The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on January 15, 1947 · Page 8
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 8

De Kalb, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 15, 1947
Page 8
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a. . PAGE EIGHT THE DEKALB DAILY CHRONICLE, DEKALB. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1947 HUSKIES TAKE OPENING TEST Defeat JIacomb Last Mfht, Return to DeKalb to Face Normal Saturday. Employing twelve Huskies In (mm that featured offensive pow er rather than defensive strength, the Northern nil no U Teacher cam through the first conference test last night down at Macomb. The count waa S3 to H with the Western Teachers offering spirited r it ! Uirouarhout th tilt. OrK.mll caJavd m trad cau-ty In the game, ut It wu a flfat to re- the earn J. Bill It CCD I IIlDI I i At hair tiro h EVeKmlb only frCm W3I north COUkt draw deep breath and feel thlt the MlCOmb team was being held under con-troL Turn lag Point In fact the Huskies had to stage a grand fight right to the finish and the ball hawking of Kline was regarded as the, turning point of the game. Kline on two occasion In the final minute of the tilt stole the ball from Western Player and was able to score. His four points, at crucial moments, turned the tide. Besides that. Kline was the heavy hitter of the night with a thirteen point total to lead both team In the scoring division. Coach McKlnzie started Wood. Dick Verblc. Marshall, Calacci end Henlgan, but they were Just the starters and the change were constant throughout the night. Swan started clicking towardj the end of the game and gave noble assistance to the DeKaJb cause. Western boasted three tall men and they were making the rebounding tough all evening. Conference standings at the present time are: W L Pts Opo DeKalb - 1 0 55 51 Carbondale 1 0 4S 42 Charleston 1 0 65 49 Norma r . . Wacmb - IV K.J k. IS f bf P ..13? W -a IWF v aslcef Ball Reports from DdCoS Arta Gone TWO SCRAPS ON BARB PROGRAM Meet Dixon of North Central on Friday and Decatur Sat-. urday, Both in DeKalb. HIaekley SS: Saga Grove, 17 lightweight encounter In which Hinckley. Jan. 15. It waa a wild Malta won 38 to 12. scoring night that the Hinckley In the big scrap of the night F. team, all twelve of them, staged McDowell of the Rollo quintet when It entertained and defeated registered seventeen nolnts to take Sugar Grove last night In an 88 J the scoring honor of the evening. With two game coming up for to 37 dlsclav. The ram waj play- 1 and pm f Malt each this week-end. the DeKalb Barbs a a. M a a I f : Vaam Ka 4 w w lAtina (m ba ea nere ana in preliminary waj I collected on eight field goal and 1 "avc mrvu " """" " featured by the Invasion of West I . k,. fi- n.i e Iparatlon for the dual contest. Aurora reserve to face the Hinck- ,nt, nnt .nAh t tin night the team went through ley lightweights, that game go- I TZ..,. la long practice session ending the ' ; wait 4, evening scrimmaging with a team Dt T. MerrelL f 45 F. Mctfcll. f 8 1 3 In tftc C MILLS BLOCKS GUARD ON OUTSIDE PLAY FOB QUICK-SCORING ILIXNI ATTACK. lng to West Aurora 57 to 40. Scoring was the big feature of tltm HlnckJey attack durinjr the evwnijiT with M yr runnlnf up ten field (oals and mtmctiinir htm HartnuuL c . .o 2 21 rioraa, at ....411 honors of the night Into th 23 ye?r amd Diuenbach ach ingni or aoooting- TodC a 21 12 13 5193153 hfnirrom uenaiD. Aimbera. t ooo I Different offensive setups were Farley, t ..s as tried during- the course of the Hj-Vey c'.'oi J evening-. With Decatur using- a JordaL, g- ..ill n defense tlie Barbs nave drilJ- kmIIL k !!ooi ed on offense afflffif (HO Etvll J i""1"- " 3 1 4 lot defense. Batt IhK ilnrls nlvnl M. EvartJ Of the Sugar Grove team a I with a 20 point performance was . doing a fine Job, but the support failed to develop for him that the Plat Center 50; El burn, S7 other laos neia. Hlx-kler. SS bfel srnuie, r . ...3ai Phillips, t ...SOS StshL f 3 0 51 Heer. f 701 Dillon back, c 70 3 Morse h. e ...0 01 Blsh. g 2151 Meyer, g ...1034 Grimm, a ...3 0 2 WUaon. g ...302 Herrmann, g 101 Ball, a l o o and double pivot -" paa 6 18 39 47 1 SO Tar