The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1934
Page 3
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. MA.fcCll 7, 1934 E^YTREVILtE, (ABK.) COURIER WMMB Charted With Posseition oi Liquor Rliibfth Kclser was arrested on I'D charge o{ Illegal possession ol :iquor when police and sheriff's depute raided her home In the G»lmis riuarlcrs yesterday. The officers were looking lor a Mispm wl:en they entered tht> nous? ai el loimd a Jug of liquor. Hersliel Trotierl was arrested In » Sc(ond Hrect t-afe and charged wlili transporting liquor. Police wld they louml a pint bottle on Ttoiloi. John Rhodes was also picked up & i [lie time, officers RccuMriK him of- interfering with thrlr rRiirr< to arrest Trotter. Poland Is Paying for This Ocean Liner in Coal Services Held at Rector for Mrs. Earl Yarbrough STEiiE Mo.—Funeral services JOT Mrs. E&rl Yarbrough, 22, who died .of pneumonia at her home in the Denton cmomunily near Sieele, were held Friday at Rec- 'Or, Ark. Mrs. Yarbrough, who before her marriage was Miss Opaj GarrtU, was well known here, having attended the local high school. She leaves her husband, a small son, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Garrett, a brother ami two sisters. Sewing Room Workers Give Garments to Home Women, employed In the CWA few Ing rooms Ir. Mississippi coun- J.y, have completed 115 suits of Underwear, and six mattress covers, which have been sent to the Arkansas Children's Home and Hospital at Lltle Rock. The material was given by B. Harrison, county judge, and. the women made the articles volun tartly during the time work wa: suspended. Coal can run a ship, but nowadays it can buy one, ico; Anyway, ir.s the currency Pnlonrt Is uslnij 10 pay Italy for building at Trieste this grcal liner for uaitf-Alla nnd. The nrsi jiaymonl. win o,, March 1 simultaneous with of 20.000 ions of the fuel. rvice betvvee,, Now York and I'o- the laying of thp ship's keel. mnsi Mothers Prepare for Kidnapers PAGE THREE *>!/ DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO Nejro Held in Shooting Over Bottle of Liquor Je.we Orr, negro, was arrested by police- last night after Troy Woods, negro, was shot In a dispute over a bottle of liquor. The shootinf* occurred in an alley between Walnut and Chickn- sawba in the 1100 block. Woods was only slightly hurt, a .32 calibre bullei creasing his back. A gun alleged to have been used in Ihe shooting was found by officers who arrested Orr. P.-T. A. Committee Approves "Voltaire" Th« film "Voltaire," starring Gtorge Arliss, now showing at the Rbxy theater here, has been en- tior&ed by the better films committee at : the local Parent-Teacher assotUtioh council as one which shpula be .swn -by school .cliil- dfeh. particularly those of Junior hlgii school and high school. age. - .It. will -be at. the Roxy tonight arid tomorrow. •-'Saturday, March 17, the P. T. A. eonimlttec will co-operate with the riyz theater management in spon- sbrjrig a morning program of .short subjects particularly selected for flnldreh. Nefro.Held to Jury for J Taking Dentists Auto . Willie Smith, ' negro, wns held 'to 'the spring grand jury by Mun- iclpal'.Judge C. A. Cunningham y'esferday O 'n a charge of embezzlement by bailee. Smith i-as accused ' of I'V .SISTliK MARY M:A Si-ivlrr stall IVrllrr M'.li iUi- bilker supplying con- MMCIII.v ]M ,,|Vrt. breads HIHt rolls. compjiMiuvly (nv vvtfiimi ntliMnpl to iiiiK,. yiM ,( id-oil,,,.,,;. However, <!"«•* meads and u ,l| s i,l wl ,y s nrc . l» and ,m> easily fromillls.). i'd lit Hi,. i,uim> kUrheu. Uiii-:n,: curly ,spi-lu s uhcn nii- M-iiM'ij.ibly. warm ilnys Mv \ vuins "]>. w: i;.'.-;, fruit bi rails or rolls iri-sii is-,,,.,, aw own u-lt) b.