The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1967 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1967
Page 10
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round — SPECIAL RE PORT FROM WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON — Colonel Nasser of Egypt apparently has decided he may yet be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Both the Cairo and the Damascus radio are still shrieking against the United States, insisting that U. S. planes helped the Israeli air force in defeating the Arabs; that the U.S. supplied Israel with napalm; that U.S. troops were involved. All this is pure hokum. If Nasser himself ever believed it for a moment, this column can reveal that the Russian ambassador in Cairo informed Nasser personally that not one U.S. plane flew over a combat zone. The Soviet navy dogging the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the eas- BREW PEARSON Arabia and two from Iraq were training in this country. Only one Israeli pilot was in the country at the time; he was graduated June 1. The Arab pilots are continuing their training, even though Saudi Arabia and Iraq have broken relations with the United States. - o -DODD'S EXPENSES Sen. Tom Dodd of Connecticut, in his impassioned appeal to the Senate for vindication, declared that any Senator who deliberately defrauded the government should be not merely censured but expelled. As for himself, he insisted he had never done anything of the sort. Here are a few examples of what Dodd did do that some people may consider defrauding the government: He ordered the gold-embossed invitations for his daughter's wedding from the Senate stationery room and charged them to the taxpayers. He billed the government for an expensive desk set which his daughter Martha gave her new husband as a birthday gift. He allowed her children to use government phones to place long-distance calls to their friends around the country. One son, Christopher, ran up a bill of several hundred dollars phoning girl friends from Providence College. The calls were charged to the taxpayers. Dodd also got material out of State Department files to help another son, Tom, Jr., with his doctor's dissertation. A report on the Central American Common Market was prepared for Tom, Jr. by the Library of Congress - at the taxpeyers 1 expense. He used this material for his dissertation, which was typed by a secretary paid by the taxpayers. Dodd used Senate employees as personal servants. Gene Cullen, whose salary also was paid by the taxpayers, spent his full time driving the Senator around town and running errands for Mrs. Dodd. Once he drove the Dodd's maid from Washington to Con- necticut to clean their summer home over the weekend. Another time, this same Senate employee drove all the way to Boston to pick up a valise that Tom, Jr. had left behind. The Senator at times assigned as many as seven Senate employees to solicit funds for his testimonial dinners which he claimed were intended for his personal use. Ed Sullivan, whose salary is paid by the taxpayers, spends most of his time raising money and seeking business deals for the Senator. Dodd years ago borrowed nearly $20,000 from George Gildea, then put Gildea on the public payroll instead of repaying the loan. Dodd finally paid back the loan eight years late, after learning this column was investigating him. Dodd also borrowed $5,000 from Al Morano and put him on the Senate payroll. Morano got $4,250 back after our investigation began. In view of this record, some readers may feel that Dodd was right when he said any Senator who defrauded the government ought to be expelled. - o - ISRAELIS HAVE SOME EXPLANATIONS The great majority of the American people, 97 per cent non-Jewish, thrilled at the victory of little Israel over the lopsided might of the Arab world. And, after victory, those who heard Israeli Ambassador Avraham Harmon were impressed with his words of conciliation urging that Israel and the Arabs must "together find a way to lift our part of the world back to what it was in ancient times when it was the center of civilization." But victory brings obligation, and the Israelis owe it to themselves and the world to explain some of the behavior of their armed services. Perhaps also the Senate or House Armed Services Committee should investigate the puzzling circumstances under which the Israeli air force, plus the Israeli navy, took coordinated action against an American vessel flying the American flag, 15 miles off the Egyptian coast in broad daylight at a time when Israel was winning and didn't have to act in a hurry. Furthermore, a coordinated attack by both torpedo boats and airplanes means that the action was planned in advance. The column has checked the facts regarding the disaster which killed 31 men, and either the American commander of the Liberty was negligent or the Isareli military got headstrong and attacked the ship regardless of its flag - or both. - o - - LIBERTY EASILY IDENTIFIED- The facts are that the Liberty was seen by the Israelis off the Egyptian coast at dawn. They did not attack until 2:30 p. m. This gave them ample time to ascertain the identity of the ship. The Liberty was monitoring messages exchanged both between the Arabs in Cairo and Arab troops in the field and between Israeli troops in the field and Israeli headquarters in Tel Aviv. Since the Israelis were also monitoring messages and have given wide publicity to the messages they intercepted between President Nasser and King Hussein, they must have picked up the Liberty's messages and known what she was doing. And since the Israeli military have been quite independent of Israeli civilian leaders, it is entirely possible that they attacked the ship because they resented any monitoring of their battle plans even by the United States. At that time, it should Thursday, June 22, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 be noted, the Israelis were indignant over President Johnson's delay in opening the Strait of Tiran to Israeli shipping. It was obvious that no merchant ships would be using these waters unless they were American, British, Italian, Greek or Russian. No Egyptian or Arab vessel would be off the coast so close to the fighting at a time when the Israeli air force was making mincemeat of Egyptian tanks, airplanes and air bases. This is one explanation for the tragic loss of 31 