The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on April 24, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 3

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 3
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- I: i WednesdaT, pin 21 inig ; THE DEKALB DAILY CHRONICLE PageTj 6 .- ! THE CHEERfplj GM! Rug U4 r I - musti Kz.v u : crrie .' purpose , ij ; Jiyj And use. etlch dz-y 2.s it Or life wit notKin5 by Of T.I mm ; . v . . Don't ' you" l.Kc people? Did you- i l the ccoetor oi t.'itl ul." who srx-ak t .Hot iffy column v. see the name, Ri .nrnv '.!r'i'u .iji 'rr. corner, it's I heYe e'f. ami you rtL r j v. thi.s MeCanii perkoi MrCaiiQ, the -oriKi' York fity, a distl: ami author of, cu: ful stories for clill Cann claims the ;"t is her edthvst chitdL . the first work t-mtj At presort -she? st the ItrotTiHf I Ch icag. t- s v 11 ' 1 icaie j years of as;.; . yeiung person. ' f tr i early gained- rteoj: is now resunntr hi l lias just finished children. ! ihy. a ik the child life. Del Co. nro 'tu:i!jvll!!l!? story. "The Ae!vu, t belle." firsi anpea: tin's magazine tori .Adventure:, v Ac! one and tvo. are jt it ' . a lit l'!f. -.1. Mil: wr; ?;; V. i! a. it. J. s.nn ;i V! Vor 1H 1 i CI'' V i. 1 i W, t I lot! j r j hi) nr i k- ! oe5 rvd : s(e; 3ih I. I ) 1 W iohHUr.i- liiliiren. ffiti It hi ' f o . iu ouj-se of !jrr s ! :'t i fcc.isiirzeJ ii'i' r S jt i r i'.i.ieSmo: tal t woru.; jf Ari ehovt a!if tins other three are m aration. Mi M ' in New York citv and artists urn enteil in her line now, if you don't BLOOD Ml nanum snizarn u i a atrej How often I ck : poisoning revult f t of a slight, scr iu ' ori lin's Wizard Oil is ij . h.-j. 1io-i i i j i u ' tf rtl I i t ' t , 1 - i i ' It h i t'JTfJ live um am irca.une rful antiseptic and tlied immediatelv to ind to .pfeverrt catv It is, sootni:vj L', i 1 In bi a ..f'ibif rii fI ;ti r- int-2iiU. . JjfcMlfiscJ a: i , I f lit i - J t ' juickly drives inn i 'J mat ion iwi iii. on t ctrts. burns, lines nr. i A reliable, too, tor .sui; I cold sores, can.-ccr :-t f ii ' toothache. Get it from dm err If not satii'jei -ct.i; get your'niopc- h;: Ever con-.:i ai'.t, headache? Jtsst-tr : Whips, jdeasaiu hi' cents. Guaranteed. r 1 li.liiWot -114 i pi.4 . V't .' f A I ' yX tl '!" :jX. 1 T i JW r - ()ur boys a-t on the 'fjh : t t ar. u M' M own cii trit; ,' ,t is t- 1'i-f!. tithe b-xiv !.!: - 1 1 are br t, i t ;s..-- ft-l tired, si: ,'(.v, b breatfl is irit'i..e on the face a:Vi t Tiize the dai 'r,; health by t..' Buch as Dr. i i r The eiaen:i i r- be oiled,' kept in t!:e r in" -r n i eJicu'I r. h-i i nuvdiiierv m i t' inohilt or iu.- n. I t i. do ni ha- a breath lee: t i 1 n'k I r ii bad, yi i toe . t b machinery tu Jr. Pierce J if; Leon known nr iu 1 . I Th?y are i..a o. . 1 and coated wnb sie a; are.1 and t'liic t tlicm at any dru ; twonty-live c n. A Pleasant Pel-i t 'ami 'I obt :i f i) . ildi I For - Safe,' - '-M iaiuli CALL - f Long Drive. .T.SEDJiOWD i is OC1ETY V '"'U red ' 71 . s of lb. ;-ihe "liro:olii eanre' fro.'.?' J rt'ity A1 toi noy ' Dixon f; nc! - r jjjji f f .ir-ce. if. i.-j jihsoiivrel IU;t the socse'y Hixon Leader told scribe a-11 tlo, and it, i. s MeC'anri';- uneie, ia Ht-r -v. ho lives in very proud of his ta!- -And evr.v' void of tun. Aliss.Met'ctnn, 'lis.. Ada 'Melt "ami and her !. miner : daUKhter. Ada. " of Chicago,., have 4;et-n K'ieHts.ror several days of the .!.'. ". ' h t hft j?.oek rivi: r lowii, - J. :!-':: doe.