- found ui]cii;niii,,,|]j- jiu'illiig , V | U . M served w th wtuij.,. dicetm ior urnr-m-im. "'(•M- mils t-.ii, b« mad,. so quickly nud <-:r:k- uiul Hive sm-H „ lurgc ii'liini f,),. ,] k , i,|| un ,|, |lt ( | |( . norm k«.p!u x i,, , , , - «}ulrk l-'rull Itnlls cups jiour. J leospcons ]»««UT. I -2 ivaspnoii S11 it. piMllh Sllljlll-, -I tablcSfMUUS •u-ns sofU'itod butter, uuir- "r J'-'lly or u Inilt "bmter," -> Imikcii inn menus. M \ ui.l .sift Bom-, taking pow- <ltr llt "'id Misnr. work In s on n n- ,. v i,j, pjjdy (jlemlpr. f'cii >, milII lifjn n, u | ,.,,( into Hi si imumv. ; ,d(i mg imik 10 mtixe n sdt ii UK !i. .]•„,,, ()1Uo n lloll] . L , ( | mo li i ijuuul ui'.tl kii.'d nnlMili 1 i<lv into (Tiller win, ;,„„. ,,, 0 . lions i ,„ u,H Hgmiy into „ sheet 'oom m-liiilr Inn, [hi,-!;. Spreiid wllo Miluwd biilter. Cover wllh " m i in innriiialadi- or whatever 's cl u mill .spriv.klo with ehop- l«« " ' lioll up like a Jelly' roll ond ™i .u-;us.s in slices nlxmt ono 'nil ik. ni)i knife in Hour before uir.iHK i-acli slice. I'lnce sllc- 's un Mde down m, n ti oiled 1 urn! 11 {loured p-.ui u nil bake 20 minutes In 11 lig; ,-IOTJ defjrros P.) oven, mill Onmgr .oiled nnd ehop]jeil famllctl oi'nnju.' pu-e\, j '-•< cup candled lemon JK-C!, 1 egg. i 1 cup w.ilii: iinur. 1 \-'i cups (<ni- I ham ilniiri I teaspuon suit, j lablc- UIOQUS huilcr, 1-1 cup sugnr, fi tviiiiji^ins baking powder, I cup milk. with sugar lor they liuve developed,' except so fnr as they affect'nutrition, I'eiiplv given lo frequent colda- .ilwiild IIMVC a careful examination iol nose mid lineal for focal In• factions, ; , 'Ilicy should have thrlr vitality raised lo u polnl as high ns pos- .slblc uecimse, when general resist-, mice of thi! body Is .high, icslsi- •• tnicc uf Dm IxKly lo colds Is ln-'~ (•reused. ."Cr- eooh ONCI-- STUDIED TORgA M*WiN[- WIRELESS 1 OPERATOR, mu KAIL9 IHTO WCOTJ Will 1||E OP HIS BAUD. Lives Two Months on Diet at 6 Cents Daily HEDKKLEY. Cal. (UP)—Arnold"' 1. Hue, University of California l»tmlriu, spent only six cents a day fur Ihvci 1 nienLs over u iwo months IK-rloil niul lost no weight nor siif- fi-ivil liny 111 effects. lll.s dlcl, lUic vxplnlni'd, con- alsiod or iho follawlng: llt-cukfiiM-'I'lnvo ct-iit;; wovth (if wholp ivhenl — HIP kind fed u> lckpiis. Ilall. SV»MM\ wllli u Hl' Migur and ronilpiui-d milk. liil' !i 11 smip six)i\. Iiunrh--Wiuni It. over or drink mill. Dlniu'i-—oni> biiiidi of curroU. Dili' imlun. one )x>la|i>. Rtew. Em with (lie Minn; SJHXIII In snvc dish- ' Running Nose First Warning of Onslaught of "Rhinitis" NY l>lt. MOKI1IS FISHHKIN Killtor, Jimrnul o{ the Amrrlrati « cnli]. It Mrdlral Asswlstlnn, ami uf lly- jrla, the Ilraltli Mmiailnn When your nose ui^lns lo run ynn feel fi-verlsh niul III, blowing of Urn nusc. duvlni: Seals Catch Fish and Gulls Steal From Them.; BOSTON (UP)—Sen nulls, hov- I'rtnii over lloston hnrlior, espied linlf H do«'n senls roiiiplnj! In tin? tc'is bolnw, ''(I'll) A sen! would dive uiul come lo', I lie sui'fiicc; \vllli u ILsh In Us iiioiitli, Tli« nulls, wnlchlni; hun- lirlly, uppiirrnlly decided It wolill \K cnsliT foi- llieii, lo Id Hie seals (In lliu ll.shliiK. Ka, when u seul »ii- liiiired with fist. In mouth, u (fill! ' would swoop down, snatch thu ftsli mid fly nw»y_. , > ^j |J|J 'I'hLs tutpiiiMicd .wve.vul liuu-s In 1 - 1 ' forr ihi' snils <lls.»)|)C[irc'(l 1 Mothers and other women wllh children In Borden (onn . \. ].. are pn«tici,. ff pistol sli,,clin K to lie prepared as »in!,t ktdnaptrs. Pictured htre at target practice .11 tlie Borilentown Military Arudeniy range are Miss Marjaret Ijndon (left) »nd Mrs. Paul Holzbaurr. Liinkln; un Mai«l« liulzbauer. i re nickle llarrfck New Jersey Women Practice With Pistols to Guard Homes Hid utittST hits been soil- cited bin not incited. .Mix mid sift Hour. SHU ami linking powder and :idd t» lirst nilxuirc. Add milk it ml iiiix ucll. Aiici (jrnliniii Hour to lc.s and cnudled ptels which ,invi Uecn tliiely el-.oppvil. combine will flrsi mixture. Mix well uiul tun !