The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on October 3, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 2

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1945
Page 2
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f " 'it . . - i l: 4 t 4 ; V 1 PAGE TWO SYCAMORE NEWS THE.DE KALB DAILY CHRONICLE. DE KALB. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3,' 1945 r t CAfJfJEfl CHIEF PLEASED HERE Biz Task Near Finish With Most of the Corn Now Packed. - J. W. Thuma, general manager of the Sycamore Preserve Works, is wearing a gala smile these days. He has a good reason. Most ox the . several thousand acres of corn In tended for canning has been har vested and packed. This Js true in spite of ten days of quiet at the plant due to wet weather.' i However, the canning season is not yet ended. The manager states that there are a few lima beans yet to be taken la and a small amount pf corn. For, that reason the German prisoners of war art to be retained a few days. Mr. Thuma expressed the opinion that the prisoners would leave here on or after October 15. Thus will terminate one of the most interesting phases of; the great war as far as Sycamore was concerned. For the first time in the city's history prisoners of war from a foreign country, were brought here and used in a Sycamore industry They have been hero since early summer, living In tents just south of the city. Their dally appearance as they marched to and from work; at -the canning plant, or rode in trucks to and from fields, became commonplace. People have paid little of no attention, to them in recent weeks. Whether any pictures have been obtained as they march ed is not known. Such pictures would be fascinating historclal in terest in years to come. They proved to be much1 better Workers than some other types of labor used at the canner during the war years. Students frdm Chicago and natives of South Atlantic islands failed to display tie efficiency and energy hoped for. The prisoners, under American army guard, and excellent labor! super-, vision, have been of great help to the Preserve Works, j Although it is known that the Sycamore Preserve Works; plant d, harvested, and peeked the largest amount of corn in (its his-: tory the complete figures will not be available until all Heads are gone over. In addition tat a few lima beans there are 140 acres of ' corn yet to be harvested but dry weather will help speed the process. j Poor Digestion? Headachy? Sour or Upset? a Tired-Listless? .fa a Do you f ed headachy end pet doe to poorly digested food? To feel cheerful and 'bPPyKia your food must be iEachday?Uture most produce shoot two pints of a vital dieesthre julo to help digest your food. If Mature falls, your food may remain yaOigmUOr bavins you haadacny and imtabta. Therefore, you mint increeee the flow a this digeetlre juice. Carter's Little ver Pills Increeee this flaw quickly often in as little as SO minutes. 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Launderers Sycamore Society m ceremony at St Peter's Episcopal church on September 34, Evadine Marie Benson, oaugnier of Mr. and Mrs. Gunner Benson, nil TVmald ClaDsaddle. -son of Mr. and Mrs. George Clapsaddle, were united in marriage. Announce ment of the marriage was made this week bv the Benson and dap- saddle fur""' Both families are residents of Sycamore. Rev. F.H. Welchlrtn performed the ritual in late .afternoon of that day. The double ring event was attended by Mr. and Mrs. rea-erick Benson. The bride wore a fuchsia suit, black accessories, and a corsage of white. Her only jew elry was a gold necklace wnicn was a gift of the groom. They en-loved a short honeymoon in Chi cago, and are now residing with their' parents here due to the hous ing shortage. Both were 1944 graduates of Sycamore High School. The bride has been an employee of the Ideal Commutator Dresser company ana her husband is working at the Undgren Dairy. It was learned in Sycamore yesterday that Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lee are the parents of a daughter born in New York City Sunday: The couple are former Sycamore people. Mr. Lee is better known here as "Swede." He is serving with the Merchant Marine on the east coast. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Stiles were in Chicago on business Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. L S. Evans have arrived home from Columbus, C where they visited relatives. , Mrs. Albert-Gould is visiting her sister in Rogers Park for ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bechle have moved into their recently re modeled home on South Locust Street. Pm. M. 2-c W. S. Boles Is ex pected in Sycamore from Great Lakes Naval Training Station next week end to visit his mother, Mrs. EL L Boles, Sr., and brother, Edward. Dr. R. E. Curry has resumed his office duties after a month of illness. Robert Yaffe has begun his second year of a pre-medical course at the University of Tlltnos. His first year in that preparation was at the Teachers College in DeKalb last year.. Women of the Sycamore Moose lodge are meeting this evening. One of the important events of the meeting will be an initiation of new members. The meeting Is to be held at 8 -eVOoclc : at the Moose HalL Mrs. George Madison of Garden Prairie is recovering from a major operation at the Sycamore Community Hospital. A miscellaneous shower was held at the Moose hall In Sycamore Saturday evening honoring Pvt. and Mrs. Wayne Lungstrom of Kirkland. There was a social evening enjoyed with cards and dancing. The honored couple received many gifts. They were married on August 15. Sportsmen in Great Fervor Over Hunting In view of the fact that the pheasant hunting season is not far away Sycamore sportsmen are making preparations. Shells are being sought Guns are j being cleaned, and dogs are being given a bit of training to revive old skills. Several In the Sycamore area have been noted repairing and cleaning guns. There are reports of guns being traded and sold among sportsmen. That sort of business is about the only kind that can be Indulged in as sporting artillery has been among the items very much missing since the early days of the war. j One Sycamore man saw Ja lone duck Sunday in the gravel pit pool and as a result began to make plans for the open season for wild quackers. Yesterday he was preparing his "field piece," namely his shotgun. He is Chief of i Police George Meier. I Tonight-Tomorrow A NEW "km AN OLD HITI Starting; At S:4S Only KIRBY T T j gr ! i n ..i .... it .mvAu ,vs.5 ii.. A I L-IZ ft Starts at 7:0 and 9:i9 Adults toe Jack Frost Is ; , Hard at Work During Night Jack Frost came a week early this year. The first killing frost of the present autumn . occurred during the night. Frank C Dean, official weather recorder tor this. area, reports a mean low tempera ture of 29 degrees during , the night . -':' -: The first killing rrost ox mi xau of 1944 occurred on October 13 according to Mr. Dean's record. However last night's frost is not considered abnormally early.- The temperature of 29 Is the lowest since June. On June 7, this area experienced a light frost that did little or no damage. That June chill Indicates how short and cold this past summer of 1945 became. That fact becomes more impressive when the official records are studied and it is found that the last killing frost of 1944 occurred on April 5 . .. The frost of last night may have caused trouble for farmers. Rain had hampered the harvest of corn in recent days and some corn is yet in the fields. However, In another story in these columns today it is revealed that the Sycamore Preserve Works In excellent condition in this regard having only 140 acres of corn left in the fields up to last night. Teachers and Parents Hold Meeting: Here The Sycamore Parent Teachers Association held its Initial meeting of the new school year Monday evening. It was held at the high school. Mrs. Henry M. Carlson is president Led by Mrs. J. Mllo Doane and accompanied by Mildred Duval group singing was enjoyed in the opening program event Superintendent of Schools R. A. Lease- introduced the teachers on Sycamore's ' staff as an added and Interesting event of the occasion. Speaker of the evening was Mr. Lease. He chose for his topic, "The Sycamore Public Schools". His talk carried weighty and thought provoking evidence of things to come. His theme urged the need of more space due to the ever growing and crowded conditions of the schools in Sycamore, especially the grade schools. Mildred Freeman entertained the gathering with pictures in color which she took during a tour of Mexico. Refreshments followed the program. Death in Japs Prison Areas It Is Learned one of the: first casualties reported In Sycamore early in 1942 was that of Pf c Richard Valentine, son of Mr.