The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Rickey Slill Experimenting; Much Depends On Dean's Arm HV HARRY GUAVSOX Sports Kditor, NI;A Service ST. PETERSBURG. Fin., March 15.—Branch Rickey, Ihe eminent baseball scientist, is doing nlto- gether too niui-li cxpei-iiiu'iiliii!; to suit his very practical manager. Prank Frlsch. Nineteen seasons on the firing line taught Frisch the vnlue of experience at, and familiarity with, a position, so his pain Is not confined to chipped bones in his right font. The world champion worrier 1ms a severe headache as Hickey, at a time when Ihe old Fordham Plush should be picking the St. U>uis Cardinals of 1933, attempts to make: Outfielder Don Padgett a catcher Third Baseman Don Oiiliertdge a shorslop. Outfielder Terry Moore a third haseman, and— Pitcher Mike H,yba a catcher. The Eed Birds haven't 'won a pennant in three years, which is the longest they've been out of first place since 1320, when they came down in front for the first time. They bagged five flags In nine campaigns, but have been going back Ihe last three. They finished second in 1935, (led for "the same spot in '3G and ran a poor fourth tost term, 15 games behind the New York Giants, 12 in back of the Chicago Cubs, five to the rear of the Pittsburgh pirates, and only one tame ahead of the Boston Bees. They dropped seven of their lust nine engagements. The big improvement this season Is expected to be provided by a , subdued Dizzy Dean. The incredible hick won only 13 games in 1037, developing- arm trouble and being Jpraclically ivorthu-ss after being struck on the great toe by a liner from Earl Averill's bat in the all- star game. Dean's ilduru \Voiihl Help In Hie form lhat was his from J3J2 lo 1030, inclusive, Dean easily might make up from seven to 12 ot _thc games the Gas House Gang finished In arrears In 1937. but D!« is just another of Ihc Cardinal question marks. II Dixy's arm is al! right., the blatant blokes in the red blazers should get ample pitching even If the removal of dead tissue from Paul Dean's shoulilor last May leaves him with a dead arm. If life two Deans come through, tl goes vvlUioiit saying (lint, the Cardinals will have an outstanding staff, for— 'Ihe ever steady Lon Wnrncke never looked better, and Ihc corps is roiimled out by 81 Johnson, Bolj Wetland, Bill McGee, and Max Ma- ' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Marked Cards , con. who engagements . for •Columbus in 1937, Roy Ucu- sliaw, the little southpaw «-lio 1ms Men service, with l!ic "Cubs ; mid Brooklyn Dodgers, and Ray Harrcll, who Is about due to locate control. also are on hand, together \vltli a half dozen others brought, in from the Itirins. But,' the finest, pitching In history woiikl^ be sorely Iwndicapped by the current crop of Red Bird catchers. l-'riscli would like lo slrln? almi» with Padgett, but 1ms little faith in the ability of as fine a teacher ns nlckey to convert an outfielder so rapidly. Mickey Owen may do some day, but lie is very young and still inclined to be ratllc- brained. Sluggers Sure of Jobs Outside of pitchers Dizzy Dean ami Warncke. only two Cardinals are assured ot iwsilions, and they arc the great long-range hitters. Joe iVedtvfck and johnny Mine. Hard Luck Stuart Martin \ull clo nt second base as quickly as he recovers Ills full strength following a late-January attack of mumps. Other candidates for second 'base are Jimmy Brown and Jimmy Buchcr. Brown nlso plays considerable shortstop. Brown probably will wind up at shortstop if the llect omilcridse . finds the Job loo difficult, which would leave an additional aspirant for third base, where there already nre Joe Stripp and Art Garibaldi the latter back from the Pacific Coast, League. There also are Justin Stein, up from Columbus, and Julimiy Mi;c Once again the ticket appears to rend, "As Ucnn goes, so SOPS the Cardinals," bill Just in case the big rit'hl-hamler's arm fulls to show ts old-time pep. the Red liirds may be salvaged by young Bill McGee, iromishm rookie up from