>mi hear him downstairs or li I tl)c next room. o c i ymir plslo] ; ready and try liriug in the air. i Ten chances to one. he will taking the cor of Dr.'T.'H. Keith, negro, dl-ntlst, to Wilson; after having been given permission to use it for a shorter trip. j.- W. Carter, negro, was fined $50. for carrying a concealed wea- Roosevelt Girl Trots Globe By Mary Marjaret McBrlde ME* Service Staff Correspondent BORDENTOWN, N. J.—A lltlle group of jdevoted young mothers in this historic old town have fired a series of shots which, if they are not heard quite round the world, may at least resound to the farthest corner of the Onit- ert States before the echoes die away. " * ' Under the tutelage of Lieutenant Harry W. Barrlck, pro- i lessor of military science and tactics at Bordentown Military Institute, the determined matrons are learning to handle firearms properly in order to protect their homes and children against outbreaks of lawlessness general in this country/just now. The women are acting on a suggestion made recently by Mrs. Franklin D. Rc/oscvelt that mothers should arm themselves against kidnapers. Although the rcene of the most terrible child- .tnalching tragedy of this generation. Hopewell. is only about twenty-two miles away, trie dozens or more members of Lieutenant Barrtek's training squad are not so much worried about kidnapers as about other types ot prowlers. Protecting Home From .Marauders "We are no(. rich enough for our children to be in real r>cril from • fiends whose object is ran- said gray-eyed, bobbed- haired Mrs. Paul Holzbauer, mother of four. "All the same, the peace iinrt happiness of every however humble, is menaced by the gangs of petty thieves and marauders that seem to be everywhere these days. Usually they are cowards'and a shot In iniu mi oilwl unil floured bread pnn. U'l E'.und 20 minutes nnd bnkc one hour in » modernte 1350 degrees !•'.) oven. Tuinorrow's >tetm IlKEAKrAST: Slewed rhubarb, cereiil, crenin, ' brcnd-crunib pancakes, mapli; symp, milk, collee LUNCHEON: Cream of tomato crouluns. coitugu cheese, hut fonn of tin; common cold, rallwl "rhlnHls," Is feUlnn in. Hhlnllls begins wllh u burning mil iirlcklni; sensnllon In the nusci >r throut. And It Is then Hint you are cunfruiilcd wllh nil sorts nf rauodles far cutting the rold Khort. The simplest of these comes under Ihe cliisslllciUlou of trciil- ttients which produoc. swciitinK After lhc culd 1ms starled, t«kc n hot bath In u warm room nnd eo sirulKht to bed. Take plenty of hoi drinks, Mich us hoi, Icinun- ude, mid, wllh them, un alkall- llkc sodium blcnrbnimlu (common baking soda) or sodium cltralc. Keen Uic mucous membrane of the Hose protected with an oily spray. Such sprays usually con ]ii]|Hirluni not lo blow Ixjll, fifties of tin; nils' nt, it,e smile lime, since this lends to drive the Infection to Hie eiir ihrwifOi the Kiistiichlini tube. Since ll,e exact cnusu of tile cold Barham Will Address Methodist Brotherhood lltiirni' \v. llarliiini, Inciil utlor-., Is not known, you should ( |« y ,, m ney. will IH; tin: principal speaker besl to pi event II by avoiding ex- "l ll'i. 1 Motliodlst lirolherhood, xjsluie to [Inifls nnd (lumpne.-is,! Uinuiina of the First Methodist. jy avoiding siulilen cliuniu's from church »l Ciivuthorsvllle, Mo., lot lo cold, unit by kcoplnif your I Thur.sduy evenlni,'. • lody us well noiirlslted HI, passl- i Tlit'i 1 '! nrc 'SO men expected In ble. for he has a guilty conscience"" I < "" Ck fnilt r0lls ' 8™'* J" lce Lieutenant Bnrr first femin- : DINNER: C.ibb.ige rolls, rice Asothtr Roosevelt is winning *»m^ »s a traveler. This ti ma ft'« • feminine member of the I^nooi dm, Leila riooserclt *hl»»t coasln of President and *fri, ' Fr»nklln D. Roosevelt, {•owviefe «s she arrived in '•'''A'aielee,-near tlie end of a 2«'I(J tour. Her father, Andro SjP»tv»lt/ Jor 'years' was' a .