The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on May 1, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 10

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1939
Page 10
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' &ONDAY, MAY 1, 1S39 THE DEKALB. DAILY CHEONICLE. DEKALB, lTJLTNOIb PAGE NINE 3 t - t. 1 " j FEW NEW ACTS , HAVE PASSED iALL DRIVERS NEED LICENSE Without Proper Papers to Drive. St Cecilia i ; Choir Sings V ; 5 at Hinckley . Not -Sunday, night,- May 7, the St Cecilia Choir of this city, directed by F, W. Greenaway win go to Legislature Enters the Fifth ! l'7JZr I So : Klnoig. Motorist Are rMonth With Record of I Methodist church there. Few Bills 1 The choir, comprised of 24 wom en, bu appearea oeiort several ox I K Wl rhnrrti 3 th rmKt and SnrlfiefleM. TT Vfav, a nm at InMn THaiu-h Pa. I BprjnSZtla. SL. May L UE The minoU Legislature entered it karney If accompeniit for the Nearer 5OO,g00 Illinois motorists fifth, month today with a record of group. ww not. yet recehred their S3 bills putcd cut of L300 lotro- For the concert Sunday night drivers license .wfil be subject :to duced since the'tesslon opened last several weU known selections are "w, r JBHawn" v January. . Ibeing given, the program opentog "" wanigBj. tonight, secretary As the customary June 30 dead- i with "At the Ctoee of the Day" by s?1 , ugns announcea line approached. t the House and I George B. Nevlns. and closing with I T y : "' Senate turned ta the work whk-h I tha tnvetv htrmnniM f -I Shan) - that BOUT "that IlllnOlg has been nnin ua during dinMitealKot p.m inin t( Wmv- bv Ef. 1 new drivers license law goes into over investigations and relief. ; finger. Several DeKalb friends are f"" A P?? .TfPOB?lDP17 The House lr Heated It would planning to ro to Hinckley to hear l-ww" mw "ecx juiy. take op the Ward bills to allow the cotcert Sunday night, and a utomobiie vision ? women to serve on Illinois juries number from Aurora will also at- "I . mct said that end the first of the administration's tend. The concert will be at 7:30 """ nuuwo o ... . ... -I I tftaa at f A'a aa4 sat ii appropriation whs - thi weex, o'clock, at the Hinckley Methodist I - t while the Senate oreoared to solve church. w " ppuea wr licenses. p- the relief problem for the next two years. Act on Bttl The House convenes tonight to act upon a bill validating Republican Judicial candidates of the seventeenth Judllal circuit for the election June 3 Through on over- proximately 200,000 drivers are expected to be affected by the law. Win -Face Ftoea. Those who drive without licenses TODAY'S PATTEnil (Cectisned From Fag 1) BY CASOL DAY It's easy to make and easy to leg. .are preparing for their trip "JT.L" RUSSIA READY FOR ANY WAR wiU be wbject to prosecution by local and.sute authorities, accord (Ceathtoed Frem Face 1) pl to the law. and fines up to i 11300 may be levied upon violators. eet. r,rtm.tirtn. tt.r. U4 to wpport their governments to a With the effective date of the with the eecretary of sute before war Mtoat aggression. law came an announcement from the deadline Anrll 21. r . -v- I "w """"J. jimw vu v- i uk hui pouc um uicy were u" Ptjuge of the ward women I mi nivv.iuuuun. cununiwni in wj 4r thi. U7v .n th. unpoTUMu Qcpanur irom uie aownraie area. Tne uucago narx J f "-e w ... M ... a , . . . I mi a . .. - University of Illinois appropriation I wonununw wxer. act pouce condua ezamina- vimMxI K l.(r4.l.4v I i"""mt. kuw la, w w I w u WW county. . The university's appropriation WKnm 10 owl w foyenuneats sxaie onven are yet. to be exam ef li20U38 ia Echeduled to e re- I wncernea. i iwea oy uie staie police. - duced by S705.000 In. accordance .. VmfrwwT. "TYK'V v w .-mmoimii, .enwr urn with Governor Henry Horner'f unacr w Puc7 wnacn nas oeea aignway engineer, sua state pouce m.nn,. mm, I oeveiopeo u the last zew years, the wno nave Deen conducting exam- A debate on t!.e effective date of I wwiwwnu rvcogmzes a -jui i "wuo vm reiurnea to re-v. ... vm. v.. v.i .w . v. 1 war and anoroves suoDort of It bv ular duty today. : ': :- :: : tt.w jiut vwm uu item uci i . - . - - i - i . 