this week only one mem- ber oi tne team u on we ui. George Postlch who has a COld, flM trihiim Tn isirisiim .t.H noi yet reponea ior amy. ine By DOUG MILLS Illinois Coach This out-of-bounds play from the side, as shown In accompanying diagram, is based on the principle that the defensive man will concentrate on the ball, leaving the thrower free for an easy shot. (1) throws to (3), who moves forward to meet tne pass. 2 rnmrs uy " no pa. comes up be- hlnd the man Xuard i n k (1 And blocks bins. Meanwhile, (1) cuti for the fk-;A M J SNEAD LEAVES ON GOLF TOUR Will Team With Bobby Locke for a Trip Through South' Africa. Farm Facts Worth Knowing BT WXLLABD BOLTE Lespedeza Beats Mixed Hay For Steers In a recent steer-feeding experiment at Purdue Experiment Station, lespedexa hay beat mixed red cJejear and timothy when fed pound for pound. The steers were yearling the ration consisted of 14 4 Jb. of corn and cob meal, 7 lba. of hay, 8 hi lbs. of corn silage, and a 60-50 mistur of salt and steamed bonemal in a self-feeder. The lespedeia hay steers made 13.80 more profit per head above feed cost Sheep Parasites Chicago, Jan. 13. (IJ.D Sammv aneaa, ior more man a decade one of the top money winners in the U. S. winter golf circuit, made adieu to the 1947 campaign today ana announced he would go to South Africa on an exhibition tour with Bobby Locke, a I star native player. I I t Slammin' Sam, who already has won one of the two meets in which he played this year flast week' r-Waueomnl -r ffJbs.Perbu.heln.Ver.te.Vhto ,e first weeK In Kebruary. l?h'- M-IUl UI tl HJflKS I.., I( " 'T Studies at Mkhiran Ernerlmint Station inAirmt that to become free from infestations of stomach worm and nodular worm as soon as cold weather arrives. Stomach worm disappeared in 2 months and nodular worm in 8tt months after sheep had been removed in early I i V conclusion i that such pastures are almost entirely free from infection each spring; hence the main source of infection for the lambs must be the ewe flock. Oats Variety Tests .' North Dakota Experiment Station recently reported on oats variety CU?t?ZZ2ZJL?Zl0S th combelt varieties includcj. T bUSbei an average height of 41 inches no trace of leaf of Douf Mill H. 41 6 28 .31 54 7188 S. O. rJ-..?-i W 53?&l. feottf TerSn a e . m a ar e I in K HTH FniPP IPHrTI glllT T fl I r Meier, i . because of the restricted size of noisier, i R Evans. F Fvana f . . T . MTU O'Brien; g...0 3 2 viCTory mck-iato center winning rt night one man from the Wolfe, g ...012 in a ou io.ji coniesi. ine game prosh.Soph squad was seen prac- was preceaea oy me raw vcmci i tlcing with the majors. Stroberg, team collecting the preliminary 25 who has sparked the underclass-to 11. men durina the season, has been In the main contest Westlake practicing the first part or each aaced the Elburn boys with a session witn me varsiiy squau anu fourteen point display. For the the last part with the Frosh-soph Paw Faw, 75; LeUad, 41 Leland. Jan. 15. Trotting' out the siege guns, despite the fact that they were in" a strange gym, the Paw Paw team unleashed an attack last night that swamped Leland 73 to 41. It was a big night of success for Paw Paw as It won the preliminary game 24 to 20. For the winning team the scor lng was pretty well divided five men with Henry leading the pa rade with eighteen points made through nine field goals. Wells, Rafferty and Bradley 'each col lected on six field goals, but Wells had the parade lead here with five tree throws in addition for seven- 10 17 11 Hln rr ...u.i.. .m PucVa and Miller I unit v. U.J n. iviran Minor 1 1 wu koiiio wm w vj;v. having fourteen points. ' Roeske day with DeKalb entertaining U .. i .iv. Dixon Dukes, whs so far this sea- . have hH fairlv pood record. Friday evening Kaneviiie is piay- -7' -,----' ' m p mg at the Elbum gymnasium. Lhr,Cn"we'n ba7tlin7 tor rut Mater. , Lionni, l j i . .... ,rlf, m. nn the b f p dip r ' J " v I. ' tvik Larson, r coniesi genius uuuemu; westiake. f 54 2 o'clock. The main attraction will Nelson, r ..u3 w. tnp varietv sauad going Into Payer movement rlca In the flnt week In Febnurv. DUUlnH nlHv ........ about six weeks. temTlut--and 10 lodel plants. t-.t.rrht of aa n. bmh.u Woods, f Kline, f D. Verblc. .. 0 1 49 63 .. 0 2 93 103 Maeeak. (I b r t Bitters, f ...3 24 (teen points. ..! li Fowler, f . ..3231 For the Leland team Whlttaker was the hot lad 'of the night with an eighteen point performance. Somonauk Is going to be the foe of Paw Paw on Friday night the game to be played at 'the Paw Paw gymnasium. .004 Smith, f 130 Swan, e 4 1 1 Weil, c 2 43 Marshall: c .0 1 2 Redmond, e 700 Drvden. C . . . 1 3 0 Valle. f .. ZVKsv. . ..1 0 01 Mlktls. g . CatacrL f .. .2 1 2f Wallace, g Swasro. g . . . 3 3 4 Landla. g Henlfsn. g . .1 0 3 Hungste. g Speeh. f 313 A. Verblc. f .0 0 0 .312 ..200 .000 .143 .101 Totals .2113 71 Totals 1313 13 States Moving Toward Laws raw raw, TS bf p Jones, f 02 2 Henry, f 90 3 Wells, e 33 Marks, g 443 Rafferty, g ..2 2 Bradley, g ..603 e r1Anr Crwr: Totals .311313 IU V, 1 CU11 ULVi I P. Chicago. Jan. 13. TIP The federal government and at least six states were moving toward .13 24 41 751 LeUaa. 41 bf p whlttaker. 1903 Vasier, f ...342 Miller, f ...0 2 2 Beeherer. c 10 3 Col ton. g ...019 Burns, g ...0 01 Thorson, g .3 2 3 Roesk'e. t . RusselL f I hi sen. f . Miller, c .. Witt, c ... Kranka, g Yurs, g ... Wessman, g D. Cson. g ..604 ..002 ..413 ,.623 ..014 .404 .101 .101 .10 0 P. C 28 4 23 .13 28 40 501 Illinois' out-of-bounds play. basket and receives a pass from (3). (5) blocks D and cuts for the Hardt, c 33 0 . -vuM m-ove to be I basket on the weak side. (4) is the H, tiVII W iuvm ee-'w w gj I s-a-a e w.n.ri ! 'in i thriller. first option in case (1 is not open, Saturday nigm ine ttaioa wm a variation is ior iu, alter ne clash with the highly ratea Jje- has worked this play several times, r Mir team. This team Is ranked to follow his doss after fakine to linn I fourteenth in the state ana ine the hasket anri taVa ru fmm 8 18 26 37 DeKalb five is anxious to push the (3, tnen relav to 5, who .y OUlIll aown a cuupie nuivnco. t I Hybrid, S3; Legion, 34 The game, wnicn was oiis uirKrirf. in m hicrh cmr. scheduled to oe Diavea ai ine cui- " ' - ...... I , ...t.i. .u- Mnrt,.rn a lay-up. The first 'tournament I want to be back for," he laid, "is the Masters' at Atlanta. That's April 3, and I have to allow about a week to get back. So I suppose Til leave Africa about March 24." Snead had no regrets about miss ing the dozen odd ; tournaments which remain in his usual winter play here, "Well, those exhibition matches will sure be more relaxing," he said "And I ought; to gelf pretty good practice on the African greens." Different Grass T don't know much about those courses," he continued, "but they tell me the greens are sort of like those in Cubaj They have a different kind of grass, f One place it fiirla nna oov and I mnvhe vnn'll have six or. eight different dlrec- Wintering Beef Calves reauy makes putting! tricky. "why, one time in : Cuba I saw a at mm W-iawlslaMl KM Va. m ta Sod Absorbs Rainfall Several Tears aro Pennsvlvania Ernrlmnt Station tia4 an atu. portunity to measure the value of a cover crop in preventing urfca erosion aid the loss of needed rainfall. On a-entlv alonine la no. mi, nnti i n a was a bare field and immediately adjacent was an orchard with a heavy Cover CrOD Of Korean laanedeza. When thia (laM mnrimnfA . i fall of 1.68 in. in half an hoar, the water penetrated 14 inches into th ground under the lesoedesa. with no surface erosion, while it henctrateH only 2 inches into the bare field and caused severe loss of surface soil Home-Mixed Broiler Rations Connecticut Experiment Station offers Usl that fnlltwUit baw. -.! M- rections for mixing broiler rattan at home. (lt Keen t h rnxln flKr content down to 3 or lower; (2) Use 30 protein or the first week-and then you can drop to 21 without loss of efficiency: (3) If your ration must include a high percentage of corn you must include some nicotinie acid or the extra corn wUl cut down the rate of growth; (4) If yosr ration does not Contain flah or aninlaj meala mnm art ivafsvi anim-.l . (.! like Delsterol will giva better resulu than cod liver oiL Totals .16 9 23 L. ....10162741 Grade League Basketball flared last night in "clean-sports" laws today as legls- j grade