The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1967
Page 5
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" by Evelyn Tuesday, June 27, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines—5 I have mentioned that my cousin Harry Goddarcfs widow, Vinnie, of Wichata, Kan., has been wanting to get back to her old home at Rolfe, and a recent letter says she is doing the next best thing - taking an apartment at Pocahontas, 10 miles from Rolfe. She says there has been considerable rain in Wichita and they are glad. Well, we have had a super-abundance and what we may lack in July 4th fireworks, we got last night (June 14). I like a nice quiet, well behaved rain, but when lightning is so sharp and thunder so deafening, I can't say that I am in favor of it. * * * We think of this June as being a miserable month, and I won't argue with anyone about it-but I recall the year we moved our house from the lot Dad sold to E. J. Fuller, father of Mrs. Hazel Lusby, to the vacant lot on the corner. We had agreed to be off the lot by July 1, so Mr. Fuller could begin building their home. We had such a time getting our basement dug as it rained EVERY day in June. There would be a few hours of no rain and the men could work - then down would come more rain and the basement finally had to be dug by hand as it was impossible to get a team and scoop, I think it was called, into the area to be excavated. But by July 1, we were able to get the house off the lot and then began our remodeling and modernizing the place- quite a job, but it was fun in a way too. I remember Dad saying, "I don't care what you do to the house — fix it any way you want to, but don't run me into debt." And we abided by hir wishes. We loved that little brown house, and I still get a little heartache when I go past it. There has been a lot of happiness under if s roof, and a lot of sadness, but that's life, I guess, and has to be accepted. * * * The year alter we moved, the Will Brunsons got the idea of selling the lot next west of them and remodeling their house which stood where the Albert Reids live and Mrs. John Daub built after the death of the Brunsons. And my aunt and uncle, Frank and Mary Henderson, sold their corner lot where the Roy Chris- tensens live and moved their house on the lot next to the alley. It was later bought by Mr. and Mrs. Leroy McWhorter. We were considered a source of information and had many sessions with the Brunsons and Hendersons asking advice from us. Lucille Grose had a lot of fun with friends by saying, "The Cadys are moving west." Then when the astonished person would ask "Where?" she'd reply, "Next lot west." Lucille always had a keen sense of humor. * * * We had very cute favors on our trays yesterday made by the Junior Bible study class of the Irvington Presbyterian church- little squares of that foam stuff and little artificial flowers stuck in them. * * * I don't know whether to blame it on old age or better judgment, but I must say 1 was bitterly disappointed in "Can-Can" the other night. It was an ABC show and my chief interest was Mau- rice Chevelier. Frank Sinatra was in it, too, but I have never been a fan of his. This play went on and on about nothing and the Adam and Eve and the Garden took over for such a long time it was most boring. I finally gave up and went to bed so I didn't know which man got her, Frank or some other fellow whose name I don't remember. I didn't care how it turned out, but I did talk with another person who had the courage to see it to the finish, and Frank got the girl. Well, I had an idea he would. Oh for some GOOD plays - programs I used to enjoy so much — Perry Mason, the Nelson Family, Beaver, Our Miss Brooks, 77 Sunset Strip, and oh for the good old radio programs - Vic and Sade, Henry Aldrich, The Great Gildersleeve, Rubinoff and his violin and Rudy Vallee. Yup-Pm aging. Thanks to Mrs. Hilda Gronwall I had another lovely bouquet of Iris - huge, beautiful blossoms. Life is full of strange coincidences. When Joyce Huenhold was at Presbyterian St. Luke's hospital in Chicago, she met Loretta Gratios, Christian Educator, and when they exchanged their home towns, Joyce, Algona, and Loretta, Nora Springs, they discovered both had played in the bands from their home towns when Meredith Willson had his big day in Mason City a few years ago. The girls are now roommates at Bellevue, near Omaha, where both are employed. Jean McPherson has discovered a fine place to catch bullheads. She and a group of relatives went to Silver Lake Sunday and caught 45 nice ones. * * * While on vacation, the Russell Gusters spent a night in a trailer at friends. They were told about a man who was sleeping in one, a wind storm came up, tilted it over, then obligingly switched in the opposite direction and put it back right side up. * * * You should see our bird feeder. It is as full of green as it can be. The seeds have sprouted and are filling the glass enclosure to it's limit. We could have quite a harvest of I don't know what. * * * Our rose garden is beginning to have blooms, too. Spring is busting out all over, and if s high time. * * * I was sorry to learn