4 ' - House more than a month. House 1 Communists in countries arrayed The State, Legislature defeated leader id th b-Hvd tho me-. I gamst Nad-Fasdst aggression. an 580,000 . appropriation, to the sure would be amended to maae Addressed to the Cornmunist Wway division the effective date Jan. 1. 1940. to-1 wwkm of the world, the manlfes- jtion of the law and Lieberraan said called for passage Wednesday' or ji oU'WiU deroonstraU. together the Uw and conduct examinations Thursday. - I wiw entun and jrrencn workers, j same umi. . ; , . , - - Prevlde Mere Money i against ine msugawrs oi war ana j 'uiuu4U vy ie juuuu vo co- n.. Mii.f .MnM. i lor. measures to be takem. aeainst operate in every possiDie way in by Sen. Harold G. Ward, CW- gKssors, and J application of worang -tarn anverr ucense iaw, on 'nrv4irMa aieevAvlaif tAnar t9 tt economic and mnitarv Primary, duty la to see -that OOOfito monthly during the coming LTou. wUl demand only from the the state .highways, are properly hUnnhim an inrru tn mil. I bouraeols aovernments of Britain. I patrolled, said Ueberman. iu 4miim .- rtnt. m i,i. I France and the United States hela I ". Patrol Many Boads. MA.k .m i inn am .. for Snanishlltanuhllcana.. th na. I ' "W have 13,000 filet Of roads thi monthly allotment of the past Not of Czechoslovakia, Albania whh patroned,24 houn um m.h - , tana uuoDia. ana tne umaenuari ov m.u The adrntalstratlon's regular ap-rw wwam BDeraiaation- vprtation bllU have been lld to U foreign yoke.- ' ; ' l0 JSJfJ80 GARNER TELLS Band3 Will ABOUT TROUBLE : Parade Here ; .; on Tuesday Combined bands ef the North. would have to be levied because rn. Illinois state. Teachers Col- oiner taxes naa reacneo we sav i lege are preparing for thel urauon Domi: . ito uirh n im, .v r -Mr renlv to that was tsit I tnnnm. , n..!,. mm h n t. Toa u a siecvuess oress alwavs had been oDDoaed to ali-nn 'r b k. v..-. - -ldoes. The walstUne looks tiny, but sals tax ever since 1 had been Uce escort., win parade throuchl1' ta lPltly unhampertng. be- meinoer oi waifresi ana s wwaysi tne - business district, to Fourth, j vu" wu. (w y(WB w ana oacx on xocost street. XX thew . in now oppoM w weather permits. The musicians tax; but U I find It Impossible to win be in full uniform. Elrchard balance this budget and restore Coar is director of the college the confidence- ef the world and bands. . - : . ; our own people m our govern- Friday morning a .half hour ment without! tome such tax, I concert will be given at the col-would levy any tax.' sales or any during a meeting of super-other kind, tn order to do that, intendenta and'prlncipala which i . "X think more of my country to be held in the auditorium. This than 1 do of any theory of tax- concert wffl be riven lust before ation that I might have, and the the bands leave for Benton Har-country at this time U tn a eoa.ibor and St. Joseph, Mich, to take oiuon wnere wm worn axes you i part m the annuel Blossom Fettl. couia - levy would be better wan vaL no taxet at an.- '-4 ?f pcThe bands are to take part Frt-! " Most MatntalB Solidarity , - day and Saturday. Mav 5 and . ' Garner feek that the Democrat-1 When the Blossom restlval was ic party mustmamtaia its aouaar- started In Berrien county. Miclu. ny i wanectuate lis program some fourteen years aeo. Mr. (floor speech March 29. 1932):' Coar was director of the Benton . -x--m -an , organization mine I Harbor hieh school band. - This erat'; I never to my Ufe east a 1 band, with the SL Joseph high vote : against ray own , conviction school band and the two town excepx wnen ; go awng bands were the only troupe of with the Democratic organization, their kind taking part-In the fes- I have dona that and win do it tlval. ,Thla yeara, huge parade again. Ton must have organize, win have 30 bands, also drum and tlon, -;' buele eorna.