-, in. -re! liu Vi- the ?jutomobile kuiim! to himself, for ,.ofher iiarids an' til ,..t)e v.'hcsi. ; i.;y.ti i iioh u:- ot. man .se.arei- j. f,t:u:n nn-uv4 thr'msl Ue-. Kailj ulxnob! .every day -with earsT j irh coine siurli. span and new j-fJ'ors ih" pr-uoifiMMtlrera lo ptrt hi:- j . ' h i. v .i. Nebraska and oilier 'western states. tine .seen" tlnse 3 vvoint n at iii.- whftd al it and in-( j t rei in v,i!,u . .tliey ar doinp:. wiriiitit; n.H'j- an capably as do.-the I ;':. and'it'ti they drop in to! I irealA lit re' ih.. ro:taur.jijf f itiey j j ' f i-m tie .jr. or. t:iiiiued ihau iiu lii - j i mt'i-,, ttre loo'-? : t I no' r attire, nat- , tnui.'y. ami fioto - s t;uito i'rf.'ucrii ly t tiiry wear :-o'!' sor' ot' coveralb O.'Mt Jl'OfOI "'.(;(. Citll jlo.-ld allPO:-! : 'f-mire-jv of woineii wore brown . !!..'' xit sin h as tho incii v.V":tr ' "i; ?h' i-,i"-'iA. and they vri .on .; j ., lit' irip .ie:i;o-ns-!!y. i- v. i.t r- rt- Uil'tx i ii izens. i :P.d 'ail ti"' oMter thirii-.-I , .,, -,r .i,..-..; .. oi i. I 1 r I iOV, :. V lib h '(!!1 ; ! .'i.ii.-'!' i.i;iii'., !'!! inxtanc sb.- r..i l tvr.ill Illli;;. . ;f oil" v.mis IH 1IJ i ir lool: : Vl! 1H M out bean lies irom the garl-n and still wlien vou ; 1 thfiii well oi j ti -1 dflnl ! n it;' in your.parden or j if (l-'v bv the nunc of i iai! s-r. Nt oik sanlt'ii la'dv w ho ' i !is tier : l-.y .!:- a-- much a.- x-ln-1 iioe pi-iijio' i - re nainiii'-r her tulios.1: ori i inn. h. y are General l-"r-! t u )iiiiai s General Kociis, j J- niii iii'.iu. but she .-imply will siei have vthem Kaiser Kruns: ' " e v. lin !;;ivc rcrul stv much, of ()bcraniintrs:au, the Iiavarian vi!-laue where lias bi-cn staged, ttie It i i i i and which lias b 1 1 l f J 1 (i e because of tin i ' veart learn l)rf- iliCi'.Oll wiih li the vUIatu is dese', f-1 ii .it! b n tl -oil m iias: re. AH the b come a resi- niale residei.ts ' ha t v i 1 .. -on to war and scores and ' suit with 'hai to match; und a cor-1: tVi l d!en in battle; In .the ! s;c-e of ink sweet pea . and James k i iiithlv-,-'-' .'Madeline Io y i Quinn of Clare, a brothe r, of tin i- 1 in mar "wi'tsi. the '-villase I grcMyn. .. After the ceremony a wed- tun ti-, h i visiis there, relates a ii tv i i which 'hhe had with i. waitress in a wayside hotel: The town U sad."' we averred. ) I t:ie't i: be?" . h re- lortc d. - e have lost. so much.- How !i!?.tiv men v ar ? we asued.- ha ! gone to "Kverv jorx- tuitler fort-five. Five 4 i ' id -;'ii'ty out oi a popuia :ion oi tin'h'irn iitindreci." V'. e iiaused n niomcni. i! se. Aiei . i rii al to tro oir-rew.- but we w ' -1 , ed liuormat tunc "There wenj. rortv lsilb d aaii , ti t wouiiil'd tlnT l'ir-t year. 1 oon i !;nt tile tlillabe- lldit.'' v be aliot ii r P ''Will there ever be aliot br Pas snai I'lav?" . "iii '-v ean I U'.'.i? Some . of tite j t;?:ivefs 5;nd musicians liavc lost an .' :irm nr : ; tiiio oiiiers are ui'iiii. ad. Hie town no iotv'er has ur.y , " . j 'e pn d back - our chairs and j -.vepi o-ir ii'to the vobl. n stinshuie. ) S ' )l v : s like ; and d.'M v ii tibo'lt. iiie- s'leCts. It fi nlnvt- ;..;.'p' b a piavue -eii-d. Vv .tr has b ." n a ui -3'iter t Oberatiinif rgau. Slil O il ii cas ! i 1 . !".t 1C, l l.w at. its i p -.ritual i piivMi-al welfare, love if nuljiie 2iti : - -Tili.c l'e- toiftli - hiv'.l-dpy of j little : t-.I.. r-on of !if. an 1 i; .vli.m. W'-. is to he givesi ! x.'::if "c. his li'lle .friends -t. ' Tin' most ill', e.'' .