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A THE DEKALB, DAILY CHRONICLE, DEKALB, ILLINOIS PAGE FOUR TUESDAY, JUNE 20. 1988 there is nothing in the future for children, and are not raising COMMUNICATION INVENTOR 0 Whenever the United States concerned, his comment is without point, People who are Interested in editorials will always know where to look for them and people who are not Interested would not read them if they were on the first pace. We receive enough reaction to many of them to indicate that they are read by a lot of patrons, enough to show that they are a feature that will bear continuation. show that they can support more people than we already have, the 41 HORIZONTAL Answer to Prevteas Fasxle A population will increase without the ehril war period. The family's log cabin was burned to the ground and Mr.

Landers' parents were given a covered wagon, a team of oxen, and 84 hours to leave the state on account of their union sympathies. When he was 10, Mr. Landers went to work on a farm for the late Upton Sinclair. Sr, south of Creston. He learned the painter's trade and was an expert at graining.

Later he engaged in merchan 1 Pictured b-Iaiwiah i i i I II I II taking the cas toffs from the other communica irX'UffemBfi1 fcv itr countries. tkra Inventor. Place one of these immigrants Mother Jimmy, I wish you'd in business. He sees one of his learn better table manners, you're a regular little pig at the table. countrymen entering; He heaves THE DEKALB DAILY CHRONICLE Published Every Day Except Sunday, by DEKALB CHRONICLE PUBLISHING CO.

FRANK W. GRTTNAWAY EDITOR E. J. RAYMOND BUSINESS MANAGER US-123 East Lincoln Highway DEKALB. ILLINOIS SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier On Week -U One Tear TJ0 By Mall la Advance On rural routes la OeKalb and adjoining counties: One year.

14.00; Six Months, SX2S; Three months. SX25: Shorter Periods. 50e a Month. Mail subscriptions not accepted la towns where carrier delivery service Is maintained. Outside DeKalb Count and adjoining counties: One Tear.

COO; Six Months, Shorter Periods, 80c per Month. Entered as Second Glass Mall Matter at the Poi tofflce, DeKalb. Illinois a sigh of apprehension, for he Deep silence on Jimmy's part. So knows that if he makes a sale HEALTH' EDUCATION BY DR. MORRIS FXSHBZXN Editor, Journal of American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magarmo.

father, in order to Impress him the chances are two to one that more, added. dising at Creston with the late Asa Dlmon, at one time Ogle county treasurer. In 1891, he purchased the Creston Observer and the Father I say, Jim, do you know he will lose on the deal. When the customer leaves he heaves an what a pig is? Sponsored by DeKalb Oerarty Medleal Jimmy (meekly) Yes, Dad, It's Malta Mail, long since discontinue ed. On January 1.

1895. he be a hog's little boy. came associated with Evan L. Reed in the publication of the Ogle A skeleton is a man with his in 10 To yearn. 11 Not to win.

12 He was of descent. 15 His- invented "Visible Speech." 20 Work of highest class. 21 Seclusion. 23 To enlist 25 To fixe a gun. 27 To rebound.

28 Organ of hearing. 30 To possess. 31 Haunt SSAngeL 37 Private boat 41 To smelL 42 Combat between two. 45 Till. 48 To suffice.

47 Unoccupied. 48 Afternoon parties. 49 Comfort 81 Sooner than. S3 Middle. 53 Above.

County Republican here. Interested in educating the other sigh. This time in thankfulness that it wasn't any worse than it was. The customer might have owned the business before he got through with the owner. This letter may seem like the ravings of a madman but if it is any worse than your editorials, I feel sorry for both of us, and if your editorials don't get any side out and his outside off.

He was married to Miss Harriett Spickerman on Nov. 30. 1881. 12 Dilatory. 13 To depart.

14 House covering. II Sleeveless coat 17 Furnished with soles. It Handle 19 Native metal 20 Substances from turpentine. 22 To obtain. 23 Deer.

24 Electrical term. 28 Rounded projections. 29 Light daily task. 32 Perceives sound. 33 Brawler.

34 Crucifix. 38 Eras. 37 Exclamation. 38 Falsehood. Dentist (to small boy, who has PROGRESS MADE IN INFANTILE PARALYSIS PREVENTION, BUT SURE GUARD UNKNOWN With the coming of the warm weather, infantile paralysis again becomes a menace.

