The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1967 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 33
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lies; Jfloim* AIGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1967 VOL. 101 NO. 44 190 Girls Will Open S-Ball Season Here Next Monday Rosters and schedules for 15 teams who will compete this summer in Algona Girls' Softball League were released this week by Bill Studer, commissioner of the loop. Play will open in the three loops, Novice, Junior and Senior, Monday, June 12, and there will be a meeting of coaches Thursday, June 8, at the city hall at 6:30 p. m. According to Mr. Studer, a total of 190 girls will compete in the three leagues. The Novice loop features third and fourth graders; the Junior League fifth and sixth graders; and the Senior League seventh and eighth graders. Novice games will be played on the east field at Bryant School; Junior games on the west diamond at Bryant; and Senior games on the diamond at Third Ward School. Here are the rosters: NOVICE LEAGUE Canaries - Cheryl Knoer, Sheryl Ann Cook, Julie Limbaugh, Janet Lallier, Diane Knoer, Deanna Eastman, Pat Hammer, Pam Hammer, Mary Nash, Betty Ulfers, Julie Ann Haas, Sheila Pedersen and Maureen Ruhnke. Coach - Arnie Lallier. Robins - Janelle McGinnis, Vicki Harris, Sheryl Simmons, Cathy Lloyd, Becky Thoreson, Martha Nash, Sandy Thompson, Connie Lou Maharas, Debra Householder, Shelly Bernardo, Debbie Simmons, Carol Robinson, Mary Haag and Linda Kay Pedersen. Coach - John Haag. Blue Jays — Cynthia McGuire, JoAnn McGuire, Sally Gotten, Joan Frideres, Mary Crowley, Jean Laing, Judy Kay Simpson, Donna Godden, Kim Christie, Connie Utt, Connie Subject, Colleen Steven and Sally Schenck. Coach- Vernon Subject. Orioles - JoAnn Thuente, Cindy Skilling, JoAnn Taylor, Trudy Parrish, Trecia Parrish, Laurie Chamberlain, Ronda Willsher, Becky Lemkee, Kathy Ann Koob, Diane Lallier, Sara Kay Chris- chilles, Kathy Diekman and Susan Harmon. Coach - Bob Lemkee. Redbirds - Elizabeth Johnson, Lynn Peter, Diane Johnson, Barb Hinders, Bev Hinders, Sharon Wehrspan, Cindy Ringsdorf, Nancy Nold, Cathy Johnson, Becky Telecky, Michelle Simons, Sheila Ludwig, Maria Sampson and Patty Nielsen. Coach- Larry Johnson. JUNIOR LEAGUE Colts — Denise Erdman, Debbie Hanson, Sandra Godfredson, Lisa Geilenfeld, Denise Coleman, Gwen Zittritsch, Carol Ann Winkel, Debra Levy, Debbie Knoer, Ronda Holldorf, Deborah Winter, Deanna Weydert and Debbie Benson. Coach — Wally Erdman. Bears - Teri Herbst, Patty Scobba, RexAnn Voyles, Cheryl Bullock, Muriel Sigsbee, Liz Anderson, Susan Owens, Kristine Rochleau, Susan Buchanan, Linda Lallier, Kimberly Ann Thuente, Judy Walker and Linda Raney. Coach - Ted Herbst. Lions - Susan Gotten, Debbie Long, Cindy Forbes, Karen Kollasch, Patricia Thilges, Rhonda Kay Matz, Kristine Wilcox, Lee Ann Schenck, Vicki Lynn Brandt, Glenda Gade, Virginia Cook and Liz Harmon. Coach - Milo Kollasch. Hawks - Kathleen Payne, Kim Peterson, Julianne Johnson, Lou Rae Hunt, Linda Wagner, Brenda Goodman, Judy Simons, Pam Pe- Coy, Pat PeCoy, Diane Elbert, Cindy Kuhn, Cindy Alt, Jane Shey and Diane Studer. Coach—Lana Bishop. Gophers — Michelle Marshall, Jerri Hardy, Kay Skilling, Gail Sindelar, Jan Armstrong, Jeri Anderson, Carol Nelson, Mary Morz, Debbie Munger, Shelly Smith, Connie Diekman, Dana Clapsaddle and Kimberly Hensley. Coach - Bob Diekman. SENIOR LEAGUE Astronauts - Priscilla Hardy, Vickie Kleingartner, Donna Jean Hinders, Marlene Morz, Lori Peters, Vicki Telecky, Wanda Mains, Marcy Diamond, Vicki Stalzer, Jane Nold, Mary