The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1967
Page 17
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8-Algono (la.) Upper Dei Molnet Thursday, June 15, 1967 ~]/VllIPGtt EDITOR'S NOTE - This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Wednesday, June 14, 1950 issue of Uie Algona Upper Des Moines. - o - IF THE MAN OF THE HOUSE WONDERS why the children demand extensions on their allowances next week and if Mama writes a check with no explanation noted on Uie stub, he'll probably find the answer to the mysteries on Sunday, June 18, for that is Father's Day. It's pretty hard for a family to honor Pop without a gift on his special day without having him shell out the money for it himself. - o - AT TIMES, DAD GETS TO FEELING he means little more to his family than an unending source of money to pay the bills, a dealer out" of punishment for the kiddies' major crimes and a handyman who mends things around Uie house. But if his family would stop and tell him what they really think about him, and they should at least on Father's Day, he'd find Uiat his stock is pretty high. IF DAD COULD LISTEN IN ON THE youngsters at play, he might be pleasantly surprised. When I am asked my opinion on some question the boys are arguing about, my answer doesn't seem to decide much. But If our six-year-old says something is true, because his Dad said it was, that settles the point right now. - o - IT SOMETIMES AMAZES ME HOW litUe Dad has to do to make a perfectly routine job seem like a holiday excursion. Our three-year-old daughter looks forward to Sunday all week, for that's the day when "I go to Sunday school in the morning and then Daddy takes me and the tin cans to the dump." Mama bathes her, curls her hair, irons her dresses, hands out cookies, takes her downtown and reads her stories all week. And what does she look foward to most? A trip to the dump with her DadI EVEN THE BABY LEARNED TO S*Y DA-DA before she said Ma-Ma. Psychologists say this is because da is an easier sound to say than ma, but lef s not be petty about this on Father's Day, Never before or never again will Daddy get such uncritical admiration from a member of the feminine se\ as he now gets from his tiny daughters. - o - DO YOU REMEMBER HOW TALL your Father seemed to you as a child? "Big as Daddy" applies to more than height of stature. When the children of my family were growing up, our Daddy's job kept him away from home most of the time. We fancied him as a sort of super-human being who wrote us a letter daily, but who appeared in person at infrequent intervals, bearing presents for the kiddies and little bars of soap from the hotels where he had been living. After a few years he realized his biggest ambition - that of being with his family and still earn the money required to support them. Then Dad came off his pedestal and we *discovered we had a very human father, complete with scoldings, pride in our accomplishments, worries over our well-being, and best of all, a wonderful sense of humor that made him a great deal of fun to have around. We had to part with him again too soon, but it is the memories of my father, off his pedestal, that I treasure most today. THE ONLY CONNECTION WITH FATHER'S DAY this week's recipe has is that it is the only strawberry jam recipe the Daddy at our house ever uses. At least, it is Uie only recipe we used the only time he has ever helped with the canning - the summer before we were married. I must say, everything we canned that summer turned out better than anything I have ever done on my own since. - o - WE BOUGHT THE STRAWBERRIES from Ralph Lindhorst and we paid 12 cents a quart for them! Ralph is now too busy as Kossuth county sheriff to grow berries, but he used to know a great deal about them. Mabel Sorenson gave us the recipe and it is the best one Fve tried, I do hope by the time you read this, the home-grown berries will be going strong. Last year we barely had enough to eat fresh at the table, so I didn't make any jam. The recipe takes 4 cups washed, hulled strawberries, 5 cups sugar, and 1/2 cup lemon juice. Cook the berries and the lemon juice together, boiling seven minutes. Add the sugar and cook five minutes more. Put in sterilized jars and seal with paraffin. - o - ANOTHER GOOD JAM RECIPE I'd better give you before the rhubarb is over is one that came from the late Mrs. Lester Wilson, who will be lovingly remembered by many people. It takes six cups sliced rhubarb, 5 cups sugar, 1/3 cup water and 2 pounds candy orange slices cut fine. Boil together 10 minutes. Put in jam glasses and seal with paraffin. - o - THE NICEST THING THAT HAS happened at our house this week is that the baby finally took her first toddling steps. She had been getting about by creeping and walking with support for months, but she has been very backward about starting out on her own. Daddy has been insisting he