This disease usually comes on In the summer season and disappears with cold weather. Recently an epidemic appeared fa Charleston, S. C. It is not yet known whether or not this is an early indication of an epidemic year. It is generally recognized that Infantile paralysis She died on March 21.

1938. Mr. had some teeth extracted) Never Landers leaves three sons, Ernest mind, Bobby, they'll soon grow in again. D. and Chester A.

of Oregon and Sherman G. of Philadelphia, and TODAY'S THOUGHT worse than they have been, I Bobby (eagerly) Will they be six grandchildren. Another son, Clifford, died at the age of one. 39 Court, 40 Bone. 42 To assist 44 Rawness.

49 Eagle. 50 Corner of a sail. 52 Positive electrical terminal. 53 Chinese sedge 54 To burst forth -58 Stone. 57 His great invention, aaBsa 58 He was will continue to read them.

Another thing that I would up In time for dinner? is caused by a virus which is an infectious agent smaller than any of the germs we know and which VERTICAL 1 Pertaining to wings. 2 To canter. 3 Female sheep. 4 Clover. 5 Atmospheric element.

6 Valley. 7 Opposed to odd. 8 Proverb. 9 Epoch. If confidence is one of the cures for business ills it te about time we can see under the microscope.

Only the largest like to have answered is, Why are the Editorials placed in a part of the paper that very few people ever read? I have asked Ag College to take it, for it has been well viruses are visible under very powerful microscopes shaken. and can be seen by special types of lighting. 4 dozens of people, at different Methods have also been developed for growing Open House All of Week June 19-23 has been set as dates A man visited the house of an times what they thought of certain viruses. Viruses have been developed for certain dis old friend, where the butler, an editorials and their answer was. "No, what was It "Where Irishman, paid him every attention, eases so that it is possible to reproduce these dlseass in animals.

for open house at the College of was it? The present setup Is Agriculture, University of Illinois. and finally saw him to his car. The man, who was miserly, did not tip like a man talking to himself. He Thus It is possible to transmit Infantile paralysis him. As a delicate reminder the During this time arrangements have been made so that someone will be stationed at each of the gets nowhere fast.

Yours truly to the monkey; nowadays most of the studies en the prevention of infantile paralysis are being made on butler said: "Sir, if you lose your purse on the way home, remem monkeys. Investigators In the Rockefeller Institute T. J. Renwlck, 628 North, 9th St more interesting experiments carried on at the Experimental Station. Tours will be conducted over found that viruses of infantile paralysis will grow DeKalb.

on brain tissue. And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, aad thy water; and I wfll take sickness away from the midst ef thee. ExodtM Obedience to God is the most infallible evidence of sincere and supreme love to him. Emmons. EXCESSIVE POPULATION IS NOT THE CHIEF CAUSE OF OUR ECONOMIC WOES In another column In today's Chronicle will be found a letter In which the writer, in a rather Harold Ickes vein, takes us to task for a suggestion last week that, with a dwindling population, there might be some merit In admitting some of those fleeing from Nazi persecution.

As the writer says the entire matter grows out of European power politics. But that was the reason why every shipload of our original settlers came to these shores. America was to these olden persecuted ones a haven ef refuge where they could find freedom and It Is today perhaps one of the very few pieces where such conditions can be 'found. So far as the economic picture goes we believe that our: critic Is entirely wrong. The trouble with this country Is not a surplus of people seeking for jobs which are fewer than the number ef inhabitants, For the past five or six years our plight has been due to a maladministration of public affairs by those in charge of the government with the result that business and Us attendant prosperity is stifled.

If the ber you dldn pull It out here. Young mother in maternity ward: He's a wonderful doctor, only this morning he said we look more like sisters than mother and It has also been found that when monkeys are the farms. Including the experimental plots and the livestock ex injected with live virus in infantile paralysis, they Ziba Landers of Oregon Is develop within their blood some protection against periments. June Is the time when most of the crops are in the best condition for observation. daughter.