school league activities with ing game last night defeated the lege . SE DeKaib Post of the Legion in a k? vN' S ?Jj2!fed 68 to 54 contest. The curtain rais- -a- T T. I I1BJ 4B """W er was aiso a vory lor me n,., w College aho having the brid team, the B squad taking a I -i c.t,,!avKnlrht the hleh 53 to 38 te Both games were , lts -game at 7:15 piayea in ine graae miuui 7"- .virwk and the eolleee game will slum last evening. t un(ir way at approximately V J MM I " - . m ' f 9 o'clock. This gives tne xans n a o rnnnem 10 see doui aaiim. !ioof In previous years the Huskies 3 23 and Barbs have been awe to piay their games at the college on nights that both teams have eamea. but with the large enroll skoeiund. g 3 03 Lent at the college this year the Crooke. g ..302 student body takes up much of the room in the bleachers. Rrbrld. SS . bfp Ch'sworth, t 212 A'oss. f 412 Herald, f .,..3 5 1 Hedreen, c ..9 0 0 Anderson, g .610 Bale; g 011 Tompkins, g 13 3 C Voss, g ..10 0 Totals ..28 12 9 Cook, f . . Massler, f Coombs f Irving, f . Price, c . . Swanson, g Donner, g .6 0 2 .703 .3 0 2 .000 Totals .26 217 litors considered anti-gambling or anti-fix laws. Alarmed at the ease with which a New York gambler was able to try to bribe professional football players- and perturbed by hints that gamblers may have tried to arrange the outcome of some college contests, the lawmakers offered bills which provide stiff, pen alties for bribery or attempted bribery of pro or amateur athletes. Strongest of all the bills was the federal law sought by Rep. F. Edward Hebert. D, Ala, who suggests flnej of $10,000 and prison terms of up to ten years for bribery of athletes, coaches or game Aflf.l In Ih ....... . mnlMt. Maachusetti New York. Penn- ! n villain, a 001 syrvania. Illinois. Colorado and; Totals ..131101 Wisconsin took action in state legislature. In Illinois, Sen. Peter Miller. R. would increase fines and Jail term. Present law makes the punishment $3TO to $1,000 fine and six months to a year In Jail. He susgests fine of $1,000 to $3,000 and a maximum ftve years In Jail. the Ellwood team defeating Glid- den rather handily In a 32 to 6 en counter and the McMurry team pulling a grand game out of the bag to defeat the St. Mary's quintet 26 to 24. In another contest of the night the Haish team defeated the Malta high school freshmen in PARIS CRACKS TOUGH OUTFIT Baseball and Football Make Firm Contract New York, Jan, 15 UB Twen-tv-four hours after combining New York's baseball and football Yankees into a single three-way partnership, Yankee officials ex- a tight 27 to 28 contest with the Decatur Smashes City Rival pected today to sign all-America Haish team pulling out of the dol drums in the final minute with two buckets by Bob Nepean. Haish. 17 bfp cook, r 30i Nepean, f ...713. St Teresa, in Night of Good Contests. Vaughn, e Lyman, g Salsrud. g Ellw 1 001 204 00 1 Champaign. Jan. 15. OIB The Valley Play Is ODening MrMarry. tS bfpl rM Tn ,Budd. f 202 lnis Ejvenin it Eiiiott, t ....340 Steward, f Lynch, f . Knutson. f Burtzoa. c Nordeen. c Alnsworth. c 001 Fant..g 100 SS bfp .3 0 1 .401 .3 0 3 .10 21 20 1 Malta. bfp Berg, r 302 Bvrd e 201 5tate' toP PreP basketball teams Peterson, a .oookontlnued to roll merrily along to- Whlte. g ...0 10 day. Schnedier, g 000 Paris. Decatur, Champaign. Col- linsville and Pekins Chinks chalk- ivkais ..Mail . .. , . . ,., 1 eu up lunua 1115111, huh cuiu yi- c.iiAArm a parea ior ween ena KOillCS. bfpl Paris whomped Robinson. 58 to Moss, r 100 42, last night in the state's top Larson, f ...100 nin Tha virtnrv rnvp the Timers Hari r i o i undisputed possession of the East Twombly. g 0 0 1 em Dlinois League leadership and Scott, g ....0 01 stretched the Paris win streak to Schmidt, g .003 eleven games. For Robinson it v.rrs. g . . . .u u li W&J th jos. jn four Totals ...1609 1 Totals Indianapolis. Jan. 15 VS The Wabash Valley High School basketball tournament, largest prep tourney In the nation aside from thoae sponsored by stare associations, opens tonight at one sectional center and swings into high gear at all fifteen centers tomorrow. A field of 123 teams, roost of them from Indiana, will compete. Indiana prerxters have won four of the last five valley meets and win be top-heavy favorites to carry off honors in this, the 32nd annual tournament. Terre Haute Garfield.