The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY G, 1939 Race Against Time To Ba Invaders From Canal's Gales BY THOMAS M. JOHNSON former War Corresfioiiilent anil •Expert oti Military Affaire tWrilletr for NEA Service) ANCON, .Panama Canal Zone July 5.— This Incalculably valuable strip of America in the tropics Is today like a frontier post wlici word comes thai Indians are gathering. , . With giim efficiency, the garrison of tlie Canal 'Zone nre cleaning their rifles, drilling loophole* and patching the stockade. Tills is our new-type "fcrelgr policy," started by Hitler sit' Munich— and by Chamberlain. No umbrellas for Uncle Sain! What he wants down here Is the newest model tonunygun. For anxiously the country is asking: "Is tile Pflnanm Canal safe- plus?"" Down here under tropic sun or drenching rain, men in buff khaki and sun helmets,, while linen or sweat-stained work shirts who nre laboring to make it safe will answer: "Safe— plus? Today— no. Tomorrow— perhaps. .Day after— yes. Now, if only Europe wil give Us the time aiid the States will give us the money . . ." SABOTAGE IS IMMEDIATE DANGER Today more has been done to make possible strengthening the Canal itself, than its immediate defenses. Expert opinions differ as to just what is needed but ail agree that the appropriation of $12,000,000 by this -Congress will, when If, has all been spent, make the Canal itself "Safe— plus" against the most Immediate danger of sabotage and, it. Is hoped, against the more serious danger of air atlack. Going through the Zone today one can sec this work starling, although as secretly as possible, lest spies among the 12,000 fm elgn laborers find out the best place to plant a bomb. Some preliminary surveys ha\e also been made for a larger-scale project long contemplated and now, under Governor C. S. Ridley, 1 perfected- -thai of building a \ third set of bypass locks so that even if tile present double set : were destroyed or out of order, the canal would "still be open. This would ..take $300,000,000 arid six .years. But— tJifr-nilnJ V seas1m~ ; jias-' cast- a- damper on work on thaw defenses not. a part of the canal. Although ' shipments of more anti- airqrafi giins-.have just, coine,, stations for /those' guns,- ' aria roads to those ' stations must be hewn through ftlie jungle.- iTlrat 'iw'ork had largely to', be 'cfilled;o(iy, jiist' as I arrived, with 'the coming Jof the rains; thai/ will 'continue "'for seven months; ;•>' • ' • .-' •. "DOUBLEiLOCKlNG" ' !•'• ''-' ?•«' BOOR TO CANAL •• i .-..-• . •[ Air att.iclc is • the -most ''"serious ' threat of permanent damage V, to. the Canal today. Today there is the 'best authority for saying that we must never let enemy aircraft even get over the canal. We must not give bombers that chance. But from here it seems doubtful if today we have taken exery possible precaution in a mutter BO vital. To be sure we have established and are establishing new air bases in Puerto Rico and in the Virgin Islands which, with the base at •• Guantanamo, Cuba, pretty nearly double-lock the Atlantic door to tlie Canal. But, from an air viewpoint, the Pacific side today flaps back and forth like the back door of a RLYTHEVILLE, '(AM.)' COURIER NEWS Why Uvcrpool ty ..-V Importance DISTANCE SAVKU HV PANAMA KROM " New York to S.iii Kancltro ] ,7373 n ,[ i N«w York to Honolulu..,, '.'..' !1![ 'cOlO ml' New Orleans lo Melbourne. ' "".I-JMI ,»\ l.iveriwol |o San I'ranclsco tutr, .. ' N'rtv York lo .Sh.iiwliiil ..!'