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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 1

The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 1

De Kalb, Illinois
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of ITALIANS ARE Wrist Watch Stolen From Trailer Here 1 WOULD REPEAL JOHNSON LAW DeKalb Dies! PIERRE LAVAL SLOWING DRIVE Joseph Blake of this city was taken Into custody at about 1:00 Mrs. Harry Haug. of Stertinx.j mother of Mrs. Richard Turararthj of this ctty. paasrd away earty o'clock this morning for Investig 4 i tlon following the theft yesterday yesterday aftemooo at the SterHag Aid Act Home HouL lmt she ha4 cwn I Outee Attacks by rierisia; WiO Be Succeeded by Flandin, Friend of Germany in Post Denies Financial to the British People.

a patient for the past of a wrist watch from a trailer home In the Gait Addition. The watch was stolen from the trailer in which Wallace Anderson resides. Fof IltmpeT ChXM by Ike Greek. Mr. Haug la aurvtvH by her husband, her father.

Job a Eberie of Rock Falls, and tx daughter. Anderson notified police early last evening thtt on two occasion! i EUROPE GUESSES WILL BE BATTLE IN OTHER AREAS I when he has returned to his trailer and Mrs. Turn roth of this city. I home he had found Joseph Blake in i tip. 'n the trailer.

Early last evening as Anderson returned to his home he London, Dec. 14 CUB Marshal Henri Philippe Petaln. chief of state of defeated France, announced by radio today that the man he Funeral aerrtcrs will hrM on Sunday afternoon at 2 clock s- York, Cw 14. UJ-BrM-from the Woods Funeral Home, air forre, were Sterlln. interment to be ta the rnrted arutlg to dne U.har,.

Riverside cemetery. Sterling. from Kopt waoer bun.Mt. met Blake, whom he said as In Washington. Ic.

H-'UI'v Chairman Andrew J. May of the House Military Affair Committee today denounced the Johnson 'Art, barring extension of financial-aid to Great Britain, and announced that he will Introduce a bill for its repeal on the first day the new toxlcated. On reaching his trailer Anderson discovered that his wrist Watch had been stolen. had designated as his "successor' Pierre Laval had been ousted from the cabinet and that Pierre Etinne Flandin had been named -CAROLS TO BE I foreign minister. 1 Congress meets, January 3.

bii(uinii ii inc urai iu ion FRANK FULLER DIES FRIDAY SUNG SUNDAY Laval had been vice-premier and the most vigorous figure in the cabinet at Vichy. Flandin has been regarded by British sources as more favorable to the Nazi pro mrtt today an4 Crrcki beard that Fascists troos rif talhrg r-sx on the Atbantaa jf r( Vtlcna e-fkerce rvunte-ttac ss fc) Italians ton buth war theateta According to Bn rommu-nkqu. enit Faaoul dtKMn rf protaaMjr X'Cr mm hrn broken up. rafttitod or dnea fron aimoet all Hcrtttiaa mil Thr Italians rf Mt4 1 tw -tetnptirg to rsllj an4 hM a Li on or fWie lo tKe Lt-)n frtitier but BnusH sirilarM-s arid or civilization." he tarn, -ana we re sitting over here waiting to be the last atay. and alone at that He said the Johnson Ad.

loam and credits to nations, now in default of debt owed the United States, It "punitive legislation pawled to penalize a people Just be-tause Ihey haven't paid their war debt. He said he had the congres-tonal legislative drafting service at work preparing a bill for Its repeal. City C-mde School Children' Will Prraent rrogram tt Flrit Lutheran Church. gram In Europe. Petaln's statement was broadcast by Radio Lyons.

