The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE'BLYTHEVJLLK COUHlEa N13M'S 3BE COUHIEK NEWS CO, I'UBUSHEUS O. H. UABCOCK, Etillor H. W, HA1NKS, Advertising Manager .Bole National Advertising Kcpiifentallvcs: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Dei'.-vlt, St. u>uli, Dallas, Kfl'.vas Cjty.Mcmiihls, Published Every Afternoon Excqit Simony. Eitm-d ns second clas; matter al 0)2 jwit olllrc nt Biylhevillc, AV- kunfas, iriidir ucl a! Congvc^, <Jc- tolwr 9, isn. Served uy tlu 1 United Frets SUBSCRIPTION HATES }}}• carrier In i:ie C'uy oi Uivtwville, 15c i»r week or SS.50 ixr your In -ACHMIKO. Uy mail within a radius of 50 H'lli-.i, $:i.oa IXT year, $!.5u for six months, Bit lor tl.rrc munltis; by mail in postal zones two to fix, liiciit-nv, $15.50 i>tr, in zoni* seven am' cigln, S1U.OO per year. payable in advniicv. Reduction Tito ConrkT News lias il on \\h;U we regard us ivluitiK- aittlmrily I (ml then. 1 exist ~ n siliiit(i<>Ji in ca^lcni Ar- k;ii)s;w which, if geiuTJil over tlie i-ul- tun bell, means tlmt tlie voluntary toUon utrcagc rvdiu-lioii cuui|>;iii;n i* a failure unless iv-i'iil'i'ivi-il by some such iDL'iisinv «•* tlic liiiiikiu-ad LuiDpii]- sory produclioa control lull. Coitltucts t lulled liy fanners oiTcr- injr to i'0-opei'ate in the volunliiry pt'u- griiin contain litfMrx's on ac'i'i'Wf in I'Otlon and average yield jior atru Unit, taken altogether, itiv .so far out of line with known f'aels as lo p)i>- vitlu no rcusuiuible lia.sis lor pnyiiR'nt of aciru^e mliiftkiu brnriit.s. Such drastic vevisiuii is iid'es-iiry lliat IIU-M in ctiarge nf the |)ruiri':ini luive littk- hope of \K'WK able In briiitf I lie lijflirrs inlo line unless the alK'nialive to vul- uiitary and romiieiisaiul ui'ivaut 1 iv- (liictioii is compulsory ;iiiii linii-vinu- jiensaleil production iiinitation, as proiiusud in the l!anl;lu'ad. bill. \ViUi- oul the liankhead iiill, they fear, a large proportion of- the itcreajfc redtii-- lion cunlrwls will l )t > rejecleil }>y tin; Browws when they are reUinieil \viln adjustments in acrea.ue and yield li>r- ures jieeessary lo linnjj them into liiie with Hit: census biiVeiin ii#iiii.'.s "i, uutinly, district ami stale )>r<«UK:lUm. \\'u mile (hat sonic cummrjitiitors linil il impossible to bi-lievt: llial tol- ton growers as a KI-OUJ\. would ije jfHilly of mirfrtpixyeniiiiic their t-oU ton Hi-ivaifes ami yields, jiecausc tlie lijfiircs the farmers have submitted do )iol lit Hie lac Us does not net;e.v-.:irily prove that deliberate imsre]>resei]la- has Ijivn general. Uniniestion- tion al;ly there have i;«-n ileiitiito at.(i.-iu|ils al chiseling. I.Uil for Hie must part the (liscielwiKifs are. In be iKxiiimlwl tor by the fael that must fanners do not lisivc imythinsj approxi mutiny iu .- cnrate lignres on their ucreajji! ami yield for the past live years. They have Jiad to do a lot of guessing, and the natural tendency has boen to .see to it that error, if any, was on the safe side. In some communities loeal and county committees have been abSo to kes>i> tiiis margin of apparent error within fairly reasonable limils. In <,thers, according to reports, it is so tcreat that if the government accepted the contracts as originally tendered il would lijjil itself paying large sums in acreage OUT OUR WAY rc'duciiun be(ie(i!s willinut ing any actual rt'tludiun in cotton ncre- :i«e. All in all experience with Ihu voluntary ;!h>(frain -eeiiitf to jusUiy H"-' foal's of those who said at the sturt that Hie only certain way of holding down the cotton