The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BIA'THEVILLK. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 9. 1930 •• jf, 'Items of 'j| Personal 1 Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women r| Shitty Calendar '(•-: -li . Monday •''. Ci»5es 1. 2 and 3 of the woman's auxiliiy In the First Presbyterian • 'eljurSj are meeting at the church :• at Si^clock; circle 4 wil) meet a*, '••' Mrs.kft. S. Dent's at 2:30 o'clock - *»rid Sircle 5 Is meeting ai the •cuureft at 7 o'clock. The auxiliary " •'"' ** el at the church at 4 o'clock. I interesting poinls of Tennessee and Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neubauei and their niece, Miss Ethel Florman, of Evansvllle. Ind., were visitors In the city last evening. They are visiting in Osccola, Mrs. Nenbauer having been before her marriage, Ml:s Sophia Nichols ,of lhal city. Miss Freda Nichols, of Osccolu, visited litre last evening. Mr. ai-.d Mrs. Russell Blair have ,..», woman's missionary union rc t ur ned from a month's vacation ot'. Utt Second Baptist clnirch Ij; spent in Colorado Springs, LHUc lhc church. of llw woman's mission Louis lor isvo weL.ib wncrc she Is receiving treatment at a hospital. J. A. Waterman altended lo business in Memphis ycslerday. Eric Taylor and W. H. Grctnway, of Carulhtrsvllle, were niytheville visitors ast night. Slats and Jim Crafu.n have gciie lo Con way for Ihe week end. John B. Lane, educational director of the First Baptist church, Is leaving Monday for his vacation to be spent In North Carolina. He Is lo be acccinpanled by Claylc Hoi- comb, of Oxford, Miss., und Waller W. Howlami; ulucallomil director of the First mpllst church of Jackson, Tcnn., und the three will allend u house parly on the Al- lanlic coasl for :i week. Hock am; Minion, Ark .Their chll- ,, dren, John Allen, who has been at ary »etety ot Ihe Lake, Slrec'. Tupelo, Miss.; Berry and Russell, Methodist churcn will meet al the who lime al Ihc Boy Seoul camp cliurefc. at Hardy; Belly, who has Iwcn In ' Tlare will be a program and so- • Memphis; and Sam who remained clsl nieeling of the woman's mis-' at Marion with relatives, have ulbo Blonary union of the First Method- ; relumed home. 1st cfiurch at Ihe church wllh these i Mr. and Mrs. J. S. IMIat'tl and liosttees: Mcsdsmcs Lendcnnls -.on. Eric, o( Memphis, will arrive Ftowttv, J. A. OrlndeM, C. K. Neal. \ KCC Momidy lo make thelf home. FTar&'Wcbb, II. Greer, W. J. Pol- E r ( e . who wns seriously Injured Ijrd^J. B. Tallaferro, L. H. Welch wn n c fi-m-.icing u motor several and 'JGeorge Hubbard. : months ago, is now much betlcr. w; Miss Irene Urowdcr sjicnl ycste- HmrJRjl-C'aHweH duy In Memphis. V'Mf.'Vand Mrs. E. H. Caldwell arc MI^ MU,. V Af j;n Galloway Is HindAjhcing the marriage of their • yelling in Covington, Tcnn., for a Jcclions, members of Hie Mlt-sis- daughter, Casslc, to Mr. A. Pasccll. wcek Health Unit Busy Giving Anti-Typhoid Injections over 3200 doses this week. Mlts grille M. Crow visited Promise Land, Ifelser, Little River, Neal, We» Ridge, • Half Moon, Ekron, Oecflp|a, Clear Lake, Sandy Ridge, plantations al Burdelte, New Llbr cr(y and Trashy I.ane schools, Lost Cane, Brush Arbor and Perry In giving 1COO, while Eartna Brown, npgio nurse, gave 1'JSO doses at Greenbrlcr, Osccola, rjcll, Shonyo, Yurbro, Wilson, Orldcr, Bai'dstown and Joiner. 'I he office here today has been filled wllh others from this vicinity desiring the preventive measures. Mrs Ha«ett,'which took place June 10,. at Marion, Ark. The Rev. E K. Seweli', 'pastor of the FirA Mclliod- • Ut church there, said thc v!ii|} cerc- Tlit'bride fore an eggshell frock of crepe Elizabeth trimmed with tpucMS ol red and her accessories ,w«rajn these shads. Her only attendant was Miss Mildred Bohn,; Tlic Inlcm.illciial Uniform Sun- vlio* ? %ore a while dress made wllh ; day Sdiool Lesson for -Aug. ID. Tlic Ibiup lines while the bride's frock i Value of a Uoilly Home. 1 Sam. lipcVt' Bare skirt, for a silhoueltc 1-.0-18, 24-28; -i:V). Mfc^Charlw C. Tucker served Mr. BY WM _ j. : . tuutov, D. D. , Har^Ptt as best man. .' .. - F-dllor of The C'ungregullonallsl effect^ The president ol one of thc bcst- • MiEHargclt who graduated from : known of American colleges not the -etty high school in '24, also al- i Ions ago emphasized Ihc dllltailly tendEJl the Stale Teachers college •• of certain problems of discipline at Conway and Arkansas A. and M. j In cunnicllun with .student life be- collife at Jonesboro She Is now ! cause of tlic Influence of Hie Ideas a' nSfiiber' of thc Hall Moon school i and habits prevalent in the homes fnoiMv ' ' v0111 wmcl1 t"cse students came. '" C W? - , , . , '•• Whether, because there Is laxity TBs bridegrcom, who Is employed .