The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1967 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1967
Page 8
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WTABUSHIO «63 VOL.101 NO. 48 EDITOR'S NOTE: This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, July 26, 1951 issue of the Upper Des Moines. SUMMER IS VACATION TIME. Ideally the ordinary routine of life eases up a bit. There are many things that know no vacations. The Homemaker has more than her share of these. The house goes right on getting dirty, the dishes must still be washed. The laundry piles up with even more speed than it does in the winter-time and those easy looking, cold summer meals are often more trouble than the winter variety. Another duty that knows no vacation is the trip to the barber shop for hair cuts. FOUR OF US AT OUR house submitted to the scissors and clippers treatment this week. This consumed quite a bit of attention so I thought perhaps it might serve as a subject for the Woman's World. BILL AND DADDY VISITED the barber shop, Mary Ann went to the beauty shop and the clip joint for little Jean was the kitchen with Mama wielding the scissors on her bangs. It was hard for Bill to find time in his busy summer for a haircut. At first, Mary Ann was going to hold out for a permanent wave instead of a trim and the biggest problem with Jean was getting her to hold still. THERE ARE FEW THINGS to equal the speed with which a small boys hair grows in between hair-cuts - unless it is the speed with which his father's hair falls out. Dare I say, that with lots of Daddy's it's hair today and gone tomorrow? IT HAS BEEN SEVERAL YEARS since I visited a barber shop- Bill is big enough to make the trip himself-but from memory and from my scout's reports, women certainly aren't the only ones who buy lots of cosmetics. You girls who have not been in a barber shop should see the displays. It is called vanity in a woman, good grooming when a man uses the oils, lotions, creams, and liquids. There are all sorts of preparations to work against baldness, remedies for dry hair, brittle hair, oily hair and maybe a polish or two for bald pates. Men too, have their deodorants, their special shampoos, their varieties of facial massage creams and lotions. There is a preparation called Lucky Tiger and one called Three Roses. The purpose of the latter is to make the head smooth. Add another rose and you have a chemical to make the head go round. WHEN YOU ARE ON THE paying end, the fee for a toddler's hair cut seems pretty high. Almost as much as Daddy's costs. But that's when a barber really has to work to earn his money. The first .few hair cuts are. especially rugged for the barber. If the youngster does not kick and scream he can always wiggle, nod and sneeze. The profit is further cut down by the candy bar gift presented at the end of the operation. Woe to any barber who forgets thisl SEVERAL YEARS AGO, Hank Furst had displayed in his barber shop a cartoon of a young hellion scrooched on the floor. The barber in the picture was attempting to cut his hair while standing on his head. I told Hank that I thought-this cartoon surely was an exaggeration. He said, "Not as exaggerated as some people might think." JOHN LENTSCH RE ALLY had a surprise last week. He was cutting a very young boy's hair and the child was not only quiet, he went fast asleep! The youngster's father held the little head erect while John finished the haircut. But then to make the day's business even more amazing, the very same thing happened to another young customer later in the same afternoon! SOMETHING PVE BEEN meaning to ask a barber-maybe Soup Briggs or Bunny Bunkofske could tell me - when one barber cuts another barber's hair, who does the talking? LITTLE BOYS STAY BABIES such a short time. This is because the little fellows are given butch hair-cuts almost before they are out of kimonas. Nowadays a boy baby nine months looks almost the same as his two-year-old brother. It seems a shame to let the scissors rob us of all those precious months of babyhood, but there is an even worse crime that is committed, usually by doting mothers. That is when they allow a boy to wear his hair girlishly long almost until he starts school, simply because the fellow happens to have curly hair. This doesn't happen so often any more, but there were many a black eye and bloody nose given or received by little curly heads seeking to preserve their manly reputations. SO MANY OF THE curly-haired male adults tell us that as children