|IMt«r .in th« Dutch fuel ' Indlrt. "Bordchtown ha,s .never been ' ' iavt ' r ° llr chlldrun. Inc pupil was wife. The couple' 4ll lL lml<1Sl sphmeh, mince pie, milk. Inln'menthol, camphor, or cucnlyp- tus, which sctm to tin Irritation nml swelling. 4 A -» Manyn person Injures his cur I (ram too vlgonnis and loo Ire For this 1,111 :llct sliould be inkcn, nnppleinciurd )y cod liver oil, which pnn-liles 1-lliiniln.H iiMiully not sufflclont In -iiosi, (llels. Hovvevei-, there Ls no proof Hint elllicr Vlluniln which are tile vltinnlivi of cod iw , nlliMHl the nffiilr, The Dev. C. C. a weil.b«liinc«M ) "" 1 "" 11 " 11 ' ls P» sl «'V -si.Wl "I.Ike nil reyular army ]>cop]c. wo are .stiitloiied sometimes in territories where there Is dniiRcr." lie explains. "I f L vl sjifer about afraid to make history," pointed out, proudly, and as proof indicated the rambling brick house where Francis Hopkinson. signer of the Declaration of .Independence, onee lived, and the. tiny red schoi! _____ _ . .. _______ house where the famous- Clara " I1t! lhc knowledge of how u> use I Irving, and Mr. Irving, ' " " " curTce. Netherland New* fnmlly and my wile feet';! Miss Alice Itenrc of Manila. Ack.. safer because she has a revolver! is visiting her sLsler, Mrs. John Barton founded one' of Ihe firft public schools in New Jersey, "This idea that women eun'ti shoot straight is so much poppycock." lhc lieutenant continued. "With practice, some of them become expert. That fc shown in the National Rilic Mutches. There the women shoot right along with the men and at the last one. a forty-five year old wo- i!,nn went through the preliminary Half Moon School The Half Mou Hosier club met last week nnd the reorganized with officers: Jimmlc following Buck, president: Mary Li«htfoot. vice-president: Barharn Poff. secretary, in Hi Virgil Sh.incyfclt reporter. The club has H members j.j in. » VIIL LIU Lilian 1.1 IK L/miumuiu v ff\ . ,. course of Instruction with her T " cxt mccl "W W 'H l» Tin.... husland and qualined for a medal I J?^ ! >"<-' r "«"i. Mrs. Ora Hawkins. in the first 132. "Since between 1200 and 1401) T. Altxaiulpr. nnd Johnston are sixm.'-ors. J. E. Mrs. Lawmici. Ucmielt has returned lo lu-r home jit Flint. Mich., after a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Benny niiir- luii Hubert Whittle nf Blylhevlllc ^icnt the week-end wilh his sister, Mrs. A. C. lllnnkcnship. niul .Mr. Blnnkcnsliip. Jlrs. Mark Troiitmnn is HI with influenza. Mrs. M. C. Ulankenshlp Is til Kcnnlh on busiii'.r::. Mrs. naymond Dugnti and children .vent tin- we"k-cnd with her .nre entered, nmong them at least j Frnncis Bl| ck is ill with chicken | 400 of the best shots in the Army. I P° x ' . Navy and Marine Corps, you can , ^ lr S lnla Hnnnon lins returned to: ti.tlicr, Jim James. :it Portnge- !Wee ™ nftcr . n " absence of tw _^. IJlCS of Pneumonia " orps. you see what that means, u has been limply a matter of custom that 1 , vuiien haven't taken up shooting, j J ™n Humphrey Ifannon is ill! UASSETT, Ark — Funeral services •Xhcre's no reason why it should, £"'"*• - I were to l)e' held here today for be punctured Is the common one fcflri 'Walker and Thomas. Thiir-: Mrs, Tissue Wnlson, 38, who died er viiilcd lhc school recently. - — the nir will send them flying. chi.mber to be sure "But the point is. you have to know about firearms even to fire a shot In Ihe air successfully, otherwise you may hit goodness knows