„„ „,„ ' t 0 , slu[lcnls ln ^^ at Ifc-by Drug company is tlic son , rtlr<;( , Uo , !s re -cii£orccu by laxity on With people nil over the comity lo lake typhoid vaccine in- sippi county health unll are belna y T. Slngery is In SI.' kept unusually busy, having given Maid Drives Nail Through Hand to Evade Suspicion VIENNA. (UI'J-Kor the lovo of n fur coat Maria Llesl, a housemaid, stole $50 from her employer Willie the latter was spending the afternoon with relatives. Then li a vail effort to avert suspicion from herself the .strangled the watchdog by hanging him by Ihc neck from a chandelier and fastened her own body to the flooi by driving a large nail through iici left hand Into the kitchen floor. "WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Value oi' u Godly Home F1KST CHIUST1AN CIIUIICI! K. K. La timer, Minister Church school,' 9:45 a. m. Communion and sermon, u a. m. Subject: "A Religion For These i'lines." Union vesper services, 0:30 p. in. Hi lawn of First Methodist church. A cordial welcome awaits you al II services. SISTEI7 MARYS KITCHEN FIKST I'ttKSISVTtltlAN .Marsh IM. Cullaway, raster Sabbalh school. 0:45 a. m. Sabbath worship service 11 a. in. Sermon by pastor, Die." "A Man May li:30 p. in. union vesper service on lawn of Firsl Methodist church. Young's people's piaycr service immediately afU:r Ihc vesper service at the church. Wednesday evening 8 p. in. midweek prayer service. Thursday evening (i:30 there will be » watermelon supper for Ihe en- lire congregation on the lawn of T. J. Mahan's home. 1)nrcnts the tim . \ attended of *;. and Mrs. Jack Hargett. He j U)c ])(ut Q[ hasUlved in BlylheviHc for a mini- i divmcn t n i law of we land affecting bcr';;if years where he J "' ! higlfjchool. '•' Tfae young couple will Kentucky avenue. Hat*! Parly ! certain matters should be changed, '•may be seriously open lo question; live on ; bllt ( 1]c pj-i^nt ci 'his university : was on safe enough gtound in in: -dicallng lhal where lln'c is no ' - proper discipline or encouragement MS. Raymond' Bomar and Mrs.['from the home, thc problem of A: £h Gwyn w^re hostesses la 15' Ihose who are seeking to edr.cale frleSjs. including Mrs. P. B. Wood i and guide youth Is greatly inlensi- of Csruthersville, yesterday after-' fled. The quality ot a people and nsb»*,in complimenting Mrs. Oscar of a country ultimately depends ElH0tt. - - I upon the quality of Its homes and • qtties and contests made the j |ts home life. iiouS more Interesting and the ' Betlcr Influences outside of the ho'iwree received" avtavy' of gifts. home ; havc'occasionally operated to lotfl \valcrmelon refreshed toe produco some, noble lypc of man • \vhcse energy and ambition have , enabled him to create for himself a FiriC Baptist Church • . newer and better environment, but ' Flan Activities. ! H Is doubtful whether there Is one __ of the Firsl 'Baptist ] ease in ten where a man ol noble c'nmrh have planned interesting for Sunday in the form of'Special programs In an effort despite has nnd useful characlcr comes out ol a home envlrcmicnl that Is low and sordid. Even where Ihe onl- ward environment of ihe home seems lo suggest advanlage or luxury. if ihe moral atmosphere br lp'3&ve good attendance the-lieat, 'US Dorcas class, which , beefr.leading the adult department I corrupt the influence will destroy In Attendance for the sumrasr I the fotiiidatian of true character, moi&s, m-ants all its members t.; ! The Parents' llcsuomlblllty be iSesent and the officers and i Ail this would seem lo be so true grotfe caplains of the Fidelis class as to be self-evident, yet It is nmr- areipmning an interesting lesson vcloiis how home InflucncEs are as *(? Incentive for members. neglected, U is appalling lo think OlllllS'i'lAN SCIENCE .Services are held every Sunday morning. 