Columbus. Johnny Mlze, star first rjicker', still retains his balling eye. which is very Important from the Cards' olfensivo point of view. Terry Moore, If Rickey fioos through with, his plan lo , In from center fit-Id. Ilie lnttc p r Jimmy Webb, up from Columbus. perhaps is the finest tickling shortstop in Ihc parly, but Frisch doesn't like (he way "Skceler" handles the shlllalah despite Hip fact that he hit .200 in the American Association. Enos SlaMLjhler is the prize recruit, of (he 1938 cardinnls. and next lo Aledivick and Jlixe. Is surest of a position. He's an outfielder, mid ire's over the terrain so rapidly (hut Prlsch already Is considering playing him in center. "Country" Slaughter's cool ,382 blared Ihe slugging trail for American Association batters last •sca.soii. Sorlinc Talent Is 1'ioblcm The Cardinals have plenty of outfielders, including Stanley I!or- (liigaruy and Uii; veteran J<ihimy Cooncy, indeed, the Gas House Gang has its customary' carload of material. The problem is assorting il. lo- ratmg n catcher callable of hnn- dlint! what easily might, be superlative pitching, and developing a first rale- second base com- . Prisoli wishe. 1 ; dial Rickey would quit ex.x'rimenlim; with s.uppose<Uy ma.tor league ball players, and let him i : el down to die'task"a'l hand. • ' Armenian Wins Over Olsen Rough Way; Log us Beats \Visbar "Rad Mike" Nazerian turned on Ihc liviit nt (lie right lime last night lo down olc Olsen in the tealnrc match of the American Legion's weekly athletic show at the North Second street arena. The swarthy Armenian who i.s generally in trouble- whether he's winning or losing barely avoided a clnsh with one of the spectators utter he htul COTTON SEED i). r. i,. NO. u First Year From Krmlrr Custom (ilmifd BRAXTON G5LL Dell, Ark. Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For (All Taxes Pniil) SAVEON GAS CO. -Holland, Mo. Highway fil NOW IS THE TIME To Have Your Car Made Ready For The SECOND PERIOD of the State Inspection We'll Test Free of Charge BRAKES LIGHTS TIRES Windshield Wiper Wheel Alignment DRIVE IN NOW! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut rhone 810 disposed of his opponent lust night. bt.'l severul olllcer.3 stepped up and prevented another mill-climax to an uiKpicslloniibly rough match, Nnzcrlnn won the first, and third fnlls, uslitf; the same hold, the front crotch and body slum, lie required 21 minutes for thu first anil .seven mlnuies for Die third and (li-cldliij! tumble. Oton scored once, winning the .woud full with a crnb hold In four minute. liolh men Klut^nl and lugged their way through Ihe mntch al- Dioijgh Olsen iipjxiraitly had tin- crowd on his side tills week. Referee Mike Mcroncy was entwined In tin.- sipiirm!ii|> arms and legs of Hit. 1 p«fornn.Ts Keveral times ami look about as much punis'limem us the principals. Tt wus a battle lietv/een two ".•itroiiK meji" when Jimmy ia K w,, veteran Greek, vanquished (; 1K Wlsbur, Ihe blonde Uhlan. In an lnt<'rc£lijij{ preliminary. Ijogus, sliowlnif In the local arciia for the- lirsl lime, used u reverse ttuadltKk mid neck slreteh to win the fhsi and third falls, while Wisbnr to,,x the- second with a firownln-j hoj. scissors. The PAYOI Jiy IIAKKY GKAYSON S|inrls Editor, NKA Service BRADUNTON, Flu., March is- Close observers at tile Brooklyn club's deal-water cnmp stispea that the death of Stephen W. MC- Kccver will hasten the sale of the Dodgers lo the group headed by James J. Walker, former mayor of New York. , . . Tlic Chai'ie.s Ebbets' heirs need money, and in the past, Jumes Muivcy, son-in-law of McKecver who now assumes active charge, hnsn't hud the time. Mulvcy Is in the mollon picture business. The club Is heavily in hock to a Brooklyn batik, which swooped down on the. opening day receipts n year ago. . . . 