The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1967 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1967
Page 24
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6-Algena (la.) Uppfcr Des Moines Thursday, July 6, 1967 MIKE COOPER, Joe Besten- lehner, Tim Rooney, Dale Miller, Steve Skilling, David Wagner, Don Straub and Brain Murphy have returned from a week at summer camp at College of the Lady of the Ozarks, Carthage, Mo. MARY HELEN Bestenlehner returned from 4-H camp at Clear Lake. She is a member of the U-Go-I-Go Club. MR. AND MRS. Craig Smith became grandparents for the third time Monday when a 6 lb., 11 ounce son was born to their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Plummer, Wilmington, Del. Mrs. Plummer is the former Linda Smith. The Plummers have another son and a daughter. MRS. NELL Potter left Friday to attend the fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moore at Ames. MRS. CHRISTINE Hanson has been visited by Mrs. Violet Bonder, the former Violet Hanson, Chester, Mont., and Myrtle Broadhurst, the former Myrtle Berg, also of Chester. MRS. HILDA Gronwall has as guest her sister Mrs. Pauline Ebel, Brooklyn, New York. She will make an extended visit. MRS. PETE Halsrud attended a family reunion Saturday at Fort Dodge. She plans to spend a few days at Fort Dodge with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott. She was taken to Fort Dodge Friday by her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bakken. A GROUP OF women who comprise a sewing club were hosts to their husbands at dinner last Tuesday and dined at the Starlight cafe, Fort Dodge. In attendance were Messrs and Mesdames Walter Klamp, Lyle Steele, Otto. Engstrom, Cecil Mc- Ginhis, Albert Reid, Allen Salisburg, Frank Sterling, Mrs. Ed Blumer, Mrs. Lenore Hiltz, Mrs. Nancy Morrall and Betty Engstrom. MR. AND MRS. Walter Klamp were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Gertrude Sheldon at Mason City. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Henniger and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nysvon, Corpus ChrisM, Tex. MR. AND MRS. Robert Harrison have been visited by their nephew and niece, Rev. Martin McGovern, assistant priest at Ossian, and Merry McGovern, St. Paul. WALTER "BUD" RICH, Jr., visited friends here recently while on leave from the Army. He returned from Vietnam about a month ago after 11 months duty as a paratrooper. MR. AND MRS. Oliver Bakken recently entertained at dinner and had as guests their son Kenneth of Long Beach, Calif., who had flown from the coast on business to St. Paul, then here and to Denver and back home. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mittag and three children of Jefferson, Ronald Mlttag, Mrs. Wayne Hanson and Debbie and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bakken of Bode. MRS. KATHRYN Mahoney has been visited b\ her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.W.D. Storck, Douglas and David, Jefferson. They also went to Garner to see Mr. Storck's mother Mrs. Lillian Storck at the rest home. MR, AND MRS. Leo McEnroe, Julia and Helen McEnroe and Mrs. Kathryn Mahoney attended the funeral services last Wednesday at Mason City for Mrs. Johanna Ormsby, 87, Sacramento, Calif. She was a former resident of Wesley. MRS. BILL Bestenlehner took her mother, Mrs. Nellie Van Allen, to Fort Dodge Monday where she enplaned for Burbank, Cal. for a month's visit with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. L.K. Keith. Her grandson, Jeffrey Keith, recently received an appointment to West Point PERRY HAGG and his wife and family, who reside in California, are visiting his mother, Mrs. Emma Hagg, and other relatives here. MRS. HARRY CUTLER was visited last weekend by her son and family of Council Bluffs. Place Second Two Algona High School wrestlers, Don Camp and Phil Bode, placed second in the 154 and 165 lb. classes respectively, at