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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 3

The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 3

De Kalb, Illinois
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1 1 i Ilaggland of Chlcag(, and SuridaV'at the jiome of Genevieve Bouaselot, of Mr. and Mrs. Silvlus, lot (mi P. Maple Park Sycamore; Mr. ana airs, jom.

j. Hnnlnft, Mr. David Riddle' and son Walter, all of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Dan McMurchy and Laverne CUggi of Esmond; Mr.

and Mm. Clarence Larson and aon, and --1. LESLIE'S wi: Mrs. Mary Wlltse, daughter, Jean sister. Miss Vivlaa Hubbard, spent Friday In Chicago, shopping.

E. E. Vaughn Is slowly gaining STORE I I fV Tb following extract taken ffom Hthsdafe; Mr. and MrsJA. Miskelly.

w- na wire, or DeKalb; the Grange paper, give (an in-, Me. and Mrs. W. H. Putnam and Mr.

ana Mrs. iaroia r. t-atterson LETTER FROM LESLIE PRES-Ito last. Only things that are too COTT TO BEATRICE GRIM- Dad cannot last. terestlng acconnt of the? wjddlsg Mtes Harriett Putnam.

Mr. and an 7, 77H Juve nt mi norrtit.a rinvai iif rha 'ir Mm Renwick. or Mayriela; Mrs. Anna from a week's illness. Mr.

and Mrs. John Twombly and children, spent the week-end with Do you think this is so? 1 i -i 11 Grange, and Ir. Cbauncey? Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles u.ww. LESLIE. Lovingly, SHAW DEAR REE: -1 was very much Interested In the clipping you sent me from Thursday. Mr. and Mrs.

A. J. Walters auKn. oi Aurora, r. aagie or of DeKatt), occurring fruit Jars, all kind Jar fops and Rubbers at the Lowest Prices August 80; Tomorrow: LtsMs to Jack's motherThe soft answer.

Ind. Misses Kathleen and Glralmo Dollar, members fthe Farley-Dul-lar bridal party, Saturday, returned to their home at Colfax, yesterday. Just received a big shipment of" of the newest Jackette In "sweater and coat styles select yours early at McAllister Rros. Co. 23" Mr.

and Mrs. Jdhn Carrol, with Mrs. Julia Colton, of Rogers Park, have returned home aiter several weeks' visit with relatives and friends here. They were accompanied home by Miss Irene Twom-bly for a visit. Join the crowds at McAllln-r Bros.

ready-to-wear department, each day. Customers are beln4 convinced that their Myles are Hie newest an'J prices within reason. friends at.Mendota. Miss Lillian Zoch, assistant to Dr. P.

L. Smith Is spending a few days' vacation and Is off duty for the week. One of the beautiful weddijngs of "Filmland I never met Mis 'Per- and many other or Downers Grove. MHwauKee; jnBsie nenwica or aus- Mrs. Marion C.

Oder, In the story of the Parley.Dul-'of Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. lard nuDtials. carried in. veaier-' Henry Stark and baby, of Kings- the sfSHon took place jTharsday evening, Aujruat 30.

in he First Methodist Episcopal church when day's issue of The Chronicle, a few ton; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zlogler. of In the hUtnrv nf the hrMA. ivjajjie mm; mr.

nu mm. rran Miss Dorotnea stover, aaugnier orrov-lB ier as. Just at the time 1 was mar-j rled. she left the city for New York. CARD OF THANKS I did not feh gone west We wish to thank our friends until I heard it front; you.

I re-land neighbors for their sympathy member very well, however, seeing and kindness, also the flower girls her one night at a care and Khejand those furnishing cars in our was really very beautiful, although jiate bereavement -of our husband as I think of her now I did not and father see the spirituality or Intellect in Mrs. Ira Hoyt and Family. 237 her face. I- Plapp and EVerett Plapp, of Pierce township. Dinner on the lawn was enjoyed from the many well-filled1, baskets brought, after which a purse or money was presented to Mr.

and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nell Clover, groom were omutea. Mr. uullard 4 South Kensington avenu, i a graduate of St.

