The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, A1HUL IL>, 1910 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»»r tlt» yei Una J ot eonieculisB !«• • ertloDt: Minimum Ctorse 60o 1 time fer |i ne __ - , 5 2 llnei per Una per d.y "I . I'll 8 tlm«t pei- UKU ii«; day Qo t> ttiiiea per line ,,er d»y _.IL""" 7o 1* line, ijer line per day Co f? * .*" lille BOo Count five, averago wordi to the URe, f A4 *.°' ll "ed (or ttiree or «li time* «nd .topped lefore oi|iitution will tie cblrited , for Ine Bninber of: tltnea Ihe ail aiineared »n« •djtistuu-nl of bill nude. Lll Clab&itipil Advertising copy Bub: uuUidi) ol tbe L>y casli. Jlau-s FOft SAL! BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NKWS Aci'UU-u \V. Ifarji - mitted tiy ">»y tnUe. i- i si bu csbllj coinpuivd frum Hie . Advertising order iwr Irregular Instr- llom t.ktt Hie uue tlmo rale. *No reayoufciljilily s*ill Lt taken for more tfc»a one iucurrccl insertion of «ny claa- for 5a/» oiuutu 1'laats, Kgg 1'ltuili, Hot l'«i>|n-rs. Ufiuoii* tmi'M. Umis m franklin. I'.vergrecns ol different iliids, Trees, Criipe Myrtle, Red Do^woo^l, Kiionymns Kvc-rereens, JleJ^e t'luiit-., Klow.-riii£ shrubs, WLstojiln Vlu.-s ami i'nnsie plains. Heanton's lluine of Flowers, Dflvii hi *'ritnklin. I'-L-k-1! I ii ilo twin. Shop. b p. 110. Hi-J Bill llorber 2'J-pk-l[2'J - nirii 4.0 aero farms, well Improved. Lights, rimijiiif %vater, bulti. One, 1 !<< Jin. a-.ulli of. Blytlieville on gravel. One. mi concrete Hallway, 3 mi from illyllieville. 'len her. I- 'J',fe ml. BOnlh of lllj-lhpvlUo on Iligliirny 01. N'ica jilacu to lad.]. II a,-r,» of slfalfa. all fenced, l.ullier Crny. ](«at Khtlte lln.Ver, Pbufi!- furnished front bedroom. Sleam hoi vv-alor, I'bone 3204. \:i'pk-l;la l.nvali.iy uiih fi:.n:r.-M ],.-l rnl.ljll. ' _ JniM.-r* ]II,MI-I--. Call "J'-'i. II l-K-14 l, :l BARGAIN! :j small imiles,' One liir^e mule M- or 15011 Ibs. Nice smiill 5 year old i marc. So. 21*1 St., Pride r Addn. at Mill. O. S. Kollison II I ;I17', SELL NOW To Phillips Motor Co. Can you afford to take chances when used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. Don't take a cHANCE Come in to Phillips Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. TeL 453— 454 g, £a_.^iT J. K. KvorU T lli-liilill Kvintiuli: 9.2 HI': :, 111' son ami Ur,;it S.-i- Kit Kfim! 1.UJ- Kiel, Cl,evi,.lel (l:irn^,-. Ii Picture K m;i(io to nr- <ler. O'STIOKN'S STUOIO. ' | Now is (he time to store thai j stuve. Home Service & I Storage Co., phone 2801. <l-4-pk-5-4 CONl'KKTK I1L'1I.I)I:;<: MI.OI'KS n. si^e i>r any slim..-. John T Neu-nui 10'J South Lilly. a-pk-ii trie in-Ill fur luiii-h I'ri'.-.-s n- Hoiisn XEovinK and I'lmiiilalion lt,-i.ilr Call 495. Praiik Crockctl IStli anil Vine Si. . 4-pk-! 25-l.k-IJ^:. 301 K. M.. Grui'^ry ytoro willi ^•flhi-r \villi .1 n. iuiali-ly 2 IKI,, Jl»y 01. hor.I. U.K.. iilrnl l.icalio llni-li Allan's (l.irvr Addinj; ninchinc. k' Co. 138 K. T 3fil(i. lily Sales Phone 'tie 4-room ho :,inn,.|i:,[. I. 107 \V. Mjiin. nr C,^. "ru- ML af* -,-t. H'-jik-u tlrocery .Store Davis. 111!? Alfalf:! liay aii.I null _ kin*, .