The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 5
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, JULY 6, 1939 "In The Middle" Status Not Comfortable -For Residents Of Danzig By NKA Service Pajiijig today Is literally "hi the middle." •Sjiculd the long-feared European war break out with a clash ever the possession of this ancient city, |t would probably find Itself immediately tl)e point o'f "convergence of military planes Twin the -Euro- a Jowl point, vast air oiihlcls coiiid begin a linos I Immediately. paijzlg' ,1s,- Cflly )"75 iiiiles, less than »n hour's b'ombliw lime, fr:m Warsaw, 1 the Polish ' capital," 'a'hd p;!Jy 350 nijles-, perhaps an hour Pftd )5 minutes .from B.ei'lin. And bo.tlr Poland and Germany have ----' air fields 'much closer to .,, i thai; these.; distances, in "fact, it seems likely lliat either country c;nld p|ace Danzig beneath a sipwer of bombs in-less .'than a "- half hour. From Moscow, P<iris and London it, is roughly SOD miles li Danzig, which nicans that jn Jess than four hours bombers from the great air forces of those countries could be pver Da«?ig, and the time nnd distance la Rome is scarcely greater. WOBBLY DANZIG Assuming that Danzig became the spark in the European arsenal, a brief but sharp physical struggle for possession of ihc cltj which Is loday nominally neither Polish ;nor.German;.biit a Free City, might te the first "curtain raiser' to the Etiroiwan tragedy. Cut its "ia-llie- mlddle" pisiticn suggests that a very few days after the first bomb fell there might be no more Dan- The present wobbly status of Danzig as a Free Cltj is just one more of the Versailles solutions cf piessing Cui-jpenn problems which Is being questioned today. Trie problem was simple. Poland was being created. It could not exist, economically, without an outlet .to ; lhc sea assured to its commerce. The only . practicable ojie was the vlstanla river with Its ancient port.of Danzig at its mouth. So, said the peacemakers, why not place Danzig back in the pa- siiKn.'it held fcr 300 years, frqm 1454,, to 1793, as an independent city?-.A-'League"of- Nations coin- tnissionec. cguld be installed ,. tq ses fhat Poland got its uninterrupted right of-"a sea opening and jtt that' Iccal EClf-goVeri)rnent- of the Dan? zigers, then nearlj all Germans, was kept intact It sounded good. But the Dan- zi?ers never forgot that since 17D3, at the second partition of Poland, Danaig had been Gennan The gradual intrusion of Poles especially In high positions, customs posts, mercantile jobs and the like, »as resented And Germany ne\er forgave Ibr splitting cff of East Prussia by the neutial 'corndcr' ending in IJanzig at the sea. "RETUHN TO REICH" Now the pressure is rising Theie seems little doubt that most, Dan- the German homeland." But could Poland see that happen by violence and .without guarantee.of a certain sea outlet,-' without the possibility of loss 'of lugir own independence? It would seem a perfect place for peaceable adjustment -of perfectly valid claims by both sides. - But the mcod of Europe just now power in the conflicting claims at Danzig, is no longer in a