.! ""iSm ' ^Strallaof, Tills map dramatically Illustrates the Ptinama Cannl's Importance lo thfi pence-time r.fa traf- fie—and why it's destruction might be of equal importance to warring powers. For Instance, from Nev York to San Francisco by Uie Slralts of Magellan is 13,13. r > naultcal miles- by lhe Cam!, 5202. Fron Liverpool to San Francisco by lhe Strolls of Ma gellnn is 13,502 nniillcal miles; by Hie Cnnal. 783(i, > xV *<'* ,-', * ' Her L'ins Bowl 'Em Over Army planes flying over the fortified islands off Balboa at the Pa ifie end of the Panama Canal. Those islands conceal great long ange guns (o shell attacking battleships before lhe vessels' shcl's coufd reach lhe Canal. house whose whether llicy not. owners don't care are burglarized or Yet right at linnd are two strong for us" to nt the locks, waiting keys. Off the Pacific Const of Costa Rica is the tiny island of Cocos, famous for tales of buried treasure. For us It Is a treasure, all right; and so are the Galapagos Islands to the southwest. • Admirably these islands cover the Pacific .approaches to tlie Canal and, those here believe, would make splendid bases for onr patrolling airplanes, doubling their effective range. But authorization for this vital stitch- in-time is still badly lacking. AVIATION DEFENSE IS INFERIOR Tlie planes here now are inferior to the better types of German or Italian planes. There is not a single Flying Fortress among them. There are some very good bombing planes, but Ihe total of nil types Is a fraction of what is needed. Of course reinforcements could be flown quickly from the States, but they just might get here after an air attack on'(he Canal instead of before. As for ground facilities, Albroofc Field has recently been Improved, but there is no first-class air depot and repair shop. A system of sir raid alarms is being worked out and soon the Canal will have Its first blackout. Authorities say even &• gas and smoke attack on locks or other key-points is not "out" and all lock operators as well as troops have been issued gas masks. J10RF, TROOPS AKE NEEDED Lite lately has been one wav game after another, lor Ihe garrison of this frontier tort, There re 14,500 troops here now; enough mdcr present conditions. But if lie Zone is to be "safe-plus", twice .s many would mhke everyone icre breathe easier. It lias been announced 'that G500 .re coming, and so they nre— but ome troops now here arc living n barracks dating to tlie gay lineties; some even in box cars. Troops now here need what barracks are being built. The additional barracks this Congress probably authorize for the 0500 over a half billion dollars today, In a few years it will be twice that. 11'lifts collected already .an equal nmoiml in tolls, and of late years has always -shown n iieat profit, io say nothing of the Ire- mentions saving lo our own shipping and Industry, and lhe world s But far more, It saves us lhe four i millions or more extra for nddi-1 lionnl warships lo defend simul-1 tnneously our- Atlantic and Paci- | Tic scacoasls. Today, thanks to the Canal, n one-ocean fleet can .shut- will in ordinary course be finished ; u e back ami forth'here in 36 hours in two years! In emergency men instead of the three to four weeks coiikl live in tents—which in this around the Horn, climate, is not so cool, nor healthful. The G500 will be coast artillerymen lo man the plentiful big guns ami Ihe anti-aircraft guns. There ire only 4000 infantrymen here; no more are expected. They will scarcely increase the mobile force of COQO which some would like to see doubled. For tlie talcs Unit dense jungle