likes her just as she is even if she can't walk. But I notice he keeps trying to get her to let go of his finger and walk by herself. Baby hasn't found out that she is siow, though. The expression on her face as she staggers aero the room is as proud as if she had invented this wonderful new jthod of locomotion. GRACE Sharon K. Kelly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kelly, Webster City, became the bride of Wendell C. Willrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Willrett, Burt, May 27 at 1:30 p.m. at St. Cecelia's Catholic Church. Fr. James Bruch performed the double ring ceremony. Duane Willrett was best man and Rosemary Kelly was maid of honor. The bride wore a ballerina length gown of Chantilly lace. The fitted bodice with rounded neckline and full length sleeves topped a controlled full skirt. A huge taffeta bow caught the waistline in front. Her headpiece was a floral pillbox effect and held a halo veil of illusion. She carried a bouquet of red Unit II Met Riverdale Rustlers Unit Hheld their regular meeting June 8 at St. Joseph's school hall. Pledge of Allegiance led by Darlene Plathe; 4-H pledge by Jean Reding. Roll call was to report on "a book I have read". Demonstration on making a bulletin board by Sandy Kollasch and Carrie Thilges. Demonstration on natural finish by Suzanne Red- Ing. Demonstration on a small painted object by Jean Reding and Diane Bormann. Illustrated talk on picture study by Theresa Kohlhaas, Joan Reding and Diane Bormann. The Riverdale Rustlers Unit n Club earned $59.03 by serving the C.D.A, Mother- Daughter banquet. Demonstration by Kathleen Plathe oa fur- roses. A reception for 150 guests was held at 2:30 at the V.F.W. hall, Algona. Dining room hosts were Mr. and Mrs, Dean Willrett. Mary Cogley registered the guests, Mrs. Ernie Haack and Mrs. Bud Marlow cut the cake, and Mrs. Joe Buscher, Jr. and Mrs. Larry Buscher had charge of gifts. Mrs. A.R. Willrett and Mrs. Lyle Marlow poured coffee and Mrs. Roger Fox dipped punch. The bride is a graduate of Webster City High School and is employed as a secretary at the Welfare office here. The groom is a graduate of Burt High School and is in construction work. After a trip to Wisconsin, they are at home in Algo'na. (Glenn's Studio Photo) 63 From Area Will Attend District Camp Kossuth county 4-H members will go to District 4-H camp June 14-16 at the Methodist camp on the south shore of Clear Lake. Sixty-three members and their chaperones will be a part of nearly 500 4-H'ers from 10 counties in the north Iowa area. The first H-Head is the theme of the 1967 camp program. Guest speakers include Bob Lux, Charles City, Mrs. Oscar Branstad, Forest City, NewtDraheim, Clarion, and Karl Kiilsholm of Algona. Glen Thompson, I.S.U. recreation specialist, will train junior leaders to assist him with^ the recreation in Wednesday evening's program and the classes Thursday. The Junior leaders helping with the camp program from Kossuth are Cheryl Cunningham, Burt, and Linda Nitchals, Algona. Campers attending from Kossuth will be Terry Farrell and Linda Heimer, Algona A.O.K.; Virginia Welp and Marcia Murray, Blue & White; Marlys Eden and Linda Seal, Buffalo Boosters; Marilyn Cherland and Marcia Soderberg, Burt Blue Birds; Mary Zaugg and Mary Besch, Cresco Chums; Kathleen Mino and Viola Person, Eagle-ettes; Karen Jentz and Diana Mills, Fenton Forwards; Marlene Vernia and Denise Montag, Garfield Gems; Madonna Janssen and Sandy Boehm, Lakota Luckies; Nancy Eischen and Colette Capesius, Lotts Creek Lassies; Annette Gilbride and Roberta Zwiefel, Plum Creek Elite; Sandy Wagner and Judy Kollasch, Riverdale Rustlers I, and Linda Reding and Suzanne Reding, Riverdale Rustlers 0; Barbara Andre, Seneca Stars; Mary Bestenlehner and Becky Tiele- bein, U-Gc-I-Go; Mary Lou Nitchals and Patty Hansen, Union Alethean; Verdell Janes and Mary Muehe, Wesley Wizards; Pamela Kirsch and Ann Foley, Whittemore Lassies. • Harley Boehm and Jim Steen- hard.Aggressive Lads;Kurt King, Algona Boys; Jerry Blain, Buffalo Boys; Kevin Roethler and Jerry Simpson, Cresco Boys; Robert Bierle and Gary Laabs, Fenton Progressors; David Tokheim and Greg Duer, Eagle Wildcats; Mike Banwart and Mark Reding, Garfield Hustlers; niture with accessories. A talk on picture study was given by Mary and Carrie Thilges. Demonstration by Sandra Kollasch on color of nature. Talk on picture study- by Linda and Kathy Sue Reding. Talk on tests to apply on furnishings by Jane McGuire. A talk on color exercises by Carrie Thilges. A picture study was given by Diane Bormann. Guest was Mrs. Edward Thilges. Easy Dessert For a quick and easy dessert, make a vanilla sauce following the directions on a package of pudding mix. Then alternate layers of ladyfingers, drained canned apricot halves and the sauce in a serving bowl or dessert dishes. Chill about two hours before serving. Two-faced IMI'JS