^tccle, -\lo. Eve P M. S-pk-lli For fine portraits Hs O'STEEM'S STUDIO 4-2-ck-5-2 >vill Jtiy ules. ulwrlK e for diililren in tier night. He fort ncos. llra- ly East Clu-rry Mrs. Malc Help Wanted ~~MTLTfARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (MOS) JOli MOS Gr»tl«! Jable Splicer, T«lciilioi)e and Telegraph 039 0, 4, 3 lenlrnl Office Itepairinan OO-'j-.n, 4 n.staller-Kep air mail, Telipliotie and Telegraph Ofl7 5, 4 utnmatic Telephone System MaintC]iatice Man llfj 5. -1 lei>«ate[inan. Telephone 1HV 6, 4, :i "Jnentan, Telephone and Telegraph ^38 fi, 4 Vire Techntclat), Telephone anil Telegraph uc l J. 3, '2 Jeiejjhone Operator 309 0 Telephone and Telegraph Efmiji- nciLt Kcpalrtltan BIR G. 4. Political Announcements TU» Courier N«wi hu be*u •u.liortwd to »uriouue« th» Jollo»- u>« c»ri(tdaua, lubject to the. Democrat I o primary: HIIEK1FP AND COLLKOTOB JACK FINLEY RCWIN90N V/IUJAM UE1UIYMAN COlI^iTY JUDGK OEKE E. BRADLEY ROLAND QREEN FOR TAX A8SKSSOB DOYLE HKNUEHSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.KKH. HAltVEY MOHRI3 COWN1-Y COURT CIJiRK ELIZAD£ri1I BLTfTHB COOMTT TKKASDKMI DWAA PUKTUt STATE HEPRE.SKNTATIV1 ALENK WORD E. C. KLEKMAN LESLIE "DUK1B" SPEX5K U II. AUTUY STATE 8ENATOK J. LEE BEAHDEN PAGE on repairs. Specialize in of vnenuni cleaners. Id 'i Ash. Any make cleaner. b'or expert oil stove repairing cnll ;iG2?. Cou \Villram 11. Over ton, acting Surveyor, l.anil Siirvoys uuJ farm ditches, line and levels. Served tliis Rrt'i* for 30 years. 16'[)k-4!lG li Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Wanted To Buy fi.r nsnT fnrniluro. on.! onso full. CsilL 230^. Al- iirniliii-i' (.'». -t[HVcl:-tf We will pay Iflc for each copy of the April 3 issue of the Courier brought to our office. Courier News. 4-9-dh-tf and ii want Kenlt . r. I'liimi! :UiO I . Personal l,<ini; Htnch. (,'alil.. vlllilr en clays. Konin fur 2 pnv 'hr.n,. 7ti2. I). ,\[. MilcluOl. 10 pV-Vt rttOI'F.HTV OWNEKS: I iriil lirine ) "n A rash buy if you n re n-aity to si-H i). I can s'cll null finance l'"vn |HO|i- (>rty ntic! Tatii] Inni) nt h>iv rale of interest witli loni; term pre-paymcnts. Von arc inviti-d to c:i[i aTivtini?. l.iitn- tr Ot»r. Heal >Xlau- Broker. I'lione 513. :i,27-l.l<-l : -7 Severe] i]<-!i!r.iE>ic r'-Kidc aljly (.rtct!(l. J. M .To Iot"i phot ' Ml or '42 model Plymouth 2 door sedan, f'honc 207:!. •l-ll-ck-4-15 Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let 1'lantfcrs Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Hinhway fil N. 2-2G-pk-<l-2G Photostats — Lot O'Stccn make a photostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone ;520S. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf her 1000 prop!,- hn\-i- u-ritli-ri r.-iitie.^l iti^ the Hryct- family ILI continue Ihcil ri-ligitius bninlcjtst ri-ci-ntly ilisrnn lintn-il. One listener n-rntr: "JI< l«iy wns killi-d in tfi- recent war and if von ft[,- furceil off th.- air 3 fee like l,e ilie.i in vain." F.,r free in fr,rmi\lion write The Hrj-fe Famllj-. . lO-pk.17 Telephone Switchboard He 050 0, 4 rator nd iii:in>- oilier .<l-il I'ti'Ttiuiily fur ^ond. :i"«l |i»y. If von wp hftrnt-d fnun Hit 1 A -lay 1-2. 1!*!.^. nnd h.'l,l 'n i;raiL,- in omit Ihc inUilary iiernpntvnnnl .|,pi-ii-.llira MDS). yi.u iniiV mnv enlist i:i I fie Rejr- lint Ar.ny in y ( iur qnulilinl ^«rinll t- mil nl a (;raj,- il.