-! -' i . trv- pt.:ty vali le the r'on to hue of a L'wtiT'y ii d :y four years, ago. ! v i ntrast Wit ii today. ()n trait tree's the leaves Mid it' Was V.Tl' were wa nil b loom. us tl tree d to c A Ho:n:iu -today had an ? btter from her broth-Jones, of Colorado. It L' ei Coforadians are. d - e r.-in the' v. ar. for .Mr. thai four pounds of i .ight to sale, c 1 a red a ii i CT, tin i; r ii J ! :i 7.") for the; d Cros-. . a 'farmer n -the we-;;-' t,Ovj; iit .worth 'erf . -.iys his ' letter. e f inciT n o-chestra sponsored r-u'y for th Marriel v; Y. hall. The affair e a-- luts he-tm ' the sfe- i,y tit ? Man ied Peopl 1 i :" i 1. Mrs. Percy-- Lattir. iiucei'ihe i'drmer of Camp Hoi:. on. Texas, have been . .; f Myi t u I 'I..i;aii. ; :; a t s. : Mrs I : the homer, of his -tiwtherr V,. Lattir. Mr. Lattin left t-ye. terday tor '"amp Lo.fpn. He 'married to Miss Rnce in Chi- g. Thtir:Jday. ." : i -f r ' ' f Music by a quartette composed of Mrs. E. J. Sanson, Miss He-Ufna 'i.efberg, Harry W.-tnur. rrtd Elvin Jtarlsoa was one of the pleasing features of the -meeting of the Men's club at the Fir.t Lutheran V FUTURE EVENTS , Tonight. i Neighborhood committee meeting:, j Armory hall. Dr. Hugh BirkJiead I in address. " IJK-Kalh County Medical association. Normal sekool. . " - Friday. . ' -Cadet ball, Armory halL Grant. 1'roKram, Normal auditorium. 1 i Saturday, April 27. Posl-Kasier sHle, Su Mary's Denev-olent assocdation. Fahlnnd crave a splendid talk on the j Lutheran conference which he af- ! tended in Chicago la t week. Re- ireshrnftntrt and sociability ' followed 'the. program, j' " Mr. and "Mrs. Albert Allen of Hyron -atftiounoe the Mil n of a smalt :. who will "liear the name of Robert Jack. Ttte 'mother will be renvjmbeied as Misj Gladys tia'tes, daughter of Post mas! or and j Mrs. runes of Round Grove, ill. j TiiA family is well known here jihrotiKh vi.lts to the Ryron How- land home and with other relatives. . , '- Air, and .Mrs. Stanley" Rose (Alf ; or !ef Id .Johnson announce the birth n lit i fer daughter v.'ho came to them i is hi hiKt jevojilng. The little Kid I ir t ciiild ln the family and I ts v;.-ry v'ilco,iie. . - ..iiss. Irene i iiiffnihi-; by ln r friend Miss aceompani-.Lohnsoti ol i I'eiituy Ivania who has been spend I iio-fTlie' past week with the formers jpnrehts in Syjumore left tir"th- oiltlie: n staiesf tf) encase in -liau-t.iilillia work .'UIHil Sep; -ember.- r- l' V Mrs J.u ies -JcD,-le Imd as her attests :it t'inie v. 'hiunday. Mrs. K. It. Agnew of Macbon, Wis.. Miss Avs art i.- Walter Kingsle;, a-mi ir. a ltd Mrs. J. O. -Agiiew. .. Simpi .v'M:ni. city iva.- the keynote at the today of Georte S. Quinn, Mr. and ?.Irs. Michael of Uuinn -!i rlt of CiaVe, and Miss Mar-L. Fobr, only -daughter of . ;;nd Mrs. L. d. Fobr. Father A. Solon read nuptial bieh mass ai f St. -Mury's church "at eight o'clock in the presence. t)f the im-t.odiaie relatives. Mrs. Robert Mc Crnu yk jir.esided at the orsart. The briiie wore" her going-away costume, a. blue suit with pray trimmings blouses' and shoes in the gray haaes. Her., hat was Or ' gray eorjeette. '. The bouquet was ct bride's roses. The only atiendants we re the bnae s aunt, iwjss Aai- uurej, Malrer, who wore a brown ding lreaklast was served to tfet ntar relatives at the Fohr Thonie. T.Ol Sou'h First street. Pink and white' sweet peas jnade i a prett.. cent r marking tor the table a nr. the 'nt nu corrc:;pondetl.- A con eratulatory-lettt r troia t lie brideV brother, Charles Fhr, - who js stationed at Camp Green. North Caro Una, arr.ved this morplir.;.