Cartoon by Llchty in this disease. However, these animals will develop this disease If enough ef the virus Is introduced Into the Taken Sunday It is urged that as many as pos 2 is I 15 I I to r- -t -k JT" W- a iTm nr-Wn TrTW 8 2 a -jt sr- 1 sT 3 33 WT 55 jS a 5T nose. These investigations indicate that the only Funeral services were held 1- Or sible DeKalb County people take advantage of the opportunity to way to develop effective resistance against Infantile egon this afternoon for Zlba A paralysis is to have an attack of the disease which drive down to the University and Landers, age 82, veteran publisher Involves action of the live virus on the brain and join one of the groups' In Inspect of the Ogle County Republican of nervous tissues. Oregon. Mr.

Landers, who suffer ed a stroke of paralysis six years N. Y. World-Telegram. The man who has money usually has the knack of carefully scrutinizing his expenditure of little money. A local woman has every admrl-atlon for th two who last week became the mothers of quadruplets but she confides to us her belief that there are lots of ways for a woman to get her picture in the papers.

ago, at which time he retired from The presence of a certain amount ef material in the blood of the character of that which resists infantile paralysis Is apparently not sufficient to protect against the disease. Scientists everywhere have the publishing business, passed away on Sunday morning at this home. His condition became seri ous four weeks ago. been trying to work out some technic whereby specific protection against Infantile paralysis can be excessive taxation, repressive control of business He was born March 21, 1857, in ing these plots. To facilitate arrangements for the tours.

It is suggested that groups plan to arrive front of the New Agricultural Building at 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00 a. m. Tuesday and Wednesday, June 20, and 21, have been designated as particular days for folks from DeKalb and nearby counties to make this trip. However, if other days during the week are more satisfactory, it will be perfectly all right to make the trip on any day that is most convenient to the people wishing to attend open house. developed.

affairs and government competition 1 with industry could be eliminated there would, we firmly believe, Waukegan, the son of Hezekia and Parmelia Ketchum Landers. In be a labor shortage. The few thousands of refugees 1858, the family moved from Wau would neOe a drop in an ocean is- any effect upon Attempts have been made to make vaccines out of killed virus and out of live virus. Attempts have also been made to block the nose by which the virus usually gets into the body. There is, however, kegan to Dade county, Missouri, re our economy.

Against Opening Door to Aliens maining ther until driven out in 1862 by one of the guerilla bands These prospective citizens are not riff raff. While some evidence that perhaps the nose is not the only which infested the section during most of the publicity has been regarding the Hitler phobia against the Jews, the fact remains that way by which the virus may get into the body. It has been suggested that the serum or fluid Christians both Catholic and Protestant are being given the same harsh treatment and face worse material of the blood, from children who have had this disease of the protecting substance may be Injected children and that by this way they will things the future. NER Concerning the merits of any discussion that takes be protected against infantile paralysis. place In this editorial department, the expression ef Waterman News The Chronicle Is delivered every evening the day ef pabUeattea by Carriers Jack Agnew and Henry Marvtck.

Any complaints In service should be made te either ef the carriers or direct te The Chronicle fflee at DeKalb, phone Ut News hems wtu be eared for at Unfortunately not one of these methods seems as am a 'A isseaa -aaaaaav our views may be as inane as our correspondent seems to think it is but it represents our honest and ii JUDD MORTIMER. Dear Sir; I have read your editorials for years, and most of them have been the reasoning of an intelligent mind, so I cannot understand your attitude in this matter. We certainly haven't had any very hot weather this spring. In the condition that this country is in at the present time, we can't afford to support the population we already have, so why make matters worse by encouraging more people to come here a fine spirit to want to help home-leu and destitute but after all, that old saying. "Charity begins sincere opinion.

Right or wrong itIs what we believe and will continue to be. While we may be intellectually short we can at least purvey to the public Tuesday, and still and bammy when me and Jubilee got out of bed and I let hint down by yet to be established as certain to prevent the disease in any considerable number of cases. Fortunately considerable funds are now available to encourage research on the prevention of Infantile paralysis and on methods of diagnosing the disease at the very earliest moment. It seems reasonable to believe that application of such research under modern conditions will lead eventually to tome specific method of control. LEWIS turns with us.