Mary's college, married to Dr. Chauncey Gdodrlcn located at St. Mary, since Schuyler, or DeKalb, which time he bas assisted his fath-The ceremony was perfbrnied by on thP farm at Cdlfax, where East Enm! Style nr. nun B. Bi-ummltt.

editor of The ne ana nis bride win reside. Wil Knworth Herald, an old friend of Ham Roach of DeKalb. was one of mw-, She must have had lots of that 1 1 i i i the bride's family. i the ushers at the church, while aurora, in Demur gi tne assemDi- ex appeal that you ay Dick talks a lir? yi na mwwuvw ait of One of the feature or the d. for I noticed tne eyes if PRRSOKAf Shop beaded.l pleated georgettel oVerj ty ter during the ceremony, foundation of crystal ailki that had 4 (was the music furnished bv Mr.

f'V4 ry man room KPl i I' 'I been hr mother's dress, Though 13 has been called an Her tulle veil fell from a eortjnet of unludky number, it far fmm be- Renwick who bad not to hPr 1 akd Jak how to play the fiddle. He said his kneT7 her and he said, yes. music might be a little old-fashion- wvih Thaf 8n" had 'a brange bloBsoras and old duchess jn1 unlucky when relating to one's mien iriauiiK i i a rnr rij Afiiatu in urtm sr ra on- 217 1 William Klllian, of Sterling and1 Miss Helen Oorm, of Dixon, werel guests Sunday at iheJ Kllliaii home, brother pfthe former. Miss Cora Grey Is the guest of' Mlsa Marian Hunt of North Fourth street. See the autiful new coats and i dresses at McAllister Bros.

Their styles are different and prices arc' very reasonable. 237 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shepard were lace. She carried a formal rihower birthday, as has been learned from V(i un" riKm spot wun nis audience who enjoyed it ns mucn to do ve ry well in the movies.

In our, shop you will find the Beautiful Fall Mrs. Hans Christensen spent the day in Rochelle. at the 'home of her daughter, Mrs. Floyd Caspers. Roy Camp and Ralph Judd spent Sunday in Oregon.

Over Sunday guests at the E. A. Aspengren home were, George Bol-ger, a A. Hagglund, Mrs. Mary Doutjuet or onae tose nq Hues Miss Kathryn Dledrlch.

who was of the valley encircled with ai plat- hostess Saturday. 'September 8. to lng of tulle from her mother's veil. a party of her friends at the homn She entered on the arm of her ner Darents. Mr and Mrs Hptitv as Mr.

Renwick did. Six years ago in Jury Mr. anil Mrs. Renwick celebrated their irolil- -Do not. 1 bg of you.

dear Bee, unless something corned up that en weddlns: which will be remem-'you cannot ignore, cioubt in tne proceeded by the maldl of iTHedrich. on South Second street. Mlsg Miriam Clover, who wore Floral deeorafiona of atf.r and white georgette over clovjercolored brown-eyed susans were arranged satin, and tour bride's maids gown-; attractively throughout the home. bered by many of us. Jleast Dick's love for you.

You must Today Tuesday, is Mr. Ren- i remember, my dear, that men are wick's 85th birt hday. Many could queer creature, but my mot her not attend on thatday so it wastiBed to have a couplet which she agreed all around to substitute it was from Whittier. an old-day and call it a reunion os well as Ifashioned poet, who is now forgot; f' run paiore, wun various games formal 1)ou que of asterB, baby's ami entertainment, were, indulged breath and fens. I i in by the guests and their hostess, i all It went something like this: a birthday celebration.

At 'T- hi a moina v.Ank Mio i HlarrlietT I i -mm i uc 1 oner wmcn irs uieancn serveai i rif neKalh itr nf the' events, the enjoyment was Just as; boys grown tall. groom; Miss Emmellne JJewis. ofltion einf, handsome birthday frl8 thouh. ihte cI Whday are only St. Louis; Miss Ruth Lohafer; ofj cake wifh the liRhted candles.