- unbeaten In eight games and ranked third In Indiana this week by United Press, will carry the "team ,to beat" label this season. Kail, c . Vagle. g Bjorn. g , Totals .401 .204 .OOW ..1147J 3 0 7 games. Decatur's Rampant Reds smash St Marys, jt Jed its city rival, Decatur St. Tere- wvnu, a vvAl. . , ... . , . . Sllverm'n. fill meir eignin siraigm game, maae Cook, c ....7 0 2 seven of their first eight shots Carpenter, m 20 2 mnd anri cteamrnllered tn a 25 to tarum, g ..OOJ o ir n,rtAr lead. Thov never Rlrftilnh m 1 1 Tl i J -. a k . . .A halfback Charley Trippi of Georgia to a ; joint football-baseball con tract. Despite the furious bidding by both baseball and pro football clubs, the much-sought Trippi was expected to sign with the Yankees because of the douoie-Darreiiea op portunity to cash in quickly on his collegiate football reputation and further his dream or becoming a major league baseball star. President Dan Topping or tne football Yankees said Trippi's suc cess in pro football was assured. President Larrv MacPhail of the baseball Yankees said his baseball future was "problematical, but he has a chance to make good in the majors. Topping, associated with Mac Phail and Del Webb In ownership of the Baseball Yankees, admitted both Webb and MacPhail Into full partnership in his football Yankees yesterday. HUSKIES TAKE MAT CONTEST Schedule for the Wrestlers o Teachers College Is Announced. Totals Rollo, S3; Malta, 47 Malta. Jan. 15. Rollo's high scoring outfit, which has been cut ting a most respectable path throughout the Little Ten confer ence, defeated the Malta team in a high scoring 53 to 47 encounter. The game was preceded by the Basketball Scores BOWLING Anaconda tripped Olsons for three itraight. the only team of the City League to pull that trick on the Recreation drives last night. Wurllrier hit Mowry for two; Anderson won a couple from Gordon and the Legion turned back the threat of Eds on two occasions. Charles Davy ran up the Individual honors for game with 242. Choppy Lee with a 614; Stone with 607 and Don Leff with 600. High team game went to Anaconda with 963 and the series was a bo Anaconda's with 2753. Ce liege Basketball Long Island U. 46; St. Louis !U. 44. ' Notre Dame, 74; Michigan State, 56. Western Michigan. 84; Hope, 60, Kalamazoo Coll, 63; Calvin Coll, 49. Holy Croaa. 76; Valparaiso U, Nebraska. 4S; Kansas, 46. North Central, 9; Elmhurst, 45. Loras Coll. 55; SL Ambrose, 30. Illinois Normal. 42; Cape Girar deau Tchrs, 39. Missouri, 43; Kansas State, 42. ll 2 io Pekln again was impressive in rolling over Peoria Central. 52 to 37. Rated one of the strongest clubs in the Peoria area, Pekin has lost only two games this year, to East Aurora in the DeKalb tour ney and a four-pointer ten days ago to Kewanee. Hit East St Louis Colllnsvllle rolled on toward its second successive southwest conference title. Rated fifteenth in the state, the Kahoks slammed East St. Louis. 46 to 29 Champaign s defending state champions continued along the comeback trail, winning their fourth straight game since losing to Waukegan. The Maroons trounced Casey, 57 to 34. This week end Champaign meets Ur-bana and Centralla on successive nights. Urbana was jolted last night by the Hoopeton Cornjerkers, one of eastern Illinois' leading "little" teams. The count was 35 to 30. In southern Illinois. Marlon continued Its "hot" streak, lacing Metropolis, 61 to 41. and Anna High Schawl Champaign, 57; Casey, 34. Hoopeston. 35: Urbana. 30. Decatur, 69; Decatur St. Teresa, Mercantile League at Recreation: Virgil upset the league leading Commercial Body three games; Andy's Shell swept series from Hybrids; Hulraes won all three from Troxel: Ideal Barbers blanked Millers; Schuhs won a pair over Gu Id beck and Eckstrom: j and Log Cabin downed Sycamore ' (.oats twice. N. MakI had high Individual series of 531 and I. Anderson high single Tram of 220; Virgil paced the teams with a 2478 series and high team game honors went to Scfcuh's with aa S3&. 23. Paris. 