When we got to the Mrs. Otto Babcock entertained honest views from one particular angle, which is all that anyone ought to ask. We are glad when he Carol visited Mrs. Margaret McKay and daughter of Evanston on Sunday. the presidents of the Methodist Ladies Aid Society of the DeKalb agrees but will speak our mind whether he does Frances and Mable Hunt of Chi place we was the first ones there and the man that rents them who had on a dirty sweater and grease his rope in his teeth and hid the rope and got Into my short seersuckers and went downstairs and got the pail and took It out to collect from the cows, and the bunch or not group at her home Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Thompson of Sandwich So far as the location of an editorial column is cago spent two days of the past week at the Kenneth Pogue home. is president of the organization and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Babcock and took charge of the meeting.

at home' aoolies to us. In DeKalb on his nose told him it would cost him four bits, so the crook gave him four bits and got on one and sailed around the track a few came and they said they was in a hurry for my grandfather to get to family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pres- Harriet Brainard left Monday 202 young people graduated from high schooL The majority of them tegaard and daughter, Mrs. GEadys evening for a vacation trip to Call the big mouth tribe, and when Pea fomia.

nuts said he wondered what they need emDlovment and are not STORY BRIDE ON A BUDGET Maple and family and Alice Firkins enjoyed Sunday dinner at the A. Mrs. Fred Goddard and son of BY JANET DO RAN cerrsiNT. tsse. nca ecavtcs.

mi going to get it, so why bring looked like Banty said he bet they looked like the Lost Bag of Tripe, E. Babcock home. Manchester, are visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs.

William people into the county to lessen Geraldine Baker of Lei and call and the Lost Bag of Tripe turned their chances. ed on Mrs. Bernlce Mittan Friday Congdon. a business when anything like that "AO. right, you asked for 11 The The cause of the migration of hits Europeans from Europe is a po Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Sawyer and family were entertained at the the barn pall upside down over Bantys bean, and that made Banty mad because it was half full of water, and they was still squabbling when I took the milk in to bank wouldn't five me any more time on my notes, so they took over my Insurance as litical issue. One political ma times, and then he came back and told the jnan it didn't go fast enough, and the man said he had one for six bits that would go 35 an hour, so the mutt gave him the rest of his money and sailed off with It, and when he came past us the second time he was going so fast that the wind blowed his ears flat, and then a dog got in his way and the put on the brake so sudden that when it stopped he went over the front of it on his neck and when the man went out and picked Charles Carlson home in Aurora chine dominated over the other I Sunday. Bart why how could they? If and the consequences have been piIS didnt answer. She walked A out and went back to the office.

Past Professor Kitteridge's Uttle bungalow where the young men disastrous for one of them, but Mr. and Mrs. George Stryker and family were guests of his parents. you paid the interest and met the strain it and Youniss and Feeble and Maggie came, and they said they was in a hurry to get back to Africa with my grandfather, and he said that was too bad, because until we prove that we can handle our own political affairs Intel- Mr. and Mrs.

Fred Stryker Sunday "I didnt pay the Interest, Iris. liaenUv. the proper thing lor us and girls of the senior and Junior classes gathered to discuss serious things, nightly from 4:30 to 10. Past the Gamma sorority, where evening for Fathers Day. Another family group was enter' tained at the Ross Swift home Sun TMterear start aad Iris tU fcat Iris haa her fast mmm: Ska lla Start she aae wtnT.

eisMrars ah la la acbt. Yet Irie ara a aew sslak eaat te imI waatee." CHAPTER XI 'THOUGH it was Monday, and A she had recklessly splurged $12 on a dinner party for her friends Saturday night, and Bart had worked at the shop all day Sunday, and Sunday night until long after she slept, Iris left the office with a clear plan In her busy mind. She had taken the mink coat at noon, and hidden it deep In one end of her clothes closet back of her last winter's coat, her raincoat, her summer sport coat. I couldn't. And I couldn't borrow any money anywhere.

Not even from loan sharks. So they took my policies." him up his chin was skun and his to do is to stay in our own back vard. lock the gate, and take care Judge- had foamed him that the fish was biting in the lake and him and Judge was going down and get girls often dashed out In mid-win shirt was tore and his knee was hurt and he was crying, and the of our own troubles, which are day in honor of E. P. Dean.

The Preston Woods, Wells Fay, Jr, elentv. ter to set a pan of chocolate peanut butter fudge to cool in the man put some alcohol on his hurt Let Europe take care of their a boat and some mlnnies and go out and have some fun, and we could go along if I would hurry and families. Mr. and Mrs. E.

