The Courier News from ,  on May 27, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from , · Page 7

Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
Page 7
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\V1 ; }DNESI>MV -ai-M' .&7 r ifofe---- - BIA'TUBVH-LB, (AKK.)'COUHJKU NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for COIIECCII- th-e Insertions: One time |«i lino Iflo Two;limes por line por day .. 08c Tnrce times per line poi day . OCc Elx tlrnrj per line per dnj .. 056 Montll rate per lino 80c Classified SHOPPING GUIDE! Mlcnmum 60a Arts, onlm-Oi lor rnrcc or nix limes ftiifl Blo]>i>?(! bolorc expiration will tie charged for llic number' of times llio nd nptxmred and "Oustmenl. ol bill mmlo. All Classified Ailvi'.'llslns copy MLbiiiilli'd by persons residing outside ' of me city must be nccom- pnnicd by cash. Hales may be easily computed from above table Anvenittiif ordered for irregular Insertions lake Hie one lime rale No i«|iu[i.'.iulliiy will be Ukcn fov more Uian one incorrect tii- Krtlon of nny classified BC|. Business Directory < ^jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj^ WE IHJY& StiLL HAY And we handle 1 nil leading brands ot lliijh Grade Coal: SUMMIT, GHKA'P IJKAKT. HRII.UANT, MONTICKI.LO KTC. Superior Coal ci Alining Cn. I'hone 70(1 VACCINOL I Mrs. J. J. Davis — Spencer Oorsrtlrro ' For Sale TERMITES l(j tnoli Emerson osc'litnlliiB 1'AN. O(KX| comllilnn. Pflce $12. Tran- Ilism Coal Co., S. Uroadwuy. •JU-c-IMf HKAN A T01UATO STICKS, . r i & (i I'T. LONG, 1'iC KACH. CltlCACiO M1L.1.. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MON1IY HACK GUAKANTK1! Willi livery li. & (1. Or Square Deal Car Honjrlil I ; ro)il rhilli|is Motor Co. 1031 rciiti) v-s r o it n o it SKI (AN— Same as New .. ?:<!>. r > 19X5 I' O It I) V-8 I'lCli-UI 1 . Cnlor Illlltk. Slotor .lull Tires OK. I'riec ?H5 $115 Kills 'Prevent* When They Certified Potato Plants Tomato. I'qiiKM 1 fc KBB 1'lnnt.s <:. o. iinu-ks Cor. bake t"fc Mnln or 520 Miutlsou Good IJscd trucks 10:ir,— \>t. Ton Ford . : !»:»— y. Ton 1'onl rirk-Up; • 1031— ly. Ton Clirvralcl 1^31—HJ Ton Inlerna'ltuiui All have Conil Slake Hollies TKDMS J)clia hii])leincMiL Go I'hone JOO Credit, on New Chevrolet or lined tar, value $Ml).00 or mo- 1 ?, to buyer having no trnde-in. | IV.ail discount lor cash. Box "A1J", j Courier News. fill II E. C, Robinson Lumber Co Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 VJ35 roit i) V-K m: COIM'E. Cnlnr Green. A Krai Itu.v! KvcrylliiiiK in (V-l Condition. Trice IDIil AIODKI. "A" l-'OKI). 103C : • l.iirnsr. New 1'ainl. New- Tires. Slolor A-l Slialle. l'i ice • • • ?^-> Liberal Alio\vai:ir. Oil Your 1'res- cnt Car - - Low I'iiuince Cliarsc Tliroiiifli U. C. C. Olicu Evrniiifls fur Your Convcn- Irin-c. Drive liy Lots anil t!ct Aejiiiaintcil. Cull X10 - 811 tor Demonstration or Infnrmiiliuii. Ask for Oiavts, Shanks, Calvin of ISarlicr. iPHILLIPS USED S CAR LOT-.: ;;,;» GUI & wuimit - ,• t'lnnic 110 or 811 '••' Ojicn At Niclil I 1 or lleut Clmractur Lnau.s from $100 to $2000 repnid over a pcrind of 12 to GO inonllis. No red tape find o\v government interest rate. Sec E. C. Robinson Lumber Co SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE: ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hiibbard Hdw. Co. Best Prices Paid For .. ; SCRAP-IRON •1 room house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. Call 2T1-W. .23-olf 3 FURNISHED Rooms, modern. Sink in kitchen. DM Hcarn. 23-!>-k-'23 2 room Furnished apartment. Ligtit.s, water Irce. Reasonable. Call 0-iJ. 22-c-tf !! Hooin HOUSE. 115 S. Division. Ideal lor tourists. Low mil. Max 13. lieid. Phone 882. lOc ktt COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. .Jennie Craig, SCO Main, Phone 71G. 8 room liousc, furnished or unfurnished. 