- ' Tit one of US- should disagree I . On Fridav' vninr th MArth. to nos ponw your ringer at nmt era ' minola Men's hand ; will be and aiy he to not a Democrat" . to the "TCnlehts of the ; Blossom - rresKient t Kooseveit nas -oeeni Parade" and . an Rtnr4 th critical of the. element in the I combined bands ef 100 pieces win Democratic party which hat fail- J march to the great parade. v 10 support we awvr. utwn pro-i tnrnna their stav, the DeKalh gram and has urged that : they young people will have supper at seek a party more consistent wttn St Josenh on Fridav . nWht mn their Views. . Iwffl be at Caran Warren looated This -is Garner's view toward i on Lake Mlehiran. and on Sat- tne expansion of - governmental wroay morning win have a picnic activities: (Letter of acceptance:) breakfast at - the camp. Dinner -xa my opinion, nearly an of i wiu , oe served Saturday at 11:30 w, vxvaw ; uvupim are m mnte. 1 v mvk m, u.i oapusi cnurcn quence of svernraent's - depar-j in Benton Harbor. ture from its leeltlmate funetloni. This will not be the first time I have ever been of the belief that! college bands have taken part attempting to , enforce morals . by 1 m we Blossom Festival at Ber- iaw was i as unjuaufabie an tn-1 rI counxy. . rne trip is one vaston of the . field preempted, by I wwi is anticipated with mu-A the churchet and schools as put-mtwwt by the students, and ung we government into business ""s years journey is certain to is a violence of the nation's to. enjoyed. uustnai and. commercial fabric. proprlatlon House . and Senate committees pending the outcome of a legislative Inquiry Into state spending and a review of requests to accordance with economy, demands (of Gov. Henry Herner. A number of state officials have already agreed to cuts totaling sev em mullon dollars. CONCERT IS FINE TREAT (Continued From Page 1) than 17,500.000. GREENWANTS the advent of warm weather, and the danger of accidents Increases correspondingly.. "One hundred fifty persons were killed on Illinois highways to the month of March, an increase -of 26 per cent over the 119 allied during and was received with much P- ;?.n Kim,, vr. e.kt. i.,i u the greatest monthly Increase Both: the legislative group and ae the poet resoottsible. for the Jce Jwiei83T. another headed by Lieut Gov. John i charmln hrrics of the number. Mr. I We . do . not uhder-estlmate the XL Stslle .are scheduled to hold! JUddatx, who wrote themusle,mPort- et w1-- AppU- meetlngs this week to consider fur score, played the piano accempaol- I cants , ana wiu continue to carry thef reductions. Republicans on the ment ' I on to the extent- that ;Our facilities legislative committee have demand- Qestog Group . lwU1 permit bat we cannot afford ed budget reductions totalling more I The A Cannaii. Choir nmunM to endanger the lives of motorists the closing group of numbers In a 1 reouemg our patrolling actlvl- wonderfully pleasing way. Flanlssl- lue- mos were beautifully sung, shading Examinations, already ..conducted waa tnm anf itWltn .n nwul m I MVMltd thit tn nw wnf a 9fM . , ... 1 -- -"" 1.:: - i- nUAHU UUOlXili that thU group of songs were sto- 000 nunois,-motorists, would be cereiy enjoyed by everyone. Ten ruled on the highways by the new (Continued From Page 1) I "elections were included to the A according to state examiners. ... Cappella " Choir grouo. each one Through a reciprocal agreement neunced the more drastic amend- b;ing beautifully rUng. listen to 1 they will also be barred In 25 other ments 01 sen. Edward it Burke, the Lambs" the Negro spiritual bv I nates. jj nto sen. kuius u. Hounan, tv uett was an outstanding number. Ore, and Rep. Clare Hoffman, I having two of the sopranos singing Miclu, which are supported by . the solo parts, Ruth Peterson and Dor- U. S. Chamber of Commerce and othy Hallgren doing exceptionally mi nauonai jusociauon oe Menu- line worx m the solos. facturers. Just before the doslne number . Destroy Guarantees. Bruc Storm save a short talk, as Those legislative proposalsJan introduction to the takkiff of l.iLw' "-.npwy' which are entirely ineomDatible silver w.Hnr k. vzmio wairy company, witn tne