their hair was perfectly straight. When they reached adolescence their hair suddenly became very curly. I believe this because it has happened twice in our family, but what I would like to know, is why it never happens to little girls. I WONDER IF THERE ever was a child who didn't attempt to cut his own hair at least once during the growing-up process. At our house we have three children and there have been six amateur haircuts. Then there's the chewing gum that is forever becoming stuck in the hair and has to be chopped out. The last operation of this sort at our house occurred very recently. The bubble-gum took the longest of Jeanie's curls. She was very unhappy. Not about the loss of the curl but because I insisted on throwing the hair-filled gum into the waste-basket. MOST OF THE LOCAL barbers must be parents themselves, else I'm sure more young boys would come home with the much desired Mohawk haircuts. Bill has threatened it often, but, thank goodness, he always returns with a conventional Butch. A Mohawk, I'm told, is a fancy cut with a longer strip of hair left clear down the middle of the head. The rest is clipped almost to the point of shaving. GRACE JWotms SECOND SECTION I | ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1967 I Necessity Insulation has become almost standard material for all new houses. It has been accepted as a necessary material, at least in ceilings and walls. Explanation The difference between woven and tufted carpets !s In the way they are made — not In wearing quality. Sandra Walline Of LuVerne Is Recent Bride LUVERNE - Sandra Kay Walline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Holland C. Walline, LuVerne, and James Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cook, Ames, were united in marriage in a double ring candlelight ceremony performed in Collegiate Presbyterian church, Ames, June 3 by Rev. Roy Biesemeyer, Lu Verne. The bride was attired in a semi-fitted A-line peau de sole gown with shaped back hemline, lace yoke front and back and full length bell-shaped sleeves. The lace train was pleated onto the back yoke. The bride's headpiece was a 3 tiered illusion veil surrounding a petaled headpiece. Maid of honor was Sheri Lyn Ramus and bridesmaid was Louise Faulstich. Ronald Myers attended the bridegroom as best man. Groomsman was Michael Cooney. Ushers were Robert Liston, John R. Walline and Harold Michael Youngman. Soloist was Mrs. Arthur Koch. A reception was held in the Collegiate Presbyterian Lounge in Ames. Mrs. Charles R. Cook was in charge of the guest book. Mrs. John R. Walline served punch, Mrs. R. Cook, poured coffee, Pat Tesdall cut and served the cake. Mr. and Mrs. Rolland C. Walline were hosts. Pat Tesdall looked after the gifts. The groom has one quarter left in the five year curriculum of architecture at Iowa State University. He will be working for Winkle r and Goewey Architects in DesMoines this summer. The bride is a second quarter junior in home ec education at Iowa State University. She will be working at Ames this summer. Both plan to attend school this fall. The Peter Thompson and Solomon Merriam family reunion was held at the Gotch State Park at Humboldt Sunday. Mrs. Will Thompson and Mrs. Daisy Rentz of LuVerne attentoi. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schmitt of Goldfleld were Sunday afternoon callers on Emma Krause. The Bradbury - Marchants Curry family reunion was held at the Legion hall Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Curry of Bode were hosts. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Krause and family were Sunday dinner guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Dencklau, Vincent. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dencklau. Mr. and Mrs. James Mallory and Mrs. Alma Madden were callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Jensen, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Mallory, at Mankato Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Mallory took Mrs. Alma Madden to Des Moines to enter Methodist hospital where she is to have surgery June 20. Piano Recital Held Tuesday At LuVerne LUVERNE - Mrs. Lyle Shelton held her piano recital in the LuVerne Methodist church at 8 o'clock Tuesday evening. The following students took part: Dale Johnson, Glenda and Debbie Hefty, Susan Wolf, Larry and Kathy Trauger, Dale and Judy Jergensen and Diane and Rita Patterson. GOOD CATCH Mr. LeRoy Hansenlam, Earl Hanselman and David spent Friday through Sunday fishing on the Mississippi river near Winona, Minn. Earl caught a 25 1/2 Ib. catfish. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlson and family, Des Moines, came Friday evening to visit the Jess Jergensens. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Jergensen, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth . Carlson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jergensen and family were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bastian and family at Vincent in honor of their daughter Janie's confirmation. Mrs. Jess Jergensen and her daughter, Mrs. Carlson and family attended the confirmation in the Methodist church, Vincent. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Muschamp, Minneapolis, called on A PRECARIOUS MOMENT FOR "PENELOPE' .•Inthropohtfty professor Jonathan Winters ch turn in the person of pupil \alalie II ood in i happy scenes of MftM's raUickint! comedy. *'/V Natalie p/riy.s the title role as ti girl trilh r .-ttnong the men she takes ttrer are Ian lltin and /V/rr /•'«//>•, tcif/i /,i/n Ketlroi-a tint! Lou Ja hilarity moments of the /'cimiri.M'on antl es a ne e of til *pe<'i - laiiflh- f> irays. .S/mtr/i to the olor attraction. Mrs. Muschamp's father, Mert Barton, in the Rotary Ann nursing home at Eagle Grove Sunday. Mrs. Ralph Dimler was admitted to Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Friday. Mrs. Lena Hinz, Francis Hinz and Mr. and Mrs. Harley Rusher, Bancroft, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Woods, Morris, Minn., over the weekend, Mrs. Woods is the daughter of Mrs. Hinz and sister of Francis and Mrs. Rusher. Marlene Shelton and Ann Fisher, Stevens College, Columbia, Mo., were callers in the Lyle Shelton home from Sunday to Tuesday. They then went to Toronto, Canada to see Lee Shelton, brother of Marlene, and plan to return this weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Spike r and children, the new school custodian in LuVerne, moved into the Harry Naffziger farm home Saturday where they will live temporarily until they can move Into the Sherman Arends home In Lu Verne. The Arends have purchased the Shirk home. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shorey, Zelda and Sharon were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Witzel, Lisa and Larry, Jefferson. Mr. Witzel is the son of Mrs. Shorey. They celebrated the birthdays of Mr. Shorey and Mrs. Witzel and Fathers Day. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronbach were dinner guests of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brayton, Sheffield, Fathers Day. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Antrim, Graymont, HI., and daughter, Mrs. Ken Godden, Cornell, HI., were callers In the Alvin Weber home. Mrs. Antrim is a sister of Mrs. Weber. The Weber reunion was held in Burt Legion Hall on Sunday. The Alvin and LeRoy Weber families from LuVerne attended. Other guests from this area were Henry Weber, Frank Webers and Dale Johnsons from Corwith, move clock ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete program begins: 7:30 "Study in Terror"-7:40 "Naked Prey"-9:15. SATURDAY Matinee Only Complete program begins: 1:30 "Captain Sinbad" - 2:00 SUNDAY— Complete programs begin: 1:00- 3:05- 5:15- 7:159:05 "Penelope" - 1:30 - 3:35 5:35 - 7:25- 9:30. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete program begins: 7:009:00 "Penelope" - 7:20 - 9:25 STARLITE DRIVE-jN WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY-Complete program begins: 9:00 "Guns ofNavarone"-9:05 "Thin Red Line" - 12:00 "Weekend at Dunkirk" -1:45. THURSDAY - SATURDAY Complete program begins: 9:00 "Thin Red Line" -9:05 "Guns of Navarone" - 11:05 "Weekend at Dunkirk" - 1:45 SUNDAY - TUESDAY - Complete program begins: 9:00 "High Wind In Jamaica" - 9:10 "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" -11:15. MONDAY - WEDNESDAY Complete program begins: 9:00 "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" - 9:10 "High Wind In Jamaica" -11:40. John Webers, Irvington; Walter Barrs, Algona; and Dr. R. E. Webers, Bancroft. Mrs. LeRoy Weber and her mother, Mrs. Cloretta Wigans, Hardy, went to Iowa City Monday to be with Arnold Wigans. He was to have surgery Monday afternoon. He is Mrs. LeRoy Weber's brother. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Blake, Robert and Mrs. Jim Lenz were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Blake's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Langbehn, Green Mountain, Iowa, for Fathers Day. Canasta 8 club met with Mrs. Dorothy Jergensen Monday. Mrs. Duane Neal and Mrs. Frank Gronbach received honors. The Wm. Bird family moved from LuVerne to Humboldt Sunday. Mr. Bird is employed there. Mrs. Emma Hoepner, Omaha, has been visiting in LuVerne. She is a house guest of Mrs. Clara Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Prior, Ida Grove, were callers in LuVerne Saturday. They were on their way to Algona to see their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sloter, over the weekend. Ronald Stone, Atlantic, visited his mother, Mrs. Lucinda Stone, over the weekend. Mrs. Laura Zwiefel and Mrs. Faye Lichty were callers in the Rotary Ann nursing home in Eagle Grove Sunday. Mrs. Florence Stewart attended the American Cancer Society board meeting in the courthouse at Algona June 12. Mrs. Stewart is a board member. The LuVerne Library board met in the City hall Monday evening. Rev. Roy Biesemeyer left at noon Sunday to attend the North Iowa Methodist Conference being held in Davenport. Virgil Smith, Uvermore, is the conference lay delegate from Livermore and Lu Verne. Beulah and Doris Eggleston, Des Moines, came to see Mrs. Myrtle Eggleston on Friday evening. They went to Elmwood, Wise, to visit a sister of Myrtle Eggleston, Mrs. Ora Clayton, Saturday. Sunday, Mrs. Eggleston and her two daughters, Beulah and Doris, went to Webster City to visit an aunt and uncle of Beulah and Doris, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rupel. After dinner, Mrs. Eggleston, Beulah and Doris went to Ames to see Eva Kelly at Riverside Manor nursing home. They then went on to West Des Moines where Beulah and Doris live. Mrs. Eggleston came home with another daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nygaard, Wesley. TheNygaard's had gone to Des Moines to visit their son, Chris, who is in the Guard at Camp Dodge. Real Estate Transfers Titonka Cooperative Creamery Co to Kossuth County 5/29/67; a strip of land comm 266' N THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JUNE 22 - 23 - 24 ALSO 2ND BIG HIT SATURDAY MATINEE ONLY 'CAPTAIN SINBAD PLUS 3 CARTOONS ALL SEATS 50c - MATRON ON DUTY 11 SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY JUNE 25 - 28 SHE'S THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL BANK-ROBBER! nataliewod "penelope" ianbannen dickshawn peterfalKlilak«lrovaloiija(X)l)i * Jonathan winters ADULTS - *1.00 - CHILDREN - 35c J & 198' E of center of (see rec) 9-97-29. Wenger, Vernon W & Marcella D to Alfred J & Elizabeth Grill 5/29/67; lot 2 of Aud's Hat of NE 1/4 SE 1/4 14-95-29. Anderson, Janice & Jerry to Bennie B. Wibben 5-5-67 The E 11' of the W 105' of lot 9 blk 1 Stacy's Add to Algona. Berte, Isabel! & Joe to Cyril Kellner 5-9-67 Undiv. intinSl/2 S 1/2 34-94-29. Blanchard, Donald & Mabel W. to Donald A. & Mabel W. Blanchard 5-9-67 S 1/2 of lot 3 blk 2 & all of lot 4 blk 2 & N 1/2 of Lot 5 blk 2 Angus Cotton's Add., Lone Rock. Busch, Edith E., Wdw.toThea- dor J. Si Craig T. Thilges 5-967 That pt. of NW 1/4, which lies E. of R. of W. of C. NW RW Co. R of W & N of CRI & PRW Co., R. of W. 20-99-28. Butterfield, R. W. & Clara to Oliver S. Carlson 5-4-67 Lots 1, 3 & 4 of Govern lot 4 in 2-9529 (exc see rec) & all that pt of Govern Lot 5 in 2-95-29Exc. see rec. Elbert, Christena, Sgl. to Dean M. & Betty Elbert 5-23-67 That pt. of S 1/2 of E 7.98 A. of N. 15.96 A. of NW 1/4 SW 1/4 8-9530 See Rec. Farm Service Co., Emmetsburg to Walter T. Rentz 5-16-67 That pt. of Lots 2 & 3 of Rings- dorfs Subdiv. of Lot 1 of S. 6 A. of OL 1 Burt Desc. as see rec. Frank, Mamie, Wdw. to Lois M. Frankl 5-17-67 Lot 6 of Lot 6 of A. P. of parts of lot 6 of Aud's plat of a pt. of SW 1/4 12-95-29. DRIVE-IN Ifteatte WEDNESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY JUNE 21 - 24 G.I'* IN _ BATTLE . _ GREAT WAR ^-, .*»<?!" / « ^ ^—^ACTION MOVIES TZ, LOVE! \ \ -TOGETHER ON ONE PROGRAM !.' NO. 1 THRILL AGAIN TO Still The Greatest High Adventure Ever Filmed! (SEGORTPKK DAVID NIVEN ATONY QWNN bCARLHJREMANS STANLEY BM<ER ANIHONY Q1WLE IRENE PAPAS GIA SQ\LA - NO. 2 --GREAT BOOKS MAKE GREAT MOTION PICTURES! "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" WAS JAMES JONES'GREATEST... UNTIL THIS ONE! DULLEA'KS, .WARDEN NO. 3 WEEKEND AT Released by ?0th Cenluty-Fot • COLOR by DE LUXE TRY A LARGE PIZZA TONIGHT SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY JUNE 25 - 28 KK.sC-*f ;! *'-'-ll 20lh-CENTURY FOX pnnnti innwi CINEMASCOPE ADULTS - $1:00 CHILDREN UNDER 12 - FREE IN COLOR! - SHOW AT DUSK

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