The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1967 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1967
Page 13
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Algonan Weds June 3 Charlene Mary Oseby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Oseby, Brookings, S.D., became the bride of John Michael Kain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kain, Algona, June 3, at 4 p. m. at Ascension Lutheran church, Brookings. Rev. Johnshoy performed the double ring ceremony in the presence of 175 guests. Glen Bren, soloist, was accompanied by Mrs. Temlin Olson, organist. Maid of honor was Francine Oseby and Mrs. Marlyn E rick- son and Doris Konechne were bridesmaids. Melody Vande Wai was flower girl and ring bearer was Terry Plaehn. Dennis Miller was best man, James Kain and Jerry Dierks were groomsmen and ushers were Thomas Kain, Francis Oseby, Dennis McGee and Jerry Huntington. The bride wore a gown of silk- faced satin with re-embroidered Alencon lace yoke and sleeves. The chapel-length train of lace fell from the back yoke. Her elbow-length illusion veil fell from a matching lace headpiece. She carried a cascade arrangement of miniature white carnations and yellow roses, centered with a white orchid. A reception followed at the Town House Supper Club. Mrs. Dennis McGee had charge of the guest book, Mrs. Loren Oseby cut the cake, Mrs. Lyle Oseby poured coffee and Jean Christensen and Jo Ada Erickson dipped punch. The gifts were taken care of by Barbara Conn and Rosalie Wilson. Table waitresses were Mary Lue Shirley, Grace Froiland, Cindy Conn and Vickie Podgornik. The bride is a graduate of Brookings High School and a junior at South Dakato State University, majoring in textiles and clothing. The groom is a 1963 graduate of Algona High School and is asenioratS.D.S.U. majoring in ag economics. They are at home at Brookings. WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON - While the United States was on the spot in the Near East crisis—because of our commitments to Israel, especially the Eisenhower pledge on the Gulf of Aqaba - Russia actually was and is in a worse spot. The Russians not only backed the wrong side, but obviously should have known better, because the USSR not only had supplied the Arabs with arms, but had sent experts to train them in their use. Thus the Soviet observers were in a better position than anyone else to estimate the effectiveness of their armies, particularly the Egyptian. This adds up to the Soviet experts being completely wrong either in their evaluation of the Arab forces, or in what they told the Kremlin. However it happened, it's just about as certain as anything can be regarding Russia that there will be a drastic shift in the Kremlin's Near East policy. Moscow must do something to repair the damage to its prestige. And it will be a big job. In the first place, its strong denunciations of the United States and Israel were not backed up with an instant flow of arms and supplies which the Arabs expected. Second, the Chinese communists are making hay with the Arabs on this point, telling them that Moscow gave them no backing except with words. Third, the Chinese communists also can be expected to make the same argument to Ho Chi Minn in Hanoi in an effort to reduce Soviet influence and blunt any future Moscow suggestions on peace negotiations. Fourth, Russia's refusal to cooperate with the United States in trying to head off the war by pressuring Nasser to lift toe Aqaba blockade indicates another slip in Moscow's machinery. It might have precluded war and saved the Kremlin its present acute embarrassment. If Russia had cooperated, it of course would have severely damaged her standing with fanatical Arabs - but the rout of DREW PEARSON the Arabs and the Soviet failure to bail them out has done that anyway. On top of this, the Arabs now know that Moscow behind the scenes was trying to avoid a war, and had no intention of allowing a military confrontation to develop between Russia and the United States. -U.S. POSITION MPROVED- While Russia has lost ground in the Near East, the United States actually has gained - not so much because we were backing the winner, but because of the load that Arab extremism has lifted from us. All through the years that Nasser has been thumbing his nose at the United States and cozying up to Russia, our policy has been to feed the Egyptians and kowtow to other Arab nations because of U.S. oil investments. We now can be tougher. The United States does not actually need Arabian oil, but the Arabs do need to market their oil in the West. Since they cut off the westward flow themselves, and have no other outlet, they are now in a far worse bargaining position for the future. And their economies are so dependent on their oil exports that they will have to come to the west and so do so quickly. - o - -INTERNATIONALIZED WATERWAYS- Nasser's closing of the Suez Canal and the Straits of Tiran entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba has highlighted a proposal made by President Harry S. Truman. Truman argued that no important international shipping passage should be controlled by a single man or a single nation, and that all should be open to the ships of all nations. When he made his proposal, Truman included the Panama Canal among such international waterways. But other nations were not willing to make equal concessions. Nasser closed the Suez Canal twice — in 1956 as well as during this latest crisis. Further, when the Suez was reopened after the 1956 war, Nasser would not permit Israeli ships to use it, one reason the Gulf of Aqaba passage was so important to Israel. It is fairly safe to predict that Israel now will insist, as one of the peace terms, that both the Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba be open to her shipping. And our State Department figures that we have nothing to lose if we join in pushing for both to be declared international waterways, perhaps under international control. This could be the first step in reviving President Truman's original proposal. - o - -SOCIAL NOTE- The embassies of Arab nations in Washington have been the big