11 o'clock, In room 213 of the Winners Bank btiilritni! over Krws store. Subject tor tomorrow: "Spirit.." Gulden lexl: Romans 8:10. "The Spirit Is life because of righteousness." Wednesday evening meeting. 8 o'clock. - All arc cordially invited lo allend. I'lKST METHODIST C11UKCH | 1'. Q. Kurle, I'astur -Lessons From a Three Year Drouth," subject, of 11 a. m. service. Spoclal music. If unable lo be present tune in on KI.CN. Sunday school 3:45 a. in., second Sunday of Ihc contest for the silver luvlng cup. Leagues. 5:45 p. m. I'rnycr meeting Wednesday, 1'Ai p. in. '"I'll? Holy Scriptures" wilt be the subject. This is one of the studies o! the Apostles Creed. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8 p.m. Union vesper services on lawn at 6::iU Special music. "The Brook Dried Up" subject evening CIIIMIUJI OF Till: NA'/.ARENE / 110 Cherry Street A. T. McAnally, 1'astor The pastor will preach, al botl BY SISTER MARY NEA Strvlce WrlUr Wlien children reach the age of 8. most mothers huve a tendency to relax their close supervision of the children's diet, with Ihe result that a balanced diet Is not maintained. Mary SwarU Rose tells us that "children between 8 and 12 carry little reserve material In their bodies, and their food must literally mcal-by-meal yield amounts ol fuel and body-building material if they arc to grow rapidly taller without becoming so far underweight as to menace health and mature growth." A child b years old can cat a aricty of foods wllhoul danger f digestive disturbances, and new cods should be Included In the amily menu as often as possible, shildhood Is the time to establish taste for all wholesome foods thai remote physical and menial rowth. The child who has been rained lo eat many kino's of food tuffs lias laid a good foundation or a balanced diet later in life. Milk Is Good Foundation As long as a quart of milk a day s drunk by a child, his diet will based on a well-balanced loun- laUon. Cooked cereals, fresh and dried fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, well-cooked meals and simile desserts offer a wide range ot materials from which lo make up menus. Care in seasoning and serving is essential, for Hie sense of taste and appeal to the eye arc both ceen in 8 and 10-year-old children. It Is very easy for children of this age to acquire apparently unaccountable aversions to foods Ihat are difficult lo overcome. The amount of food required will vary, bul the average fuel requirement for a child of 8 or 10 is about 1800 calories, One quart of wholj milk wil furnish 678 calories. This leaves 1071 calories lo be supplied by cereals including breadslufls, vegetables, meal and fruits. . Vegetables and fruils furnish blespooiis, too calories), bnked sweet potato (160 calories), creamed green b«ans (4 tablespoons, 75 calories), sliced tomato and lelluce with lemon ju.tce and oil (25 calories), bread and butter (200 calories), tapioca cream with fresh trull (200 cal- orics), 1 cup milk (170 calories). Total, 9M calories. SUPPER—Cream of pea soup (100 calories), 2 loasl sticks (50 calorics), whole wheat bread and graled carrot sandwiches (160 calories), pineapple sherbert (4 lablespconfuls, ! ICO calories), glass milk (100 calories). Total, 510 calorie,?. Tital for Ihe day, 1895 calories. Total broteln calories for the day, 238. LUNCHEON—Cream of spinach soup, croutons, combination salad, graham bread, lemonade. DINNER—Cold sliced roast heel, spiced currant Jelly, rice croquettes, kohlrabi In cream sauce, fruit sal- Ad, cheese sticks, milk, coffee. hands, with a view to solving pressing educational problems, Is being conducted in the psychological clinic at the summer school of Temple University, it was disclosed by Dr. Th?.ddus L, Bolton, heaS of the department of psychology at Ihc school. Ttie Intermediate department of thEufcunday school enter taiaid by the B. Y. P. U.'s Sun- day^vening, 6:45 o'clock, when all qfflgjjfs and teachers, as well as meaters, arc urged to be present. '^i;j. • * • E and Mrs. Clarence Halforri, 80?