makes landings here Impossible arc only partly true; there are good landing places. To keep off enemy ships, the Army ami Navy have rehearsed mining both entrances lo Hie Canal. Froai Coco Solo on the Atlantic side the Navy would send submarines and even now its sea- plnnes scout nearby coasts for dangers by sen or land. The Cnnal is an investment of But— what this Canal were blocked by sabotage or air bombing. or blockaded or captured by nn enemy fleet or nnny? What it they seized and used it ngninst us? Without hysteria, lliose to whom Is entrusted the safety of this American lifeline must con- IE Typography Of Country IWps Keep Cost Per Mile Al Minimum The low rest of unlkUng rural electric lines In Mississippi COiuily s r.xpcctal to lie nn aid in ou- liiliit»t> more lines of (his kind, to p. j. i,. UVW| cj>Bliii'or In dimiju of supervising tni! lines io be constructed for tho Mississippi County Klcclrle Co- operallvo In the project of Uils .kind. Acluni consliueilon of the lines will stint July )u ou the ilrsl MO miles uf ihe orlelunl 2n miles In the IniltrU project. Work on the remaining 17 miles will bruin us per cent of iho pro- soon spectlve consumers hnv agreements with contractors" for (he wiring of their houses, When these art* obtained on lhe rciimln- _ miles, the contract will be re- It'a.sMl with 15 days, It wns saltl. in discussing cost of il'ie new lines, it IVH.S pointed out that the cost of engineering luis been very low, imvliig cost only $15 per mile while the overage Is 40-Year Fight To Clear Record Of Oberlin Carter Near Success PAGE'SEVI* II y BKUCK CATTON WASHINGTON, July 5 - Tl.c imwliig «lory of Obcrlln M. Cur- lei' Is about to come to its climax. Wltliln n f(!\v days tl\c House MIMlnry Atfiilrs Committee will vole on ii bill ihiii, would restore Iho nillllnry rank mid RM d immo which nn nnny court- martini wok away from him .(& years ago Its decision will menu cvoryllilnu !» the world to Cavlcr, who Is 83 niul 1ms spent Iralf his life nm! nil his money fighting for vlnillra- tlon; It may ako mi'iin « good deal to the army's court-martial system. Carter's full story Is loo long to tell here— It would mnko ix fnl nml uUsorlilnt>ly Intcrcslliii; liook— tint it cun bo skeletonized, lie wns n cnptnfii of army enr.Ineevs, by nil iK'cotmts OIIQ of the nrmy'.i most, brilliant oniccrs. lie vvns accused of iieuntUlim clvlllun conlmciors to jscnmj) their work, during n pro gram of Improvements iu mile and expense some- limes rims ns high ns $27. Construction of the lines wns estimated at, $122,01)0 based on n probable expenditure of $025 per nlle mid the lines will be built for p657 per mile, according lo work lone unit estimate made for lhe remainder or the work, which nakes a saving of $08 per mile Uilch will he. passed on lo the Mississippi County Cooperative for "ulure lines. This IN due both to (lie topo- giapliy of tills section and because of the efliclent eiiglncrcliig crew n chfirue, it, i s snM. The Comity Cooperative will use he "left over" money for short extension lines which were not cnsible for the Initial allotment. An example would be Hint this iioncy can be used lo build a line vhcre it wns Impossible lo obtain luce consumers to n mile, bul vhcre ft line Is badly needed. Tlxit rural Mississippi County 111 be u' network-of electric lines vilhlu a short lime Is certain, In lie opinion of If. C. Knnppen- ergor, simeUnlcudent of tlic ponsorlng group which grew out Savannah, On., wns oom-lctcd sent to n mlntniy prkon iiitOKi; AT 83 Ho went to prison in JBOJ, C