positio: lo excrcisp li. One .of the liaditional nicclin places, and clashing points bctwec thus bcKme a of the air fleets of Europe as well, distressingly "in the middle" today as it has Ireen for centuries. Steele-Copter Society—Personal Entertain Husbands (AHK.) OOUpIEK NEWS Dan/ig-Wni It Be War Spark? r.ogucV J900 Miies lo Rome] ~ How Danzig Is being prepared for a possible German coup. This Is nlypira) crowd of ' 'Tn """ ^ * «" '"""< '° ""'•" ""« h : * ia, and gther reytons Jusl before annex*-lion lo "Greater Germany." land Mrs, A. R. Bcckhtim nnd Mrs. Vclma Pulltom. ami diiutlUer, Dannelle Iiiat:gad«clo rond west nf this elly complimenting. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vim European dlipalchcs again point to D.uuig .is focal point In ncx j mlfe Jj|ienglh test of potters Map, aboj'c, shows distances ilfe.s and Using time of important capitals fiom cn^is center of E urop£s"]iWlttarisUc chess' game Concentric circles show esliiimtPd flying, time from various capitals lo Danzig at au sperd of 200 ,nilcs per lipiir. , ^- pnnlo. Ark., spent .Sunday here as the uiieslr of Mr. nnd Mis. A. \V. Jordan. of Lc- H. Wllks, MI-. „,„) j )ls Canilhersville j- Society — Personal - -:-v Snclcly Met lycdncsday Afleivmon Mrs. Monroe Abei-inithy h;id charee of Ihc Hoyal Service nicet- hiff nl (lie Baptist Chuicli Wcd- ncfdsiy afternoon. There .were nl)ie- icen members present. Mrs. Ed Gaither gave the devotional nnd the program on "parrying Out Ihc Great Commission in the Homeland ' was presented .by Mcsdaijics J. L. Janics,'l£arl Long, Win. Swa- dci, M Abernalhy, R. H. England, Abe Cinlthcr, Myra Gerrish, C " " ~ -----H ton. O. Ross, Gage Knight nnd H. During the business session, Mrs. Tom Maikey. second vice-president, presided In the absence o'f the mcMlcnl, Mrs. B. M Pierce. Rcnorts \vere heard from the various chairmen. Mrs. Chas. Dor roll, ,.,-, Astceiatioiul W. ,M. u. president, n,, . mcclhiE of • the Association . erni'wopki would be held .lit - Marslqii, . Frl- day, July M nnd urged all present , . I-. Iliile of SI, Louis. Mo, A dellc|oiis picnic stippcr wns served on the lawn early In the Mjcct. Mr.-Wcynilre had been hero foe several weeks where he If, cm- ployed nt Drowns shoo Company, lie drove lo Snlem, in., over 4ho week end for Mrs, Weymlro nnd thi'lr daughter. Mr. nnit Mrs. O. B. llookoi nucl BOH, Orvi'l .Edwin, (iitd MIJ, iv« >; I-nndon, drove lo Shlloli HntllcneW I in '1'ennessce mid speiit the Kouitli i of July. They returned home Wcil- nt'sday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wlllnrd Collins mid yomii; sou of Kldoii, Mo 111- rlvtid Tuesdny for u visit with M-, mother. Mrs. J. I!. Cinvn mid son, who have sjit'iil the .past two wcckH here us (jiiwls 0 [ her slstci, Mrs Virgil DnvlK nnd finully left Wed- nesdny iitoniliiu for their home In Jnckson, Tomi, M,-, Orec'ii drove over Tiii'sdny nnd spent Uio iln> nnd they iieroinpnnied him home. Miss Lucille Nelhcry of PaKer- «)n, Mo,, is (he Kui-st'of hei nn- I'lP, Lynn n. Bmllh, nnd Mi.s Sinllh uns wccic. Mrs. Cieilrudo 'I'lioiiiiMoii, Divisional Cliiilniinn of the AiiicViciui lied Cross, is ,si)i>ndtnif ihh «, here lUU'mlliiK lo Imsliiess intit- tPis eiHinreled wllh the orgnnl-/.u- tlon. c Mr. iniil Mrs. Morrell ncllelun -. , „ .