- Mr. and .Mrs. (uinn departed' on- a shor. . . ... . , . iweuumg trip ami win reiurn nere Sundav even in q probably. They 11 go rfierward to t!e;ir home in Clare, which is completely ready. for thenil 'Jiunr lovely gifts were s?n i be briiie ttulay by admiring friend-and relatives. Mrs. Quinn attend e'd 'High school,- and completed j bj-itiess. course at Metropolitan col lege m Aurora. She has been foi .several- years . with the -Melville I l n; i-iaim coiiiihiii ui in -i Clark Qv. nil is a ;Seamoi v high scheo' -raciuate and since haw, beeh en gare-d in iarmiim near Sycamore Mei'ib'-rs of prominent fa'mt'ie, tlie lmnbi'i'h en v eon:i inore t ' tyi tile two today an oidinary jnterert. . is p. -,. t Plans were ciiscuss.ed for the dis-t rid i o:i e ntion or ;!ie Home Mis-i iun society if .ietbodist c-burde: which -o;nes in "May. over the sevw in a, of Red Cross bandars yesterday afternoon vA the home of Mrs. August Larson- Helen. L:ir r oil played several piano. number and '"gave' a re ading whicli th ; Uests enjoyed. Ret rejsiimen were served by Mrs. Wesley Moses Mrs. Ed Litrson and ; Mrs. J. V Reese. - :.' " -l t-. 4 4' ' I:irrison Sawyer and Miss Esthel Carl.-C'iiiHvere' licensed So wed this afternoon in C'nieago. Friend? here were greatly surprised at lie announcenit-nt this afternoon James' Sawyer, "a brother of the groom Was married a few week: ago. Scores of '"'friends of the young peopie will be interested in the an nouncenieiit which came late this afternoon; ..'" - ! Today, in Wheaton. at the par sonase- e,f Rev. It.: C. Holt occurred the marriage' of Frank VV. Riddel! Land Miss Zada Witter,? daughter oi George Witter of Uelvidere. While intimate friends knew of the ap pro'tching marriage of tha two. the announc-ement ' comes, as a surprise to PeKalb folk conerally. ydr. and Mrs. nidtleU arc"leaving on.' a short wedding trip and will return here to make their home at First and Franklin- streets. The bride in. to days- wedding s Known 10 c num-;c: her of local beonle. She was a resi-l::: dent of Delvaib for some months, aftd is esteemed by everyone who knows her. His position as chief of police has made I'rank Rlddell well known throughout tbis vicinity. and he his become better known j since announcing his candidacy for slfeif., He is popular, an all round i good fellow, and a member of onej ilil of DcKalbs oldest- iarames. . tie.:: received his - education In , the j lij scoools here and has always been , and social life. Hosts of friends will welcome he and Mrs. Itiddell on their return from their bridal trip. , Home and Foreign Mission soeie-tiert. of tha le;ho(ii-.t church are to have a bake :;le Saturday to earn funds to pay their sholarships and other pledges - which, they have raade for the year. Though the demands arr many this year, the societies are making effort to continue with as much imssdon and church work as heretofore. They will offer a variety of ! fooods at the sale. Miss Eula Gray and Forrest T)av- . 1 . ? a. " P is were united in marriage ai Heivi- cieie last Tuesday. Mrs. Davis is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John. Gray of Genoa, having resided in that vi- eintti- ,11 her I i f( S!)A i n CTfulll-I ate of the Genoa 'high school. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis of Charter. Grove. .They have gone to farming on the Kelley farm ner Charter Grcve. Lotrusi Campfire held a meet- Campfire ing yesterday afternoon for regular work at St. Paul's parish house. Women In War Work Want!! Immediately! Ten sewing machines for workers at the Red Cross work shop. Those in charge asli that the machines he loaned for . period o.' three weeks or lotKM-r if it is possible. Tin- machines are kept in -excellent repair and the shop will. call for iheai and ituni them.' ('all 2a, the Red Cross shop -if you can -lend your li'ac hine. It will be greatly appreciated, for tie-re are not enough machines to keep the sewers busy. o . The woman w ho knits has already found plenty to do. Now the May Woman's Home Companion tells how the woman who crochets can help: - , "A new opportunity for hefpful- jiess in war work r.a.s been opened to "women who can ero:.het. Shawls ufe urgently needed .'or the older French wonn n by the American Fund for French Wounded. They should be crocheted of black wool, in th circular shape so iopular a j number of year:-, ago. Complete. in-j formation about these shawls and iirnitjinn rnt rnul:iti" i fiein f.'r lieil obtained by applying to the Ameri-j can Fund lor French .Wounded, 10. East Tnirty-ninth Street, New York City." . ':,..' - o f - ' Nothing more' appeal ins--has come out of the warring nations than the story of Red Cross work among the children. Mothers and fathers , til our happy land v. ilk hug their little ones close.' as' they read the hardships endured by Belgian and French kiddies. Early one Thursday morning the-German soldiers gathered at the railroad station in Liege, llelgium. Mil children to be shipped through Switzerland into i t rance. Tne Germans did not want ; the feeding and " care of them, ex- J plains a writer in the Red Cross j Magav- ne tor April. After, a jour- ; ney of two days the train .rumbled f into the . i union at Evian, France, j where- the American. lied Cross re- j ive-s and cares for more man i,-1 repatriates every In; iy. Out of j eve: y window were stretched little hand's and heads, crying, calling, r sjhgim; children. .As 'the train stop ieil five trumpeters navp their fanfare. ' of we-b ome. In groups, in pairs, holding iiands. a little broih-I r dinging to his -sister, four or j iie little 1 riends - side- by side, . . . . - . . .1. i iioutint; aim sinking son-s S Mail not oeeii aiiiiwi u in :.nir, i" j three Inns years, the children liotiri d into tlie street. A very lit-' It- ono in a blue cape and pointed can, feli in his huiTV and the stream beijin piling up.around him. ; p0R COUNTY SUPERIN- .iut a lt d Cross . nam, quickly j '. TEN DENT OF SCHOOLS. iited him to his feet, e-omfortedj t eerebv announce mvseir a can--.ini and planed-him on his war ate f or . re-election to the office asain. Soon they were m shelter of County -superintendent of and being given the best foou they , j.. , ,lhieet to the decision of had had since 1I4. Then followed he bathy and medical examination, j and off to bed in clean "nighties" J nd to dreams or somethinc uesiue;s : the Bodies. In a day or so-they FOR SHERIFF. '.ywuleTbe . erf t-r different towns j , wsh to announce to the voters in France wh : the sound of can- j of 1eKall county that I am a cannon and the sialic of m didate for tho ofrice of COUnty '' would tf rn.y thorn, and J lf subJect to the Republican prl-where they can .be . educated and ; niarje8 'grow up to be the hope of the coun-1 FMERSOX ANDRPAVS. !-''.; j 78tf ) Sycamore. Ill : - o I "Why do they make such heavy slothes for the IJe-lgians and th-j French?"