the Junior World Wrestling tryouts at Waterloo Saturday. Camp won second in the wrestle-back, while Bode went all the way to the finals before losing. Wins Feature Butch Householder, who has been point leader much of the season at Kossuth Speedway here, won the feature, trophy dash and second heat before a crowd of 2,100 fans at North Iowa Speedway, Mason City, Sunday night. MR. AND MRS. Russell Werts have had as guests Mr. and Mrs. Paulson and children Kristi, Konni, Keith, Kevin, Karen, Kim, Kraig and Kent of Royal. RICHARD Ringsdorf has purchased the Mrs. Claris Kresensky home on East McGregor street. Mrs. Kresensky has taken an apartment in the Leon Martin building on East Kennedy street. MRS. RICHARD Groen took her mother, Mrs. Nettie Lavrenz, to University hospital, Iowa City, last week. Mrs. Lavrenz' is at Burt. MRS. EVA DEIM and her sister Mary Bieser have been visited by their niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woodland, Newport, N. J. They had been at Spencer vacationing with Mrs. Woodland's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Hornbuckle. MR. AND MRS. John Dutton have returned from a two week vacation at the Algona cabin at Cross Lake, Minn, MR. AND MRS. Earl Bowman took Joan Bowman to her home at Dodge Center Sunday, June 25. MR. AND MRS. W. B. Nugent of Des Moines were here last week and visited the respective sisters, Mrs. Joe Lowe and Helen Dungley. Mr. Nugent went on • to see his brother Claude, who has been sick but is improved. DR. AND MRS. L. R. Potter returned last week from Rochester, Minn., where the former went through a series of tests. Reports were very good and no surgery or special treatment is necessary. RESULTS PEE WEE - Mets 18, Cubs 10; Colts, 19, Saints 18. AMERICAN - Athletics 5, Tigers 1; Indians 13, Twins 12. NATIONAL - Giants 24, Dodgers 3; Braves 9, Pirates 2. SENIOR -Spartans 7, Chiefs 3; Whittemore 9, Trojans 8. STANDINGS AMERICAN \V L Orioles 3 0 Yankees 3 i Angels 2 1 Athletics 1 0 Indians 1 2 Tigers 0 2 Twins 0 4 NATIONAL \V L Giants 4 0 Braves 3 1 Cards 2 1 Phillies 1 1 Pirates 1 2 Dodgers 0 3 Reds 0 3 SENIOR \V L Spartans 4 1 Warriors 3 1 Whittemore 2 2 Chiefs 2 3 Trojans 0 4 GIRLS SOFTBALL RESULTS NOVICE - Orioles 32, Robins 9; Jays 9, Canaries 8. JUNIOR - Colts 24, Lions 3; Hawks 11, Bears 9. SENIOR - Astros 19, Missiles 9; Jets 17, Bombers 9. '•Kossuth County's Favorite Newspaper" HOOD'S HONORED WITH 3 NATIONAL MERCHANDISING AWARDS BRII ARBECUE ALGONA ••»•••»»»«»••*' The AVERAGE Feed Cost U LOWER AT HOOD'S - Day After Day, W* Invite You To Check Our Regular Shelf Prices & COMPARE SUPER UALU # t * /r */4>,' ZESTEE ^_ ^^ '•" ROUND PRESERVES GRAPE JELLY - RED PLUM ORANGE MARMALADE AND 4 OTHERS 18 OZ. IN ICE TEA GLASS OR \ •%.' /S C«? SUPER VALU VEGETABLE OIL SWISS STEAK > > •* > * ^ *** 24 OZ. BTL. '\. . Vv F** a Is < 'n m "m^ ty %-i V? ^ FOR SUNNY SMILES APRICOTS NO. 21/2 CAN FOR * FLAV-O-RITE USDA CHOICE BONELESS STEAK.... USDA CHOICE BONELESS MiyiESTEAK tisDA'cHoTcE BONELE'SS ROLLED RUMP ROAST USDA CHOICE HEEL ROUND ROAST MARIGOLD NO. 1 QUALITY ICE CREAM V, GAL. ALL FLAVORS «^>*«mK>*i™*fyamm>^^ s FLAV-O-RITE OR FLORIDAGOLD I hLAV-U-KllC WK rLV/nii/M\7wi.b' ^^ ^% ^% A ORANGE JUICE Q lor 69^ 6 OZ. CONCENTRATE CAN E • ^^ ^B* ^^ ^^ ^^ «M^ u*m ^^ ^^ «Mi ^^ "•• ^^ ^^ ^^ ••• *^ ^^ ^"*" ^^ ^^ ^^ **^ i FLAV-O-RITE POLY BAG SHOESTRING POTATOES FLAV-O-RITE ICOOKIES USDA CHOICE S 23 VARIETIES FRONT QUARTERS CUT, WRAPPED, READY FOR YOUR FREEZER LEMONADE 6 OZ. CONCENTRATE CAN WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY *»MK®9MK!$aiK®aN^^ 20 OZ. JAR S WILSON'S HAPPY HOST FOR Ml! IJ!^J1111L? _J' ?*-T... I p E A s FOR 303 CAN WILSON'S HUNT'S CANADIAN BACON ECKRICH CATSUP I SLICED MEATS MIX OR MATCH 14 OZ. BTL. BEEF, CORN BEEF, TURKEY, HAM AND PORK_LOIN STERLING BRAND SKINLESS FRANKS 3 PKGS. 3LB.PKG.