The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1967 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 15
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON—The Russians gained a reputation as astute observers of American politics when they favored John F. Kennedy against Nixon in 1960. The West Germans up until'the last minute backed Nixon. However, it is doubtful whether even the Russians realized how successful their squeeze play against the United States in the Middle East would be affecting U. S. policy on the Vietnam war. So far it's done two things: First, it't made some of the top Vietnam doves into hawks regarding the Near East. Sen. Ernest Gruening of Alaska, the No. 1 Senate dove, is now in the vanguard of those demanding intervention in the Near East. Forty per cent of the Vietnam doves in the House are Jewish and all have signed a strong petition demanding action in the Near East. Second, the biggest Johnson campaign contributors in 1964, aside from labor, were Jewish, ranging from Ben Swig, the San Francisco hotel owner, to Abe Feinberg, the New York textile manufacturer. With labor cooling toward LBJ, he cannot afford to risk the loss of too many big individual contributors. Jewish leaders are incensed at the manner in which Foreign Minister Abba Eban of Israel was kept cooling his heels all day before being permitted to see the President. LBJ busied himself receiving a season ticket to professional soccer games, saying goodbye to the Iranian ambassador, discussing problems involving South America. When he finally saw Eban, he gave him no satisfaction as to a definite American commitment for free passage through the Strait of Tiran, though Eisenhower in 1957 had categorically gone on record to keep this an international waterway. Also, just as the Near East crisis broke, Johnson was seriously considering de-escalating the Vietnam war. Secretary of Defense McNamara had told him that the Air Force had run out of targets in North Vietnam, and even the Joint Chiefs of Staff admitted there was little point to bombing targets already smashed. The President was also faced with the fact that bombing Vietnam had so antagonized the population that the number of Viet Cong had nearly tripled and that the number of North Vietnam regulars going south had more than doubled. In brief, bombing has not paid off. In February Johnson could have secured a peace conference with Ho Chi Mlnh merely by abombing moratorium. Now the price is higher. Nevertheless we predict that Johnson will slowly de-escalate the war. He'll do it without any public fanfare, but bombing may be tapered off almost entirely. - o - DREW PEARSON It was this use of poison gas by the Egyptian army which caused the Israeli government to ask West Germany for the use of 20,000 gas masks. While the use of poison gas is now banned by an international treaty, modern armies keep gas masks on hand in case the treaty is violated. Presumably the poison gas which the United Arab Republic has been using in the Yemen war was developed by the ex- Nazi scientists whom President Nasser has hired from Germany. "All the animals in the area also perished, and crops and vegetation turned brown. Until the following morning a grey- green cloud of gas hung low over the village. Those unfortunate enough to breathe it compared its smell to yeast or fresh fruit. "Most of the victims were dead within 10 to 50 minutes of the attack. They died with blood emerging from mouth and nose, but without any mark on their skin. Affected survivors have no blisters or skin injury, but have difficulty breathing and cough continuously. Following the raids, two International Red Cross teams visited Ketaf and sent fragments of unmarked green bombs, soil samples and lung tissue of dead animals to their headquarters in Geneva for examination. Subsequently the International Red Cross made an unofficial report to Western governments that poison gas had been used. Two Pakistani doctors in a Saudi Arabian hospital at Najran stated that they treated 188 survivors from the Ketaf bombing and all had the same symptoms, namely a dry cough, watery eyes, vomiting, breathing difficulties, chest pains and headaches. "All symptoms of gas were present," said Dr. Wadood Hassan. "We concluded it was gas." - o - —HANOPS STRATEGY— Captured enemy documents reveal that the communists hope to draw the bulk of U. S. forces into the northern end of South Vietnam, below the demilitarized zone. Enemy attacks have already forced General William Westmoreland to bolster the Marines in the north. North Vietnamese generals have concluded, according to the captured documents, that the United States doesn't have enough troops to guard the northern frontier and fight the war in the south at the same time. General Westmoreland privately agrees with this assessment and has pleaded for reinforcement. —STRANGE POLITICS IN FLORIDA— A very strange political campaign has developed in Miami Beach, where Elliott