P. Dean, Irwin Mlttan and Genevieve Swift of Aurora were all present for the places and told him to go home, and we went home with him, and own destitute. They are not con cerned about our problems. Eng get my cows out, so I swallowed day. "They'd no right to take all that insurance away from you, Bart! Can't you make them Just take out the amount due, and give you back the rest?" "Iris, you know nothing about business or finance, so quit both-ering with this." "Quit bothering, Bsrt Whittaker! The idea.

When that was to be land alone has millions of acres of virgin, fertile soil which could Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Marvick and afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Eveland and baby daughter of Paris, are spending a few days at the Thomas Hays home. Tuesday they and Mr. and Mrs.

Hays and family are leaving for a camping trip in northern Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. R. J.

Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Greene, Mrs.

Anna Davis. Mertie Keene. Mrs. Ella Herrick and sister. Mrs.

Simpson spent Sunday at the Pines near Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Wellert and Mr. and Mrs.

Russell Staley and son, Dick, of Nashua. left Monday afternoon on a trip to Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Greeley are spending a few days at the Greeley cottage at Lake Geneva. The annual Ladies Aid and Missionary picnic of the Methodist church Is to be held Thursday afternoon, June 22 at the home of Mrs. Otto Babcock. Members of the Standard Bearers, Kings Heralds and Little Light Bearers are to be invited. Each family to bring filled sandwiches, table service, sweetened lemon Juice and one or two dishes to pass.

his mother put munky-blood on his hurt places and told him to hurry and get them well because his father would be waiting to take the skin off the rest of him. When I got home my grandfather and family attended the Sanderson my pancakes so fast that they crowded each other on the way, down and we all hiked out io get In behind our cows and when we told the bunch we was going fishing provide for thousands of emi rranta. sndthe long, furred tweed coat Moland family reunion at Hopkins to her wardrobe suit. Park Sunday. Now, at four-thirty, she bought The trouble with this particular class of Immigrants is, they have never been tillers of the soil.

They our own home, when, the policies Judge had caught 200 perch, and my grandfather was sore because a steak, bought everything for a snow; where gay lighted music blared forth during prom weekends. Where smart roadsters swooped up to tootle musical horns for the fortunate few who were dated. Iris felt almost old, hurrying past them. Nodding to one or two she knew. Knowing they thought of her as "Mrs.

Whittaker, of the dean's office," Because she'd been there so long. Longer than any of the present crop had been in college. Two college terms longer. Eight years. That night, Bart was home ahead of her.

Lying on his bed, covered with a satin puff. HI with Guests at the William Bowker home Sunday in observance of Fathers Day were Mr. and Mrs. were paid grand feed. The way she used to have depended on outwitting the he had waited for us to come back they was all glad of it except the Lost Bag of Tripe.

He said he had snuck a dollar and two-bits out of his mother's purse that she owed him and he was going to go to the He glanced at her curiously. do before they were -married, other fellow to gam weir enas, from the pasture to go fishing with Dale Hartman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd and family and Shrugged finally, as if he gave up, When she was trying every wile Wi already have eleven or "It's a little late to think of that she knew to enchant Bart and him. So I had to clean the fish.

(To Be Continued. man that had the place by the side twelve million people out of work, but still you encourage the idea now. Iris. They're gone.1 make him propose to her. Mrs.

Neva Edwards of EarMlle, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Todd and family of Shabbona, Mr. and Mrs. Alex of the park and rent him a gasoline of letting more in to Join that The Federal building at High Swanson and family and Mr.

and scooter and scoot around the race course on it till his money was all That night. Iris woke up toward morning, and a cold fall rain was blowing In. She got up and closed the window, and turned, arrested, huge number. Point, has five electrical At six-fifteen, Bart came in, tired, dispirited and silent Iris flung him a radiant smile and started the steak. She took the The reason for the decline In eyes which control shaded win gone, so we went out with the cows Mrs.

Jack Smith with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith and family and Gayle the school attendance is, that the dows so that workers have the and then we all went along with when Bart began muttering in his potatoes out and popped cubes of Swanson.

him because we had never rid on a a severe cold. Tired, and ill, and silent Iris tried to make him take some medicine, some aspirin, or a sleep. working people who are the back bone of the country, realize that correct amount of light at nil times. Mr. and Mrs.