The radio broadcast and a German official news agency report from Geneva told of the drastic shake-up of the French government at a time when efforts to contact Vichy by telephone and wireless from Switzerland were futile. Former Township Highway CommlKsloner Parses Away at Evanston Hospital Frank W. Fuller, age 84. for nearly 40 years DeKalb township The Duke of Windsor leaving Miami In launch that took him to U. S.

bomber that Is carrying him to Blmlnl, In the Bahamas, for conference with re bfmtjardnt them in The annus) Chrtatmat carol aer-atk ith mr uiu-d attark Hr iee gten by the pupil of the four hamred lot- land anl elementar) scrKiols of the nt) 1U Egyptian pmlK-tr-d the ti-be presented tomorrow afternoon Jy In of Solium an ryj-lan tar a at 4 Wo'rtofk at the Fust lather-1 on it Libyan fn.nlwt hh tba an Church, The program one of Juliana taptwred mot than ihtvm thr outstanding mutirsl exents e( monlhi aro President Roosevelt on board U. S. S. Cruiser Tuscaloosa. Purpose of visit was not disclosed.

NEA Telephoto. Utah, to repeal the act pend- In l-for the Senate Foreign Re-(highway commissioner. passed latlons Committee but will die with iaway 3:43 o'clock yesterday af-1 Much Guessing The disruption of communica- tions aroused speculation on the extent of the shake-up because of the current sslon of Congress. terTloon at the St. Francis Hospi- I EvsnMon.

Mr. Fuller had not nrwuans been I in good health for the past May disclosed his plans as discus-! ypar three months ago had sions of war finances continued be-, tne hospital for a major tween Secretary of the Treasury i operation. He appeared to be re-Henry Morgenthau. and Sir gaining his health, however, and It Frederick f'hllllns unrfcrwrretarv I u-r nnt imtii ihu LETTER TELLS ABOUT RAIDS FEAR TYPHOID AT ROCHESTER the Chrtatmas season and tn pre-vtous years has been attended by an audlenre that has tased the capacity cf the church, tb largevt In the ctt. For the pat several weeks the and have not felt any inconven-' ience from rations.

In fad we often don't use all of them. Eggs are very scarce and onions almost unobtainable. They rose from ten and six per pound until the Ministry of Foods put a stop to that and controlled the price to four and a half. They useo. to of the British treasury.

Phillips and he-suffered a relapse. Tuesday he previous reports that Flandin had demanded a strong post In the government. There also was speculation on the future position of Gen. Maxine Weygand, French commander in chief in North Africa, in view of the increased Importance of French African possessions as a result of the British offensive against the eastern border of Italian Libya. All of the Vichy cabinet was forc i children, under the auperxiaton of i tearhers of the tirtoui rrtVi an4 Morgenthau conferred again yes was taken to the Evanston hospital two.

Expect you read all this in la addition to the sur-m of the aeven-day British ifl.m.; Noft Afi a. Italiana ont reported stUl kii.j gmund to th Greeks in Albania 7t.e AUntaa coastal tow- of Oitmata was i e-ptrled aimotat eYtnrrled and 7rj. hnl waa aatd he ab'iata as a rr. autt of Of-k art.tkrry fif ii. tbovgh Jtaltana etlll thre-w be7 atlaras an that aerior Lswa ai a.

Othee reports aa4 that tha Italia na re evarueUr.f- Valna ai-thnuca a diKfiatrh Juriaia aaaerted that tbe Faais were rr etnni a rruMer attatk na ih where his sudden death occurred late yesterday afternoon. Mr. Fuller was one of the best the papers but thought you might DeKalb Man Receives Communication from Relatives Living; in London Area. River Water Flow Into City, Miss Gladys Jsrkman. super 'tarjc Mains and Many lof fadea.

ha.e b-n 1 rehearsing the songs they Are IIL (are to sing tomorrc afternoon. tf- 1 eluded tn the group will be many be Interested in how it affects us. terday but, as usual, details of the discussions were not disclosed. House Republican Leader Joseph W. Martin, said he had reached no conclusions on, proposals to reDeal the Johnson Act.

He Have heard no word from America known residents of this community, since the spring. in which he had made his home his ed by Petain to resign, according to the German reports, in order to of the old favontea. I entire life. For 39 veara he served Rochesler. Dec.