58; Robinson, 42. Ottawa, 47; Streator. 45. Peoria Manual 44; East Peoria, 29. Joliet, 35; Blue Island, 31. Chicago South Shore, 62; Morgan, 37. Lane Tech, 48; Lake View, 46. Chicago Christian, 47; Harvard school. 35. Engiewood, 40; Hlrsch 38. Steinmetx. 50; Roosevelt, 37. DePue, 75: Princeton, 55. HalL 72; Hopkins. 16. Mendota. 66; LaMoille, 46. Rock Fills, 57; Morrison, 42. Barney Ross Is Ready for Another Scrap Chicago, Jan. 15. UP Barney Ross, a never-say-dle man whose valor was proved In boxing, in war and finally, in a struggle wnicn conquered the drug habit, was in seclusion with his family toaay, ready to face another fight to put his personal world in oraer. The 37-year-old ex-champion In three boxing classes, who won a presidential citation for vaior in bloody Guadalcanal fighting with the marines, returned to his home last night. Immediately after nis release from the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital at Lexington, Ky. Barney was taken to see his mother as soon as he debarked from the plane. It was his first visit with her since two days be fore he entered the hospital She had left her home to stay with friends while her ion waa here, and Barney planned to spend most of his time with her. Hospital authorities said he was "cured" of drug aaoiction, acquir ed when overcoming war wounds, Athletic Director George G. Evans of the Northern Illinois State Teachers College announced this morning that wrestling activities will be going full blast at the school during the coming two months and that last night Illinois Tech waa defeated In a 15 to 13 meet, held here. The Illinois Tech event was' the first of a series to be held during the winter. About 40 boys are out for the sport at the present time with Coach Evans in charge of the unit, assisted by Ed Arquilla, and Harry Garrett. Events scheduled for the season are: Jan. 14. Illinois Tech at DeKalb. Jan. 251 University of Chicago at DeKalb, afternoon. Jan. 29. DeKalb at Wheaton. Feb. 8. Wheaton at DeKalb. Feb. 15. Normal at DeKalb. Feb. 18 DeKalb at Illinois Tech. Feb. 22. DeKalb at Normal. j March 8. DeKalb at Wheaton Invitational Results of the meet last night were: 121 pounds: Peterson, NL, deci- aoned Fitzpatnck. 128 pounds: Sebol, HI Tech., de- cisioned O. Arquilla. 135 pounds: Dychman, NT., deci- ioned Himmelblaw. 145 pounds: Scicacca, NL, deci- sioned Kunich. 155 pounds: Johnson, 111 Tech., pinned Brigham. 165 pounds: Ed Arquilla, NL, de-cisioned Montblanc. 175 pounds: Brawka, NL, deci-sioned Norni. Heavyweight: McArdle, 111 Tech. pinned Doyle. In an exhibition match at 155 pqunds, Barskl of NL decisioned Smith of Illinois Tech. putt go around in al complete cir cle. So I'm expecting anything in South Africa." I I "I don't expect tp lose money going over there," he said. "If I won all the rest Of the winter tournaments, I'd get about $22,000, Im going to South Africa on guarantee of $10,000 and I'get all my expenses paid. Of course I get a cut of the gate receipts, but tney might not be more than the guar antee? and that s enough for me. Sam's African coihpetition, Bob by Locke, will be more than enough to help him prepare for the summer I American swing. Locke was top mofiey winner in Great Britain last year, and finish ed in a tie for second in the 1946 British Open, which was Snead's first "bigr tourney victory . HOOVER WARNS SPORTS! HEADS Ultimatum Has Been .Given Sporting Wprld by FBI Director. Best ration for' winterlne haf mIi In .. ., Experiment Station was 22.6 lbs. of com ailavp 1 ih f 2.3 lbs. legume hay and 110 lb. of feeding limestone per calf per day. iu?.p.Toduc'd wintr ins of 1.4 lbs. per day. Another lot fed 3 to 4 lb, of shelled corn and 8 to 10 lba. of legume hay, without protein supplement, gained an average of IX lbs. per day. A third lot getting nothing but 12 lbs. of legume hay plus all the bright straw they would eat gained jut under 1 lb. per day. The calves weighed an average of 450 lbs. at the start of winter feeding. . Apple Measles) Investigators at West Virginia Experiment Station have come ta the conclusion that too much manganese in the soil is the raue of apple "measles." At least they were