nmn out of 11. four y«n.i Inter-mid hns fought for vindication ever since without one letup. Ho bnd a fortune of aronml £100,000, and for many years lie earned nroum) $35000 annually us u coiisulllnit cii- Klucir; tlie light. took every dime and loduy— ni ffl— he is bioke, Congressman Thomas A. Jenkins. Ohio Kcpiibllcnn who Introduced the bill that would wipe out the action of tlmt 40-yenr-old coitrt-mnrtlal, remarks lhal the bulky record of Carter's cnse IK Uic mast, fnntastlc thing ii c | ms cm . studied. For one Ililnf, It shows that brilliant Captain Carter luul nuulo enemies, bolh in (hi! itriny mid In pollllcal circles— lilBii-rnnklne, IICHV- crfnl enemies, n slums tlmt he never got n penny of |>rnft. It Indicates very .strongly (lint there was something extremely odd nbout both the courl-ivmrtin! Dint, waul OlJcrlln Curler Us comi-miii'llnl system meddled with. The machinery „„„ brokii Cnrlcr mny have been vlo- craey unfulr will defend bill n biiicnii- lls f activities on p;ui of the .wccn 16U and . 200 more .hies, is ready* for , he federal giqup. The- first ;j'pb Is expected lo be ; ready before- iho of Oclobcr, the contract ,'cfill- '.-1? •*** sidcr gravely such lliings as pos- l'ig/2 sibililies. • Ii i_ Tliese are risks if war comes to \vith her legwork, Jane Wynwn vis; bill if war comes to Enrojic alone there is still a risk. With the canal neutral, admitting ships of all nations, lirllain and France, would transport men nml supplies to and from their Empires, stop that might iry lo sabotage Fascist powe/s Joliann Gutenberg nearly 300 Bibles on his first ,of tlic movies scored a strike with west coast chapter of National Bowling Congress, which voted her "girl with prettiest set of pins," Measurements—ankle, G 7-8; calf, 12 3-B; thigh, 19 1-4. There arc 5,000,000 tra|>shootlng enthusiasts in the United States. BE CAREFUL, DEAR, BETTER.}) TURN ON THE LIGHT A FRACTION OF ACEiMT WXJLD HAVE sw/eo THWT TOE/ What's Happening m Your Own Home? H's wise lo economize bul not on lighls. Our low rfitea permit generous use of clec- tricily for very lillle money. H's risky to ini-ite defective eyfsijf-h! and pninful injurcca \vith l)ad lighlin?. So, use liletily of lights nil over the liovisc nl nil limes, Arkansas • Missouri Power Corporation lisslsslppi County Pnrin liurenu. WHb the Rural Electric Admin-' strnllb)) ready lo Ijulkl lines where s Jew as three consiiinur.'i.v per itle,': nre oblnhicil,- the .(,'roiip hero' Inns io push " mldlUona] •. projects' i- rapidly as possible. .,' Anolher can be submitted ns soon s c'piisumcrs sign ,ciibijgh .wiring ohtriicts to complete:- 'the ; llrsl rojccl. It Is not ncccssjiry lo ))iive he ' Hrst Job cqmpleted, but the virliig contract.'; imisL haye been Sjncil by DO per cent ;or. : iho ,cus- oiuers already', "signed: "l>"i before no'llicr project is' slmjed. ; 1 A second project, caliiiujV(or bc- nilles \ for 100 working «'ork Is started. days after Tlie Lincoln Hlglnvny is more :lmn 3300 miles IOUB. —,... >p..» ktt ij KUIv t.un™ Klll^ Js vlcted him nnd Hie acllbn of Uie, world u reviewing oillccr who stisinlncd Iho mnehlncry lo (lie lust gnsp. Ami Uic congressmen— well, If llicy «li- scl one nourl-innrlliii verdict won't they nuiylie he iiskcd to u|)sci sonic more? aiiirl thai siirl, or llilng mul 5'ou ilon'l know whore II will end; simpler, probably, leb It lie. "Oui nnny couil-iniuUnl BJS- lein," reiiiiirks C'onijrc.ssiunu Jen- '' senlcnce. And II , nnny courl-umrtlnl Is a lixw lo W ny shows Inslly, Hint itself, carter foughl nil lhe „„, to (lie Supreme Court, nud KOI n Jlunl, definite ruling Umt u civil court cannot review the action or n court-martini—tlmt (lie only remedy for a ml'scavrlngc of Justice 110 mailer how it may bo, Is through nn net. of Congress. Such nn act Jenkins Is trying to guide through Congress. The record leaves Carter looking perfectly .innocent. Bo, to, do Ills- own 'actions— lot, whiU guilty nmn ; ever ./spent'. 