purposes ox tne act,-1 Magnusson gave a short talk, hav Green said, -would destroy its tog also opened the program of the v. ,Jr Y ruaranteea and hrln? an worse f fim - I uw "ppw ana - 7 . T : -.wv,. F;, 1 h-n-el vrtr rr evus than those wwca the art was The final number was Three CTir, " i' Z L T w w.vv... .. . . .. , uuiHi sun oj AiuiniDRmer; isu Over the week-end. Green denied too was rreatlv enJoved. and closed me iruw 01 f iwir auegauona. -lost successful concert 1 Httl l ntfrmA tM Can-,. . W W.. .11. WW mlttM MdoruMntaLrv : riprmf" to' support his charges. Gren outlined the AFL amend- Milkman Hurt Fallinff Oyer Barrel Wire Don Carr, an employee of the on Sat urday evening about 6:45 o'clock. was. most -painfully Injured when he tripped and fell over a piece of barrel wire while carrying a milk ment. sponsored by . Sen. David L Walsh, D Mass., as designed to make tt mandatory for the board to investigate union petitions , for certification elections, but discretionary for employer petitions; ta outlaw company unions more effectively, while preventing legitimate unions from being considered company unions "as to the past"; te prevent the board from invaU-datlng union contracts; to protect the craft union against board rulings, and procedural amendments to be, discussed before the committee later by AJ"L general counsel, Joseph A. Padway. To these,, he said, the ATL will add another, similar to a pending House amendment abolishing the present board and creating a new board of . five members to be known as the "Federal Labor Board." To put It bluntly," he said, "all classes of the public as well as the AFL no longer respect the admin istration of the act by this board, . "We are sadly disillusioned. The act once hailed as labor's magna charte has. been distorted toto an instrument of oppression by the partial and biased administration of the present board.' Sen. Burke said he was insistent that "a complete record" be taken at hearings on the Wagner Act even at the risk ef falling to obtain amendments to the law at this es slon, - I want to have exterdvt hearings to show the fundamental things that are wrong with the act" Burke said, predicting that hearings, would continue for at least a month. ' la the event that Congress ad (ourna tn June, Burke said, no effort should be made to amend, the tct because the record could not be aAWinlala tT at fj4 Its aimnAb ju4 to.w44fa-v w ssvi saw vyww fiecc-neal Rodmcaticn of the law. Ironically. Don was making his last delivery 'before finishing for the evening. The bottle broke to such a way as to cut a gash to his wrist going from the Inside of the wrist about an inch above the palm of the hand, crossways ,7. Jri 'w3 V I r- K 1 1 L7;mi','i'-- I V'J . . I. V . - 1 .-?.. .1 .1 J ll.VW Scout Group Spends Night' at the Camp Several Boy Scout leaders from this city. Sycamore and other towns to the council . spent . the : ek-end period at Camp Rotary MacQueen, Klrkland, at a special training course for scout leader. It was the third session of the Elements Training Course, under the supervision of Scout Executive E. F. Schmidt a regular camp be ing set up with the scout leaders preparing their own meals, sleep ing m the open and doing other camp work." " " Those who were present for the overnight training course session expected to hold a similar overnight camp tor their Junior leaders and patrol leaders some time within the next two weeks. This win be in preparation for the Aloha Phi Camporee which win be held at the Elburn Forest Pre serve on May 20 and 21. The group went to the camp Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o- clock, returning home at about the same hour Sunday, council Commissioner F. S. Slmma of De Kalb inspected the camp. Those attending the training session Included Clyde Holdrtdge, troop 33; Curtis Meyers. 