Straub and Rochelle Arend. Coach Milt Hinders. Bombers- Jeri Nielsen, Kristie Sheakley, Jacque Taylor, Marlene Mueller, Sherry Knecht, Lori Herbst, Randi Schoby, Candy Puffer, Misty Lloyd, Dixie Keith, Barbara Merryman and Connie Thilges. Coach - Clyde Lloyd. Jets - Jolene Lallier, Jenny Limbaugh, Cynthia Winter, Susan Walker, Patty Harms, Linda Reynolds, Bette Ann Reynolds, Mary Lou Boudewyns, Debbie Kern, Susan Kinseth, Jean Prothman and Susan Hemmen. Coach Dick Reynolds. Missiles - Mary Beth Montag, Diane Danielson, Linda McGuire, Debbie Hansen, Merrl Laing, Karen Wehrspan, Lois Joens, Debbie Sewick, Debbie Missal, Mary Gotten, Patty Von Bank and Linda Weydert. Coach - Ray Sewick. Rockets — Kathy Lucey, Mary Hinken, Kathy Cooper, Betsy Bestenlehner, Sally Haase, Sherri Gilmore, Mary Lou Forbes, Susan McGuire, Mary Kay Scherer, Debbie Studer and Barbara Cook. Coach - Ed Gilmore. NOVICE LEAGUE June 12-Canaries vs. Redbirds June 13 — Jays vs. Orioles June 14 - Robins vs. Redbirds June 15- Canaries vs. Jays June 19-Orioles vs. Canaries June 20- Jays vs. Robins June 21 - Redbirds vs. Orioles June 22- Canaries vs. Robins June 26- Redbirds vs. Jays June 27- Canaries vs. Redbirds June 28 - Robins vs. Orioles June 29 - Jays vs. Canaries July 10- Robins vs. Canaries July 11 - Orioles vs. Jays July 12- Redbirds vs. Robins July 13-Orioles vs. Canaries July 17-Orioles vs. Redbirds July 18- Jays vs. Robins July 19 - Redbirds vs. Jays July 20- Robins vs. Orioles JUNIOR LEAGUE June 12- Bears vs. Gophers June 13- Hawks vs. Lions June 14- Colts vs. Gophers June 15- Bears vs. Hawks June 19 - Lions vs. Bears June 20- Hawks vs. Colts June 21 - Gophers vs. Lions June 22- Bears vs. Colts June 26- Gophers vs. Hawks June 27- Bears vs. Gophers June 28 - Colts vs. Lions June 29 - Hawks vs. Bears July 10- Colts vs. Bears July 11- Lions vs. Hawks July 12- Gophers vs. Colts July 13- Lions vs. Bears July 17- Lions vs. Gophers July 18- Hawks vs. Colts July 19- Gophers vs. Hawks July 21 - Colts vs. Lions SENIOR LEAGUE June 12— Bombers vs. Rockets June 13- Jets vs. Astronauts June 14- Missals vs. Rockets June 15- Bombers vs. Jets June 19-Astronauts vs. Bombers June 20- Jets vs. Missals June 21 - Rockets vs. Astronauts June 22 - Bombers vs. Missals June 26- Rockets vs. Jets June 27- Bombers vs. Rockets June 28- Missals vs. Astronauts June 29- Jets vs. Bombers July 10-Missals vs. Bombers July 11 - Astronauts vs. Jets July 12- Rockets vs. Missals July 13-Astronauts vs. Bombers July 17- Astronauts vs. Rockets July 18- Jets vs. Missals July 19- Rockets vs. Jets July 20- Missals vs. Astronauts Anita Lickteig Will Be June 10 Nurse Graduate ANITA LICKTEIG An Algona girl, Anita Rose Lickteig, will be among 15 students to receive diplomas at the St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing, June 10, in ceremonies at Mason City. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lickteig of Algona. Thirteen of the 15 graduates have made application and will be employed at St. Joseph Mercy hospital as staff nurses. New Manager Memorial Garden Harold Andrews is the new resident manager of Eastlawn Memorial Garden in Algona. He comes here from Fort Dodge, where he had been assistant manager of the Memorial Garden there, which is the supervisory center for this district of the corporation owning the Memorial Gardens. Mr. Andrews' family will move Seniors Top Honor Roll At Garrigan The graduating class of Garrigan topped underclassmen in numbers on the scholastic honor roll closing the school year. The honor roll is divided into t\vo categories - Gold Honor Roll, whose members