crop was through some. .swJi I'dinpiil.siiry [iljin ;is tlic Halikliead Ijill ])ro\i(les. It involves wholesale inleri'rreiici! with individual liberties, it >ets a dangerous precedent for other lijie.s uf af>TiciiUiin.' nml bn.sines.s, );»l if production control is what \ve want and need it .scun.s to lie Hie way to S-'ct it. RelicJ Jor Royally Onr of the pleasant little oddities in. (lir, day's iu'\vs is tin- story from Biicharusi, capjinl <>f liiuiiniiiu, tofliu^' l»v\v ;i former liussian iiritiee. (Hudly has won "promolion" lo a liill-linie job as cleaner of the city's streets. Thf tilled while miiif, Prince Sergei Vh'.diinirovicii, cscajied from his homeland when the revolution broke, waiid- i'1'cii inii) Rumania, and for a long linn 1 was j-ijfhi <,n lii.s upijer.-!. Finally he K"t a part-lime job as slreel cleaner. The other day lie was at u-nrk near a railway shdion wjjen lie (iwii'il n fw- v'\x\\ tourist vainly trying in tnake a iMilieeman iimlei-sLaiid liini. lie inter• veiled i:,)iir(iMni«(y. translated the lonr- ist'K rentarks. ;un) set l)i(. nuittpr riijht. ^o now, ;i-. a icward, he. has ;i fnll- (iilK 1 . joli us a street cleaner, 'I his give's rise lo a number of .s;Ui.s- l'yi»K n-flcclicms. not t'.iast of whfdi is Hie lliotijrlii thai here, if niiwhere else 0!( enrth, is a prince who actually is employed on ;i ireful job. v.ilinblo \vu»in>n, i.~; t«r into th^ 1 .i sunny llmll:i- nloiu:. iniHUity mipl.itji: i-, ;-. hut H li^s now, aiul will lia fiidiro as rji» )/c loiesctn, tioiu, in uiiulik' it to be ckciMv II. 13vni. ^n'rttavy ul \vur. of UK; ;,;ui] h'is been n'luin-i'tl froln y. tnil |K«|>IC still rc B M<l v\ SS.-KTOU in. isft tliai,- \vitli clrran —Dr. Klnit'r S. Mninca|!(ilis. Midi a io:nniL^un\ iK'iU-v; I'voiy inrss ft!.ip;UcH mid cn-i-y caDlo jii.-Mi-i- r.-iji >,-.• i-.-r.wrcl by [he Kdiniiiisii-ntiuii. --Ki-iiulnr ix-liull, u.'iiiibliviiii. Miiinc.iuci. t « « 'iiuir h iwi :ii pccst'iil. iiiiy »dc<|iia((' ;tu.'tliocl hy which tin- ftduinl E»v.T!i!:u'iii ciin iilCirk tu(nus>ti\i;. Jos'.'iiU B. Kceiiiin, ussislmil U. H. I \v;is Hi-uiully liivkccl lo imiuU't —Coniniar.iU'r Ohvi-r Iiockn'-Saniiisoi M. i'. 1 * »- Urir.sii .Nti nih'.i duunal is 11:11 e^ciiur n., i!;)o:-|y in-.!!-.. -Wiliutm New., on. Ni-.v YoU; t);n\k- ;I:K'. \-. cult! luinicr. I ;IKI .MII-,- I wouid ijo no.', it 1 u;is -,iblc (o tislil u.s I loii-lil tliu iivst ten. i:i',r.v-,vf!glit loali'i.'dcr. ilic « 01 M clui:ii|i!on t!;c lasi t»v loumts — Toiiimy I,(mi;hv;Hi. Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation! * « * hv Crash—One Vear* After Kn»!ii;«iu-.y "bunks' 1 were eklulilisli id In suoh farlorles :u> could jel currency or coin In mccl puyrolN. Here ;>re police juard.s »t the Clirjkkr jilunl In UcUoil sl:iiiilii>t; guard over a. payroll. Twenty-Second Day, March 7 IVY WILLIS THOHNTON NKA .Service Start CurresiwnilMit On Uiln (Jay came Hie flr.'.i «i i series oi irensiiry rcgulutlor.s of (lie linnkliig .•ilttiaUoii Mlurli were destined to coins out nlmrwi lio'urly until Uic crisis was pust. Banks were authorized to pay out currency (not metal) wlicrc necessary to provide food or medicine, relieve distress, or to meet payrolls. Such Industrial linns as could (jet currency l«:d oil in it Insicjid of tlie eustonniry checks, which now were denied them. Tlic New York Federal Bc.*-rve linuk V\-H.S iivrinittcd (o pay out currency under regulation to inein- b:r Iwnk.s, and the New-;Ycik st;i(c !ct;iK!f,turn authorized the minting'.!)! a. luii;e.Issue of .scrip. Ut never'was.