-ih-nilin'; nil ll,?lr>njrlh •on art hi-for.- .Inly 1. 19111. stop in nil fin.! out ttit- special s'U'le ymi uill f-ci-ivc- ntidi-r L-'iis m-w \Viir Pfpart- n.-nt nnl.-r. .\|ir.!y nl th>< I!. K ,Umv <l<«rtiitini; Klnlion. IWr, Federal Hide, l«ifieslmro l Ark. WARNING ORDER In lite Chunctry Caurt, Chkka- sawta District, Mississippi Conn- tj, Arkansas. Prcderlck R. Meyer Plalnlid vs. No. 9518 Bernlce E. Meyer Dcfc'iidnnt The defendant lit mice E. Meyer is hereby warned to appear within Ihlrty days in the coui-t named in the cnptlon hereof and answer the :omp]alnt ol the plaintiff Prederlclc R. Meyer. Dated this 20 duy of March, 1946 HARVEY MORRIS, Cleik. Kollaiul &. Taylor Attys. for Plf. 3'22-29-4[5-i; Refnnd Fes«s Problem ALTOONA, Pu. (UP)—A new an gle in housing squabbles came be Joic local OPA Director Ix?o H Akers when a distraught tenan asketl tlie agency to pressure hi landlord lor a rent rclund. The complainant said lie pai< the rent two months in advance- then the house burned down, The tenant wanted to kno whether he had been overcharged The American clipper sled cat const faster than 70 miles per hom according to the Encyclopedia Brl tannicii. The passenger lies flat 01 the sled in a "belly-flop" posi l: ~~i. lie wears spiked shoes anrl use Wanted to Trade Will trade 41-42 model illul , I1L . Wellr5 s for 1)8 or .'!9 models. Good his feet for both steering and, brrik deals. Phillips Motor Co., '"B 5th and Walnut. 3-27-ck-tf Rca d Courier News Want Ads. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUR BERVICK" 2241 Get Ready Now For SUMMER DRIVING FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb 3wy. 61 at Stute Line 1'hone: lilytheville 714 FOR NEW PERFORMANCE Drive in for a complete motor tune-up. Your car will start easier.. . Run fatter Use less gasoline. ' FOR SAFER DRIVING • CHECK STEERING SYSTEM • CHECK WHEEL ALIGNMENT • CHECK CONDITION OF BRAKES FOR NEW APPEARANCE Inside' Nc '"' I ' loor M»ls—Seat Cover* * —Clean Uphi»Ls(cry. Outside! • KVeS JSrioi. 0 '' Co ": Perfect repairlnr for today'i «- qnLiKe fuotwtar x&sured when rebuilt in our modern shop. Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut When Mrs. Mary Donde|o wus sworn In lor her second term us mayor of Portsmouth, she passed up the traditional frock coat in fivvtii of a luxcdi), with the trousers ultcrcd to provide a neat skirt. Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE B Ian Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street PRESCRIPTIONS Fresbcrt Stock Guarantee* B«t PrieM Kirby Drug Stores RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Eieept Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic 5M Main, Blytherllle, Ark., Phone Z»Z1 Strayed n.l iilt-ntlfyiriK. Coll 439 6 |>k'13 frfitii [nrni SnliinUiy nijrM one mrnc. IWD hlnrk Imrup l i hnrse THiil.-5. H tskei Help Wanted F.ili- r\er\ *t<rir.i;rrt[trirr Must l t ,. ?•»..! n[.or*lor. Sntarv $10 wpr-kly \Vriti 1 Unx R7AV. Ho Courier NV\v«.' 11 -c k-l I r« i>m hrm-,e. Stnl.. I.hir Vhf Hlvlhrvill... Mrs. C. K. Ki>k,- Mnn for y.-ird nn,l c.irp of pbcc. ninn i«ir part tjittr tiolKou-nrk. i fiitisp uilfi li^-hls free. (Jooil |ia> rlRlit ccraplr. F. II. FI(Mch,-r. Oic _J\]<>. Mionc C.S5. 