14 Probably the letters have gone Following appears a letter which was received a day or two aeo bv be Numerous esses of dsenteryi Th compete prograsn will permit reorganization. down on the "Empress of Britain" added that, as minority leader, hejai DeKalb township highway corn-had "nothing" to say on the propo-; missioner, being succeeded in that Sitlon at this time. DOSitlon bv the late Jme St Laval, ap advocate of cooperation a DeKalb man from relatives re- or some other ship. We all followed were reported today among this! follows: city's 324.0CO residents as state Orgsa prelude. Prof.

A Ra4- with Italy and with Germany be your election very closely and am glad Mr. Roosevelt got In again." snd city health authorities opened, daU; "Silent N.ght Grvber. thfee more typhoid lmmunLialon clinics to prevent spread of disease siding in England, in the London area. The request has been made that the names of the persons to whom the letter Is addressed not be made public. The letter is of much interest, describing condi but a few years ago.

He was a member of the Methodist Church, the Knights of Pythias, and also of the DeKalb, lodge of Elks. Born Near DeKalb Chairman Sol Bloom. N. of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that be fart- any action Is taken, 'ErSin should make a definite requ "ry what she wants, and ht "aUlt for. Put It on a from contaminated drinking water.

"Christmas Caroia." aeirtd. bra- roa front hi oreVt bsM the Greek ad.arr on Valow. at say E. w. Magnusaon: response.

"Out Xjl Thanks tor Vluav," Handel. "The MrsOc Night." Caocw TTlV fore the war, was designated by Petain as his "successor" at the time the cabinet was formed at Vichy. Later, however, Laval was frequently criticized by the German presto Is German Friend City health officer Arthur John Deny Parole to Xrio From County tion as they were beinf experien son announced that "approximately 100 casts" of dyaefileey had Frank William Fuller was born. bu He favored ex ces -JR'oth linden' are wnenthe fv. Magai I -credits, rather than September 22 th sob of William and JCleanor Fuller, on the Fll1l1 dntl lu Brut Vatf .11.

missive waa written. It was mailed from Chlswich Station. London, aaaort: -Oirtatmaa Car' ataay atiiMe.g attaiM tn tradltkMial ItUk i Air la nig-M St talked Kiel. P.remex and Hot. Awllcatlon for parole filed with oiling been reported by the free largest hospitals He said none of the patients was seriously Ifl but Flandin.

former premier of aju licit iiiiivra "Old French Chrtatmas Carol. irh Ortatma. Cmrr France, urged during the Cxecho-! November 15, and Is in the na southeast of this city. As a young traditional; "Rise t'p and I 4 cawatd rh trmond. complained of stomach cramps.

ana Injured TT. Mar tn deatnrti in the fr-eat rtm- ture of a Christmas greeting. Although opened by the censor, no changes were made In the contents. The sltustion (i very serious," i Follow." spiritual man he became a resident of DeKalb and early In the turn of the the state board of parole by three sentenced from the DeKalb county circuit court has been denied, according to word received today by SUte's Attorney Ross Millet from the secretary of the parole board. in Auto Crash and meer-il at? of Hamhvrg tbat th Johnson said.

"The drinklne I the F-at." oid rent 11 rv twa the The letter Is as follows: LaSt Evening commissioner. Slovak crisis that the Nazis be given a clear road In central Europe. He is six feet, six Inches tall and a native of the Yonne district He bitterly fought the Socialist and Popular Front in France before the war. Bom In Paris in 18S9, he won a water as highly contaminated by Three Kings of Orient Are untreated tlver water and It may! he a week before the fuTl estent 1 rw as we are conserving paper, Skiddlnt? on the ice coated! oave- I wr- uiler is survived by his Hp- tct is now Ijtki! unt erigntcabie and useleat i The British retpr.rled t.t railroad targets in rtilia and rise-, here in (n.ry pafiK-tiiat iy Thoee denied parole are Ancll Harriv 23.