have a grade point average of 90 or above; and Silver Honor Roll, whose members have a grade point between 88 and 90. Membership on the honor rolls are: Gold Honor Roll: Seniors - Judith Berger, Judith Besch, Rebecca Black, Kathleen Boudewyns, Kathleen Crawford, Mary Dorweiler, Glenn Elbert, Michaela Elbert, Dwight Gilbride, Jean Kayser, Joan Kohlhaas, Lynette Lappe, Patricia McGuire, Janette Miller, Sue Nelson, Nora Nurre, Carol Otis, Elizabeth Thilges and Janet Zittritsch. Juniors - Bonita Dahlliauser, Mary Ann Eischen, Susan Elbert, Ronald Gilbride, Patrick Lickteig, Christine Obrecht, Patricia Scherer and Carole Schneider. Sophomores - Mary Becker, Tim Boekelman, Cheryl Hillburg, Darrell Lentsch, Margaret Lickteig, Mary Kay Miller, Mark Muehe, Ruth Neppl and Judy Venteicher. Freshmen - Robert Bernhard, David Besch, Mark Besch, Merrill Bormann, Mary Ellen Crawford, Judy Erpelding, Cecelia Anne Foley, Mary Lee Foth, Katherine Lallier, Patrick Nugent, Joan Reding, Suzanne Reding, Thomas Scherer, Randal Studer and Mary Urich. Silver Honor Roll: Seniors - Ruth Cassel, Michael Crotty, Gary Erdman, Frances Goecke, Rebecca Hilbert, Esther Hildman, Sharon Hildman, Rebecca Lickteig, Kathleen Plathe, David Smith, Carolyn Spurgeon, John Studer and Thomas Wagner. Juniors- Karen Fuchsen, Jacqueline Miller, Tim Molacek, Linda Nitchals and Patricia Reiling. Sophomores - Shirley Becker, Vicky Elbert, Gordon Kramer, Ann Loebach, Kathryn Long, Pamela Simons and Barbara Stoffel. Freshmen — .Michael Black, Patrice Bode, Linda Briggs, Mary Degen, Diane Kelly and Mary Margaret Zaugg. here soon. The company office is located on South Phillips St. Everett Barr, interim manager of the Memorial Garden here, will continue to be associated with the organization. Complete Schedule Set For All Of Algona Little Loops Complete schedules for all of Algona's Little League teams were released recently by Art Olson, director of the two-month program. Play opens in all four loops June 12 and svill be featured at four sites, Monday through Thursday, from then until July 27, with the exception of June 29- July 10. PeeWee play will be at Maple Park, American at the south diamond, Bertha Godfrey school, National at Lucia Wallace school and Senior on the north diamond at Bertha Godfrey school. Game time is 6:30 p. m. PEE WEE LEAGUE June 12- Mets vs. Colts June 13- Cubs vs. Astros June 14- Mets vs. Cubs June 15- Astros vs. Saints June 19- Colts vs. Cubs June 20- Saints vs. Mets June 21 - Colts vs. Astros June 22- Cubs vs. Saints June 26- Mets vs. Astros June 27 - Saints vs. Astros June 28 - Cubs vs. Mets June 29- Colts vs. Saints July 10- Astros vs. Colts July 11-Colts vs. Mets July 12- Astros vs. Cubs July 13- Saints vs. Cubs July 17-Saints vs. Colts July 18- Mets vs. Astros July 19 - Mets vs. Saints July 20-Colts vs. Cubs July 24-Mets vs. Colts July 25 - Astros vs. Cubs July 26-Cubs vs. Mets July 27-- Astros vs. Saints AMERICAN L.EAGUE June 12-Athletics vs. Indians June 13- Yankees vs. Twins June 14 — Orioles vs. Angels June 15-Tigers vs. Yankees June 19- Indians vs. Angels June 20- Twins vs. Orioles June 21 — Angels vs. Athletics June 22- Tigers vs. Orioles June 26-Athletics vs. Twins June 27-Yankees vs. Orioles June 28-Tigers vs. Athletics June 29 - Indians vs. Twins July 10- Twins vs. Angels July 11-Athletics vs. Yankees July 12- Indians vs. Tigers July 13-Orioles vs. Athletics July 17- Angels vs. Tigers July 18-Yankees vs. Indians July 19- Twins vs. Tigers July 20- Orioles vs. Indians July 24- Angels vs. Yankees July 25 - Athletics vs. Indians July 26- Twins vs. Yankees July 