2 baths and sleeping porch. 911 Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. c-k-13 3 room FURNISHED nparlmcnl, modi-:n. 1117 As!i. Mrs. George Matllicws. Call 2D1. ck-tf Modern furnished liousc for summer. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 300 lake. C-clc-tl Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Hlylheville Iron & Mcliil'Cp : 221 W. Cherry WAIJTEU — <-.Ll. K1NT)S JUNK Scrap Iron, .?3 to S5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4'^c Ib. Copper Wire, 4c lo 5c Ib. 1 Radiators, 114c Ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF AUIAN Eggs, Poultry Shoe Repairing Shoes Iliilf Soled, 65c& up Strinf.s with Job, Ic extra . SATISFACTION CiVIAHANTHKU Tiii'i: iii.ii): SHOI-: SIIDI- Next to H. T. Worthy's THIS CURIOUS WORLD*?. William Forgnaon Call J. B. Chine iM TUIU J;K'l:M)ii',s Kc'rvVc Slut lot; IU:[p"^VimTc(l"~ : MtiUJli- in mieiieiiinlx'ivd whltii .!., honsi>luT|iliij:, no cmiklnu. Winblnis »r Ivonini;. Apply lo Mrs. Aimer Driver. Osrrola, Ark. a(i-|i-k-^l] Found Ai'kansa.s 'lYnrk license No. 2n-'IHi». Owni'r may liave .sumo by cnll- I»S! at. Courier News olllce and p;iy- hlrj l-luu'Ki'.s. ACTUALLY INCREASED ITG RANGE AFTliK THE INVASION OF THE WRITE MAIN. A LARGE MAJOETIV OP FLOWERS WHICH DEPEND UPON > FOR. POLLINATION ARE EITHEK. roui.TKY BOUGHT & SOLD lilrjbesL I'rlccis I'uld B. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main Lost Brown leather grip conlnlnln^ \vo- man'.s clol'ncs. Hnndiiy on Clear Lake rond. HEWAHU. Mollie Tay- Couple Wed 40 Years After Romance Started! IJUHNSVILI-E, N. C. (Ul 1 )—A ro- I iniiiK'i- that stnrtcd -10 years HBO! when she was a hotel waitress am! j he \viis n eolli-ge freslinmn cnbnl-l nntoil here with Mio niurrlnKO ot' Mrs. Lillian Ray Chase, ot Hums-' \ille. nnd William M. 1'eler.son, ofi Pcndleton, Ore. jj They llrst mi-t- In IBM. A ytuT | later they met again, anil in liinil they \\cri- ensaucd. I'ilh-ntnl objection nUci'vencd. Peterson wont West with the promise he would eome back sonic day and marry Hie (,'irl of fhi; inniinlnins. MonlliK J)awod into years. Eieh married and roared a family. After dc-alh clnlmert Ihe niiilc of eiieli tlielr romanee was renewed Train Aluvrs I'iiiin inn Milvs (Ul')-An onlliv farm with HvfsKx'k, lann 1; nnd liouselmlcl [itrnlltii luis bci-n moved -bodily (rum n part of Yorkshire to'another train. The iMiUrc- moving o)>;rult< look oiily n few hours. HUSINKSa Si I'OMTICAl. l.Kh'KUS A Sl'KCMAl.TY Wink iical, ehenp .V quick Vrtoians fleivli-i- U'dik All Hinds niiink WjiMi.'i Curlis J. Little llnlo llldtr, H la easier to pliatOKrunli llijr;; 1'nvlof volcanoes, «» tlie Alaskan-' IH-nln.Miln, ut, iilulit than In day£', llii'nl, FOR obscures tlicm In UK>«< daytime,, but nt nlglil, w ith (he uijr 1 of the mtilnlglit sin), visibility {£! fiilrly B00<t. . ' .„. ONE STOP' SUKVJCK S'l Dlt YOlflt COt SINCLAIR GAS SUKVJCK STATION •I'Oll Y011K CONVKNIKNCI'.' WELDING iil.liOTItll! * AC'ETVI.liNU lor, iiickmaii. 27-pk-30 I'KIUHS Barksdnlc! Mfg. Co. HHHMKKHCB9BHBaHHBB. ••••MMHMKBB^MBIKliaM RADIO REPAIRING \ Oomiilrlr Mnn ut Tillies nnd 1'urll MURK A HI) TlltK It itAlTRUV CO. AND I. LI li «I CAT ION WYSH I'KKHY in oliiti'K nl' SiTviVo I)i>|)iu-linonl. I,. II. JOHNSON in dianf f Hotly •Doinirlnunil. — IIATTKIIY MiltV !(!!•; — JiAlHATOK HKl'AIlt — IIOIIY woitK — I'KNDIilt W01IK • -l;i,,\SS IN'STAl.l.lil) —AUTO IMIt'J'S W, T. BARNBlTSi LAVA I)oi1(,'o A I'lyiiKjulh Dealer 1'IIONK 888 CAN FLOW OVER. A FIELD Of-5/VOW WITHOUT MELTING ALL- THE SNOW BENEATH IT./ THE LOWER. SURFACE COOLS RAPIDLV AND PROTECTS THE SNOW FROM THE TERRIFIC HEAT. e , 114 , T „,„„„,,, n feu- months ago. alth their The coining of the \vhlle mail .spelled (loom for most of (lie: la' unlinitl.s of Hie United Stiiles. bill tlio coyote, idtlim'Kh reduced soinc- utiuL In iiiiinboi. 