DeKalb; Kenneth White among other things, am forced to combine this card and letter. Have of Genoa: and Albert Decardo, colored, of Fort Worth. Tex. of the spread of the disease is knThnK re. UudeMcEwen The ht alt officer explained that It would take at least even da-! McntlOnCCl IOT ment.

tiso Kingston youngsters Mrs. Martha Fuller of quired overnight treatment at eiRh. daughters and one hospital at "St. Charles when fiucey of Chicago, car in which ihrv were 'riding i Mr- pparl McGuire and Mrs. Fred int i tniin iBTickman of Rockford.

Mrs. Rob- heard nothing from you for ages. Hope you are both well. We of Harris and White were arrested seat In the Chamber at the age of 25 and later undertook Important course are snowed under In war. missions for the Ministry of in th front to- never thought to see this day the (German rail r-i i rvm-SioetaMy OmrMgwr.ifed The Ilaiian irwiti tf tbe deaeft battle was that Fabnet I "fees had reforml lines nar the h(rdt and August 3.

1939, charged with hav-1 before health department officials I Ing stolen a Genoa automobile. would know whether tphoid fe-l IsIKnCr COlHi Both were taken before Judge Wll- er had broken out among Recent reports that Circuit liam Fulton and sentenced to serve Earlier today Lewis B. Kohn. Judge William Fulton of Suimorr from one to ten years In state city -uperintendent of water and mav herome a rsntuUt. for iK These raids are a nuisance.

Make He was intensely interested in aviation and helped develop French air services. it so difficult to do anything. We He entered the rahinet in im as I so nowhere and no one comes to 0 i vs. a i irj i i a. mu i a cai Hint B.

Newcomer of Van Nuys. Wayne 1-rce the I car. owned by Guy I and accompanied by Martha and Henry and lnan, brother and sis ter, M.r)orle cU nd tWQ Mr. Car and Johnson, brother and alv of A Calif; and ter and Klcanor ami Ralph A Kenned? of this city tf.nnlu -at if ihm prison on November 15. 1939.

deputy publle works commissioner. supreme court bench from this Hearings on their application for was dml-d for "laxity" In lnea- district inrlhe 1542 elertion hat ere rierr-i) ed skew fi Muli'Mfi riistan Minister of Commerce, a post he Us- to dlffi n(1 dsn-held at intenals until 1930. He was Serous. We have six or seven raids Minister of Finance In two cabinets day- teem so had beheaded by Laval and one by Andre day but we dread tne nd Tardieu In 1932. now tne" arc on.

aiMj i.rom.T i Two gsters have preceded him In parole have been continued to No-tlgating the accidental pouring of; caused other suggestions to vember 15, 1942. gallons of raw Geneeelmade concerning the ruling of th Decardo was arrested May water Into the city's water er Judicial portions. 1938. on a charge of burglary' and mains Wednesday. The arnd'nt i Friends of Judte Mr larceny, being caught after a De- was dirYvcred Thursday, anrroxl- Kwen of the DeKalb roun and serre saM hirm Tt.e rUma cxmm uriij dd m-r um 1 lum or T.t.ti,V it jtiij st as a leault were following a car driven by death.

Henceforth, a majority vote by Live Br Birea Funeral services will be held on Eerett Roush, a graduate of lh; -Kingston High School and a former plaer on the Kingston team and both machines were en route to inc raDinei council wm elect -As a rule the siren goes about Kalb tavern had been burglarled. mately ten hours afler a water tn teKa)b and elsewhere in the 01 Monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock I from the Nelson A Ronan Mortu- arv lh Pfi. ou-Nor in event emergency 6:30 p. and the all clear around I He was sentenced June 8. 1938, t0lpartment workman conducting county, are uggetlng that should refjuires.