Dr. Ray Potter has again been hospitalized, this time at Spirit Lake and then to Rochester, Minn., accompanied by his wife Lilaand daughter Mrs. Don McDonough, Schaller. I have known Ray ever since childhood. In room five, he sat back of me, we had the last seats in the row. Agnes Gilbride, mother of Bill Besten- lehner, was our teacher. In room eight, we went in reverse. He sat in front of me and we had front seats. Our teacher was Grace Spangler. He was one of the "gang" when we reached high school, along with Zada Brunsen, Edna Norton, Dot Carlon, Mary Benjamin, Buena Reed, myself, Malcolm Tracy, Don Smith, Earl Crane, Walter Turner, Verle Vincent, "Katz" Rose wall, Melvin Muckey, Reinhold Heise, his twin Day, Mattie Dewel, Ethel Lowe, "Hen" Willey, oh such a host of young folk, and what good times we had. Though they were twins, and to see them walk down the street together, you couldn't tell one from the other. Ray also had a very good voice and sang in the Methodist church choir as well as in a high school quartet. I don't believe Day sang. But both were fine lads and so well liked At one time Day and Ray shared a buggy horse, Slivers, I believe was his name, and a single-seat buggy. Zada Brunsen and I have had many a ride in it, and undoubtedly other girls shared the pleasure of a buggy ride with them. Both boys were popular with the feminine sex. I am hoping his ailment proves simple. Best of all I hope they find nothing wrong - shall we just say "Old Age?' That covers a lot of th..igs of minor importance and I am wishing him a speedy return to VERY good health. * * * It takes money to run a church and I hand it to the women to come up with new ideas of obtaining it painlessly. Eva Dewel was here today to present me with what might be called "Savings Bag." Each month, a small amount is requested, covering non-expensive items. Just for fun I checked my list and it amounts to a trivial sum, but when multiplied by quite a goodly number of women, it's an amount not to be scorned. * * * This is cute too - Waiter"How would you like your rice?" Spinster- "Thrown at me." SWEA-EAGLEI H By Mrs. Kenneth Brones 1 Mrs. Kenneth Seylar and Kenneth of San Francisco, Calif., came Thursday to visit relatives in the area, including her daughter-in-law and grandson, Mrs. Richard Seylar and Timmy, who are at the Walter O'Green home for the summer. The William Gies, Jr., and children were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. William Gies, Sr. and took her to the Holy Family hospital to visit Mr. Gies, who submitted to surgery Tuesday. The grandchildren were allowed to visit in the hospital, also. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Modracek and daughter visited the Art W. Larsens and the Ronald Johnson, and all called at the Holy Family hospital Sunday to visit Mrs. Ernest Larsen. Sunday evening, all were guests at the Sam Larsen home on Silver Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiechmann entertained relatives Sunday at dinner in honor of Allen's confirmation at Our Saviour Lutheran church. Dinner guests of the Wiechmanns included the Art W. Larsens and family, Mrs. Harriet Patterson and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dougherty and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hanna and family, Henry Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wiechmann, George Bencks and family, the David Norvells and the Lou Goertzens and family. Wednesday evening supper guests of the Laurel Petersons were Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson and Mrs. Mark Flattery, Ann and David. Weekend guests at the Laurel Peterson home were her parents, the Otto Falks, Mrs. Esther Kronbeck and Hilda Kronbeck. Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Paul entertained Sunday after confirmation at Our Saviour Lutheran church for their daughter, Sandra. Guests included her grandmother, Mrs. Elnora Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Neubauer, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hegland and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Skartvedt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newhall and Mark, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neubauer, Pastor and Mrs. Rex Spicer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bailey and son, Mrs. Paul Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer Bjorklund and family and Richard Stewart. For Father's Day, the Dave Martins and the Virgil Prestons, along with the Leo Crowleys, met at Mankato to enjoy a picnic David McCoy, Decatur, ni., flew to Mason City Saturday, where he was met by the Francis Torines. He came to spend the summer with them. ENDS WEDNESDAY JUNE 28th She's the worlds most beautiful bank- robber! STARTS THURSDAY JUNE 29th DRIVE IN Tfaatte ENDS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28th 1. THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES 2. HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA STARTS THURSDAY, JUNE 29th OTTO PREMINCER'S HURRY SUND01/WV PANAVISION V. TECHNICOLOR*- A PARAMOUNT RELEASE. 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