26; Dave Smith, 8; and Larry Hubbelt Paul Hayes, C. E. Wlltberger ana James Jarvls, 28, and Commis sioner R. N. Wlltberger or De Kalb, Al Dean. Sycamore; Merle Roberts, Earl Frank and sam fti-erson. Genoa, and V. A. Williams, Klrkland. A group of Fox Valley leaders made up the second patrol of the camp. Hubbell was tne leader of the DeKalb patroL spring rtilcfcens 30O21H: rooetera 11 0 12; Droucrs u; turaeys iscxj. CHEESE Twins 13 Daisies 32 012; Lonshorns 12 CIS. - POTATOES Arrivals 208. on track 885, shipments 843 Caturday; SI Sunday. Old Stock: Supplies rather liberal, demand alow, market weak. Idaho Russet Burbanka U. 8. No. 1. 15; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. L 1.10Ol27H; Mlchlgaa Russet Rurals U. a No. 1. las: North Dakota Bum Triumphs U. 8. No. X. IJOOI.75; Cobblers 90 per cent U. 8. No. t US: Minnesota Cobblers 90 per cent U. S. No. 1 and better 1-23 Ol -S3. New Stock: SuppUee liberal, de mand nght market weak. Louisiana Bliss Triumphs U. s. No. l lis men minimum per hundredweight 2J0 9 X63. tew WMhed 3.90CS-15: 1 Inch minim urn 1 .90 2.15; Alabama Bum Triumphs U. S. No. 1, 2.00 8 2 JO, size B 1O0 01.13: California WhlU Rose u. a. No. 1. 2J0. Townsend Chib Win Meet Again Tuesday Evening A regular meeting of the DeKalb Townsend Club will be held on Tuesday- evening at 7:30 o' clock. In the city halt Late news from the Townsend headquarters to Washington. D. C, will be given the members during the busi ness session. The public Is Invited to attend the meeting. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK -yOCS i Receipts 13,000; active, meetly steady with Friday; ..Weights 390 lbs. down getting best action; top 7.10 greely; bulk good and choice ITO to 250 lbs. e.9007.10; 260 to 390 lbs. 6,7066.90; soo lbs. up 02306.70: good 850 to 800 lb. packing sows 5.50 Ce.00; lighter kinds up to 823; few 3230 600 lb, sows 5.250SJO. CATTLE Receipts 12.000: salves LOCO; fed steer trade very slow; undertone 25c lower; few early sales strictly good and choice weighty kinds about steady; this Hardly a criterion of general market, however; early top 13.23 paid for weighty steers, but little here of vaW to sell above 11.50: bulk of quality and con dition to bring S.T30 11.23: yearlings scarce, however, tew loads ught cat-tie 11.00012.00: best heifers 10.50; sizeable run fed heifers here: this elaM looking barely steady to 23c lower: cowa and bulls ruliy steady; vealers weak to 25c lower; 10 00 paid sparingly; weighty sausage bulls up to 7.40; cutter cows 6.00 down: re placement cattle In moderate supply; thin Kinds steady; netny feeders weak. SHEEP Receipts 10.000; fat lambs and spring lambs opening slow; buyers resisting higher asking prices; undertone steady to stronger; talking around 9.73010.00 on good to choice wooled lambs; best now held 10.23 10.4O and better; sheep steady to weak; top 123-lb. California shorn ewes 4.73; shorn native ewes down from 3425. This charming House Drees Is Sycamore Is . .i t... o4-i i. L,v. , I Chicago to serve on a federal want It' sa style that looks well on The gravitation of cower to I Paataiie 4 .. miwwuua, . wuuum . m , iWK ture 4. of r administration vast be. fcw.. uj u uuiio-i ms- . I r . c:z"zz zcz .z . ers or Wieconstitution-Hmplex, - - XSKen SUnQRv everyoooy oeiween we sizes w j. mvoived and v uncoordinated; a Nathan Chandler Calhoun. m1 zor na xauoreo, mbrtc ioftbiirii. 2r yet softened by bodice gathers. and boards i that overlan and m . m.v.m ZZr tZTZ. J?Z Make thla to gmgham. percale. nouier ana i nts enure ure. passed awav verv - . -r all at the cost of the people- suddenly late Verdav SerS with: bright braid. Xt'a a good pat- ? neaiJ Called to Chicago to Serve on reaerai jury Carl Bale, wen known Water- Al to alt if you're looking for a pretty house dress with really good petit Jury. Mrs.Bellioh hi Maywood Is 2 thehome it vttZX re1-10 J!to :f totx noid. stepmother of Mrs. Calhoun, ""r Va-7 JT', M. Death U have resulted 8tP? dedJpltd from a heart atUck.