1 7:45 o'clock the next morning. Our serve from one year to life In state tet unwittingly opened an un-jjudfe Fulton seek election to tn Plato Cent, 1 hero Kingston play. duVt the Interment will Also dropped from the cabinet 1 lives are sort of upside dow and CwMOSer Atkferm f.n tbe Adrian ffT the said tb) m4 counter-atlarks hk lnfl.1e-1 ret- tr- prison, mis paroie nas oecn neniea mar. -a aive which released the, supreme xur1 Judge ta pending a continuation of the In-! raw river water with Laval was Georges Rlpert. I practically timed by air raids.

We rsus his many ualifvcat kit.s should seek election as circuit minister of education and youth, don't mind the daytime ones so vestlgatlon of a possible parole of a possible parole Otherwise the cabinet remained I much, because our RAF fighters sponsor and hts home connections Judre. Judee McF.wen. through hist" rf" Grek 7et ra H-navrge unchanged. are so good at shooting them down. As soon as this information is se- r.onis aiscnarge was announce rxrwv.

bench other ind'tms thst u. Orei Kohls discharge was announced ed In the Mwaukec Valley tour- (be in lh QakwooA cemetery, namcnt kist night. Mr. Rouh came to a fork In the; road and after pasting the Inter-; OlOrCS tO He 3cition thought he had taken the j. rong 'road and applied his brakes, vlpen iM lgnlS Pierce In attempting to stop, hadi fnr SVinnnoro the Lanan car skid on the ice and! AU1 "PPro The message In which Petain "no- I Dut at nlht course It Is almost cured the parole board will again by Manager Louis B.

Cart- hoth rKtlh cffenaive through Souther AUiania City Manager Louis B. Cart- wright early today at the conclu- iirnt alao In the Cook count courts a mm tri skrv tr ur had tified Hitler of his cabinet changes impossible to see them. The gun I consider nis application 1'on 01 a twelve-hour resrinff r. k. Km k.n .1 barrage in and around London is! was in response to a message from terrific but we have grown used to it and sleep right through It.

Wei leaCtterS Ol Beginning with Monday evening Cartwight iIm announced suspen- quirr5 qualifications for the circuit Four Italian airur.huld were-son of Ernest Jones, assistant fore- position. under aevete attack, m.rc to man tn the city water department. In cTMm rnrTVll of Attorney Athens d.sUt- The, were plunge into a guard rail. The rail hold. Dreventinc the car from drop- the stores of the city will remain the County the fuehrer announcing the delivery to France of the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte's son.

The remains were taken from Austria so that they might repose in Napoleon's tomb In Paris. r.onoraiwn 01 oinony -or- UTrSnr h. become ed as KJiawra and 7.t--l have converted a closet and lobby under the staircase of the house Into a shelter and we sit In there all evening and knit and sew and later maintenance department fmrviki-, 1oT couMr Judre In the eovta iaiand front and Cfcimara Have Meeting open every evening until Christmas Eve. On that evening the greater" number of the stores plan to close at an early hour in order that the employes may be able V'ping down a fifteen foot embankment. In the impact, Martha Lanan.

tiding in front was thrown through he windshield and her brother. ar aa 1 1 ac Ejus-, sai rtrs anm 1 1 avail i urn in er add.tioA ta a Teachers from all of the schools 7w "I e-nt tnat juoge Mccen Aetisiir cr- im ivf wnicn tec tne untreated in the county aaaembled In this tntn Mf the circuit court poait km Mr. MMt brosVt attack whack dj-t4 la one of the veteraa attorn of riwun k. ..1 make up our mattress on the floor. I have canvas camp beds and we are very comfortable but It is a to spend the evening at their Former Cortland Man Teaimony at the hearing tended th county and his friends pMnt hui -im a .1 Ilenry, years of ajje, who was homes.

narrow life. Here we are In a ten standing, tn the rear, was thrown forward. Martha received numerous city yesterday for the first county-wide Institute of the 1940-41 school year. The institute was held at the DeKalb high school and because all of the teachers were present, classes did not meet. room house and only live in this little part For the rest we camp to show that Water Superintendent lout thst he is ery famular tth i tmm.