Many "In1 "Hearts ML Morris and Miss Florence MM. Walter Riddell of Washington. i all." have arrived, in numberi in silk and wool. These dreisses have been especially made for us. The prices ranfre from $14.00 to $35.00 SeeOur Coals hange much after r.iaH- service of this i oi tne lnrtr nf Steward Our Community i Kathryn.

jrvamijru. I I 2 I J.j 1 rife The little flower girl, Rosf Mary Is very probable that on the Hansen, daintily gowned in French this reunion bur at the last minute 8Urfacr I)ic has thrinfKl with blue and pink, strewed roselpetals Members of the American legion he was compelled to telegraph his if 6 1 of wome hey say in the bride's path as she ialked an.ary are urged to make an regrets on account of pressing er.jjjj moTinV Picture Zkea of fwnSl thefrninVLx.but7,tibeve mm Our community is here Uf So is Fmm $23.50 to $60.00 These coats are absolutely guaranteed I Rmh nRin wirti this meand the home of her un. D. M. Morphy jrbe eradicated.

This Dick has Min" ovdnev Rr t.w Glen 1 Po-operatlon or the members with for an indefinite visit, v. Miss Mor- l' uu- 1 '-11 nf neK.ih kirt koiert the president and committees is row. who lives in Europe Is unde-) This love has reverence and re- nSv Jr i necessary to insure success in the cided whether or not to remain In'Pct and tenderness and regard in,'rh ttr WW maed fwork planned for the coming this country for any great length of lt- a love that Is always In IT. ir months. 4 time there is possibility -t mans neart.

once ne nas it, ror wun irmi auove wiiiuii: ruse un this bank. So arc most the folks in DeKalb. And the mo we car help each other, the more pleasant it isro-ing to make DeKalo as a placs to live. This bank aims to be helpful to you not only in money matter's but in any way it can. Whether you are a customer of ours or not, we shall be glad to; have you call on us for assistance.

ini oi ner ma King tier norae nere.r nunc LALTi uiuuira imumw. the one womani and If we women could only understand this, how much liappier we mould be. If we could only understand that these height up to the two candles; m-tall "Jo LUt SLwrassb eAwkPend Those who composed the group IIlt r. It llt'M' MID HMJ3. mtnnA Hurlno' the ceremony 1 The Beautiful and Sport Hats Prices $2.50 Ito $13.50 i You'll receive the riost curteous treatment at our shop.

I (Yours for service asd satisfaction) flights of fancy were Just on the surface and that a man comes back Mr- and Mrs. Frank Jourls, i rylA na i Wfre of DeKalb; Mr. and Mrs. uoors weru uyu jiiiu iiiri lors. through which the assembled 3 as surely as a noming pigeon to the place and the woman he loves, provided sin- will let him, provided friends could see the brjdal; party CMnK0.

Mr Hnrt Opening their year with a picnic uitnnop nt fi last f-VMnlne (n the vviumv. iMr. and Mrs. Frank Brant- and sue im' smiie wnmaii io wiiinu li' rbll his love, we woul'J be much "'7i-r; Ml. daughter, Gladys, all croom.

assisted by Mr. and Mrs. of Crystal congregational Tchurch parlors. i 1 1 .1 I 'happier. Robert Nell Clover and! Dr.

Hind," i There, Bee, 1 know you are laugh-1 Mrs. COIiax Hinuyier. reciveu me.r, Arrlun. vesterdav fmm Hub e. I'm, very good at preach-! time Till affntp waa In rhurire Ifl i The First Natiobal Bank The First Trust Savings Bank DeKalb, Illinois' rnenas in me aicove oij bard'c Woods.

Mr. and Mrs WIU East End Sfyle Shop 622 E. Lincoln -Highway or tie aodal committee. At the n. In fat Im preaching as; i-i mhith w.

myself as I am to you in parlors. Mr. u. itarwen acteu us am Mr. and Mrs.

Harry master Of ceremonies. i IWrleht Mr and Mr Rlnller iim.nt this letter. Not that Jack has evert of nak The parlors were a bower i the day on the golf course at the ana irrns, mmwm iKIshwaukee Country and Wllh the sort glow or lamps anniw.rfl In th. hv given me nny of unrest In the mailer, but. Iwcuuse some way, down dep In my heart.

I fe that this great happiness of mine is too good to Again and again I say to. myself Is ton Rood rose shaded lights. TSro puticli attended by over l'o, a few hours were patwed In sm-lal enjoyment. The first business meeting tf the year will be held In two weeks at Ihehome of Mrs. K.