Kenneth Pogue and scooter and maybe he would take "I tell you it's impossible I'm gargle, or something but he re sorry, I cant help it I cant do it, I tell you, I cant dont you understand? My wife's salary has By Roy Cran fused. He was all right; leave him alone. She tried to make him have In a Tough Mood WASH TUBBS doctor. 1 dont want a doctor, and I nothing to do with this, this Is my affair. Seventy-five a week couldnt oar one If I had him.

butter into, each yawning seam, where the scored place had burst! a few minutes before The lima beans oozed yellow butter as she poured them into the dish, and the hot rolls were Just righU-crisp, and not dry. Still he didn't notice. Still he Just came in, pulled his chair out and sat down and began scooping his potato out onto his plate. Iris passed him the platter of steak and he helped himself to it. By the time they reached the shortcake.

Iris was ready to scream. Now get out and leave me alone, will you?" together and we owe everybody. All right, so what? Do you want all my creditors to be cheated of their money?" TOTWS BO4'sttA EM HCXve tKCWT SRI flUTTE AS RBGJCLV LtVU I WWMra fwEbfr oto AwonciOA usual- wsc MIVrr -r rff'" UJC In the kitchen, feeling rather Shivering, she lay rtill listening. abused and neglected, she scram but there was no more. Though bled two eggs and made coffee.

he tossed and turned a lot and groaned. Shivering, she wondered if she oughtn't take the mink coat There was some short-cake left, and some salad. Eating her solitary supper. Iris decided budgets werent much fun. Not mixed with marriage they werent Because She watched him cut the cake, watched his fork travel from the back after all.

Before it was ever worn. But it was so cold in the morning, a sharp wind, and the the budgets were to burnt for an plate, laden with cream topped peaches and cake, to his mouth. driving rain. And remembering this. her heavy coat was worn, she put In the middle of the night, she and back again, and the awful silence was too much.

Abruptly, heard Bart prowling around. And the anxiety out of her mind. Bart was always borrowing trouble. she pushed away her untouched speaking to him sharply, was dessert. Desperately, she faced him across the little table laden with the remnants of their lovely This was probably just another false alarm because he hadnt made $50 dear profit this week, alarmed to discover ne was waiting in his sleep.

His voice sounded queer and thick, and a trifle By Merrill Flcwr Strong Stuff FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS dinner. i or something like that shrill, but he got back into dm again directly when she spoke to -Bart, what is it?" she asked They breakfasted hastily, and Bottom boyowooy him. And right after that he had Bart hurried away as soon as he shakily. HEA pEWUWf LAOY. THAT" OeJOT Candy f.T.

laro -X THINK 6MSTO VSSf A COX Of CANDY I ear a 7 111 ON SYBKY OATf FROM )( Z9 was finished. At noon, when she ABOUT A a chUL Shaking so her own bed three feet away trembled, Iris was alarmed and got up. telephoned. Iris was informed he A-JUMP AVW FROM SEND OUT A Borrup or TMB FUUH D'strru LOOK WHAT XT C0 HVKl sua VMAsrvD AWAY TJ A SHADOW A SMADOW OSt TUB arr weAKssr was out. And Ellen was lunching TULLY, he looked at her.

Wear-lly. as if trying to brush away a burden he could not bear, he plowed tense fingers through the I I MOMCNT uoujur She got her heavy winter coat; with her husband, and neither of MAY PYStAMlOS and her spring coat, and his overcoat and piled them on bis bed. fered to Invite her to join them. So she ate a solitary lunch at the rr Aam? bw a is a r-r a am rm, i ri thick wavy brown hair. Then lighting a cigaret, he started soda bar around the corner.

And splitting the match a dozen ways finishing, heard the news about with nervous thumbnail. her husband losing; bis radio and What's it to you, Irlsr he washing machine agency. asked bluntly. 'Sure, didnt you know? Truck's She lighted the gas and bouea water and got a hot water bottle. Stfll he shook so his teeth trembled and he kept sneezing In awful spasms of seven or eight sneezes at time.

At when Iris awoke again, ho was delirious and did net know her. Frantically, she caned a doctor. "Bart, you know anything that over there now, taking the stuff. I heard he couldnt make a lot of concerns you, concerns me, tool Dont worry, lH msnsg to support you in the manner you're dead-beats pay their weekly Installments, so the company took them over. But this will be bad etermined to enjoy.

Iris. Lira to tatsaiZ.

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