1 ;, ro;inis toilny over u larger lueii than ever licforo. poison, nnd llirive.s on land opened lip by Hie white mini's ax. Courier News Classified Ads Pay j MiXT: ^VIl:^t llsh rnrrliis n "|H>li:" anil ccrlificnlc of pitas If you lutvn n burial a nny hind on ymu- loved OUCH whun Llicy nwiiy, \vo will iiecopl it ;d full value on Ihc provided ytiu buy ;ia much us $50 m- inoru in nicrchaiulisu. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONIO 2(1 LT1ONE 176 128 E. MAIN HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open Dpy and Night FRESH CHAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday LIUN & TEXACO GAS 16.30 gal. Cigarettes S1.25 Carton DIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Plionc 1503-F'l or 143 2 lioclroomr, or a two room furnished avKirlmcnl. Reasonable. Mrs: J. T. Collins, 1020 Heani. Unvcr llwr :il 1013 W. Walnut, 4 unlttrtiishal rooina. Call 227-J. ck-lf ONPOIlNIKHii!) 4 room apartment with batli. Cull :!27, or 55 n! night. I2-ck-tf Furnished 3-rooin. house. S03 N. Fiftli St. Couple Only. dh 5 Koom Apartmctit, 4 rooms furnished. J. II. Kmurt. Gail 805-.! 2c ktl KOOM. size 22 ny 5n. next, '.o llubbard Tire \- U.'.ll«ry: newly <lrcoral«l. Tom Jack.-,on. I'hone 8 25-ck-tl 4 room PUUNIKIIIiD iipart- iiienl. rtnplpx. Sluuie. vriy ctxil All cpiivenionues. Bef* Hall. f"«r SSO. 22-c-k-lf We Guarantee io Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 Wall Paper NEW PATTERNS—LOW THICKS CANVAS, PASTE ANI» TACKS ^ ASK ABOUT I'lTTSBUIKill'S NEW PAINT I'INANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'honc 40 1'rcc Estimates Automotive Tires. Tubes. Hatlevles. Paint, Tools. Motor Oil. Floor Mais. Seat Covers. Gel. our niicM More yon buy. Save Money I AVOJ.F AKIAN 1'honc 17tl 123 E. Main .Barber Shops HOLTS BMiDliR SHOP i ' , lOl'Soutli 2nd .St. HArRCOT ^Oe'.-SKAVE 15n"' Batli—Close 8 p.m.—Shine STOVES STOUIil) FOR bUM- Mfrt Local Hauling My Coal Is Black Bui I treat Yon White JOHN KUCHANAN—I'HONF. 107 Wanted -«' Used Furniture Spot Cash Pair Wade Furniture Co. " 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson VUD 1 THOUGHT YOU WERE THE OMLV PELLOW-WHQ_ RODE /-iTOUKJD OM A DINOSAUR - /COMMA MOW WHAT'LL ( A BETTER BUT, ALLEY, HE'LL BE SURE TO /I EXPfeCT SEE U£ __., __ _ OP THERE WOkl'T B£ SO MAUY 6UVS DM D1WO5AURS CLUTTEClMCr UP TH' LAWDSCAPE -THEM -/~ r 'i- >•• YOU AKl'l WON'T BE SO CROWDED - HOOTS AND HER lillDOIKS i \T OP,OUV ^vr- 1 W VOOUV.O XOU FOUKiO IKl CV\t<bT . .T-60VO '. W -\<b- \\M\\\U.iill "" \"0 <\A \-tVA9T TO 1936 BY NE» SERVICE. INC. Y. K. REG. U. S. ?XT. CFF. *•" ' HACK TO [.Ul.U lilCM.K! PAN6 THAT OUTLAW.' \THEN LET'S HE STILL REFUSES TO (FINPHIS TELL VifHERE THE KEiT/VVOUNPEP OF THET HOLPL) HERE HE IS. (THERE'S NO MONEY THAT PROVES IT, BOYS. 1 LET'S' KEEP THIS FELLA IM YOUR JAIL ' ON HlrA,EiTH£R- WE A1O.MEVJ WITH ATHIRP FELLER-/'fm^ SHERIFF-OURC IS UNDER REPAIR I'LL QUESTION MR.PICKET, WHO r^.rvr C'.nDDrrr* A*,\\rrjr" iini i i/n^-mi SHORE., THAT'5 AH IDEE-ASK PICKET. FRKCKI.KS AND IUS I-AYKUI, I'OODI.KS! BUT,GEE,KISrTER, POODLES ISN'T" VICIOUS! BESIDES, "r&U HAVE TIGERS AW LIOMS ' ThIIMGS IMSIDH THAT MUTf OF V3UPS THOUGHT MY LEFT LEG WAS A BONE, A;-JD DID HIG DARWDESI 10 3URY IT .'.'• I DOKITCAPE 1F-YOJ DID COME TO SEE THE' CIRCUS! YOU CANT GET IS1 WITH THAT HE CANT COME tkl, I TELL YOU! HE BLAME NEAR BUSTED UP THE SIDESHOW THE FREAK TENT ! : our HERE AND SHOW THIS KID WHAT

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