The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1930
Page 3
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DFCEMBEH !i. }030 Play.lo Feature ' Ainuiiil Carnival I of Senior Class' A one act play, "Fun In a'Chi- ' nese Laundry" vail feature \.~.? ;m- ' nual senior carnival at tit? high ! school tonljht. rro;cctls lrj:n tlv.> • play anct numerous side shews will '. be placed in the s;nlor menn.' fund. : included in tlie s:d? rhr.-.'s will i be such attractions that furnish clever entertainment fir tr.os2 wlio i:ay small sums for admission, refreshment^ will be sold In ;>. tsa enden and at'.racilv; favor;; '.vil! be featured In the shows. For Ihe play. James Downing will play me piirl of "Cholly" an: 1 V/oodrow Fisher is Ah Kin, proprietor of the laundry. John Burnolie ] Is the paper boy and lib sssl*'- ants «ro Bernard McAfee, Ii)b Burns and Curtis McCarly. Claud? King is the i>oliccman and Pa'il Durke plays (lie part of a Mr. Clark. "Mrs. Finnlngan" is Katliaryiu Denton and Thehna Worlliluglo:i Is "Miss SourapplL-." The part, of "Mary" will be played by Mary Ellen Stevens, Mildi-cd Judd is Mm. Hayseed, Mary Cummlngs is Manner and Ruth Eleanor Tucker is! Verda. I Marjorie Martin, Margaret Xlil- ner, Sue Butt. Sunshine Adams. Rebecca Gillesplc and Jennie Wren Dillahiinty are chorus girls. ^ T= ^^- ; ^^^JHIi!J^ NEWS... Teiirhers Visit • I'lN'al Schools, British Molor'Lineu Wrecked On Rocks Though the delicate .(5sk of rrfcuin British motor-liner Highland Hope was accomplished successfully, the huge ship was rcjiorwrt to l» almost a lotal wreck on the rocks off the Farillioi-s, i<or(litv:si of Peiiiche. Portusal. 'Ilie ill-fated versa.lashed by the sea, Is pic- uirt'd here alter her passengers and crew had been removal to safetv. Mrs. George Lawlas of Cardweti Died Monday CARDWELL, Ato. — Mrs. Ollie Lawlas, wife of George Lawlas, died Monday nighl. at their home three and a ha)f miles west of Cardwcll. Death was due to cancer. She was 33 years old. Funeral services were held Monday at the home. Rev. W. T. StubblefUed. Metiiicdist pastor of Curdwell, had charge of the services Burial v;as in the Brrtij, Ark., cemetery. Funeral arrangement. 1 ! were in charge of Howard-Anderson. MAKE IT YOLRSEU You can make some charming •Christmas gifts by wielding the paint brushes over 10-eent st:rc articles. One of the most attractive c: these Is the lowly Iray, all dresssi D RIDGE N O. 11 I either h;s heart or spade suits, BY \VM. K. MtKI-A'NCV i beth of which arc solid for three Srci-etary American l!ri<l«,; Lcaxuc'tricks each, game'could not bo \Vheii playing a haul ai no made. Clnto are his long suit hump, declarer snoiild Inline- 1 and they should be started at clialeiy attempt I'o establish lils'or.ce. East wills'the llrst club lens suit. The long suit of the'irick with the king. Not wantin-? declarer in today's hp.nd appears 1 to lead his nee of diamonds and order to go '. rv.laMIsh the queen for the de- game a trick must be made in Ihisj rtarer, he prefers to lend his lieErt tint and perseverance finally wSm.i'i'it srd plays the Jack. Dcclan The BliMlriK Typhoirl Claims Life of Cardwell Resident CARDWELL. Mo. — Mrs. A. A Smith died of typhoid at her home :>crU! of Cardwcll at 3 p. m. Mon- Near Addresses CdiMcnccs. addresses and visli- ng tin- cl.uses ol the- Siidbnry ami IJIIILC eli'iKcnltity iriiools-featured the ii:-t jjroup iuceilng of the °o! year (or Instructors of iw<i teachers scl'.ools In Mississippi ccuiv.y here todny. Tlilrly-imo' liiuli f.rv represented. ! Piimaiy Instructors were al the nib'.' .school. Miss Winnie Virgil 1 inner, county supervisor, led the pre-vliitatlon conference nnd an ; addiew on "A Teaching Phlliuu-' phy" by Miss Willie A,. Ijiwton, county superintendent, nlso Icntiir- ed the morning session. 