$1 EGGS WAGNER'S FRUIT DRINK ORAN^EJDR_GRAPE_^ SUPER VALU SALTINES 32 O2. DECANTER BTL. 1-LB. BOX FOR Thursday July 6, J967 Aigonc. (la.) Upper Des Moines-7 SNACKS FOR CRYSTAL GRANULATED SUGAR 10 IBS. WASHINGTON ^GRADE A LARGE 1 1 Cherries VINE RIPE JUMBO SIZE JENO'S CHEESE PIZZA 14'zOZ, PKG. CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE WHITE OR COLORED ROLLS s . -—^ | CANTALOUPE DEL MONTE CHUNK STYLE TUNA A SUPER VALU DETERGENT ffi: IDEAL FOR SLICING 1 PEACHES A _______-._. _____ — — — __-. — — -. — — — J TEXAS STRIPED 1 WATERMELONS UP GREEN OR YiLLOW (Repeated By Request) £J> SUPER VALU PORK & BEANS 5 NO. 303 TALL CAN Prices Good Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday RED CARDINAL GRAPES AIGONA SOCIETY NEWS Mrs. Duant- Kile 1 , entertained ,1 ..n>u; ;f neu - !i!>or •Aornen at a fan (i; coffee last \et-k In Mrs. I'. . ( ra'.Mor i. •.'.IkusnMViru ;, St. ll-'tii. Minn, juests '• lio •.•:i;.>'. t?.: t!i- T'.ursda 1 . ..-veniiu runes'. ".•::<. 'Mrs. Mabel U".Mrs. ii ••• ai :, Mi s .Iaiiif> :•'! : ;,' . Mis.! Kl- I'vrt. Mi.--. \i •;. i ; id- ;• s, Mrs M;k>- iir;•;> i sclit'i it. Mrs. Chas iians.'i,. Mi>. Lail ViirioluMrs ^i,, ,ii; ; Ml ^. ..' '!,:'. I>1» kli.aii. FINAL iiHUKiI-; rin.ds >il tin St. Ann Auxiliar;. !'rid:.e ...inios liavo 1 eeii lu'ld till f.ill. Scares ai.-: first, Duns NU-Kv..-. .iiid Linda Kirscli, Lois ILmni'.s, :-!.0'.»0, third, Marion Ft-rris ,ui>l Mar, Smith, 23,860, fourth, IV. .Vi.uns .uul MariK'th ostv.\l,|, ::>, 110. The troplr. ,r\.uM ill l-o m.ulr in Jul;-. HEl'NION HELD A Schneider l.umh reunion was liplil Jiuu' 2." at the Chark's Hartwh; iarni at Kan,i\\ha. In atteml.uice from tliis area were Mr. and Mrs. Mrlvin Meu>r, Bryan aiul David, S\u-.i Cit\ , Mr. and Mrs. George Schneider, Bancroft; Fred Schneider, Mrs. Beata Tew, LuVerne; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ridge, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Funk, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schneider, and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schneider, Gayle and Gary. - o - CAKD CLUBS Mrs. Leo Thilges was hostess to her card clul> Wednesday. Mrs. Esther Helberg entertained her "00 club Wednesday evening. - o HOSTS COFFEE Mrs. Fred Steussey gave a coffee \Vednesd.n afternoon for Mrs. Albert Ha^, Monrovia, Calif. HOST GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hiley and David and Mr. ami Mrs. Carl Goetsch, Huml>oldt, enter- t.uned at their cottage at Lake Okoboji last weekend. Guests were Mrs. Florence Dowers, Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gt'i'tsch, Cedar Falls, Arlie Goetsch and Di.uie Smith, Lu\'erne, Mi. and Mrs. Howard McCr.uh, Callendar, Mr. ajid Mrs. Wm. Goetsch, LuVerne, and Mr. and Mrs. Jon Putnam joined them for Sunday dinner. 'ANNUAL SUMMER SHOE V i DRESS AIR STEPS White-Beige-Bone and Black Patent. All Sizes, 4s to 11s. All Widths, AAAAs to Es All Heel Heights Formerly 12.99-13.99-14.99-15.99 Values NOW — $6.99- *7.99-*8.99- *9.99J SMART Am E | LADIES' DRESS SHOES Whtte-Bone-Black-Red Patent I All Heel Heights. All Widths, AAAAs to Es. » All Sizes, 5s to 10s. Formerly 9.99 to 13.99 Values NOW *4.99-*6.99- $ 7.99- $ 8.99 AIR-STEP, ROBINETTE, GLAMOUR DEBS DRESS FLATS & CASUALS White-Bone-Beige-Black All Sizes. All Widths. AAAAs to Es. Formerly 6.99-10.99-11.99 Values NOW — *2.99- $ 3.99- $ 4.99-*6.99j j j J i i f WOMEN'S & CHILDREN'S Robin Hood & Buster Brown -CASUALS - OXFORDS - LOAFERS- Perfect For School Wear | All Colors-All Sizes-All Widths I Formerly 5.99-6.99-7.99-8.99 Values i NOW I si.99- $ 2.99-*3.99-*4.99j MEN'S AND BOYS' I ROBLEE & PEDWIN Big Buys For Summer or Back To School * Regularly 10.99 to 18.99 Values i I NOW I $ 5.99- $ 7.99- $ 8.99 ! j *9.99 - $ 11.99 j i MEN'S-WOMEN'S-CHILDREN'S | CASUALS & KEDETTES ! 1 Wheat-Tan-Bone-Black | White and Beige-Red and Blue I Formerly 4,99 to 7,99 Values — NOW—*1.99- $ 2.99- $ 3.99-*4.99 ALGONA, , ,PHQNE:895-537l, , .;

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