- asks a woman who has been working on the garments. Because they won't wear so readily. When clothes art; c r-c-irce as Willard BaUerlcs and Willsrd Service are the winning team in the Starling and Lighting League Little Ampere. AUCHER & MITCHEtX Specialists In Electrical Troubles " Opposite City Hall "they are "over there, you are mighty glad to get something that will wear a while. Therefore, the board effect undermuslins, aqd the pain outer garments made of heavy niaterials. The Red. Cross neighborhood meeting which is. held every Tuesday afternoon at the. home of Mrs. G. A. Fahlund was not held there yesterday because of the home being quarantined with measles." WELL SATISFIED STOCKHOLDERS nnnCTrPC'This is S01 advice, especially "-A iWUoiHivo when bilious or constipated. You I have been advertisiirg exten-lwin find many people who use sh ely this 'month, .that the' OeKalb j ChamberlaiiR ' Tablets- for these people nay know of the splendid j ailments -with the best jregults, and opportunity of making money I do well to follow, their example. ! through the stock of the Curtis Brothers Handle Co. mat advertising is of course. bringing results, but I propose to keep it before the public until the last minute, with a view of reaching the notice of as many as possible. i An investment in the proposition means liberal dividends within 60 clays, and the more clients 1 have that are drawing good dividends, the more it helps my business. i Those who invested with me last year and are now drawing from 12 to ::o per cent per annum with prospects of the. percentage growing rapidly, are the best satisfied investors that lX-Kalb ever saw and they do not hesitate to buy more stock from me as fast as their sur-P'us accumulations will permit, and you will do likewise if you once get started. Look into thi.-cat once. The price, raises from $12.5t to $ a share on May 1st. it. E. DAVIS, 121 K. Lincoln Highway. Over Lincoln Inn. 'Phone SZ?. Mrs. E. II. Agnew has returned to her home iu Madison. Wis.,- afr ter a two weeks' visit with relatives in Elva and De'Kalb. .-' Senator Adam-Cliffe of Sycamore was here today. Future Social and Club Events " Woman's Relief Corps members t are asked to come to the home of i Mrs. George Peters, Grove and Ninth streets, to sew tomorrow af- ternoon. They are reejuested to bring needles and thimbles. The Elva W. C. T. U. will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ella Mosher. The meet in; iu take ihe form of a Red Cross tea. Thei-e will be no. meeting of . the Woman's Auxiliary of Si. Paul's church this week Thursday. The monthly meeting will be held on Thursday afternoon, May second. - FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. it js not a myth, but a reality am woman may find it in perfe ct functional health. Women who v ant to grow ed i gracefully should guard against all organic weakness alMi 'derangements, and at the irst symptom of su h conditions resort in Lvdia E. Pinkham s vegetable Compound, nature's own root and herb rc-edy, to restore health, generations woanen of . have depended upon this ful remedy and havie found . her medicine to equal i it. For inc.: ic FOR SHERIFF. hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of sheriff 0j DeKain. county, sunjict to the Republican primaries. Your ntip-port will be heartily appreciated. 