'Ihe Smlbmy school wns host to the upper grade teachers. A l«lk "Teaching Arithmetic III The Intermediate Grades" by Miss Turner preceded nil address in the atler- Koon by Crawford Greene, super, intcmltnl of the city schools, who spcke on "A Principal's Responsibility t<» 'ills Board, His Teachers and Ills Community". Miss Lawson repeated her address to this group. In the Lange school Miss Elizabeth Halslcnd's room wns visited, Mrs. Mnry Spaim's room was vls- ilcd at Ihe Sudbury school and nt.lhet Central Ward school Mrs. Nell Little Bannister was hostess lo the primary teachers. Onc-Pomul Naby 3iron<>; and Healthy " \ • J eiay. S!)2 was b:rn in Savannah, rtl ,. " Georgia, in 1881. She IS survived UttlCers Elected DV I i:/ one son, Cecil, and an adopted r> j ,. „ . _ , i Burdette 8th Grade Also three sisters survive IIEV. Her husband died lii Aj'ril of this year. l-imeial services were held at the Anticch cliurch Tuesdny, the Ref. W. WEST S-7-4-2 H—8-7 D—1-109-7-6 C—Q-I-10 NORTH S-K-10-3 H—A-6-5 D-Q-5-2 C—C-5-3-2 EAST S—1-65-3 H—1-10- T. Stubblefleld Methodist pas - ,- — , — ei'i tcr of Cardwcll, officiating. The allows this'to ride to the ace rt 1 Anti-ch Quartette furnished vocal l-.carls in dummy. A small club-music. I'all-tearcrs were: W. O. il from dummy. East. \ Sellers, Max Ryan,- J. E. Cude, winning with the ace, and another; Jeff Smith, "Shorty" Davis and Roy heart is returned which the clc- \ Kuflaid. Burial was In the Prlend"- . clarer wins with the king. . n":ip i Etill dotermlncd to set a club Ark i trick, the declarer continues with D—A-8 SOUTH—DEALER C—A-K S-A-Q8 ^ H--K-Q-* D-K-4-3 C—9-8-7-( 9-3-2 j Ihc nine of clubs which West cemetery, near Paragould, Funeral arrangements' were In charse of Howard-Anderson. . The contract bidding would bD ' c -! Earlham Alumni Maga\\<i • ° wins with the queen. West lurny the ten of dinmonels hoping! . _ to trap the declaier into cover-ins j ZltlC (JlQest 1H Country with4 the queen, but the declarer! plays small from dummy, forcliisI RICHMOND. Ind... (UP) -The c lone see of diamonds from • Earlhamile. alumni maga.ine of the E*sL r.and. Regardless ol Earlham C ' what East returns, the declarer is tion is l!:i a Qllnher , nstltll . trum]). The contract 13 a llltli: tco high for East to put in his heart bid. : Dration to South takes the (lec- nJ ™ r, n , I- , u i liori of a " ^cation oreanteaton in By continually leading clubs. : thc county by 10 yearn a survey "" declarer lias succeeded • In | shows. making his contract of three no ihrcc no trump. The I'tay Vr'esfs Ion; suit Is diamonds, i die! not start 'liis spade suit-, e>.s as H is header! by the jack, j this play would have elefcnted the j . trump. It wns rsther unfortu- I nate for the opponents that East, trick 1 'st'Sii bcd. : Selcci'~f' square one, jireferably. Enamel the entire surface a gny green, bright yellow or some other.cheery color. In the center paint, in a galaxy ol lovely tones, a design such as a basket of flowers, a fruit group or a scene. Transfer designs or tsenciis will give you your pattern. Or if you really can draw, you can design your own. After yon have painted the centerpiece, let the tray dry thorciiqr.- ly. Then shellac it with one of the preparations, on the market thai are Impervious to water. Not only will the recipient like to have breakfast served on it, but it is the kind ct tray she/ will us: rspsatedly during the 'day. Sandy Ridge News Tom Whittle, wh-. has been a patient at the Baptist for the past two weekii is now improving. Allan Bryan of Little Rock wa;: •a visitor here last week. S. E. Whittle and family and Mrs. T. W. Whittle motored to Memphis Simdav to vbit Mr T. W Whittle who is ill at the Baptist hospital there. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bramlett of Burdetts passed away Saturday night. Interment was made in the Sandy Ridge cemetery • Sunday afternoon. S. E. Whittle and family of Dogwood nidge visiled in ths home of T. W. Whittle last Saturday evening. Miss Velnia Vining viriled Mrs. O. D. Beviil Sunday nftemosn. Mrs. w. T. Webb and children, left Wednesday f:-r points in Oklahoma. Cilchrist Farm News Edgar Davis is visiting rclntves in Beech Bluff, Tenn.. for a few- days. Otto Miller and Dewey Reich cf Fulton. Miss., spent last weekend with O. S. Stccle and family. O. S. steele and son motored t? Memphis Monday on business. Jeffra Crump was a visitor tit Burdette Sunday. Frances Cro$slow of Little River and Julia Coleman and Leo:i Thompson of Burdette were guests of O. S. Sleclc and family Sunday night. Chester Burns and family of Fulton. Miss., are visiting Mr. Buras parents, Mr, and Mrs.' John Bunr, Francis Davis and sen were business visitors at -Blythevlile Saturday. MOVIE JOBS BANNED PARTS. (UP)-The time-honored Comedie-Francnlse, the stronghold of French dramatic tradition, ha: gone on the warpath a;ainst t'.