-and Mrs. Richard Valentine, Sr., of Sycamore A few days ago the parents were officially informed that their n had died in a Jap prison camp. The young man had entered the army some time before war opened and was stationed with regulars in the Philippines. After the hard fighting at Bataan his parents were Informed , that he was missing. Then came the fall of Ba-toon and Corrigedor. Over a year later the government notified the parents here that their son was considered dead. Since the end of the war and resulting revelation of many secrets held by the Japs, it has been learned that "Dick" as he was known here, died in a prison camp. Memorial services were held in his honor a year ago this last summer at the Sycamore Methodist Church. Pair of Local Soldiers Are Resting Here sgi. "am- waumark was wearing a necktie on a white shirt Tuesday. Ordinarily that would not be news. The reason it is in this case Is that he has been discharged from the army. He was released a week ago Saturday in California. He doesn't plan to do anything for a couple weeks,- just relax. Among the discharge papers filed with Circuit Clerk Ben Davy Monday was. that Of Set. Ralnh Tessier. Ralph was separated from the service at Ft Sheridan a few days ago after three years of excellent service with the air corps in the Euro Dean and middle east ern theaters of war. - Chronicle Csaestfled Phone tag GRANT LOIS COLLIER s Child e In and Out of Sycohi ! -;'- V-;' ISjr. Knot ZfyV- Finally the senior class has ' a president Take a bow. Bob Lind- strom. Bob was voted by , an enormous amount and the other officers named are?. Vice President Marvin Roush; secretary, Marilyn Miller and treasurer. Nancy Slezak. There will . be plenty of hard work. In store for these new officers. Beware Freshmen. Freshmen initiation is on Friday afternoon. You should see all the fur that is in store for the freshmen, when plans are made to make it fly. Dont be frightened because just think of all the fun the senior boys will be having. , Everyone realizes that the sudden paleness of the freshmen Ik from over- work. ' ... The magazine drive will soon bo underway. Every year, the event is sponsorea Dy we seniors and preliminary steps have already ocmu who. -' Again for cheer leaders this year are four able and experienced students: Norma Swanaon, Georgi-anne Bauer, Audrey McCullah and Bruco Hudson. The new addition Is Barbara Jahns. -Bobbie". Is In her sophomore year and will be great .addition to. the quartet 1 It seemed like old times at school during the past week. A number of feUows who graduated last year and before were back visiting; - Among them were Benny Stevenson. Dale Gustafson, Richard Sparrow, Bruzx Whitney, Eugene Hughes and Honkey London.' This year the high school win sponsor the operetta under the direction of Allene Russell. Miss Russell announces that the students will stage a Gilbert and Sullivan production. Future announcements will give more details. Not long ago GAA had a hilarious evening on a hayride and picnic. All of the girls met at -the school. Jumped on the hay rack and were driven around the town and into the country. Supper was eaten along the river. Everyone had a wonderful evening and enjoyed the. ride home under a full moon. Has anyone noticed the damp, rainy weather lately. Ask the football squad' about practice in the mud. They have great words to describe the conditions. Conditions became so bad thrft a few practice sessions were held In the gymnasium. Arrangements or , the annual are being made at the present time. This year Mr. Housewald will be in charge of Leaves, taking over the duties from Ellen Patterson. Rumors are around that the seniors may have their sweaters and rings in the not too distant future. Here is a wish that there is some truth in Ure report Dry Field Has Happy Effect on Grid Squad With the arrival df the first decent day in weeks Coach Leland Sttombom was pleased to note an added zest when his Sycamore high school gridraen underwent the daily drill yesterday. Team and mentor began: preparing for a battle with Geneva Saturday. A dry field and sunny skies added cheer to the practice. ' Last Saturday Geneva defeated West Chicago 14 to 0. The score Indicates that Geneva is strong in defense as well as offense. Reports are that Geneva did Its scoring via the passing route. With a few more days of good weather Coach Strom bom thinks he can have his lads in a little better state or efficiency than last week end. 156 EAST LINCOLN HIGHWAY This has been purchased by CBL PEARSON, who returned a few weeks ago after serving approximately three years.with the armed forces. Carl was formerly in the bicycle and accessory business in the east end. He extends a