-For the past 14 18:3 " s 18 flv years Mr. and Mra Calhoun requires 4 yards of M-toch ma- MA H I CET BIS Taken Sunday their home Mr t ept LITESTOCK BXVTEW Chicago, May I (U.P.) Hogs were mostly steady In active trading at the Chicago Stockyards today. Cat tle were weak and sheep were steady to strong. Chicago had 13.000 of the 30.000 hogs reported, top 7.10. Pittsburgh was mostly 3 to 10c hixher on 1.0O0; Cleveland was lower on 2,000, and East St Louis was steady to strong on 14.000. Chicago cattle were 12,000 and calves 1,000 of the 16,400 reported, market undertone weak, best early 13.25. Pittsburgh was steady to lower on 600; Cleveland was steady on 800, and East St. Louis was fully steady on 8,000. Total sheep reported were 16,000 of which Chicago had 10,000, market steady to strong, best lambs held 10.40. Other points were steady, Pittsburgh on 1.300; Cleveland on 2,000, and East St Louis on 3,500, CHICAGO OBACf RAN01 OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE WHEAT .. .TSH .T8 .73 H, .74 .. .71 .74 .. .71 .72 .72 .74 .72 .73 COR2I ..".47' .48 .47 .48 ...49 .50 9 J50 .. .50 1 J0 M . OATS .. .81 M MM .31 .. 29 9 29 29 .. 28 - 28 27 28 CASH OBAUt .SUNOS wore; was received hare vaster. I I r ewTMrt awn enns. . . r . "'i ivu. uiiioiui wu nam in miv. t w - .w.. y . Wrj.;rarigttoa Zlsa Sel? fleM townsrito on -November 12. 1 MER PATTERN BOoK, 32 pag-i Ma uon, lormer resident of DeKalb Hbas. the" son of Ahner mas Retvlof attractive designs for every steel July """'i0'. Cn Renwlck Calhoun. With the ex- nd every occasion, is now ready. I sept ia?zFP v ttoig about two years to Cal- Photographs show dresses, made f Ji7ZZlZ. -mlz; ifomia, Mr. Calhoun nad been; a trom pawma oemg worn, i Ju, 7 T?rr i resident of the Sycamore com- Mature-you wm enjoy. , vn , ne sept m, Maywood,- , early yesterday munitv bis entire Ufa," on Ahrit charming designs to thla new book - morning. . Mrs. . Belllon was 84 21. ism. he united tn may hem vou to your sewing. One pat- WHEAT No. 3 hard 79; No. B years of age and death was due rlage to Miss . Harriet Arnold, to tern and the new Spring and Sum- rJS.Tou, a to old age and toflrmltiea v :, . -f-.-.T mar Pattern Book-23 cents. Pat-LSS?1. Tlx.. I vZnTtliJr?!-: to.T' He Is survived by his widow; tern or book alone 15 cents. yellow 4905O; No. 8 yellow 490 Kalb to 1379 and. two years later I una am mm nJir,. h in.. For a PATTERN ef this attrac- so: no. 4 veiiow 47 048: No. 1 white was marnea to Mann Christ ensen I querque. N. M.: three grandchn- tlve model send 15e to COIN, your 56; no. 2 www 53056; sample 43 o or this clrv. whn naaad in In 1 r 1 . . . I r , tv innsret srrvr.w Mrnur.l 47. isa'TR jsrdis. as: Kmaii. Laws asrjsfnMSS born to this union. Frank of Delw.. ru r.i- M tn todats pattern BU-1 5,- . -1... .1 Z?,Zz n A Zlr,i ew mm .m ml V asVtiWa Sj SBM W1V I w ' ' I 9 W4fcag M 7 f 4W TSJ t tlVi "W vw 5"" -mA rSS OI brother, Dudley Calhoun of Mm- RLAU, 2U w. wacksk ojuv. 8232i ; sample si ss. NEW YORK STOCKS Paralabed By lasnioa Rraa. CHICAGO, ILL. Maywood. In; 1896, Mrs. Christen-1 nesota. sen marnea amo ueuion 01 Del r,m.Mi win w, ia m mm . a nivm v v w mms wo I Kaib, and one son was . born to .hmimm o-m a. this on. Marsh A BeDlen, Hv- Utock from the Johnson chapel, Report Case of Child ,3l&.:J:LSi2-K -'- tha.IU-.-a, Draper to conduct . tIai With Heart jars. jmon jertoeKara aoout the service. Interment will be to "Vi m ira .J" aT? the Ohio Grove cemetery. wwa wiw ner uaugnier uim major RYE No sales. BARLEY No. 8, 87; feed 839 48N; malting 50O60. SOY BEANS No sales. TIMOTHY SEED 2.S5 C3.15N. RED CLOVER 13.00 0 17.O0N. RED TOP 8.25 8 9.75N. CASH PROVISIONS Lard S.75N; April Passes r . and Our Grief la VeryJUffht Weather for the month of April Large Group Hear Legion . Tfiff 0wa Tnllr r hi thumb. -The gash sevtred More than 250 Legionnaires and and the doetnr cava that it wni oexaio lownspeopje attendea an I be some time before . he will be open district meeting , of the able to feel any object with his American region, neia yesreraay i flneers. anernoon at tne Eagles nau. pur- in the mtehao Mr. Carr lost tog the morning, the district and oulte a lot of blood, belne to state leaders of the Legion met Cortland when i the accident e- wltn post orncera from