^c Invasion of the talidnj matbn pictures. In the nsw contracts submitted to candidates to the t'no.itor. the actors and act:css2<; are fir- fclddon to appear In tfllkiii- filmi. ten. nuie, the jack is opened, ] declarer's contract one .lummy plnys small. East knows i East would .have 'finally cstab. •!'at thn Icr.d of a J.ick s):ov«) lished a spade trick before his ace either the jack, ten, nine or, of diamonds er.try was taken oul '•'•'-. isck. ten. In either case i ICcpvrljht, 123P, NEA Service Inc ) i- ge ' it would not pay for East to put ."^.Jjis pcL>, therefore .Ii8...shoi The magazine was established In December, 1873, and continued un; lisheil quarterly after that time. The graduates ot Pennsylvania i College for Women have the second j oldest publication, established hi ; 1883. The magazine cf Wootter , O., Is third, being BUnDETTE, Ark. — Tile eighth grade of Uurdelle school organised recently with following olfi- ^icar Discovers New '..' • Kind of Sunday Illness TEDBINQTON, Middlesex. (UP) —'•Morl«i$ SattjallciiE," or Sunday Ickiipss. Is the disease diagnosed by he Vicnr o( Tcddlngton'here lo explain the ailments of his pir- -shioners. Tlie attack coincs sud- lenly overy Sunday, and no warn- "g symptoms arc felt, he writes n his pnrbh maga/lne. "On Snturday night, the patient slcops well," he continues, "and In .he morning eats a hearty break, "nsl, but eibout church time the ut- uck comes on nnd continues until services arc over for the morning. 1'lien ths pnllent feels easy, and cats a hearty dinner." men In view of their |ciu'defense of t'na intlependeiice of thl$:'coun- •- Haitian Plans Statues for U. S. Senators I'ORT AU PRINCE, Hayll, (UP; -Slatr..M erected In honor ot Senators William H. King and William E. Boruh will grace the tropic* scenery here eventually If Joseph Jclib'ls, Jr., newly elected president ol tha Chamber of Deputies Ims his way. "As soon us Haiti becomes In dependent," JobliboU; told the Unit eel Press, "Ihc Government shoulc creel statues hi honor ol tli'sc two Seeks Share of Estate;;/ By Nullifying Adoption GRAND-RAPIDS, Michi. tUP)£- Oscar'C. Cress, director of tte 3rand 'Rapids Conservatory '>c'f Music, Is seeking to Have hlj own ndcfltlon set tilde In onlcr'thit', he may cl«lm '& shire of (he «j)/ v );j estal* of his father, Edward J.' sm- tery, who died Intestate. • . ' '.. Cress never saw h> father untjl tie was grown. HU right'to share -. In the estate Is oppo£««l by ,-the Hartford Conn. Truit Company,',' admUiUtrator of the estate,' and his . father's widow, Mrs, Delphlnc Slattery, of West Hartford.. UNIVERSITY PLANS TOUU CHAPEL H.1LL, N. fc. (UP)—The , University of North Carolina will < conduct 1(6 fourth, annual residential' tour .of Franc* . next'rjiimin'er.,. under dlreclton ol ProfeMM' J,'-A; Dowiies, College credit coiiraci ,v/lil be 'offered In French composition j. and conversation and French'Hie- eralui'e. ••..•"- ">' According to American Motorls^' AasocittUon,- the avarage life .'of aU- toroobllcs Is six years and.-*nine months. ' . ..'•'.-;.. cers: president, Ma Maddox, vice-1 A marvel to doctors who said she president. James Glhson. secretary C01]W ncra . llvci| mtle r3, lrl)arn JcRI , aiiUlreasurcr. Christine Qnarrles. Ro wley. Utah's tiniest baby, who at reporter, Allwllda Nash. Mlssl Strl- Wl . Ml wcl ned Dnl D , ^ , , der is the class spoiler. Tlic class] colors are silver and old rose and the class (lower is the white rcse. The class molto Is: "It mm/, be done, It can be done, You do your part and It will be done." Bureau Urges Uniform Fur Law For States arted in 1886. WASHINGTON, .