27- Orioles vs. Angels NATIONAL LEAGUE June 12- Cards vs. Reds Juries',13- Phillies vs. Braves June 14- Giants vs. Pirates June 15-Dodgers vs. Phillies June 19- Pirates vs. Reds June 20- Braves vs. Cards June 21 - Reds vs. Giants June 22- Dodgers vs. Cards June 26- Giants vs. Braves June 27- Phillies vs. Cards June 28- Dodgers vs. Giants June 29- Pirates vs. Braves July 10- Braves vs. Reds July 11 - Giants vs. Phillies July 12-Pirates vs. Dodgers July 13- Cards vs. Giants July 17- Reds vs. Dodgers July 18- Phillies vs. Pirates July 19 - Braves vs. Dodgers July 20- Cards vs. Pirates July 24 - Reds vs. Phillies July 25 - Giants vs. Pirates July 26- Braves vs. Phillies July 27 - Cards vs. Reds SENIOR LEAGUE June 12- Chiefs vs. Trojans June 13-Spartans vs. Warriors June 14 - Chiefs vs. Spartans June 15-Warriors vs. Whittemore June 19-Trojans vs. Spartans June 20-Whittemore vs. Chiefs June 21-Trojans vs. Warriors June 22-Spartans vs. Whittemore June 26-Chiefs vs. Warriors June 27-Whittemore vs. Warriors June 28 - Spartans vs. Chiefs June 29-Trojans vs. \\hitte- more July 10-Warriors vs. Trojans July 11-Trojans vs. Chiefs July 12-Warriors vs. Spartans July 13-Whittemore vs. Spartans July 17- Whittemore vs. Trojans July 18-Chiefs vs. Warriors July 19-Chiefs vs. Whittemore July 20-Trojans vs. Spartans July 24- Chiefs vs. Trojans July 25-Warriors vs. Spartans July 26- Spartans vs. Chiefs July 27-Warriors vs. Whittemore First-named team is home team. It will have choice of bench and field or bat and is responsible for picking up and returning umpire's equipment and bases. July 3-6 will be for make-up games for the month of June and July 31-Aug. 3 will be for makeup games for July. DON'T MISS IT! ALGONA'S ANNUAL Sidewalk SHOW FRIDAY, JUNE 9 (RAIN DATE - SATURDAY, JUNE 10) SEE AREA ARTISTS ORIGINAL WORK DISPLAYED IN FRONT OF DOWNTOWN STORES FROM NOON UNTIL 9. P. M. MANY INTERESTING AND VARIED CATEGORIES WILL BE REPRESENTED. OIL PAINTINGS • WATER COLOR • SCULPTURE • PHOTOGRAPHY SKETCHES • CERAMICS • METAL SCULPTURE • MOSAICS THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY THESE PUBLIC SPIRITED MERCHANTS Taylor Implement Co. Funk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super Vain Zender's Thermogaa Co. of Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation J. C. Penney Co. Schultz Bros. Garage & Oil Station Jack's O.K. Ttre Service Kirk's Shoe Store Coast-to-Coast Store Algona Greenhouses Behr Standard Service North Central Public Service Co. Post Transfer & Storage No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & fleatlag Dan Garage & Body Shop Foiter Furniture Co. BJusirom Furniture Co. Graham't The Chrlschtlles Store Modern Dry Cleaners Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n S^anson's Food Store Algona Produce Co. Harrison's Variety Viking Oil Co. Buscber Bros. Implement Kotsuth Motor Co. Read's Furniture Hutzell Office & School Supply Sheakleyg Iowa State Bank Salter'i Davis Patnt Smoke Shop Honsbrnch Drag Consolidated Co Op Creamerle* Wtltgen Jewelen Joe Bradley Equipment Taylor Motor C*. Leuthold-YVUliamfl (The Hub Clothiers) Frederick Hardware Algona Flour & Feed Sherwtn-Wllllams Palnti Chrlstensen's The Security State Bank Sharp's Jewelry Bomgaars 5 & 10 Shllts BrownbUt Shoe Store Laing Plumbing & Heating Ludwig's Cafe United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Progs-Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Percival Motors 8 & L Dept. Store Algona Implement Co. Ernie Willlami — John Peers Upper Dei Molnes* Publishing Co.

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