nearly cm-red. A friend, Berb Houeewert every post to the, twelfth- district brought htm to the office of a Tne anernoon meeting Pn-d doctor here. The wound was band-at 2:00 o'clock and was featured aged and the natient was taken by a . number of very interesting I to the CUdden Memorial Bocpitai. reports on me actmues ot tne ua- where he spent two hours on the no is aeparunent ox toe American i operating table. Legion as wen as the national de- Unless an infection sets to, the partment Many of the state com-1 wound should heal, rapidly. Mr. mlttee chairmen and officers were Carr win be forced to stay In the present to speak. hospital for at least three or tour Of much interest was the ad- days, being weak from the loss of aress given oy Artnur roormsn oi i blood. Chicago, past department com- Mr. and Mrs. Carr were ; all mender,,; who spoke of the .need ready to leave,' when he had fln- ror , better legislation on oenau oi uhed deUveries, on a trip to eele- uve widows ana orphans oi veier-ibratlon of their first wedding an ana and for, the aid of disabled niversary, Mrs. Carr having the veterans. Mr. poorman awo spoice j car running and ready , to leave of the Ugion's Americanism pro- j at once. Instead. Mr. Carr is stia grain, urging tne puouc u sup-1 g hospital patient port tne Legion ra its campaign to uals and groups advocating some onnf 5un Is Taken la share of the time since leaving here, although she has visited to DeKalb with her son on numerous owasiona. She was. a member of Rebekah and Royal Neighbors and active in those organizations as . .. 9m9 ' i . . . . . , . . ttFuneral serylces are to be held SS:..;lS-S"-hria on, Tuesday. aftenc from a S.iLf, church, to Austin near the home "? Il J5S?S of her daughter. The body will be frort during last nlghtbut at the home of Mrs. Lochs at 1933 .V,"r ,t South Ninth -avenae to Maywood. Lp..!,f f:. JTfL uiwv seatAaiAaa 4mb a eww, ivT CJ-1 Y-rrosts, neavy rains, onmw JNeW Oiamp IS - , : . chia, all accompanied by numer- TlTel v ous ctoudy or-partly cloudy days. ; Iiaae rUDllC Toward the k last some summer . This Morning: g prwU for Another new stamo. commem- tv. orating the 150th anniversary of ature for the 30 days of . April w- iMugurauon jw yeorge waan- wu 53 plut, while the average .fa lP!eai 01 nn low was 84 plus. That does-the United States, was placed on nt teU all of the story. On April sale at the DeKalb post office and a thla area suffered mld-wtater S .?r"Krti of2! m temperature . when that morning country this morning. The stamp m ehmed with a temperature of went on sale at the New York xun degrees above, and again post ornee yesterday, the date of AtTn u it dropped down to tne xaotn anniversary. r , ; eighteen. Now Just to prove that np . tPrp5- there was everything to the crazy and . BMwaasJitogton being ad-1 month, attention to called to April Born With Heart Outside Copenhagen. May tr-U3 Of ficials of the Odens hospital today loose 6.05N; leaf 6U2N; bellies 1STK, renorted the birth Of a Child with its heart outside of Its chest The cmcAOO raooccx A chicaoo raoDccx cue was aald to be unprecedented to medical history. Dr. Paul Kueh- lcort 31. 91 score 21; 90 score 2L nel, attending at the birtn, saia ears 21; ss score 30, cars ao; as ,V h..rt mat mrkln, wnB ini mnMcuiM child was born. A motion picture LJ08!1. 255 was taken of the child, which died l6Hf leM un cars 1; extra firsts. within, a short time. Frekini TeDs Youth About njrhtlnji in Foreign Wr Washington. May L UE The Very Rev. Msgr. Edward A. Frek-tog of qndnnati, speaking before 5.O0O youthful Catholics at a peace demonstration yesterday, called upon American youths to become conscientious objectors to fighting on foreign soil. ears 18. less than ears 18; cheeks 13: current receipts 14; dirties 13; storage packed firsts 17: stor age packed extras 17. poultry Market steady, receipts 23 trucks. Ducks 10012: geese e hens ISO 16: Leghorn hens 13; J Anaconda Copper 23 American Can Co.