able; to produce the disease In snplt trees by adding manganese to the soiLand where apple orchard soils contain a dangerous amount of manganese the use of sufficient lrme to tie up the manganese tended to prevent the trouble. Symptoms of apple "measles" are irregular, dead, brown-colored pockets scattered throughout the outside bark. Infected young trees sometimes die in a short time, but mo of them linger for many years and fail to produce profitable crops of apples. j Gross-Bred Pigs j . Experiments in cross-breeding with swine at a number of experiment stations have frequently shown larger weaned litters from croos-breertSnr m addition to heavier weight for the pigs at all stages and somewhat raster gams on less feed par ewti of gain. Results from several years of cross-breeding by Ohio Experiment Station in which both two and three-breed crosses were used are fairly well tn line with other stations but not entirely. Taking all breedsaand all experiments, croMbred litters from gilts averaged about 1 more pig per litter at farrowing and ,7 more pigs at weaning the crossbred pigs averaged nearly 184 lbs. at 6 month, compared with about 165 lbs. for purebred pigs and the average dsily gain for crossbreda was 1.02 lbs. compared with .92 lbs. for the purebred pigs. Results from sows were slightly different In this case the rurebfeo1 litters averasred nearlr 1 mora ri nr litter hnt k e v.. Was almost the Same at Weaninr. Hnt tha crossbred nlea ealnaH 111 tha per day compared with 1.06 lbs. foe the nnrehreds and at 6 mnntha tha crossbreds averaged nearly 204 lbs, compared to about 191 lbs. for th purebred. In all nwl nnrehnrd hnmr wre n--- Jonesboro got back into the win ?cn overcoming war wounus, column bv edrin. rrhnndT- ! which he voluntarily reported in (0 45 sepiemoer, stunning uie spuria In other headline eames Tues day night, Ottawa beat Streator. 47 to 45. Dupo licked Wood River, 49 to 43, and Springfield whipped Springfield Feltshans in a citv league scrap, 43 to 26. Charley Trippi Obtains Second Award Last Night Philadelphia. Jan. 15. OIB Charley Trippi, who was expected to sign with a major league base ball team today, received the Max well Memorial Award last nhzhL emblematic of his selection as the year's outstanding college football player. It was his second award In two nights. He got the Walter Camp Memorial Award at Wash-Ingtoa Monday night world. Barney, now graying, said he would remain in Chicago for three or four days and then go to California on business.' There was no confirmation that he would visit his estranged wife. Catherine How- lett Ross, now a Hollywood dancer, while In the west. Seek Transfer of Horse Trotting Unit to Ohio Columbus. O, Jan. 15. UE Mayor James A. Rhodes of Columbus headed a movement todav to transfer the U. S. Trotting Associ ation headquarters here from Hartford, Conn., because Ohio "has more harness racing than any ot- er state" and it is "readily accel aide,- Kautskys Are Going Strong in Cage Loop Chicago. Jan. 15. OJi The In dlana polls Kautskys, gradually fashioning a respectable lead in the National Basketball League's western race, boasted their tenth straight home floor victory today after swamping the Tri-City Blackhawks, 70 to 57, last night Indianapolis, led by center Ar nold Risen' 25 points, stretched their lead to two and a half games as the rampaging Rochester Roy. a Is, eastern pace setters, whipped the Kautskys nearest rival, usn- kosh, 73 to 58, at Rochester. The Anderson Packers defeated the Sheboygan Redskins, 63 to 60, in an overtime period In the only other game, Indianapolis used Its second team throughout the second half, the Kautsky first string quickly ran up a 52 to 46 third quarter lead and toyed with the Black hawks in the final period. The Anderson-Sheboygan game was tied eleven times and the regulated contest ended, 57-aU. BUI Hewitt Is Killed , in Pennsylvania Crash Sellersville, Pa., Jan. 15. TJ35 William (Bill) Hewitt, an Ail- American end at Michigan in 1931 and later a National Football League star with the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, was killed in an automobile accident yesterday. His car skidded