-Hearn streel, announce the birth? of a son a week ago. He has beeTTTnamcd James Ira. Bits of News ^ Mostly Personal of the number of parents who do not. take tho responsibility ol parentage with 'nny seriousness, or who start so late, or who show lliemselves so ineffective In the training of their children, that the children may be said to grow lip with no real guidance at all. From this condition of neglect and Inefficiency hi the training oi the young, it is a pleasure lo turn | lo the positive bide and lo con- lemplalc the achievements ot K°od homes and good parentage in the production of good lives. Here in '• ui-r lesson we have the portrait of : a godly mother—a mother in In! stincl nnd purpose before u child 'MATERNITY HQSPITAL-Scclud- cd, Private, Low Prices. Babies for adoption. For Information write Falrmcunt Hospital, 4911 East 27th, Kansas Clly, Missouri. —Adv.' '. STUDY BOTH HANDS PHILADELPHIA, (OP)—A selen- Ufic Investigation Into the relative capacities of the right and left 666 Relieves a Htadacie or NeuraJji* ii> 30 minutes, checks a Cold the flrst ii»y, and checks Malaria in three days. (>(56 also in Tablets morning and evening hours. Subject for t:ic morning hour, "Are We Praying for Our Missionaries? Text. St. Mark 16:15. Subject for the evening hour vril ie: "The Two Knocking?" Tex Rev. 3:20. We liav.a prepared to have our Sunday night service on the church yaul where It will be much cooler, come and enjoy the evening service. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. S. W. Liggett, superintendent. We have classes for nit' ages. Klcrnlng worship 11 o'clock. Junior Sociely 6:30 |). m. The young people will meet at the church at 6 p. m. for Ihc purpose of organizing the N-Y-P-S. Nazarenc Young People Society, Ihe ages fcr Ihls is from 14 lo 35. mhjeral salts and vitamins and sliould be used iu abundance Menus which include these foods IU'variety Insure an adequate and well-balanced diel. -A Menu for Children BREAKFAST—Baked apple will sugar and cream (150 calories), 3-4 up ccoked cereal with sugar and ream (200 calorics), 1 slice bulter- d toast (US calories). Tolal, 465 alorles, . : i i DINNER-Salisbury sleak (2 la- had actually come into her life, : jceklnK earnestly the [uinilmenl ol i her hopes, und In the time of ful- Texl: I Sam. 1:0-18, 24-28; 2:10 So Hiinnah rose up aflcr Ihcy had eaten in Shiloh, and after they had drunk. Now Ell UK prlesl sal upon a seat by a post, of tin temple of the Lord. And she was in billcmcss of soul, and prayed unto thc Lord, and wept sore. And she vowed a vow. and said. O Lord of hosts, if tliou wilt indeed look on the'affliction of thrnc handmaid, and remember me, and not. forgjt thine handmaid, bul wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto thc Lord all tlic days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head. And it came la pass, us she continued praying before thc Lord. Unit Eli marked her mouth. Now Hannah, she spake In her lv?art; only her lips moved, bul her voice was not hciird; therefore Ell though 1 , she liud been drunken. And Ell said unlu her, How long will thou be drunken? put away thy wine froni lliec. * And flammh unsurrcd and said. No, my lord. I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit: I liav; drunk neilher wluc unv strong drink, bul have Wilson Society—Personal Mrs. N. B. Thompson and daugh tcr, Nell Kayc, returned home Wed nesday night from a month's visi to Alexandria, La-, where they vis llcrt relatives. Dr. ami Mrs.i O. Marksdalc return ed home Wednesday from Memphis, where Dr. Darksdalc ha s been in the Baptist hospital for some lime. His condition is greatly im- Everybpdy is Voting for NEIL KILLOUGH As 0110 of iheii two choices for Circuit Judge Help Swell His Majority Special Glencoe Grill Luncheon 50c Fruit Cocktail Mock Turtle Soup Asparagus Tips lioiee of: Chicken, a, la King Veal Snitches, Tomato Saute 'hieken Liver, Saute, Fried Filed