40 ,'yenra nnd n large"" fortune, •fighting* for; nothing more substantial tiinn the cleni- hig of Ills name? I3ut the army htis strenuously opposed hla efforts lids spring, and If tlie Military Alfnirs Committee voles out the bill It will do BO by a very narrow margin. WHY? HKltE'S WHY Why? Tlic enemies nt 18QQ arc all gone. Most of them nip dead. No one today cares If Curler us nn cnglnccr-ciiplaln did step o» some Important Iocs and iriilale some important people. Congress pusses scores of bills lo correct Individual military records every year; why nil the row over tills one? The answer Is clear enough. Curler Ims simply got tangled In a bureaucracy. The nnny has nolli- ing against, him—but u does not . .evoHHloimiy h .M l.he ,Brlllsli .liiouglil ' llielra up to clnle, niitl we dliln'l." There wns a decline or 1 per cent, in the number of. motor vehicle registrations, from 11)37 lo 1038. You 11 like 'EIIOW5TOM TAYLOR t WILLIAMS OlSfllURIES VFUpws,tO»l GlVotus', "culiyiUI KY I Nll'HI I.IUI'DII ttlic 11. llnrk 1'orl 'iiilllli Vl, Tt;e imJtl i/tuilratej it lhe Kut'tl Snciti. ntojtl -/I fan JiKvirtJni Him. i " WiL^IlY let a car that's npproaclilng retirement ajic • • be tliowct-bJankel that spoils your summer fun? Any.Ruick dealer is ready to deliver promptly n fun- making licmily lliat will put some real sparkle into your warm-weather parties. Suwrl looking, smart stcppini, smart handling, tin's honey's llio smarlest huy of (he ycar-at prices lower than a year ago, lower than you'd expcc!, lower even than somu sixes. Sec it now and stive your summer from old-car headaches. '^letter buy Coolest' .Spot in Town' Witch Society Pt f e Of Courier New* Fw Free Show Gaetfi NOTICE RITZ PATRONS 'I'Jie Hit?, matinees \vill ho shown u( tlic Koxy Theatre tinlil Filtlny of (his week due to nuiking repairs, ),ut tlia "iH-lit shows «•!)] be at the KM/ as iisiinl. Last Times Today Confessions •BLAST THEM OUT OF AMERICA! EOW. G* ROBINSON KiAKCISUDWER-Paulliikij Ocorge Sanders'Henry O'Hflll Directed k> AHAIOU UTVAK Prejenled by WURNER BROS. o ™, »» i \Vr*l» r . Trthntcol oifylior Ucn O^Turlow Utrnei O'dton . * fn,i Motttul f[ ( i«r« Alio I'.ii.imoiinl Ni-ns & 1,1 rry Clinton 8burl, Ailmlsston ni.iilncc 10i> ft 20c Nlglil 10(1 & , ;iCo s s s ? s s § s FRIDAY, JULY 7 200 (;00!) REASONS ALSO 25 MOUR HKASONS ' Why You Should A I (t> n d Miilinui' w Nijflil • 5 S , 5 S S 5 S ? Annabelia 1 'g'ets'her" fella I It's' a rloll Iff,. jjKftMi.ynrryi Also srleclu! slunU AKu [{OBCIS Ciillircifb—(he One Icirsnl flttirluiB Sntngstci, fn (he "Strungcr Than Ficllon" feel. Mi. C'lillirrnllt Is from •C:ir'u(licrstill< > . Ailnils'lim itMtliirr IDc A 2Gc Niltlif l(jo A Me EXSMNAR OF OINtKM MOIORS VAlUt % SEE YOUR'NEAREST BUICK DEALER ROXY Admtelon always lOo S 26c M.illnecs Frl.-Sat.-Sun. Last Times Today Also I'nx News & Comedy Last Times Today. nilaiittcd for (lie price of I Tom BROWN -Non GREY {Conslonta MOORE •Wm.ffowleyj Also selected sliorls Friday - Saturday - "TRIGGER SMITH" ^MONOGRAM PICTURE Also f.iriooii ft scr|.il "Lone Ranf- cr Hides Again." Conliniioiis sliW SMurd.iy,

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