Montgomery. Thursday afternoon at 2:30 will occur the meeting of the Woman's lowls trre preMPd. ovtf by Wnn orvilie Shlpman, at the home of the Ruth Campbell of Wheal op ml attr T-'- Miss Bernlce Tucker oflHJhInl Park, college rnetias or ot.n ona Guests of Mr, and Mr. Alfred Dresser are their cousins. Mr.

and Missionary m'lHy or list church hel in the church par rnatrch ImissO. E. Bprlnger and family, or and groom. Mendelssohn's weddlnfc v-was renderetl by Marsiikll lors. The program of the afternoon i I uauo-( Waveriy, N.

who have en way. or Evanslon and liredeedlng' joylnir 'an auto trrur all summer.l'J a will if'Biurt- hit- n'v, vyi i it fj at In the old days, houses were builtwithbis roomy attic. That space Is valu able now. To make the mostof it, buy some sheets of this different wall-board. When you get through nailing it to the joists or studding, you will have a new room or two neat, smooth -surfaced, cool In summer and warm in winter, fireproof, too all because of Sheetrock.

no mtiuvu; im pmnniDK io nna inrir inp ai wie to YoQBK America. Uon! Mrs. Julien Jegen. rho was I ooast -n, TPVort trlp b. Miss Evelny Bostleman.

-une ing rt.Ty mx(ch wPorth wnllf HTld bride, accompanied by her b-otbeT, Bifrhtsi of 1he rountry extremely 1hX to Thuritdsy instead Rudolph. Bostleman. on the: violin, brautlful and Interesting. If.f wXc 'dly ln- and Mr. Galloway on the 4 or WPOncBamy.

sang In her golden voice, i Lovej Mr. and Mrs. George Gable arrlv- For the nf holding its You Truly." "A Little Grey: Home ecLSaturday eveplnc rrom Tamplco. ular jneeting. the Ladies' Aid in the West." and other selections.

Ul.f with their daughter, who will rorety 0t the Swedish The bridal party an dimmediate attend the teachers college. They cnUrch will meet In the church relatives were entertained al! a din- remained here until Sunday, spend- Thursday afternoon, Sep-ner at the bride's home! Just pre-iinc the nlsrht with Mr. and Mrs. temher 13 at 2 30 A program will clng the wedding. PhHip Boos.

be given' and refreshments wilUbe The bride is a graduate of T. h(irv Mrs. Gust Johnson and H. S. and Northern Illinpis ITeach-1 Sycamore Tribune: Beyond any Aifred stone will be the crs' College and has liveel in La-j question Wlalter and, Mary Ren- hostMHJP8 f0r lhe meeting.

All are urange mosi oi ner me. in mauy nt wm i.amc nimuin iot cordially Invited. 1 1 1 I beautiful gifts from their hosts of and I seniea in r.iapie ara, iiavr- i the largest representation In de- love; and es- frlends attested the 1 CLUBS teem In which the young couple scendants tn DeKalb county of any were held. family of old settlers; wherefore it Dr. Schuyler graduated, 4n June; should not be surprising to learn the Chicago Dental College i that the reunion of the Renwick and has opened an office in May-j family was attended by a very large Wood.

i i number of people notwithstanding Dr. and Mrs. Schuyler are! enjoy-j the almost Impromptu mannen in i which it was called. Ine their honeymoon tourinie Wis A meeting of the Shrine will be held Thursday night in the Masonic hall. Enjoying a most pleasant time yeRterday afternoon, the Monday Bridge club was entertained by con sin in a Nash roadster, i In 1845 Walter and Mary Ren- Those present from oyt, qf -town-j wick and their 16 children cam were: Dr.

and Mrs. Dan- B.llirum-1 rrom ana settled on a rarm mett of Evanstein; Dr. and Mrs. S. near Maple; Park.

At the home of Mrs. R. E. Vose. After a few W.

Lehman, of pixon; iiudge: ana ana irs. nooen itenwica in McEwen. of IJeKalb; I Maple Park, this reunion was hours spent at the card tables, Mrs. H. Mr.