Spring Chicken, Cream Gravy Virginia Baked Ham, Potato Salad K. C. T-Bone Steak Breaded Brains on Toast, Bacon Broiled LamM Chops on Toast K. C. Short Cut Steak Hot Rolls Green 1'cas Potatoes Au G rat in Creamed Sugar Corn Cantaloupe, a la Mode Coffee Tea Milk (Cafe kept cool by. huge airplane fans) licurcd out my soul before the Lord. Couul not. thine handmaid lur n datiy.ilu 1 oi ik-linl: fur out ol the Johns has returned ' iilimcnt''remembering to the letter | abundance of my conipllilnt and grief have ! spoken hitherto. ' ' Then Kli answered and said. Go in rx-mrc: anil the God of iMiiclj Kiunt tlvjc thy nctltliin Ihat thuu-liasl asked tit bun. And slie said, Let thine handmaid find trace in thy siijht. So Ihe woman went her way. nnd did cat, and her countenance wus 110 more sail. And when i>Ue li;id wcaucd him, she louk him u|i wilh her. with three bnllccks and en; cphali of Hour, and n botlic o( wine, and broughl adopted a 'three 'months old girl, alter she hurt wcaucd him lo the MrT'spcncer having relumed- yes- holy house In Shiloh. and ll.cre slic ter&y from Nashville where she j pledges Win to EU. the Pricsl. U. lerdaly from for her new daughter. perlorm sucli diillcs as Eli may give B P Wood and children, ol ! him in personal service and hi thc CaSJihersvillc, were guests of Mrs. ] service of Hie Uibcrnnclc. Wood's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.! The Hannah!, »nd Samuels h.ive WWtworlh, yesterday. " ! been by no means limited ID the 1», and Mrs. Harold Hayucs Jr., | records ot scripture or lo ancient anifion. Harold HI, have relumed I limes. Not so long ngo I read of a to'Hftlr'home in Arkadclphia alter'-mother In a hiunUc home m a hl- UuCTdays visit with Mr." Haynes' j tie hamlet o.Scotland «ho tackin Itam^i, Hr. and Mrs. T. H. Haynes. |V.c middle of nsl ccnluv. »•« a M^s Catherine Jones, of Oideola, «'8 «vcn sonb. Ejcr> ouc of t cs. ' nf Miw MsTBarrt became n man of eminence and use- 61 D? and KUs i'""«« in llio world, and every one W-8 McCall lot them Iraced the dclermlnlng in- j^, Belle' Whitsllt expects to j mienccs of Ills lite lo this gorily .cavfetonlghl for Iwo weeks slay in- a ™ de\ole mo jj^^^ a | v . aVl "ft?, 0 !? Ci l. y Wh ." e 5 ! 1C J 1 ' 1 ," P i! r " S the inn'uences'ol tr.e 'mother, or' of chag fall and winter stock lor her, U;( , molhcr alonc . sometimes thc *™£i , , i ideals and Influences ol the father ley. I. R. Johnson, accompanied | tccome t i lc determining facial in by. jjtrs. L. L. McDearman of Lux-. li)e j ivBS 0[ thc children, especially orfci*l|l go lo Memphis tomorrow | wllcrc lhc mo iii cr shares U'.esc I6r *' brief visit. : , dea!s and innuences. There Is a PfBnk WUhilc ,who is at! strlking illustration ot this in the for -an extended vacation from _ . _ . Soutti America, has gone to poinls of Oklahoma and Texas for a visit. him unto tho house ot tlir Lord Iu Shllolr. ;md tiie child was Ami Ihcy slew » bullock, and brought (he ihild tJ Ell. And ihc said, O my lord, us thy sou! Hvct'i. my lord. I am thc ucinan lhal slcod by thcc. praying iii'.lu llir i.uid. For this child I prayed; and the Lunl li.illi given ine my pclUion which I askiri of him: Thcrctore :ilsu 1 liavc lent him to I'.if Lr-id: as lung as lie llvtlli he shall be lent to llic Lord. And hi.' wi'rtlnppcd (he Lord there. Moreover Ills mullirr nun 1 ; Inm a !il!!i - i-iw 1 , and brouBht it lo him from year to year. \'hcu Me CLIIIII: u;i .Oili her husband Iu oiler ihc yearly sacrifice. A. Catchlngs of Bassclt was a Wilson visl'.or Thursday. Miss Margaret Robinson, of Keiser, visited friends hers Thursday afternoon. Thehna Thompson was taken Iu Memphis Thursday evening lo enlcr Ihe hospllal for further treatment for a btrangc disease of tho blood called "purpura." Mrs. Timilc Burr is very sick. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Wiggins wenl to Osccola. Thursday night. Mr. nnd Mrs. II. II. Thompson nnd tillilren, Eugene. Mary Kath- crinc ami Jimmic and Mrs. Pulton, mother of Mrs. Thompson left Sunday en a motor trip in the north and east. They cxp:ct lo be gone about 2 months. Missc.s Hope and Eva Raney are home for tho summer from school. Harold Porter has been sick Ihe past few days but Is now some better. Litl!: Jean Thrailkill has been .sick bul Is able to be up some now. "(,:iu of shorn," he say;, "has contributed to r.nd fhnrcfl in life 1 : ••ihoi ! Grn c never ktxmn the family' own id; am Taylor, Inn some years ! children imirr attractive and favor.ibic MIV- a-.H Ur. Tajiur brought up !r.j> family In Hie environment of his He inculcated in his own outlook ot love family of Dr. Graham Taylor. at|d£(| b! j nmcanc<!] t ». as toW tlm founder of thc Chicago Commons, j B . hcn Ur T! iyi or ' s [ am u y W as grow"V w T, ;- r , and for many years associated with h M o\mA him some of Ills wrs. J. W. Rotramel. of thc , TOrk O t that settlement. | Mca ^ fM to hml tlul it tt . a!> all hav-e arrived for a! Dr . Taylor has recently wriltei:, , 1glu for hfm lo i ivc in th(s 50cia! morgns visit with Mr. and Mrs. H.: j!is autobiography under the till: settlement mid do his work there H. Lewis. • ' "Pioneering on Social Frontiers." in an undesirable neighborhood, bu 1 . '^tL* S ' " Lewis and I This autobiography he dedicates to that lie might not (o be bringing up daufbter, Miss Carmen, have ar-1 his comrades and colleagues and tc his family under lliesc conditions rive4?home from a week's visit in > the members of his family each but ought to be seeking tor them ff • : . »-;ai, i- •••-.. i a . ^.,.0 across an hUercstliif and service, nnd I have be:n lold :o which Ihls dedii'iilion gives! iliat r;-cry member of that family ci.rncd out in every \Vtiy creciitab'.c to tlic l,i!her who loved and trusi- rd children and guided them Hospital Notes Julia Page McCall. city, underwent an operation for appendicitis. Today she Is resting very well. -d Vaughn, Cooler. Mo., was also iidmlltcd. in his own fool.steps. Rccovds like that have their place along side the story of Hannah and Samuel In that larger bible lhal is nlnays being written In thc rx- pevieiiLe of these who seek thc way of Gcd. RKAL WILD UOUSKS BROKEN BOW. Neb.. (UP)—The pick of 500 horses "that really buck" and a carlcad ol rtcers wilh horns "just thc right length for bull-dogging" will be furnished the Cuslcr County Fair ami Rodeo by J. L. Case, of Sulherland, Neb. The string ot bronchoes includes several that have never been ridden Ixjforc, thc fair management board jrports. The fair will be held Aug. 19-22. Flax is cultivated throughout Jugoslavia and its mills produce about 2,700,000 yards of linen goods annually. RE-ELECT GEO. W. BARHAM FOR SECOND TERM UKCAUSE 1st. A time honored democratic custom demands thai a worthy public " official be given a nccond term. Geo. W. Barham is worthy. 2nd. He has given all of his time to the duties of his ull'ice. 3rd. More than 200 boys and girls, deliiU[iient (many times without parents) have been given honest and humane treatment at his hands and helped to manhood and womanhood. •1th. Despite attempts of the opposition to discredit him in. relation to county institutions, he lias improved conditions Ijotli physical and administrative at the county poor farm and the county convict farm. He did not, as has been alleged, promise to do away with the county farm, no such promise can be found in his 1928 pint- form. He did promise In improve matters awl has kept that promise. oth. The records show lhal liu has reduced county expenses and saved thc people money in every instance in which he could without being detrimental lo the county's welfare. Clh. We make Ihe statement that he lias not only hanlded the County court and the county's finances with credit, but also the common pleas court anil Ihc probate court have been conducted wilh fairness lo all concerned, this information comes to us from leading allorneys in Blylhcville and Osceola. 7th. We have known Geo. W. Barham intimately for miiiiy years. \V'e know him lo be an honest, capable, worthy servant of the people, in his hand Ihe comity' a Hairs arc in good hands. Re-Elect Geo. W. Barham For His Second Term Signed, . Hlytheville-Business and Professional Men who are his friends.

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