men aboard the Liberty. -CIA SLIPPED UP- Another explanation is that the CIA, which commanded the Liberty, failed to notify Israeli authorities of the Liberty's location. It was U.S. Sixth Fleet policy to notify local naval authorities of the location of its ships, but the CIA, which controlled the Liberty, did not follow this practice. A Navy crew was aboard but the CIA gave general orders. All these are points which a Congressional committee should investigate. Once the Liberty was attacked, however, it appears that Israeli authorities in Tel Aviv acted forthrightly to confess error and avert a major catastrophe. What happened was this: The Liberty immediately signaled the Sixth Fleet, "Mayday" (the international distress signal). We have been attacked." It was not then known who were the attackers. They could have ' been Russian. Planes shot up from Sixth Fleet carriers to go to the Liberty's rescue. At this point Israeli authorities, picking up the Liberty's distress signal, sent an urgent message to the Sixth Fleet that Israeli planes had attacked the Liberty by mistake. Israeli officials cite this as evidence that the attack on the Liberty was a bona fide error. Some Navy men, however, wonder how Tel Aviv knew so quickly that they had been in error. At any rate, thanks to the message from Tel Aviv, the Sixth Fleet flashed word of the incident to Washington and President Johnson got on the hot line to notify Premier Kosygin. tern Mediterranean was keeping a close visual and radar watch on U.S. planes, and the Russians are fully aware of the falsity of the Arab charges. Evidence of this is the fact the Soviet ambassador to the U.N. never even mentioned these charges in the cease-fire debate in the Security Council while the war was still going on. He mentioned everything else, including the war in Vietnam, but he knew definitely that the Arabs were talking nonsense. However, Nasser not only had to save face with the people W the Arab world, but he nad to forestall his own oustev, if he could, by the Egyptian mUitary. This he also was able to do by his "resignation" and the organized popular demonstrations in his favor. He then immediately threw out the military leaders who had been conspiring against him, men who incidentally knew that U. S. and British planes had had nothing to do with their defeat. But Nasser also may be hoping that keeping the Arabs stirred up will put him in a better position to bargain with the West — otherwise he may soon have to come to the United States again, hat in hand, for wheat. Russia's wheat crop this year is not expected to be the bumper harvest of last year. Nasser can't count on much of this to avert starvation in Egypt. And he doesn't have the money to buy wheat for cash on the world market; Egypt is so deeply in debt and in arrears on its foreign debt payments that he can't buy on credit -- unless Uncle Sam subsidizes him again as he has in the past. Thus Nasser -- smiling like the Sphinx of the Nile -- may suggest the he could calm the Arab propaganda and perhaps even arrange to restore shipping wheat to Egypt. Thus he would have Humpty Dumpty back on the wall again. - o - -- U. S. SOVIET CONFRONTATION-- Russia, meanwhile, is trying to recover some of its lost prestige in the Near East by rushing more planes to the Arab states, chiefly Egypt and Syria. Many of them are old and obsolete compared with the Israeli planes, but they do have wings and can fly, and they are a sop to Arab pride. t , . This is giving rise to fresh fears that there may yet be a U. S.-Soviet confrontation in the Near East. Because if the Arabs get themselves organized and try again to attack Israel, the U.S. might be forced to intervene. It is not generally known, but President Johnson felt that the United States was committed to intervene militarily in the recent fighting if the Arabs had achieved any success against the Israelis. The spectacular victory of the Israelis made any U S move unnecessary. However, if Russia persists in replacing the equipment lost by the Arabs, and if the Arabs are then able to coordinate something they seldom are able to do because of their own bitter rivalries - then another crisis could develop. - o - - ARAB TRAINEES IN U.S. - The U. S. is still training pilots from Arab countries despite broken diplomatic relations with some of their governments. Even as their governments were accusing the United States of sending planes to Israel's aid, pilots from Jordan, 38 from Saudi BUJINK; PERJO/IALITIES AND 5€R,VIC€5 PATrLONIZf HmCING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station end Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot Cargill, Inc. TALL In Many Ways BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES Phone 295-5266 • For Remftdellnj, Modemiilni • For Firm fc Home Building • For Ready-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. »+» + •» "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" We'll Appreciate a Chance to Iitlmate Without Obligation on any Town or Farm Construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. .»»»»« PHONE 295-3577 »»»»•••* ALOONA, IOWA .»»»•••+»•»••»• i i < > < > < i ^OSSUTH , oilco. a/gorra,/a. SERVICE M/^Kil BULK STATION IVIOPII SERVICE PHILLIPS & MCGREGOR STREETS ALGONA, IOWA JIM SLOTER, OWNER 1 CARGILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your grain before you sell. • Federal licensed Storage Warehouse. Dale Kleingartner or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillips St. Ph. 295-2741 BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South Jfackort, Alaona ?hon? 295-286? (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK ALOONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 928-2312 We Welcome A Chance To Give You An Estimate On Residential, Farm or Commercial Building — No Obligation. CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 This 480,000 bushel elevator is located at 419 So. Phillips St. It is operated by Manager Dale D. Kleingartner and assistant manager Corwin C. Peer. Cargill, Inc. features Nutrena Feed, a B & L Mobile Mill and Smith- Douglass Aqua Ammonia Fertilizer. The office, just south ot the huge elevator, has Print-O-Matic Dial Scales which are 50 feet in length and have a 50-ton capacity. The elevator itself is capable of elevating 7,000 bushels of grain per hour. 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