Robert beinp one of the 16 children 1 Mhn Clover of Los Anteles: M. Hanrahan was awarded the club pin, which she will wear until the lUhd-Mrs. E. Mansfleld-Jonjpsi and surviving. He is 85 years old and rMIss Gwenyth Majisneld-JonQS.

ofj the other survivor, his sister, Mrs. Winnetka. and Mrs. E. Gillan and, Agnes Bryan, of Sycamore, is 88 Miss Jeannie Greyer, of Chicago; years old.

next meeting to be held in two weeks with Mary Shafer. Delicious refreshments were served by Mrs. Vose. After a few weeks of relaxation the Ana-Mau-KJs club will again meet for the fall and winter social Lucy Smith. Mrs.

O. Gv seventy-flve attended this very ris. Miss Louise Wilder artd: Miss reunion the number li 41 1 1 it li Doris Waelev of DeKalb: Mr; and being: Mrs. Agnes Bryan. Mr.

and Mrs ti iTrn Anderson Mrs. James Shaw, Mrs. Jennie Renwick, Miss Mary Renwick, Mr. and I Mrs. Richard Valantlne and son.

i program, the first meeting to occur Mary McMurchy, Mr. and Thursday afternoon of this week. C. Calhoun, Mr. and Mrs.

Robers Mrs. James Dodge will be the hOHt-R. Renwick, Mr. and Mrs. George' ess.

I Ask yotr lumber dealer for It of Sheridan road; Mr. and Mrs. W. G7 Nicholson, of Chicago Miss Esther Christie, Evanstoti; Mt and Mrs. Hi Meese, East range.

1ST. Mr. and Mrs. Everett jCasper, Elrohurst; Mr. and Mrs.

Chase Wilson Maywood; Mr. and Mrs.j Arthur Galloway and Mrs. Agnes Calloway, Inn ill (Additional Society on Pass rive.) Bryan. Mr. and Mrs.

H. C. Calhoun, Harley Renwick, Mrs. Vesta Wilson, Marjorle Wilson, all of Sttylled ffor Yoepg Men i i WOULD BETTER HEALTH HELP YOU GET THAT SALARY RAISE? YES 31 The quality of Crofut Knapp Hats is known the woId over. In'styles, they are acknowledged leadejrs.

It's an unbeatable combination. Especially in the onies N. I -5. digestion, soothe and nourlih 'he ovurtaxed iervf. wake up th? 'U f(li l'vnr iroriltv rnrrnrl fi.n'4t I A new assortment of they have designed exclusively for our extensive fall fum and send purer, hertUhler i It exhibit.

New, attractive color effects. $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $8.00 There are lots or people who are neither very sick nor jerj' well, but seldom really feel at thir beat. Sleep does not refresh thejrrrks it used to and they get fr Work feeling drowsy, dull ami jtlrfd-l-eas-ily upset with indigestion, taerfwus and olteu constipated, fj'onjiequcut-1 they cannot do their best-thy can't rut enougn energy, aiubltioii and "pep" into their jtrerk bccme leadert and" jnoreus' earnings. 1 Sweaters blood coursing through your veins. TRY THIS TONIGtHT! Take a delicious tableepoonful of this nourishing, strengthening tonic after the next few meals.

Feel like doing a bier day's work with enough nergy and "pep" left over to e-y evenings with the lamilr. iour drueelBt will Other inakes at 3.00, $3.50 B1UCIKAL(D)6 li i 11 BucKaloo Talty The Young Men's Shop i iit-o- j.fv,a, yunuii7 iriuuu unless you rtfuj IjHlrself up! Take a good onlc, asjrM)tice a quick difference in the i ybur doctor would advise. Lejt Dr. way you look, eat, sleep and feel, Thacher's Liver and Blooj Syrup Get it in DeKalb at Kirchner's i i do for you what this strengthening, i Drug Store and H. E.

Secor; in Syc-1 nourishing vegetable tonic has ac-jamore at Tyrrell Wells; in Mal-4 c'omplished for countless fcumlH'rs ta at Jacobs Bridgewater; in Wa- TAILIIY I- TKe YoungLMen's Shop (j oi mra mu wuuiru. "ti ytiur; rerman at a. Jti. jscnults ana appetite, tone ana stimulate Syour leading druggists in everjr town, 1 '1 i 1.

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