* used.) " , * . * • Talk of a national issue uf scrly—wlmt, would amoniH. to an emlrcly new kitul of mouey—'A'as wkles)ne:id, iiiul ivus considered ol- Air|i).-nics Hunt Coyotes HILI.lNas, Mont. (Ul'l — Iliini- IIIIT coyotes wltlt airplnncs has become such n popular s|iort lii'rc- iilKiiifs Hint 22 of the animals «ere l)ni;t'e<l fiom the air within i\\o weeks. H daily, either.) A few <Tli!s never was tione, banks, lor insunce in New York and Indianapolis, cautiously begun reopening on the restricted basis iwnnUled by the treasury, not for withdrawal of dejxxsits, bul for making change, and cUstoouUnB money lor those necessities recognized, as tucli. After tlic iirst shock, people settled down to a surprisingly calm solution of the problem of ho'-v to live without, money. NEXT: Food \ hoarded; juices WEDNESDAY. aiARCii 7, 1934 fllKE GUESSES VMO INVENTED THfe IVP(?O- AlftPL-AKE ? • CHURCH EXCUSES A man of my knowledge ruiil aWliiy soldom tnU?rs Into discussions ot mailers (especially \~fx- taliiing church af(alts) with anyone. 8inc« granting tny son-in- law the privilege and honor of becoming the hiisbantl of iny ter \ find that I made one o! the very few mistakes ot my life. 1 have lound thai both he and my hired man arc inclined to be of the mendacious type of men. That is especially true when it comes to statements of something they have done or helped to do. When I put them on the Church Board which I served as chalrm;m for "Couldn't leave, because you were winner? No [ understand THAT. 1 permitted my son-in-law lo nd- 'church wns destructive rather th dress me as father they learned so many years, they semccd to i to sny, "ii (s just as you say. Mr. only know one English word which Chairman." After I was urn. off was yes. After having served in j tlic board they remained witli the this capacity for a month or 501 church and tlrey now intimate juura and until the party was over that tliat my methods oV miming thelmysi constructive. 1 told them i cxncJ crt some day to attend this chut as JID doubt many of tlie ,,i e bors do, incognito, and ice lire true condition. QMMAY & 7 KATHAWNS HAV1LAND-TAVLOS . IKC. Bv Williauis / MA.V8 I SA19 3 ONE SI.V6LE / WORD TO HtR- HAVE I , MA •? HAVE I EVEN' OPENED MY MOUTH \ ON)CE, ABOUT \ HER DRIVINT? NO- NO- HE HASN'T, 6UT H£ GOES tlk'E THIS- REARS BACK AND HOLDS HIS HEART, WHEN >OGb OR PEOPLE CROSS TH' STREET-OR WE PASS A CAR. HE KNOWS I CAN SEt , HIM !M TH 1 GLASS. IN THE vvnO|_i) DO YOU LOOK IN THE GLASS?.ifv j il OOM'T -~\ VOU SP£ W ENOU6HTIME I LOOKING IN AT HOME? Swim \uu,> a( Night ' TAKENTU.M, I'll. '<UPJ—Nudists hereabouts have just discovered n city ordinuiice iiassi'd in 1681 and intended to prohibit nude bathing. U pcnuits U, however, after 11'clQcfc Rt lll|>llt. ANNOUNCEMENTS Tlie Courier News has been uii- 115 candidates for public office, subject- to tlic Democratic primary next August: Fnr Member v~ Congress CLINTON L. CALDWELL Fnr Slicriff and Collector CLARENCE II. WILSON For nc-clcction for Second Term Fi>r County Treasurer ROLAND GREEN JOE S. DILLAHUNTY Fnr Circuit Court CIctk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON' SMITH For Counly Court Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Elcclion tor 2nd Term l'»r Assessor n. I/. (BILLY: GAINE3 O. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Cflnilable of JACK ROBERTSON IIKIM.t IIKkE T(»l)iT 1'Aiu.nii. , kinfMntc 17-mr- nlu fuulh. Muck* »t me pA!*rtoJ Kl,,n,ln kcrae «f «illll«n>lr> JIM Vll:i V) >ll> inn .it • Illk'l enclllkllM m,J n »rrvKiir Klrl, J'nhllln kn«Mi iiuthliitf nf bit Bnrcnl«. HVkea fa M-nr« nld be r«> •irnr Crotv A\<;l:i..