Kohl had been "Ux in not deciar-jthe legal proUetna which com. be- mrngXh ih, mm. ing a rrvsor emergency when he fore the county court. fl. nrst became aware that the do- Althougb 1 -ill a ,2 out In the kitchen to which we cuts and bruises and injuries to her wrist and knee.

Henry received cuts and had four teeth knocked out. The driver was severely bruised Called Home by Death Ben Whitman, brother of John Whitman of DeKalb and former resident of Cortland, arrived In Cortland last evening from Glen Falls, N. being called home by the serious illness and death of his mother. It is his first visit to Cortland in twelve years. have had wood shutters made Inside to make it stronger aeaimt The stores are reporting brisk Christmas buying and expect that next -week will be one of the se-verest in some time.

There were many shoppers in DeKalb this morning, indicating that today will be one of the biggest of the days during the season. mr-vjt sjHvni waa 0117 aaa riDiD-junr away mo wno mrw mm Guest speakers at the Institute ited "abnormal hardness." The eated In the filling of the key le were Dr. Bert I. Beverly, head of hardness" of the water waa re- blasts. All our windows are covered with thin material, transpar gal ootr.taofu in this area are giving the matter ceeaakderabie thought.

(Tara rage ft. ta Tepelini and Kliawra for apetal data, wttti butfe vttArf artiliev UTikrdjrt the Italians have riwng VtrrmitM to their fme Uor.a Ti fall of Chimera. S3 nuiea froas tba Mnpurtamt bwt bora-wrekd ort of Vakitaa, a believed Lk.e?y at ary tune. tw e-ree. aa a reauM of the Grws ew- and the other occupants of the car were bruised and shaken.

The Lanan children were taken to a hospital In St. Charles where they remained overnight, but it was expected that they would be permitted to leave and return td their home late this afternoon. the behavior clinic at Rush Medi-i cal College and also on the staff of several Chicago hospitals: and Dr. John J. Haramy, head of the department of history at Indiana Central College.

Indianapolis. He Is! a former newspaper man, being for two years the Near East repre-1 sentative for the Associated Press. At the morning session Dr. Haramy ent, stuck on the glass to prevent it flying if broken. The house at the bottom of our garden haa been bombed so we have had pretty near one and many others-quite close So far we have been lucky hope it continues.

It is a fearsome tiling to hear the bombs swishing dowa and wondering if It will be on us. Radio Men Chase Codes of Spies Over Country Growing Unrest Begins to Show Through Italy i rtrrVnw-nt tarte-a wha-ti aave re-j pea ted riaaaod the swee-Uona aa Alhama. Many people have lost all they had Kockford Man to Be Named littered with slide rules and charts, home and People. Fifteen thous- and civilians have been killed and much hope that they ran reser their'preaetrt pUghl tn the war by on Committeel spoke on the sub)eet "Which Way Europe' while in the afternoon he Ulked on -Our World Today." Dr. Beverly discussed "Mental Growth versus Adult Attitudes." and "Stimulation of Mental Growth." their own eftorta.

It sm-bs prob Haney rajbaaaa. FVgfeun tn fcosOh Atbania. ewna ctaDy In the TeyUn-lCIiaura re-gton wan aau4 ta be the i rtiit of the war Svgna anreet mm Ilaiaaa hoene frvfct roftUawed. but ns yet the anUitary reias ka AJusuua able that they snuat eveaatuaEy request outaide help or ess be eaav the whine of generators mingling with the screech of loudspeakers. This is one of the nation's seven radio monitors operated by the Federal Communications Commission.