what. I've had rc.ires when I've been hotne alone with my small children and I can tell you it would have been a comfort at such times If I'd haa a revolver handy and had known how lo use it intelligently. I for one urn goinif (o stsy in the class as long as it's held and between sessions, I expect to practice shooting with my oldest boy down in the cellar!" Town Rich In Historic Traditions Whether, as now seems likely from Inquiries that have poured in from other towns and cities women elsewhere lake up target practice his class will go on Lieutenant Barrick asserted so only when handled unintclli g«nllj. Under lhc same ctrcu flr.uces, r\n automobile is a menace, too. "Tlie (list, rule in handling fiinrirms is safety. Never point a gun al anyone unless you wish to hit him. Never monkey with a gun unless you have opened thi? cylinder, or in the case of an aulo'.vnlvc pistol drawn back slide and looked into thai is not loaded. "Never loud until you nrc teadv lo fire, and when loading, stand facing lh& target. Then aim and firo nt once, or else unload." "Do's" and "Don'ls" In Handling Firearms Lieutenant Bsrrick. who won medals and been on many cup-winning teams, thinks pistol flicoling looks harder than it is. 'There nrc two main points lo vntoh," lie cautions. "Aim correctly and squeeze the trigger steadily instead of jerkins it suddenly. Tn holding- Ihe arm out, i point naturally and watch the front slkht. ' As for how to behave when .1 burglar comes, be governed o'-' circumstances. If you wake up nnd find he has lhc drop on you, ('on't reach for your gun. Vou will probably gel shot. But if • p ,, "MU10II rc.-ives ncr Jiii.smind limping fTOg Contest r 1 " 1 lhrcc children, a son and two In Calaveras Is Revived j dalrihter l_ ..„„._ _ ' Kcward for ANGELS CAMP. Cal. (UP) - llil-ltpn Drivers CINCINNATI (UH) - The Cin- Cnlavcras County's nationally tlnnali Automobile Club lir.s voted known jumping Iro s jubilee Is iol nn aw <<rrt of $50 for the apprehen- vcnllnj; cnlds or curing them ut- Rnlk Garden ;ui<l Fidd Uso Conuiiii! Ahiddcn Lump Purls - - ?, ItUHKIi I-IAHDWAKE CO. There Are Many Ways To Go- ouf- revived this year. be Abandoned In'ira becaase of' the depression, the celebration will be staged next May 19 nnd 20 according to plans anmmced by the! Boosters' Club, sponsors of the affair. | As an annual event, the jubilee. I / sion of any hit-skip driver. CARDUI based on Mark Twain's story "The ! Jumping Frog of Cnlavcrns Conn- j .ty.' attracted nationwide attention ! has for """'V y«ars. with nil sections i of the country FOR VWOMEN Blytlicvillc (o Si. Hound Trip Cooeli i- lire ...... One Way Fare Good in Pullman Cais Round Trip Good In Pullman Cars 10 Day Limit C Months Limit. 511 00 .%** .V A* iHeat or Berth chrtrje Additional > j Now In Effect i Daily from | N'amc of Your j Town to— 4 -75 One Way Coach Knre providing entries Chair Or-Coach On? W. y J-ar* Rrrirxl Trip 10 n«j Limit &xvl in Pullman or fet!nr Cara [Seal or Itcrlh Chaiso On? Way Kaix Rour.J Tr^ lOPay I.H:it Hi-.m.! Vrip « Months l.imn for the frog jumping contests. The palace at Versailles, at lhc i ^ time of Louis XIV. could mudate 10.000 Mrfons Blue Star Kills Foot Itch Germs Stnbhorn foot itch germs dlo when Blue Silar Ointment melts and soaks in. For itchy eczema, rash, letter, ringworm, pimples and oilier skin troubles, you can find iiotlnne as fine as flluc Star Olnt- ineul. Docs not burD.(adv.) I FULLER BRUSHES At Lowest Prices Wril.. W. T. NORMENT (ieneral Delivery, Blythtvillt Cape Girardeau Crystal Cily Moxic Jonesboro Kansas City Memphis Slteslon Springfield Tupelo 21.51' I 3.;r! 3.60 13.M S.9.i K. r. Klomcyer, Agent Frisco Lines lilythcvillc. .-Ukan;;is

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