'Hie Brooklyn franchise long was one ot the best In baseball but it hasn't paid dividends In throe campaigns. All luuid,s appeared willing to sell last winter, but spring brought fresh money, Larry MncPliulI mid Dolph GVmiilli. Tin- Flatbnsh nock didn't pav nny 560.000 for Cnmilll, by thu way. . . . The first baseman comes from the Phillies for Eddie Morgan mid $20.1100. . . . Ixjti Wnrneke, Bob Weiland, Bill McGce, Stanley Borilngnrny. and tlic Pepper Pot himself compose Pepper Martin's Wildcats, who nlglitly entertain (lie St. Louis Cardinals and guests of the SI. Petersburg liotcl-wlicre they are staying. McCarthy's Smartest Deal Baseball! men gathered iu l!ic citrus belt still winder why Connie Mack, whose Philadelphia Athletics need a hnrd-hltling .shortstop badly, permitted Bill Knickerbocker lo hop from the lowly SI. : Browns to the New York Yankees. When Knickerbocker returned his unsigned contract to the Browns. Bill DcWIU gave him permission to make n deal for himself and askeil what minor league club he preferred. , . . Knickerbocker telegraphed Joe McCarthy, who promptly telephoned him In fAs /Ini-eles. . . . The Yankee director told Kiiick that he Intended to siring along with young Joe Gordon at second buss und Frank Croscltl at shortstop, but (hat he would like U> have him as u backstop for that pair as well as Red liolfe at third. Knlck replied tie would gladly curry bats for the Yankees. . . . fio McCarthy j-ot him for $20,000 mill nan llelfnor. . . . He considers It out- of the .smartest deals lie ever made . . . and he's right. Joe Modwick ef the Cardinals, tin; hardest ami most consistent hitler In base-bull today, swings a 30 by :<(3 bat. Two Kinds of I'laycre Hill McKcehiiie, highly .•iiiccc.s.s- ful manager of the Cincinnati Iteds. says the simplest, way Is Hie best way in baseball. "The,- .smiutal strategy," t-iilrps Wilklnskiti-i; Will, "is to score more runs than the opposition." . . fie explains there are smart play- en; and dumb players, and that tlic wise ones can i;rasp ideas, play.s, and signs, mid that Ihe dumb cannot. . . . 'ilie dumb ln'comc befuddled when askc<l to think beyond their rapabilltles. McKoclmlc asserts thai will) men like these, he doesn't attempt to be a muster mind, but tiles lo place himself on their level. . . . Tu them, he believes, the best slijii is no sign, . . . 'nicy arc left to | think only of hitting, running, fielding, mill throwing. Members of Ihc Kids and Kubs, SI. Petersburg's famous Tlirec- Quarter Century club baseball teams, nre in Ihe midst of a modi- lied sltcloH'ii strike.' . . . Ousted from their playing Held at Waterfront Park by the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kids and Kubs won't crass bats agnln until , the sunshine city provides Uiem with a permanent playing field. ROLL'EM FAST, NEAT-ENJOY EM MILD AND TASTY ^^^^t^. HBBra*' /—-^—^~^v—- r™^ f' ( SMOKIJI'15 WHAT 1 f I f YOU MAKE IT. Pur' \**> *mf GETOUMKUT PRINCE ALBERT! ^f^\ (inafoll-your-own cignreUeiin • W e.cry Z-o.. lin of Prmcr Alb<,l huNCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE " Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Miss Alice Miehle was hoslts.s to the members of the Epworth League of the steele Methodist church .Sunday evening at a pot luck •dinner. Their next meeting which will be tlic second Sunday nlstlit In April, will be held at the home of Mary Clark. There were more than 150 ores- fill ill the banquet given by the •senior class 01 Steelo high school In honor of the basketball teams at the high .school auditorium l-li- dxy night. Afa-r the b.UHjuct the fiiu-sts enjoytd dancing mull a late hour. Mcrvln Wells v.-as toastmastor anil the captains of the teams, Miss TooLsle cupclnnd :uul Arllmr IH-s- ter, made brief talks and introduced eiic'h member of the teams. Mr. and Mr.s. Arthur 'furner, Miss Minnie Emm end friends from Milan, Tenn., were guesLs of relatives here Sunday. Miss Vlrgle Travis of Parma •spent the iveck cud here as guest of Mr. and Mrs. T, N. Brlggiinci;. Jlmmie Heaves, Wade Hollcnbeck and Misses Lorene Hushing and Irene Harris vlslti-d relatives of Mr. Keevcs at Hunibollit, 'll'iin., over, •Sunday. Miss milli Fowler Ins entered a beauty school at lllylheville. Arthur Taylor find Hill Taylor were business