30-i.k For Sale or Trade I B-mm!ol .lolin Dcovft trnctnr. rulriva- 311 tractor on str-r-l dnii rntitx'r an'l plonty of cqnirmn-rtt Tnnd'm <JiM*. i!r»- John I>p(-ro WrafciiiK |,1on-> V.'ill f-vll ftr \r»(Jr ^Virsc; trrirtnrs for any- IhiniT. Jtoy Minloy .Sniath Mo Phoii" _-^10.^_^^^ I|.,,kjs Business Opportunities j St«rl CONCHKTE BRICK «nfl HI.ODK ] hiiKinrM ^-ilh » TVIIA nRICK SIAK- j Xo hxkinjr. Nccil only unnil. crnii^t. nnc! niiy oUI nhc.l. Mnild j-niir \orac ft ImcV. nit Rhow what <-ati he donp. (ind * nthr-rfi me doinc RK. TYRA CO.. Dfpl U. Wyoming. Minn. 23i.k-30 Your Studebaker Dealer Says THE LID IS OFF ... With Gasoline Worries n thing of the past . . . With tires off the rationed list . . . and with millions of Motorists looking forward to their first vacation since the war . . this Spring will see more travel on American highways and byways than has been seen for several years. The only catch Is : . . "CAN THE OLD CAR TAKE IT?" Many of you motorists are our customers and you look to us for trb;ible-irce performance from your car. Let our Factory-Trained Mechanics keep your car on the road until you are fortunate enough to gel n new one. DRtVE BY TODAY— Paint-up . . . Touch-up . . . StralBhten-up . . . Keep the appearance of your car up to par. Our Body Shop is fully equipped to handle all your needs. Complete Line of Studcbaker Parts and Accessories WE liUY AND SELL GOOF) USED CARS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Cash Buyers for Property! Did yon ever notice that In my »d» I not only (|T» ,-ou the DOWN PAYMENT «n the propertj, bat iOw Ihe exact amount yon are to pa;. Yon know UM price before yon onult me. A food war to adTcr- tLse. [.1st your property with me. My eomraiuUn la 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Texoco Gat and Gil FOR BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Brldfc Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Wl OMeola, Ark. Dr. J. L GuarK Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main SERVICE I DON EDWARDS -I» Trmrtltr H»a- BOTAi, iilTTH. OOBQNA. AMP KKHfNtnotl 11* N. J MTRKET '.••err VrmxiMeltor Mut Be fKOrff See ns al)o«l your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern tools and cauipmcnt can put your car i.n top condition. We rlso have a paint and body shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car VOK CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Block.' of Paris For Ckrysler Product! | Ul E. Main p h ,ne MM I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES All's Well!, BY EDGAR-MARTItfr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS f It WAS SWFET OF VCXJ TO Tl MUSrMT ; HELP--BUT WHY THE rX LOOK AT A ' BUMDfOl-D? , ,,— '[ VVOMAW ALL . -a^ffF" ) V TH| S WEEK / ^ i^l ^~ - •$* It's a Frame BY MERRILL BLOSSEB'j Lex ChamMta _ BtD ChuikHa V Bur 1 IT VJAS jusf L... I suGoesnow! -. ff SEE YOU AROUND V VK^ELLOW MAN ' Too BAD.' - • I WAS HOPING YOU MIGHT COME OVER- TO MY HOUSE SO WE COOLO THE AIR OUT ANOTHER No_ Cuffs. Plensc ENVOYS^ Of- THE UNITED STATES AMD OUR BUSINESS IS WITH THE AUTHORITIES ATtANTIS.' GADFRY, OSCAR. THIS 15 QUITE- A JO1MT.- ER6 O'VA RECXOM Et!£ BE IN TOOK? VOU AND Vi'H».T ARE

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