ItKLl 8 Make Great Dad's Day Gifts... This one-inch soft, supple cowhide belt goes v/ith any color in his wardrobe. The rich black reverses to a deep brown. Expertly crafted buckle has a satin-smooth finish. Sizes 28 to 44. It's a cinch dad will love it I <5 FATHER'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY! Charge If and Save, too at S & L Timothy Work and Dean Gibson, Grunt Hustlers; Fruncls Stork and Cletus Nurrc, Greenwood Hoys; Steve Madsoti, Plum Creek Hoys; Kobort Deruliardaud Peter Nledzlelske, Prairie Future Farmers; Tim Lynch, Seneca Progressive Farmers; Don Erpeld- Ing, St. Joe Trojans; Loren Brandt and David Holcomb, Swea- Hiirrison; Mike Hansen, Union Boys; Jerry Martinek and Paul Hildman, Wesley Boys; Jerry Besch and Hick Elbert, Whittemore Boys. Chaperones going with the campers are Mrs. Wm. Doclds, Algona; Joe Skow, Wesley; Raymond Carlson, Wesley; Kathy Besch and Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch, Whittemore. Key Role By Algonan At Kiwanis Meet Wes Bartlett, Algona, trustee of Kiwanis International will play a vital role in the direction of the 52nd annual convention of Kiwanis International in Houston, Tex., June 25-29. He is one of a group of nineteen members of the Kiwanis Board of Trustees, and nineteen International committee chairmen, who head the administration and community service work of the international service organization. The convention will emphasize the rapid expansion of Kiwanis in nitions abroad, and the 1966-67 theme, "Quality Leadership, Key to the Future." Approximately 16,000 people, Klwanians and their families, will attend. They will represent more than 275,000 Kiwanians in 5,400 clubs in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Carribean, Western Europe, and the Far East. Convention sessions will be held in Houston's Sam Houston Memorial Coliseum. Work to be accomplished at the convention includes the election of officers for 1967-68. Presiding officer will be Dr. R. Glenn Reed, Jr., Marietta, Ga., president of Kiwanis International. U-Go-l-Go The U-Gc-I-Go 4-H Club held their monthly meeting June 5 with Joyce Sifert and Diana Muller, hostesses. The club is having a picnic for their parents June 12, at the Call State Park. The pledge was led by Sue Bullock. Debra Sewick gave a talk on curtain styles, Phyllis Pentecost, a talk on balance in nature. Charlotte Lemkee gave a demonstration on making a chair pad and Sue Bullock gave a demonstration on making a terrarium. Make Your Milk Money Grow Put part of your check into an insured savings account every month. With interest compounded regularly, your reserve keeps growing. It's available when you need it . . . when opportunity comes knocking at your door. Open a Savings Account today, save regularly and watch it grow. \ OUR OFFICE IS AS CLOSE / AS YOUR RED, WHITE AND / BLUE MAIL BOX—SAVE BY/ MAIL AT HOME FEDERAL^ We Salute the Dairy Farmer for Hi's Contribution to the Economy of Our Area . . . 2 KINDS OF SAVINGS PUNS ON NEW 6-MONTH SAVINGS CERTIFICATES These certificates are issued in amounts of $1,000 or multiples of $1,000. They are perfect for the investor with larger sums of money who wants to earn a high return with maximum safety. They earn from the day you invest. Earnings are paid each six months from date of issue. ON CONVENIENT PASSBOOK SAVINGS This is the best all-around savings plan for everybody — the best way to have money available when you need it ... the best way to build small sums into large. Dividends ar,e paid twice a year. Put any amount into your account . . . any time, Save by the 15th of any month . . . earn from the Istl Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All AMMinti Fully Insured to $18,000 Mistook tartnct-feT* From Tin 15th -Earn From Th« lit CtitUtoiUi - Itrn From The Day You Invert SINCI If 17 - ALOONA, IOWA Savings Accounts insured up to $15,000 by F ederal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation "The Hugger" The road hugging fun car from Chevrolet. Lower, wider and heavier than any other sportster at its price, it rides solid and steady like a big car. Yet it handles like a spirited sports car. Camaro! During the Camaro Pacesetter Sale, you get special savings on extra-special Camaro Sport Coupes and Convertibles. With whitewalls, wheel covers, bumper guards, wheel opening moldings, body striping, deluxe steering wheel, extra interior brightwork and a husky two hundred and fifty-cubic-inch engine. And, during the Sale, you can get a sporty hood stripe and a floor shift for the 3-speed transmission at no extra cost. Compare Camaro. See your Chevrolet dealer now. (Sale savings, too, on specially equipped half-ton Fleetside pickups, Model CS 1O934) CAMARO by Chevrolet KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. 108 So. Hall Algona, Iowa 14 0115 295-3554

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