In normal times, the monitors make routine checks of broadcasts New York, Dec 14 While evidence of growing unreal ta Italy is unmistakable. Great Britain Is cautious la discounting quick Fascist retirement from the war. The Italian defeats ta Albania and North Africa can be interpreted as starting Faartsm on the downward path but a knock out Mow Is yet to come. wounded so far. These terms are used Just as with soldiers and civilians are also buried with the Union Jack pall tike a is Just 6:40 p.

nv, siren sounded ten minutes ago and two planes have gone over all ready. Heavy Paul C. Rosenquist, chairman of the Winnebago County Republican Committee, has- been appointed temporary central committeeman (from the twelfth district. It was Editors Note: The Federal Communications Commission gave the United Press the seldom-granted permission to visit one of tie nation's seven monitor radio stations now engaged in tracking down suspicious broadcasts from unlicensed stations in the interests of national defense. Herewith is the account of how the search is carried on." tet to remain on the aefenatve nhile awaiting the Mtoorne of the straggle between Gevtnasty Great Britain Either posit Ion.

tf the war by commercial stations and see that The Weather announc 1 louay oy state cnair-1 man Ben Berve of Rochelle. and EcrjH. dad not ai-pe la have booosie a aaraous threat tn Fawlat gun fire at. them. Four bombers have been shot down today.

23 on Monday. Cant be too many for us. amateur short wave operators conform to commission regulations. Uneasiness la Berlin over Italy's Uaae tfctouga nest year. wt3 nub-Ject the Fascists tn gie sag rrmw Far DeKala: Cloudy tonight and But at present, with war and its Italians cauzht cold the first eventual position la JusUAabie but there is no conctuatv evidence that Trunin aVenna ManaulanL Loav nun's laatewtag poata.

wWH sugt4. be snnetjrad ry mhfJ,llrg. sra at noene. wnoae anoan nt uts accompanying espionage spreading time they came a bom bine, thirteen Sunday, occasional light snow Sunday; not much change la temper may vera It Im Musso over much of the world, the mon-1 down five minutes, twelve Ger- heard that there wan tiors have been assigned to a man ones the same day, Monday. lini's liaQsrahrn.

EapoeiaJry may thai ttappen If Use Itafkana ware Ova aa itan Biaiuie-oy- unute radio spy num. uost of our things are packed away forced to evacuate Albania and tf aOaUppsa. On the aar front. The state central committee will meet Monday evening at the Hotel LaSalle. Chicago, and tr.

Roaen-quist will at that time be officially appointed as the member of the committea from this district. He retUent ol Rockford. Aa central committeeman front this district Mr. Roaeiiqutat will weeed Aaron K. Stiles, Sycamore.

who recently resigned because he haa been called Into active duty as major ta the army rtlVn Although the routine checking op BY S4XKRIMAN 8MITII tailed rreaa gtaff jrreapanfant Atlanta, Ga Dec. 14. 01D Hop aboard megacyde and let go for a radio spy hunt. The base of operations: A cot-Use ki the hills outside. AtlanU.

It looks like a modest rural dwell Marshal Crananfa post Hon in Lib against breakage. Place looks rather bare. We have not slept upstairs the time has yet rome for littler to attempt drastic measures to restrain Italy from da sat ting the aa-is. The Faacksts have control of the governing mAchinery Italy and tt la not to be expected that they will UgfeUy forego their power. Nevertheless, the Italian people are not showing a aufTW-ient fight- ature, lowest tonight about 25 degrees: snode rate northeast wtnda.

OerUeofc for Meahanys Occasional tight snow; little change a temperature. tUeal findttline from p. aa. Ttanday te 1:14 a. n.

rrtday. ya bocn a pewearie a tatrawgfe pinna tad not attack atrtuaa tne gets last Right and this UomLlX, poaniUy due asJaswrnbi rta- failure of evppUee as to eotcpd ca- erations are continued, the FCC monitors art now most concerned with national defense. For Instance, should a foreign tor about three months. -It Is pouring with rain now so we may 1iave a more peace'ful pitalaUoa. TUsse.

however. wwnVd sawn aa Kant but Inside the walls art lined night Sunday none came at alL Temperatures: High. 30: low. 10- mu5ivt ndto recttvtn, Ubles (Tuns rage Haaaa We have plenty of food of ail kinds I North wiad la rage Densnvl ilag spirit to allow the FasasU XTara to fun t..

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