^, ihr hrarilci* nit ernne In phi,»r ,-tr». hr (TUB lefl. NUr* ihrn hp kn> llrrn nlll i rirrrnnf:rd wtfr mm* tkrlr r. BSTKI,LB, mrrlrt II rl4n krtmr. P»l>llCO .rr. rinri nlmncf nl onp* fmll> ^Miirrntlr t,nftT In fcer koHRT. i.tnr hunt «(np. «( fkr (*. tchprp Nn^»« nn d 1> n KII(o live %,,fr» *PP« '^ m , w j,^ fcn ?w lirfrare 1» tkr knil. Rr f. •\on- no o,\ vcirrr TUB STO«T CHAPTER VI (j'K'lli onlstd> Nnyra hearfl tfie wiiiid nf a »,ilSy motor andtt^n rnliliio speiiiing of eeawMrt «nfl MH> hcsi course hack. Erldeotly 1,-noiv Jeffries; fOK CITJf OFF1CKS Eioctlon Tuesday. April For Ciiy Cltrk S. C. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For Cllj Allornej BAM MANATT March T. h Luther BurT bank, YiorticalLuilsti horn, soldiers bo. the nortKa^Lsfc. ^H'uSSuV. .•"nlillin The |nt, ot repalrlnR lha tnnii s:>n;e lima. To Noyes It ji'rmpil ^H hour. Pabllto rackonea it ns 3 hair hour «licn JetfrlMheld our tn Mm a silver dollar. Tim rmiih Hullo] in hla pocket. "I "iul 51) cents ad hour at lir. Vinld's ramp." ho said. "l't« onlT wnrkivi tor you bait in Uour. "Xiinscnsc." Jeffries answerod. "I iirc.fet to be paid tor w&M J iti> Thank you Just (.be iam»,' I'iiiiiiLo save 3 mrn to tbs engin* ill"! it_hiirnn eii. ' "Sbe'Jl run noi li« s.l W caltitodly. Jeniics cloaeO it ott almost tio- leullj. "Ynur attitude Is tomewbal different he.-o from al ilia camp.' Be cnmineiuert acldly- • "I am not arrangins Mr, Field's swings DOIT," I'adlilo answered. 'I'lw tan. hard'taccd joung w an who sal Ml tho e ni o' tha b was spring iludi? m Pabllto. Hl» ii'iuiier. n cotobltatlon ot only .sl.mlitlr tcllci coniem^t aad on™, n? »- e ii as hlj cood looks, 'to- tcrn^ltd her. He hsd rather put J-H down and llial pleased ber too. Miuua rrtailwaj 1 had tjci:o Ueatlog » iiiinit*r oi things that attcrooon thin h.itl iwcn blttar to listen ta Vpar« lielnre she had laughaij ratlier sneciloglj at "jonns .«mo- tlDii." Then. ID her tnlddlo tblr- tti'S. she lind succumbed to It- Now, realizing tliat sije bad been a fool land looking at lua nuo la tio end ot ihe 6031 as she realized Mil»), ri-« knew tljf must Isarn to l«agti mi '\VHI siaii 11 "JOUDS A'oi« B>as s({'(| cotucrmg in (he s.Wo MOVES was still cohering fn tlic itiadow when Pahlito cntcicd tba ihack. "Have tliey EOUC?" tit- whlspargd. . ; "Yes." "'.". "He knew me—" Pablifo turned abruptly fr>m> tho atOv« whera h» bad been trying In rescue Ibo bacon. That fellow—fcnew mj." Noyes wout oo. "Is be at tlie on:p?'' "Ves." **t^e tftuW ba'fa we s^nt to prunn —or worss—H he told °f Alice disappeared 'into tlic ' Jolnhie room to assemble her ml tresses' ercuinB chrysalis. Thcrese heard Her ini s |«n| sueakliig at lishing and etigln trouble and a small (aland then ot someoue lio called "Norf| N'oyes." "And I swear 1 BJIW Mm ho endctl nllli some ciMiemcnL "Wliat or H3" 3he ijuestlom with a languor tliat was noi al "My Lord, don't you remcnibc] that case?" "No." "The Koyes-Martell case?" "No." "But you knew Josie Marlcll.'] "An actress, wasn't slieV" "Yes. Well, did you or did yol not know tttat she was. murdered?! "Oil, [ knew—ov I ttiiiift did. Alice—" Tliereso ca]le< turning her face toward tho opel doorway. "I'll have the green ta I feta lonlgbL" "Well, il was Noyes wbo min| dered licr; tliat's all. It was years ago and the police are ecij looking for him. And that ho| you tliinic Is so goo<Moi)klQg~-J J atj Uto, isa't be?