "The Swinger" 11:30 p. m. SATURDAY Mid-Nite Show "Flight From Ashiya" - 12:50 a, m. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m, "The Swinger" - 9:15 p, m. "Von Ryan's Express" 10:55 p, m. SUNDAY andTUESDAY-Com- plete Program begins: 9:1 5 p.m. "Three On A Couch" -9: 30 p.m. "The Nanny" - 11:30 p. m. MONDAY and WEDNESDAY Complete Program begins: 9: 15 p. m. "The Nanny" - 9:25 p. m. "Three OnACouch"-ll:20p.m. DRIVE THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY July 6 - 7 - 8th 2 BIG FEATURES (B . —,—i '-"•••••'•" PICTURES ANN- MARGRET and TONY FRflNCIOSA swinging ROBERT COOIE THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JULY 6-7-8 First there was man... woman... 'and an be«t...THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS 2ND BIG HIT How does an Irishman get to be called VONRYAN anyway vo: RYAN Af/LLIOH JjEL WELCH •GWBAKfR-IOSfPHfRICKflll uipuuVpAOoroAC 'Si'i*'^ «<w"«ii MIIMl CARRIRAS COLOR I,,D.L U .- TWO SHOWS EACH EVENING STARTING AT 7:00 P.M. ADMISSION ADULTS - $1.00 CHILDREN - 35c MATINEE SATURDAY 1:30 CONTINUOUS SHOWS ON SUNDAY STARTING AT 1 P.M. J3XP11ESSI arrlvei from 20th Century-Fox SATURDAY, JULY 8th ONLY MIDNITE SHOW RICHARD WWMAEK GEORGE CHAKIRIS ,-: mstMUHCOLORl >, „.,:-. UNITED ARTISTS FLIGHT FROM SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY JULY 9 • 10 - U • 12 2 BIG FEATURES HERE COMES THE GREATEST LOVER OF THEM ALL! SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY JULY 9-10-11-12 THE WAR WAGON ROLLS AND THE SCREEN EXPLODES! Columbia Pictu r es -••>.•>. JERRY LEWIS JANET LEIGH ,,• (4 7 JERRY LEWS PRODUCTION) 2ND BIG FEATURE d&ww -HAMMER HIM PRODUCHON TECHNICOLOR® PANAVISIQN

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