and struck a culvert. Washington- ?Jan. i5. (US The sporting world faced an ultimatum from FBI Ulrector J. -agar Hoover today to clean out the scum" or prepare for a storm or public wrath. j Promoters arid participants alike must see that sports are kept "clean and above the ugly rumors of fixes and control by gamblers," he told a press conference. Otherwise, "public opinion! will demand an accounting and In no unmistakable manner," Hoover, a firm believer in sports and a fan hlmsei" ideiiverea nis warning as professional sports nursed its worst black eye in vears the "bribe iscandal" in which a New York i gambler at tempted to induce two New. York Giants football players to throw a game. h Sacred Duty The FBI head opposed a federal law against gambling except as a "last resort." Those responsible for the welfare of sports, he said, "have a sacred dutyj to perform of which no local or federal law can relieve them." i j Nevertheless, Rep.f F. Edwird Herbert, D La., planned to seek swift action on a bill mtroaucea yesterday to provide j penalties of $10,000 fine and ten years imprisonment for bribing athletes or of ficials in interstate athletic contests, j Herbert said he introduced the bill to protect rthe Kids who believe our sports are pfert and parcel of our American ay of Hfe.H Bert Bell, commissfoner of the National Professional sFootball League, had appealed! to Attorney General Tom C. Clark for such a MIL j j Bell currently is trying to de-, cide the future status of Frank backfield stars whom gambler Alvin Paris was convicted of attempting to bribe. I American Way Hoover said this incident and "the fight of the scum of gamb lers that have frequented all pro fessional sports contests even practicing their lecherous activities in the very arenas frttere the contests are in progress have stunned the fair play conscience of the great body of the American public." "The average American, particu larly the youth, takes his sports seriously and wants them clean and uncontaminated," he said. Hoover said these steps must be taken: 1. A definite and determined effort should be made by thoae directly responsible for the. development of sporting events, 'and the participants of athletic con tests, to keep sports above re proach. They will be the irst to suffer once the gamblers are able to fix athletic contests. It Is their responsibility to clean house and keep It clean. And It is Just i as important that it appear honest as well as actually be honest and unsullied. ; 2. Where local and state laws prohibit gambling they should be enforced with all the vigor that Is possible. When laws are not being enforced, the law abiding citizens not only have the right but the duty to demand enforcement Commissioner Ken (Tug) Wilson and George Trautman. minor league baseball commissioner, i NOTICE FARM OWNERS! Before yon decide to paint er before yoa deride net t paint, CALL ME FOR A FULL ESTIMATE. Painting By Hour, Square Foot, Contract. SMTLEY'S Spray Painting Phone Hinckley 05-l4 N THURS. - FBI - SAT. JANUARY II, 17. 11 IN TRU -COLOR St John to Be Honored at Sleeting This Evening Columbus, O, Jan. 15. HID L. W. St. John, retiring athletic di rector of Ohio State University. will be honored tonight at the UM'nllMHIl.NM.'l OlLDf hi AH ROY ROGERS co-'iriT third annual sports council dinner, Fllchock and Merle Ha pes. Giants where guests will Include Big Nine i Used Truck for ! ' ! SALE ; I I V2 Ton Clydsdale Chassis. No body no cab, 148" wheel base. Six cylinder motor. ; The four hard rubber 'tires fare probably worn. Magnet? equipped. Hand crank. This truck is in very excellent mechafiical condition. For the last 15 years, it has been driven about 100 miles a year. Thia u truck could be used to operate some machinery, or maybe this ould be equipped with pneumatic tires. It will 9)0 to the highest bidder. It is at the City of DeKalb garage on Pearl Street See Henry Taylor At The Garage or Commissioner of Public Works at City Hall plus e DLSXEY CARTOON TARADE PLUTO DON A I JT) DUCK AND GOOFY I SUN. . M0N. TUES. JANUARY 1. Jo, tl SUN. CONT. FROM t.f AfHU ,VV pes' '. 1 i

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