—lives witb Nojes.l * * * I <-'-~t FAIL to see why that tacl should heighten one's blo->,| pressure." "Vou don't £Ce? Look hcr»— II I don't report this Ij makes me I criminal for aiding Noyes in hi | evasion." "You are a criminal.' 1 Tiicrcsl Btaiei evenly, "but you have treeil made so by indulging your nwn inl cHnatioas and not [roni shieltlintj anyone else!" | lie snoke tbon tiuickly and he.-itj • c:lly and as he spoke slio str \ up from her half-prostrate posil I lion. "I w'oiildu't mind your penj ch,inl for other women so i . she broke in.- "it you dlda't i "Thtn If asis-' come hack in such a bad mood, one cotnos here they'll tiod thf set very bored by that. Ted—" '.Iilace deaeripii. G O ofe r to tut : "My God!" r.'ji by '. swamp and I'll meet you S3 soon : "If you dnn't Xnos what (o'kl as I ran—jus! as soon as I know ; about this matter go to Fiew| Ihinsi are all right." | Hc'l) advise yon. HB knows < i\'ciyc« nodden. , I thius. t!io ti-.nuiicr! The only s«n| A little later Pablilo said anx.! tleman wlttlUl 10 m11 " ot IUI: J lously. "You're uat eatins," He had ' place ls t!l!lt P;il ' rittl btl y-" ism caicu much himself. , "1 sv.p^s I'm col hungry ansv\erc;l. / J afc!('(o cnfci know how you, I'm afraid—" ' "i'H Pablitu watched them off. He | B.intcm dad seen the couple flaunting their 1 "Yo=, hwl—" aBa!r at the camp and noticed the ' " You clear out this evciita ladlffe/eocs of Tiieress Jeffries, j; ral)!i t° Imevrapicd. who was Jeffries' wife—an iwiiflcr- ; ence Fabillo toll was c,i pride. did spe.ik of spcin; i "I thank you. my dc^r. hvays chanulny." "Is he tho son ot ihi= N'oyea?' 1 "1 suppose sn." "Illesitimale?" ".Must be. ilia «'l f * ncv«r di] lie Icitagcd lulo Uls : vorccil him. She »vns "Really? The Ubarle.-ttiu Callen] seeo me." wife's tioiidoir aud dropped or «iudo-,v lookitis out at tho ken. i ders?" I "Had an ntiri cipo.rici-.ce thii after- i "Yes." ' nonr.." tic began without turlher i "Odd! 1 <!" retnetnlirr HIP afla! . tnliorliKiion. ! wns. Ted. will sou -^i -.1117 Sint' n i "Von were fishing n-iih March ; rny drcsains; nn l'-.,-ij;pi interest Z ! Treada-ayr she r-sHcd iu a' chilly i >'«" ' harrtir sce ~" "Do yuu always li.ive to be •' Pahlllo set the coffee pot on Hie lablo. "I'll find out .whether he tells—" ho said. "How?" cross, TlicrcS'!?' 1 "Yes—lia I "font rersccutoiricimh!" Ttiercse i "e left her ! ?;unic:l siid shifted her position. I slam of the tU.t J T!ib Irfircdoai she had tried to et !!.'i5 fii. j ard wi-eimn; t(1 h 'L room. Aliw. »'ii!i ilia c.-rsn taUel-'I '••>. I" Hits of all b -<i sl:e bad had "tatUer « ><{•• 1 '-!'» -h:ili *t sUri botut. j press in a synthetic yawn v.-as not Tn,« aervaou wfl) gabble. Tficr . n .uer eyes; slio watchcrt tim nar- thlok I live alous. It they over- • rtmly. Usar ansthing that makes tbfoi' "Tae experience!" 6b« prompted ' " she I don't I'll know about iu" ; at Itnsth a,,d S 3 casually "H« aleht go to tlie police." ; could "I'll go down to fSantupTi to '' "Well," b e h",;an. "«e ran toward " " we'd fished aod out ibout teat. Ttey'Ii tie In . Key Wc;t \ to BiDlum'e to ask whether you've —" j baeu (bgr» if tliey're ii»lin"p<J." , A r*;iid you do !( ^'iitom FT.- i l-"rkf < ijp - ovei her -irn.. jmnui tier i treja related oa t!i« ch^ws '""E her eyes closed and » irown tween her brows- Alt'- 8 w ° have something to Ifll tho serti at dinner that nigliu t(\e rec«(«cl as ebe laid out ihe (lagil? gaij meets. She bad j that Pahnfo was "holt- ft ar-'>ejr*'i =ir,<] TLeresej ujan" anyway an:'- D'>~* :-ii nr" sa-ti Q'jlcUIr, "H'5jri'3~' !'

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