(ilirt Miss Msil'y Ludllo Delielgn and --„ ...... which (lie guests en- Miss Mniy lillon Hmiiei snunt Joyed bridge. Tliosc iitleinlln B were Wcr|iic«dny In Memphis Mr. iin;l Mrs. Van li. Wilks, Mr, Mr. inut Mrs. Jclm Oiuinhighum nnd Mis. Pnut L, llnlc iu\d chtl- Jr., nml children ol Clnclnniiu' 'Iron. Mr. and Mrs. 11, L. Morris,' Ohio, iirrlvrd Frldnv foi u V |.,ii Mr. mid Mrs. llmold S, .loncs and wllh his mother, ile s\lll li'iue Thui-iidny fur homo but Mrs. cnn- nhiBhnni mid chlldrrn will remiiln lor llncc weeks mid visit with reln- Mv. itnd Mrs, Frunk Wllks. Mrs. Floyd Patterson mid dnuuh- .1- »i_n . . . "ei" ter. lietty-Jo, nnd Misses Dorolhy Ann Ncwsoni and Deity hoii Peek ciimc Wednesday from Mni'lnnnn. Alk. Mrs. Prtllerson will spend llio rciiialnder of the week here with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. John Gndrty. Misses Neivsom iinci I'cck hnve been gue-sls In Mnrlnnnii for Mje past three weeks. '..'<•• Ally, iind Mrs! Piuil L, Hnle iiful daughters of St. lx)iils, Mo., who sni'nl the holidays here wllh his prcnts, Mr. nnd Mrs, George Iliiln and sister, Mrs. .R. L. Morris and family, leil Tuesday afternoon for their homo. Everett McDowell of Joncsboro, Ark., silent 'Ihc week end holidays h Ills wife and her par- - ents, Mr. nnd Mre. L. D. Edrcr- '-•' Uow Edgcilon left Tuesday nfl- — • imclo, Paul llon lives In Ihls . Mr. mid Mrs. Iveison Mlchle lire iioiinclnif Ihe-iinivnl of « son, mes Ivcrson, born Friday, June 30Ih, nt the Soulhenfit Missouri hospital In CAipc Olriirdcuu, Mo. , Miss Mnry Helen Green of this city Is » pntlcnt In SI. Joseph hospital In Memphis where sho went curlier In the week tor .in opoin- " ".'• . Nulhnn Dunn and children nnd Mrs. George Dunn of Ne\\- cnsllc, Ind., who were culled here by the dcnth of Mia. Dunn's fnllicr, John W. Ailnms, left Monday iiflernoon for Ihi'lr liwno. Mrs. A|lce llenj'iniin Ilii7,ul left Snlimlny for St. i/)n| Sl M O| , where she spent (lie Faiiith of, July holidays with her Inisbnnd, Gilbert lfiwc.1. Miss Virginia Cioiiin Is on vncu- llon from her duties' at- Ihn Vogue Shop., She is vlsillng with rclil- llvcs In Point Plcasinil, Mo , Mr, nnd Mrs. Dale . Brnccy nnd cake lopped with white ice cream teid.iy foi JIK home in Auiorj, „,„„ .,„, and cherries »ere seived on taW.-s Mlis, after n visit hcic with Mr picnlc at which were cmered iiilh attractive picnic at holiday cloths and impknii, + ' » » Hostess to Bunco Mrs. Glynn White was hostess ; to' her Lucky Nine Bunco 'club ah'3 one guest, Mrs Arthur 'laslor, at hei home in Cooler yesterday afternoon: Tlie high scoie prize went lo Mrs Clarice Gilhland, bunco lo sou spent the week children, Carol and Joe. nnd Mr Fourth of July holidays In llclenii ---"I <••!»• ITU, » yiil Hills mother, iviiq is visiting them Ark. Ihcy .wore gnesl.v ol Mr. nnd Mis, Richard Wcymlrc Wedneslaj, nugust 21 curly pnrt of tho week, nnd bnby daughter have lakch n members ore urged to be present Miss Barbara , Wilks onlcilnlncd number of friends nt their apartment in (he home 'Of; Mrs at meetings' «frs. vVilks Enlcrtalns Down on Seci-clai-y Hopkins' FaniiVJ Im t\\o scius l)y Bocirlaiy of Commcice Unny Ilopkhis, thb am!