112tf. -''FRANK .W. RIDDELL. Mhe Uepuobcan primaries, Septem- j.'j 225tf J!H8. ' W. W. COULTAS. FOR RENT. Ten acres of" choice land Jus' inside city limits. Good eorefortafi'e modern home. Cots of fruit. Inquire of W.S.Prowrt. First National Bank bldg., Room 7. 12 Wix Garner Becomes Full-Fledged Elk! Wix Carner,. in training at thelg Great Lakes station, was Initiated M at the meeting of the Klks Monday jf night. Routine business was tran-'Sj' sacted. i S The-youngest child of Mrs. G. A. Fahlund is . measles. . Rev. Ul witlTj ; Some Good Advice 'Don't think too much of own methods. Watch other your poo pie's ways and learn from them." HAVE COLOR IN CHEEKS Be Better lxxking Take Olive Tablets If your skin is yellow complexion pallid tongue coated appetite poor you have a bad taste in your mouth a lazy, no-rood feeling you should take Olive Tablets. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets a substitute lor calomel were prepared by Dr. Edwcrds altsr 17 years of study with his patients. Dr.EdTards'OliveTablatsare a purely vegetabiecompoundmixedwitholiveoiL Yea will know them by their olive color. To have a dear, pick skin, bright ey es, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood days ycu must get at the cause. Dr. Edwards' CUve Tablets act on the liver and bowels like calomel yet have no dangerous cfter effects. They start the bile and overcome constipation. V ' .o why millions of boxes are sold ruus. J!y at 10c and 25c per box. All drur-t-.ts. Take one or two nightly and no.; , e pleasing results. - MUSIC riSEEijrssr FOR ALL OCC ASIONS H Florence Henrie and Jier Jazz Band . B i . "Florence Henrie, Leader S ; : L' Phones: Studio 73, Reiidence V84 p DEKALB, ILL 1 C1Ar5incniTl TlYl 3wVHIaUIi lclX.l9 iiorse ana Auto Livery Ifour Feed or Hitch Barn wlltt Service Day or Night Phone 709 ' lor This Week, Commencing Tuesday April 2? Four small Dundee Milk . . .25c Two tall Dundee milk ..... .25c Two cans Crescent Com v. .26c Two cans Van Camp Tomato Soup .... .21c 30-40 size Prunes, extra large, per pound 17c 40-50 size Prunes, per lb. . 15c 50-GO Piunes, two lbs. for . . .25c " Fancy dried Peaches, per lb. 15c Fancy dried Pears, per lb. . . .25c - . . - Dry Yellow Soup Peas, two pounds for '. ... . . . . . . . . .25tf Scotch Green Peas, per lb. . . .16c Fancy Swedish Brown "Beans, per pound . . , . . . . . . . . . 15c Clover brand Seeded Raisins, 15 ozs. for ..... ... . .12f2C Sunkist brand Raisins, nkg. .13c 10 bri o" Dob Wliite Soap . . . . 49c w53 iilii'iirS IF IT'S YOUR i 110 VE-r See us. Moving i in with ovir skilled rnrn nd niodert meahods; you'll findj youxj siir fctllej ;n the new Lrtui wiittobt fussj worry or damagef We have three bigUkaAs and NrU( jnove you next dooyr r hundred miles. 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It! -s-v J r - 1-1 i i nr. oonuant iaiin of thi WufalisJij niaoneT. i A-distinct I -! : iL i . i H Y 1 -si ' : I I i ! i .' - : r 10 barslAmerican Family . . .59c 10 bars Galvanic Soap ,54c; " r 'i f .!' 1 ! ' i Ocean Pearl ..... . .54c Claurl ... .-...49c Three cans 3.eeri JOeanser. . 11c .9c. L II L is A Savings Bank Free with every ii I !H' H i 1 M- i ill ii i Iheese for this sale ,28c ... 4 k Three rbnsj Mmmqth Toilet .. ; ParxirjfCTO One lotlof Brqomsi at . . . s. . . 67c it I-mm . .!,- A full line jof Garden Seeds. We have Seled Peas and Seed Beans i ; i : One lot bf Onion ets, yellow and ;.5c We deliter knjf sized order for 5c !( -;.u jit - ... TPW. mm r'-i;!;r ' t i

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