party-givers for years. They've not only had the biggest, but the most exotic and gaudy social gatherings that Washington has seen since World Warn, financed of course by oil royalties. Washington socialites assume that it will be some time before these embassies attempt to be gay and gaudy again. - o - -PEACE TO BE DIFFERENT,- Tne Johnson administration faces overwhelming difficulties in devising any kind of a stable peace in the Near East. It will take all the considerable resourcefulness of McGeorge Bundy, now on leave from the Ford Foundation, to come up with anything remotely acceptable to both sides. Jewish leaders in the United States point out that no Israeli government could stay in power overnight if it relinquished the old city of Jerusalem, or probably the Gaza strip. Jordan is so weak that it won't be able to argue much over Jerusalem, but the Egyptians will raise vigorous objections to relinquishing Gaza. In addition, Gaza is stacked with Palestinian refugees and Israel is in no position to absorb them. Israeli leaders are talking about resurrecting the terms secretly discussed by King Abdullah, grandfather of King Hussein of Jordan, and Mrs. Golda Meir in 1948, shortly after Israel became a state. These terms contemplated a route to the sea for Jordan through the Negev desert and cessation to Israel of Jordanian territory up to the west bank of the Jordan River. Who would hold the old city of Jerusalem was in dispute. King Abdullah was assassinated before ie could complete these talks. During the Kennedy administration an American envoy to Israel worked out a plan for handling the disruptive Pales- rinian refugee problem—namely, repatriation of a few to Israel; dispersal of the balance in the Arab states; payments to them by both Israel and the United States, which has footed the food bill for refugees for the past 19 years. So many changes were made in the draft plan by the State Department that Israel refused to accept, it. To bring any permanent stability to the Near East, the refugee problem must be settled. The Israeli army holds the whip hand in dictating peace terms, except for two facts: It is dangerously extended in the Sinai Desert and cannot stay there indefinitely; also Israel will need major financial support. Up to a point, therefore, the United States can influence the peace. - o -"PAGE BOY" KENNEDY- Rex Harrison, star of "My Fair Lady," was in Washington to entertain at a White House dinner and also to learn something about American. government. Mr. Harrison is British. His friend and guide, Jerry Wagner, took Mr. and Mrs. Harrison up to Capitol Hill, where they inspected the Senate. Mrs. Harrison was intrigued with the small boys who darted around the Senate floor carrying pieces of paper and an occasional glass of water to Senators. Wagner explained that they were Senate page boys. "And there is one of them sitting in that chair presiding over the Senate," remarked Mrs. Harrison, peering carefully at the presiding officer. The presiding officer was Sen. Teddy Kennedy of Mass., younger brother of the late President. - o -MERRY-GO-ROUND- Betty Furness, the charming TV refrigerator saleswoman recently appointed LBJ*s consumers' champion, is getting off to a bad start. She's sprinkling the Consumers' Advisory Council with Madison Avenue moguls and food processors. Never before has this happened. If s like putting the fox inside the henhouse to guard the chickens. The White House will probably do some meat axing. . . .There aren't many dividends accruing from war. One of the few is being enjoyed this week when the U.S. veterans who served on Iceland fly up to that hospitable Thursday, June 15, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Das Molntt— island to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their departure and the Icelanders' Independence Day. Led by Dave Zinkoff of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball, team, the Icelandic veterans will be entertained by Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson... Watch for a sensational book by Roger Hllsman, former Assistant Secretary of State in charge of the Far East, giving the inside on Kennedy's and LBJ*s moves in Vietnam. Those who know Know / MINNEAPOLIS MOTOR HOTEL For Convenience ... For Luxury Accommodations... For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort[like Atmosphere... Easily Accessible to All Highways * 11 if. I ii'liulilful Air- ('otulitioiu'il Huoins mid Suites * Niil iuiml (inlil Mi-dill Awiird hi-iili-il KiiiK-Si/r S\\iininiiiK 1'uol * t'uiupli'te Hytel * 'J'l-HuiirSwili.-liliuiiul * I'liiy Art'ii 1'uf Childri'ii * UabySHUrSi-mui: ' EXCELLENT FOOD — Redwood Din mt: Room featuring Hearth Charcoal Broiled Steaks — Collee Shop open Iroru 6:00 i m. 'till Midnight — Cocktail Lounge. Ample FIM Parking In Front 01 Tout Room SINGLE ROQMS_ . 19.00 to S10.00 DOUfliC ROOMS '$13.00 lo $14.50 HUFFIUIM? ... not when your electrical wiring is modern! The electrical wiring in your home is just like a highway—it can carry so much and no more. Yesterday's highway becomes jammed with today's greater traffic. Yesterday's electric wiring can become jammed with the ever-growing load of labor-saving electric appliances we ask it to carry. Like highways, the electrical wiring in your home needs to be brought up to date so it can do today's—and tomorrow's—job. • When your television picture shrinks ... • When your electric iron doesn't heat properly... • When fuses blow or breakers trip ... you have a traffic jam on the electric highways in your home. Get rid of those electrical traffic jams ... for your convenience and for safety! Ask your favorite electrical contractor to make sure the wiring in your home is modern ... adequate to carry today's and tomorrow's heavier electrical traffic! Algona Municipal Utilities Children under U' IIUL rti same room will) Adults. Wire or write lor Reservations — Phone (Area 612) 588 4665. HpLIDAY MOTOR HOTEL Jet Highways 100 and Vj West, apolis 22, Minnesota. Minutes from Downtown — t'j Minutes Irorn Met Stadu Home of the Twins and Vikings — 20 Minutes liom Int. 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