-uni! fmm yrm Gilnncll, in la locnllon vheio Hopkins icturm lo ntnlriiliiiic; estnlillshi", legal lesldcme In lull coin slnle H adjoins funn \Uicic Hopkins woiked nb fiumhnnd dmlng Irajhood. Toj), Hie losldcnce Louo, two of Hie bains. cnilv (rail o[ ihc week, 'llio'.e nl-|feicd to nh-condlllon Ihls town lending wine Uemclru lo "pep up the InlmWtanls, Incicaso Hukci, Wnyno Ocnl, lluirlelt picductlon, impwc hcalili, bwe- PluiA Hduii Ann Gchull, Allcen III babies, nnd nnke Ihe town n Cnopnmnn nnd Cllndys BeniMcin ' Last of (lie Flathcads, Chc-jios To-cos Is Dead ,.. \V)iih tup) — 'ihu lust cf Ihp Flnllicnd rmltmii on the Yiikluui i P^-CM allan h deiid, He mis Ohc-|)m To-ro', 01 Owl Child, n (iJnklcd tilbcviinii of moic (hun 00 Owl Child m:st of lils-bo'y- Wild family Mrs. Floyd Wilks was hosti-ss lu a number of relatives Monday evening when she. ciilcrlnined wllh n WARDS ADVANCE ^ country home on th Mrs Velmer Campbell, traveling' '* to Mrs Ruel Ashei>and lo\\ The hostess served cheese sandwiches, ice cream, cake and iced fen. Mr. and Mrs. Clint Coleman and children of Dexter spent Inst weekend here as guest of Mrs. John Russell and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Edmiston Miss Carrie Polk Wcinlzcll has lett. for an extended visit with fiiends nnd relatives in Brooklyn, N. Y., she was accompanied llicre by Mr! and Mrs. L'ncey Wtcntzell, [yiiLu^Cr ttiiv* ^m-THHJo, ||UJIIU*> UuLYVtCLl *'J LVll - l\i\\\ 1HI ;>. LjilL'tiJ' WIUIRZKH, Teuton and Slav in Europe, may who were returning home after spending their honeymoon here with his brother, Chris Wcinlzcll and family. Miss Wcintiicll will attend the World's Fair before returning home. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Parkins orid sons "of Trenton. Tenn. .spent the Fourth here with Mr! and Mrs Casey Edwards and other relatives Mrs. H. A. Spcnce loft Sunday for an extended visit with relatives in Jackson, Tcnn. Her cousin, Bob Conger, camp for her. Mrs. A. J. Giilhric and Mrs. Fred Robert Slotls and children of Lake City. Ark., returned Tuesday night ^. , " --j-. »ii«., i^vui iii_u A UUolliiy lll^llli Mrs. Tom Lewis and members of after several days visit here with her.Tuesday club were hostesses' Mrs.. Bullv Lawhon who also had to a Fourth of July party at her as her guests Tuesday, Mr. and home Tuesday night - when' Iheir«Mrs. Ohas. Gulhrie of Poplar BlufJ husbands were gnesls. Tlie aflalr'. Miss Eunice Gulhrie left yester- \vas one of the prettiest parties held here this summer. The dec- orjtion scheme .was very pretty, carried out In observance of the holiday. Tallies and favors were American flags. Prizes, which were wrapped in red, white and blue were awarded as follows, high Indies, Mrs. Hugh Michlc Jr., pillow sliiis; men's-tilgh! shirt, to Sidney Miller; 2nd high, ladles, iVfrs. Tom Hopper, a water pitcher, and men's day for several days business visit in Little Rock, Ark., where she is lo'. take slate board examinations for beauty culture. ' Kenneth Berry, little 12 year old ran of Jir. and Mrs. L, Uerry Is resting very well nt the Memphis Methodist hospital where he is under treatment for an infected! eye which' was caused by an acct- rtental shot In the eye. It Is feared that he will lose his eyesight BETTER '?., QUAMTY, THANTHE ; 24.7| COAT5 LASTlYEARl second high, Tom Lewis, socks aiid I Miss J«ahlu""l J o5sing"wm"Vavo ash t^ay; brldgo.