special invitation to all old friends, customers, and everyone to visit him in his new business. In the future his place will Goes to South r - 1 Bend to Take Factory-Post ' Mr. and Mrs. James Hoggatt and family are about to leave- Sycamore, Mr. Hoggatt ' has resigned his position with Anaconda where he has been a foreman. , He came to Sycamore from Indi ana when the Anaconda opened the south mill as a war plant to pro-dace field wire for the army. He was in charge , of the conductor vulcanlzers where . rubber insular tion was vulcanized onto the bare wire. ' -' Mr. Hoggatt was considers ed a most efficient foreman and the Anaconda people regret losing hlmJ "'iv.:-: '-;;'rAvx-. j The family win move to South Bend.' ZhiL, where Mr. : Hoggatt has a position In a rubber plant. His brother has worked there many years. Doctor Again ! in City After 1 Fine Service Dr. J. F, Eggers was engaged In the first phases of resuming civilian life in Sycamore last evening; He was moving back into his office suite in the. James building. He was discharged At Ft Sheridan late In September after three and a half, years service, much of which was done- in the Pacific area, . His efficient and courageous service! as an: Army medical officer earned him two bronze stars, service ribbon, 125 discharge, points, and the rank of major. Before entering the service he conducted a medical practice from the same office suite that he is now, moving Into." . Delegates to Be Named for the Veterans Sycamore Post 99, American Legion is meeting .this . evening; Among the items 1 under the : heading of new business is expected the naming of Sycamore post delegates to. the national convention. The big conclave is to be held in Chicago next month. Commander John; Adee of the Sycamore unit of the veterans organization states that the membership Is steadily growing. Many young men being discharged. from the armed services at this time are joining- the Sycamore Legion. '. Degree Rites - Interest the Lodge People The sycamore Lodge of Odd Fellows conferred the work of the first degree on -several candidates last evening.. At the close of the evening it was ' announced that work of a similar degree will be part of the program for the lodge here - next Tuesday , evening also, rlt wamade 4?en last evening that the annual district meeting is to be held at Rochelle on Wednesday evening, Oct 10. Indications are that considerable of a , delegation would attend the Rochelle affair from ; Sycamore. Work of the second and third degrees will be a feature of ceremonies at the Oge county- session. A mixed . staff will put . on the TOPS FOR QUALITY TOPS FOR QUALITY 1A3 TOPS FOR OJIALTP!--- TOPS FOR OUI FOR QU TOPS TOPS TOPS TOPS TOPS TOPS TOPS TOPS fo; TOPS FOR TOPS FOR QU TOPS FOR QUALITY ... PtpH-CUa Ccmpant, r&ANcmszo BOTTLERi PEPSI-COLA THE CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP OF be known as work. - It win be made up of staff men from all over the district A large .number of candidates from will have the degree work conferred on them. Also; at Rochelle there win be the annual election of officers. The Sycamore : lodge has at this time one officer In the district Martin Rasmuasen is district deputy. ' ' Flight Officer Given " , ' Discharge From Army - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roselleb have returned to Sycamore after jumping all over , united States while "Bob" underwent his long and arduous training in . the air corps. He was discharged a: Jew days ago and Is happy , to be once again in civilian attire, " He has applied for a avQ service post in civilian aeronautics which of course will mean that he will make his home other than In Sycamore. His wife is the former Betty Bauer of this city. . j . Club la ' Meeting on Friday Erenins: Here The Sycamore Sportsmen's Club has been summoned to a meeting to be held- Friday evening. Zt is to be held at the club house at 8 o'clock. Reports are that plans will be made for an Autumn dance as a club benefit Mason of Sycamore to DeKalb Thursday Officers of the Sycamore Masonic lodge expressed assurance today that many of their lodge would attend the events at the DeKalb lodge conclave - this- Thursday evening. The annual past masters' night Is to be conducted by. the DeKalb Masons. Sandwich Poultry Ciab . Is Holding; jAnxtual Show Sandwich. Oct 3 The Sandwich Poultry Club is planning Its "third annual fall show at the city hall in Sandwich on October 26, 27 and 28. 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