-87 American Smelt, a Refining 40 a m O. 5 Bethlehem Steel 53 New York Central 13 Can. Padnc 3 ' Commonwealth and Southern 1 DuPont de N. 139 Cerro De Pasco Copper St Eric Rail 1 Goodrich 13 General Electric 83 International Harvester 53 Standard Oil, N. .L 44 Packard 3 Kennlcott Copper 81 Consolidated Oils 7 H United States Steel 43 American Tele, and Tel. Co. 1ST General Motors 41 Chrysler Motors 4 Montgomery Ward A Co. 44 North American Aviation IS National Cash Register 17 Nash-Kel vlnator Phillips Pet 34 Pullman Co. 25 Radio C of A. 6 Republic Iron A Steel 13 Sears Roebuck A Co. 68 Standard Oil, Ind. 24 A. T. A S. Fe. 26 Socony 11 Studebaker 6 Southern Pacific 12 Timken Roller Bearing 86 Texas Co. 36 United Corp. 2 . Union Carbide 72 Westlnghouse Electric 88 CHICAGO STOCKS Armour and Co. 8 Commonwealth Edison 96 Marshall Field 10 Middle West Corp. 6 Swift and Co. 17 mtoJstered 'the .oath of office as he, and other dignitaries 'stand on the balcony of 'the federal' building to New Terit Oty. ; That was on April 30, im- r . form ' of government ether than that provided tor by the constitu Uon of the United States, and Removed to Hospital Wllhart Luotna, SL of North The Legion pestt of- DeKalb "u"", i!T , I! county were highly praised, every post to the county tiow being 100 f4 leThJS per cent or better to membership. !!rnaS? ffJtLt No other county la tha dUtytet Sara? LVSfriT has a better report it was said. IfzP1 JPl r1? Following the business ieaslon. n west, JUncoto a sports program was tponsored wxhway when he wu stricken, bv the EieVaiH ett faatnrtne two V ' tmbulanea being t summoned wrestling bouts and a - boxing Corey gas station attend aaaaaiwaw l Siltsitfj WV1 a SS mm- lege wrestlers staged two very good bouts, and Mkkle and BUUet The manufacture 'of tires and Donnelly put up a good . boxing other, rubber products for automo-j It is Elfjal U sleep la a fcrttl. iavviH xiuu! u uruaiwi aw cues requires tne extexuuve use 01 1 restaurant kitchen or cinlzg room '.V , Service Held 24, when the temperature popped op to S3 and again on April 28 when It rose to 82. - rronr April 3. to and tocludlng April 10. life was mad miserable, with a mixture of snow flurries, rato, chin and cloudy weather. On April 17 a rainy period opened and continued through April 2L and . . ... .. n fMT Tin i. ills City 1 27. but to the nature of night Funeral services for Fred Etey. showers and ; daytime sprinkles, ens. former watdent -f this : Htv! Total jratofall for the month was who passed away early- last week 1 2-64 Inches. On April 17 and It at his heme near Avon Park, FlaJthe heaviest rains for 24-hour per- were neia yesterday afternoon atliods occurred. They were .ia ana 2:00 o'clock from the Wtrts fun-1. 71 of an tach. ..''v t eral home. ' I There- were thirteen clear days, The 1 tervtce was esr.Juctei - by aw Prtix cloudy and tight t-.e Rev, a c StrtT.rf of the ousy.,. Methodist church, assisted by the Rev. wrsching cf usstsfc! VX Ruriiiaia WO Flsht Hithtr Jjttermsnt was H t fj'M. -,et.rv . "I : L Tt sa llzzt Any Ccactssicai The death of trr. tevena was Bucharest EsmarJa, t'rf most sudden, cornet as a -shock to the relatives to thU city. Rumida will Cztt rather than make any tcrrttsrt&l cancrs ssorj, -Frexlee Arrrr.d Calineeca dsdartJ today to a ttsy Day speech to LC00 renters cf the this is GLEAtJ-UP -e why net start right In side year heme! . Send drmpee, rugs, evrtatos, wte ter alethea and aH Kerne ef apparel te , as for thorough dry cleaning. . ' Oar . presses meth-preefs pert work siaracteed. ', - . rnoxs in We Call Fer and D2ver YOUCGSTEilDT 414 E. Ltoeeta Cry. Ocn&Ih ' eBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaasaBaaBBBBl '- - OUZ ICQ walls CCL 1ST. WiLLPAFER The new dtdsi re grtlstkaily original ; Eiiiterxlccet o( art beautiful .pejosd wtsrea, - Cobs la e e e (Ik dova aad leiinrelj lock tct tor patterns. Thdr rich tex ' turn and v colori will enhance your T"Tr?T f T TTT WaEpapw and Fmlut LMXMmiLJ 121 H Ltoeeta Clgaway S3 A 1 ... . uoa to- J.'crti Cikc

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