^ ladies, Mrs. Floyd tomorrow for an exlended Wsit Wagslcr a Ijowl, aiij) men's, .Mr. Wagster. a niililary set; traveling honors went lo Mrs. Glynn While, a relish rtlsh and Hugh Mlchle Jr. an ash tray. Soft drinks and candy were served during the games and at the close of the evening ham sandwiches on red and blue bread with potato chips and blue angel food her-, grandmother- Mrs. Alice Losslng, .wlio Is seriously ill. * Mr. and Mrs. Dan Portis Jr. C. C. Limbaiigh who •'was much worse over the weekend is Improved now. C. B. Theobold of Memphis will arrive tomorrow for several days visit with Mrs. Vclma Pulliam. Leonard •• Beckham- Jr. - left- yes- BEAUTIFUL., H& H Hudson Plush Sea! and Persian Type Coats! They' I6ri!t likc'f>al fur! I'crsiaii-lv|ie (iVln- hair pile, colfnn hack).and I'hish Seal couts .'.-; ".^,Jj s >."i Piff, cotton Imck)—in boxy or nued,. flared styles..'.Hayon satin lined."Siz- cs.12 la'46. :.._. ; SI; l)o\yn anil pay- ^•men.l ,'c'ycry week 0 will hn|(l your w.'il / uiitiLOclnlici'' t. f ; M.Z .f. 406 W. Main St. . Phone G7U ho-tl In ihc Oleuon cotmtiy Inter sought iidvcnliiro In MonLiina, wheie he piullclpalcd In ninny houo-i.lcnlliiB Ioinj.s nsjnlnit oilier Ulbes nnd In mnnj coups the hi ites he liked to tell ibout the umvucie tf Cien A Cii.tlci liy SloiK Indlnns Llttlo Big (torn 1 lllds lo Cwil CUy Ihc'Bhlicfc, n Dcnvei Invonloi, IMS of-' wlnloi and ,siimn)ei rcjoit n»d a tonienllon city' He did not dlsi (.lose the exncl nattno of hh in- tcntlon othci than (o icfcr hlb iciidcii, to ifcbicivs chapter 11. ' Ltnitcr Porfids Borrower '('ONAWANDA, N Y. (UP)—John H. Wclib Is a ]in//lc<l m,in Ihe-.e day. He lueerved a Icttci jwsl- mniked Trainwnndn When )ic op- cnncd H, a mmitei fe|! mil. inside will n noto Hlilch lend: "Enclosed, picnic find 25 cents which I |mve oned jon a long time." 'Ihc note wns unsigned and Webb hasn't any Idea who i.eiil tho money. 81,209 MALARIA t I rt|iortcil In llio U, h. Ill 18181^ l)Kl,AYI ilART T()»AY wllli HOC Obcrkg MAlirla In «ov»n 666 AT KIRBY'S AT KIRBY'S Air Condilioned Jor Your Health..Noi just air cooled. The air in our stores is filtered, dried, washed, and cooled by refrigeration. Drop in when you arc tired and liol and sec how quickly you arc revived and cooled. KOIDKRUNCH ICE CREAM SODfiS . . lOcand 15c BANANA SPLIT-Triple Dip . . MALTED MILK-Triple Dip MILK SHAKE-Double Gip . MALTED M!LX and SAMOWICH HOME-MADE ICE CREAM . ISc Pint; 25c Quart TOASTED SANDWICHES 15c JOLLY GULP Vroxcn Fruil I'tincli on « Slick '5o. Limeade,,. 5s SUNDAES Pineapple 15c Marshmallow Chocolate Strawberry io C , Angelosia Sherbet \Vinc Kiavoccd Slicibcf Fruit' Cone . . . . 5c Pish lOc Pin! 15c !e . Sc

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