visitors in Memphis Monday. Miss Mnry Alice cook is confined to her home with the mumps. Miss Minnie McClure is confined TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1938 to Ifcr home by Illness. Misses Nina/Brooks and Margaret McClure were visitors in Hay 11 Sunday afternoon. Misses Jjuva and Mnry Aiimi McCann .spent last week end in Matthews as BUI-SIS of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. .VfcC'ann. Mr. and Mrs, Mo Caon and sou, Charles, und Mrs. Carmack McDonald came for them Friday afternoon. Charles Wagster. Clyde sr.rger- nn<l Sam Owens were injured in ft car accident Saturday Jiisjht and after being treated by a physician they 'are n-ciiix-rating at their home. All are getting along lino except nnrkcr who :;«-ms to havi- a chest Injury. Miss Mable Alexander spent tin- week end with her parents In iluytl. Mrs. Cieurgu Oilliaiul, who for severul months has teen sick from a cancer, Is in a v cry low condition at this lime, she Is ;il ht-r )io»n> In Cooler. Glen White returned over the week end after spending several NEW SPRING YARNS AND FASHIONS Ky Hcmat INSTRUCTIONS Mrs. Leslie Hooper lion Chickasawlu Phone 192 GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Karl R. Parker, Prop. Olencoe Hotel Bldjf. Hand or Electric Kunicurlng USED CAR BARGAINS 1935 Ford V-8 Coupe ............................. $189.00 1933 Chevrolet Sedan .............................. $122.00 1936 Oldsmobile Coupe ........................ $325.00 1934 Ford Tudor ............................... . ...... $170.00 1935 Ford Tudor ....................................... $225.00 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 810 V jult wis/ih tor La Sail ... am rv TM TIIK NEIGHBORHOOD of n quarter of a J- million people v!io arc now wishing they owned a LaSallc might just aa well be rfn'wigonc! Tlicse people believe tlicy can't afford I'tiSallc. Yet—they paiil as much for their cars ns n new LaSalle costs. And they eave luithing mi operating costs—for LaS.ilIc is the worlil'g most economical fine car. Surely, we speak only common sense when we say that the man \vho pays the /iricn of a I.aSalle, ought to gel a LaSallc. So check over your motor car investment. If you have been paying above a thousand dollars fur your motor cars—make your next one a l.aSalli-. You're entitled lo it, ami you '"'gl't as veil have it I BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR SALES CO. 117 K. Main Phone 88$ days In Memphis on business. Miss Montti Crawford was a Inc'ss visitor In Blythevllle M<i Dr. J. W. liobblns, who Krlffe past two weeks has been under treatment, at the Methodist hospital In Memphis, was relumed lo Ills home in .Sleele Sunday but Is \ not gelling along so well nt 11)1.5: time. Mrs. J. w. llcno, Martlia and • Bill Hobulns drove down and brought liirn hoinc. ; James Aslicraft ot Cooler spent.' last wcetoiu in steele witli his: grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I,. C. •Spencer. Mrs. ],. E. Cooper and Mrs. II. L, Casey visited Mr.s. T. S, Cooper sit ( (he Memphis Methodist hospital i Thursday atul ri'i»)rl her condition as Improved. Meats and / Groceries ' At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest 1'rices on Poultry' at all 'times. GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main St. I'lione M Everything for your enter* lainment and comfort. Admission Matinee 10c & 26o Admission Night ISc & 36o Watch Society Page Of Courier News For Free Show Guests HOPHins miiLfln WIIC4IRI I »i* WALTER ABEL ™ H£NRY STEPHENSON tfO- SAPIO ?.(| UI . - Captain Kind's Treasure" and "Ears of Experience" • Admission Mating lOa & 26o ! Admission Night ICc £• 3Gc ! Weds. - Thuri Also Paramount News & Comedy Ailnu'ssinn M.illiu'c lOc & 2Sc Admission Night IGc & 36e. ROXY Admission always lOc & 26c. Slatinees Saturday & Sunday Only Tue. - Wed. - Thur. PAL NIGHTS! > I Two Admillcil for the Price of 1 I Lit* «mong ""•JiV*""". »« rf**" 1 . "Jo.W llof'l" -' Also selected shorts

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