Roosevelt, second son of the late President, is running for reelection but faces a primary run-off against Jay Dermer, whose wife is an Israeli. Though the Roosevelt family is long known for its loyal support of Israel and the late Franklin Roosevelt got into the war against Hitler partly because of his treatment of Jews, nevertheless Elliott Roosevelt is being opposed because, it's claimed, Dermer could help stop the crisis in the Near East. Some synagogues are urging, "Vote for a Jew; don't vote for a goy." However, most Jews in the Miami area probably will rebel against mixing Florida politics with Israeli politics. - o - —CONFIDENTIAL FILES FOR SALE— Rep. Gallagher of New Jersey is investigating abuses by credit agencies which hound and harass people in debt. Victims have included high State Department officials, university professors and other respectable citizens who have been blackballed over credit because of careless mistakes by the credit agencies themselves. Gallagher's investigators have also dug into the practice of credit agencies which traffic in confidential Information about individuals. Some agencies will turn over their raw files on an individual to any private detective, blackmail outfit or other customer who will cough up a $30 fee. PAUL NEWMAN AT THE ALGONA THEATRE p. m. "Devil's Angels" -9:15 pi m. "Operation Snafu" 11 p. m. MONDAY - Complete Program begins: 9 p. m. "Operation Snafu" - 9:15 p. m. "Devil's Angels"— 11 p. m. Martin Balsam and Paul Newman watch intently from a window, with Newman holding his ever-handy gun in this scene from "Hombre," the off-thc-trail dramatic Western in which Newman plays the title role. 20th Century-Fox is releasing the Panavision, DeLuxc Color production which also stars Frcclric March, Richard Boone, Diane Cilento, Cameron Mitchell and Barbara Rush. Gallagher is also investigating alleged abuses by the George Wackenhut agency, hired by Florida's Governor Claude Kirk as his private police force to investigate crime. TpTITB »BB B B 5 g"B'T>'<'»'»Tr<ITg, movie clock ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete Program begins: 7:009:05 p. m. "Devil's Angel's"7:35-9:35 p. m. SATURDAY - Kiddle's Matinee Only-Complete Program begins 1:30 p. m. "Drums of Africa" 2 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins - 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:25 7:15 - 9:10 p. m. "Hombre" 1:20 - 3:25 - 5:25 - 7:15 9:25 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program begins: 7:009:10 p. m. "Hombre" -7:209:25 p. m. STARLITE DRIVE-IN THURSDAY - Complete program begins 9:00 "Comedy of Terrors": 9:00 "Masque of the Red Death": 10:45 "Wargods of the Deep" : 12:20 "Tomb of Ligeia": 1:45 "Tales of Terror" 3:05 ! FRIDAY - Complete program begins: 9:00,, "Tales of Terror" 9:00 . "Tomb of Ligeia": 10:50« "Wargods of the Deep": 12:15. "Masque of the Red Death": 1:40. "Comedy of Terrors": 3:10. SATURDAY - Complete program begins: 9:00. "Wargods of the Deep": 9:00. "Masque ofthe Red Death": 10:45. "Comedy of Terrors": 12:20, "Tales of Terror": 1:45. "Tomb of Ligeia" 3:17. SUNDAY and TUESDAY Complete Program begins: 9 1 LuVERNE | p Mrs. C. W. Bjustrom il W.S.C.S. of the E.U.B. church met in the parlors Thursday evening, June 1. Vera Merkle and Mrs. Hindman were hostesses and Ruth Wolf had the study. The children of the boys and girls Fellowship were guests. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Merkle went to Lanyon to attend the wedding of Karen Lambert Wednesday evening. The groom is Jerry Schmitt, Jamestown, N.D. Mr. and Mrs. ' Merkle spent Wednesday evening with an aunt, Mrs. Fern Wilson, Paton. Thursday they went to Des Moines for the graduation of a nephew, Larry Lehman. They stopped in Ames Friday on their way home to see Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Marty. Ladies Aid of Zion Lutheran church met Thursday. Mrs. Darryl Fisher gave the lesson on Christian symbols. Mrs. John Schnakenberg gave a lesson on flowers in keeping with the church year. There was a business meeting conducted by the president, Mrs. Thees Schnakenberg. Mrs. Darryl Fisher was hostess. The July 6 meeting will be a potluck picnic in the LuVerne park. Thursday, Juna 8, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Miller and family, Ft. Dodge, and Mr. and Mrs. Harley Rusher, and Mrs. Gerald Goetz of Bancroft, visited Mrs. Lena Hinz, Herbert and Frances May 29. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Goetz left Friday for California where Gerald is stationed. He will soon be leaving for overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hanselman and family spent Wednesday and Thursday fishing at Rolling Stone, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fish, Torrance, Calif., visited the Bryan Stewarts last week. They spent the past seven months In Florida with their daughter while her husband and son were in the service overseas. DeRay Llchty and boys from Mason City spent Memorial Day with his mother, Mrs. Faye Llchty. Grace Lichty of Eagle Grove visited Faye Lichty from Saturday till Tuesday. Mrs. Ed Elbert had surgery at Mercy hospital in Ft. Dodge May 29. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Helm, Robin and Rhonda of Greene, where they had been teaching math and coaching, came to spend the summer with Mrs. Helm's For An Even Brighter Future OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW! • S^ t ! Love Makes the WorldS | Go 'Round, But —FULBRIGHT WARNING— I Most important backstage development in the Near East crisis was the lecture which Sen. William Fulbright, I>-Ark., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, delivered to Secretary of State Dean Rusk warning him not to get involved in the Near East without allies. Fulbright spoke for the entire Foreign Relations Committee in delivering this ultimatum. This is why Johnson worked feverishly to line up the British, the Canadians, the Portuguese and, if possible, the Scandinavian countries to form a maritime task force to escort ships through the Strait of Tiran. Officially the British are taking the lead in this, though behind the scenes the instigator is LBJ. Some of the big maritime nations, notably the Greeks and the Italians, are loathe to cooperate. They do top much business with Arab nations. The basic fact to be considered is that Nasser figures this is the • time for war. He has a lot going for him' in case of war; lots of problems if he backs out. (Editor's Note—Written before the actual war began). - o —20,000 GAS MASKS— Poison gas has not been used since World War I when it shocked the world when unleashed on the western front as late as 1917 between German and the French- British-Belgian armies. In 1967, fifty years later, it has cropped up again in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Money helps, too I All newlyweds know how important it is to save. Not only will savings help make possible a beautiful wedding, but also allow for a brighter future. Remember each account is insured up to $15,000, so start enjoying that "savings account" feeling at Home Federal today I I I I 4 Curnnt RiU curnnt Ritt Pir Yur on 6 Month |nv«itm«nt ClrtKieitM Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Inturod to $15,000 PMibook Saving*- 8m From Th» 15th-EarnFromTh» l«t aaTiagi CortifloaUi-E&ro From Th« Day You lavtit WNCIIW-ALOONAJOWA All Passbook Savings Accounts and Savings Certificates Insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation oJ Washington, D. C. ALGONA THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JUNE 8-9-10 THEY'RE LIKE I PACK Ql R1BID DOGS! FUNKY all he wants is a pint in his pocket-and a pig when he wants to play around. ROBOT...cant walk straight, but he'll drive his chopper thru the gates of Hell. OUT OF THEIR'WAY IFYOUCAN! AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURE LS ANGELS •RECOMMENDED FOR MATUREAUDIENCES ImPANAVISION AND COLOR BEVERLY MIMSY CASSAVETES-ADAMS-FARMER WHMI1NIIV 1)11(1 (111 UIIY I'KOUUCIUHV CHARLES GRIFFITH -DANIEL HALLER • BURiTQPPER ADMISSION: ADULTS - $1 - CHILDREN - 35c SATURDAY KIDDIE MATINEE "DRUMS OF AFRICA" Plus 3 CARTOONS ALL SEATS -50c - MATRON ON DUTY! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heftl. Mr. Helm leaves June 10 and will enter University of South Carolina June 13. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hefti had as dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anderson and Gerald, Wadena, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Art Pearson from Oklahoma visited Mr. and Mrs. Hefti Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zentner, Madison, Wise., visited relatives in the LuVerne area Memorial Day. They called on Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hefti, Mrs. Llllle Hesse, Mrs. Matilda Stoddard and Mrs. Martha Schneider. Mrs. Ed Lenz called on Mr. Lenz in Lutheran hospital, Ft. Dodge, Thursday. He has been a patient there since May 25. She reports he is improving. Mrs. Wilma Baskerville is in Des Molnes visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alex Evans. Mr. Evans Is attending Boys State. He is a counselor there. 'The perfect gift for the college student - a portable Smith- Corona typewriter. Also, handy metal files to keep reports, essays and exams organized. Visit the Office Supply Dept., UPPER DES MOINES. DRIVE THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JUNE 8-9-10 SUN. - MON. - TUES. - WED. JUNE11-12-13-14 Hombre means man... SSBUK8B. Every shroud has a silver ~- lining' SHUDDER... TREMBLE... THE GASP., at the virgin of BAAL! STARRING IN EDQARAUAN ?O& -CO („ PANAVISION'tnd COLOR VINCENT PRICE PETER LORRE BASIL RATHBONE Paul Newman is Hombre! SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY JUNE 11-12-13 GET OUT of THEIR WAY DEVILSfANGELS PLUS FROM ^BOUDOIR TO BATTLEFIELD... IT'S > Sean Connery • >Uirtng In peRKrioN SNAFU AMtRIOAN INT«H^ATIONAL IMQTUKh

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