(UP)—The nd- optlon of uniform.fur laws by trip Slates Is urged in ra bulletin Just issued by the Bureau of Biological Survey cf the Dcpartmenl of Agriculture. "With Ihe great numbers of trappers plying their trade," the report states, "and with areas that are 'suitable for'the production of wild life becoming more rcJrlcted each year, it Is inevitable that there must be a serious depletion in our fur supply unless unlfrrm methods nre taken to check destructive prac- ' tices. could wear a wedding ring for a bracelet, Is now 23 months old—a healthy, dainty creature with big blown eyes and llihl hnlr. Above, Barbara Jean is shown as she ap- jwars (oday; below, as a tiny bnby 1 In the arms of L. D. Rowley of Springvlllc. Ulah, who, with Ills wife, adopted her in the days when she was -being fed with a medicine dropper. First Lecture Tonight by Lutheran Pastor The first of a series of eight lectures lo be given on Friday evenings by the Rev. H. J. Kleindienst. pastor of the 1'llgrlm Lutheran church, will be tonight, 1:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Fred Relchel 300 Korlh NlnlVi street. At 7 o'clccK there will be a rehearsal of Ihe Chrisms program being prepared by children of the Sunday school. ii that 3c^ of diamonds. If Hie declarer were to , rect souvenirs of tlie French Em- start | pire, a recent survey reveals. Jo dl I MEONE Y luL The comfort of healing, soothing warmth! What a relief in rime of pain! What a' joy on a zero night! Surely tlierc's somebody on your Christmas list who will welcome this friendly gift, t Westinghouse Wsrming Pad, jf^cted in soft, fluffy eiderdown— rose, green, tan and lavender. From $5.95 to $9.00. onse r? . / (Oleclncal Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "A t Yottr Service" LOW ROUND TRIP , FARES for the HOLIDAYS via —between points on the Frisco LJnes In -• .M I8SOUR I—ARK ANS AS—TEX AS •OKLAHOMA »nd KANSAS —nnd to many points on other lines ln : ' these states; also from points In these state? . . . . '.' TO 'MEMPHIS,. TENN. H Selling Dec. 10, 20,- 21. 22, S3, 24, ' '. Good returning; until January 5, 1931....• —and-to many deatlnatloas In '•'• CALIFORNIA and ARIZONA Belling Dec. 16-22 inc..- nnd Dec. 2qv' THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Selling Dec, 11.22 Inclusive : : RETURN LIMIT JANUARY IB, -1931'; FOR FULL INFORMATION . ASK THE FRISCO AGENT, W. S. Merchant . Passenger; TraRlc Manager ' St. Louis, Mo. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen 'K Dentist ' vS STEELE,MO. / Phone 85 f McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY ORANGES Nice Size Floridas Dozen 15c FLOUR Self-Rising •18-Lb. Sack $1.25 PECANS Nke Size Pound COFFEE Maxwell House Pound 35 c BDTTER'' ure Creamery. All Hrands Pound 35c Gold Dot, Uncolored Pound ISc MATCHES Swan 6 Boxes 17c BROOMS 4 Ply, Red Hanille Each 39c New South 5-Lb. Pail 39c BACON Genuine Rlackhawk, Sliced Pound MACARONI 0rSp>s ^.T;r 25 c PORK CHOPS Nice and Lean Pound 19c STEAKS Round, K. C. Beef Pound VEAL CHOPS Pound 15c BACON ENDS Sugar Cured Pound 21c Fresh Dozen 31c GuardYSale Going (h^r With a Bang Gunrd's Jewelry store's big reduction sale is going over wilh a bang. All clay Thursday people swarmed in the store, ;iml snapped up hundreds of bargains.' t Everything is marked with the regular price, and with (he regular "rice is the sale price, showing exactly the saving. The saving is there and it is astonishingly pronounced. The pule continues for ten days, which allows all to select their Chrislmas gifts at a great saving. You may pay a small deposit and lay your purchase away till Christmas. With every purchase of oriu dollar you are given a free chance on Ihe.SSO diamond ring, which will be given away Christmas eve night at 9 o'clock. You may be lucky. Come in and look over the hundreds of exclusively beauti-. fill presents in dependable merchandise. Jewelry makes tlie recipient grateful always. Give jewelry. Nothing bet- (er. Let us prove our ability to save you money. Guard's Jewelry Store, Blytheville.

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