The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 5
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6-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moiriej Thursday, June 8, 1967 EDITOR'S NOTE - This column of Woman's World is A reprint taken from the Thursday, Jul> 19, 1?51 issue of the Alf.w, Vpper Des Molnes ONE OF THE MINOR AMERICAN pastimes is the o: ., It doesn't matter whether or not tn;s advice is heeded, v r s;: it out. It's so much easier to toli other people ut,:\; to do : pay attention to our owr affairs. FT SEEMS TO WE, THAT ONE OF THE first -incs a mar. nucht as well realize :s :!u: from the u~f .Vs five -T.v.l he ;s old and feeble he :s aiw.i\s crowj to have to explair. to srrr.e woman just why he didn't come home sooner. After ail :: isn't much harder to think up explanations for the little wo.Tiar. a'.vut those last minute things that came ur at the office than it *as to tell Mom about the crame of Cops and RoL>bers Cut made him late to supper. MY FRIEND, OPHELIA, THE KITCHEN cynic, says, "Atthe altar she stops makin; over him and starts making him over." Wives have known this for a long time. It would be pretty dull to have a husband so perfect he didn't need a little improvement. You bridegrooms who don't have a few little faults had better acquire some quick. You don't want to spoil your wife's fun. - o - IN THE MONEY DEPARTMENT, IT'S the husband's job to make it first and the wife's job to make it last. When the little woman complains about hubby not^elping with the housework, the standard and time-honored comeback is, "It's my job to earn the living and yours to run the house." This may get the rolling pin thrown at your head, but at least you can be sure you are not pioneering a new utterance. - o - ANOTHER TIP IN THE FINANCIAL department - for goodness sake, give her an allowance. Something that she can spend any old way she pleases without accounting to you. I don't care if she has access to your checking account and you have $100,000 in the bank, give her something she can call her own, even if if s just fifty cents a week. You may find that if she feels she can waste it as she wants to she will end up by spending it on the kids or the house. - o - WHEN IT COMES TO GIFTS, DID YOU know that a single rosebud has been known to be a much more effective romantic offering than a full dozen, long-stemmed American Beauties? Especially if it is not her anniversary or birthday. Several little unexpected gifts are worth much more than one conventional type even though the latter may cost lots more money. Another attention that seldom fails to flatter a wife is remembering the anniversary of your first date together. Just be careful you don't get it mixed up with something that happened during the time you were engaged to someone else! - o - MANY ARE THE MARITAL BATTLES that were started over a husband's real or imaginary flirting with other women. It's too much to expect of a wife to remember that if she hadn't caught her husband flirting, she might never have caught him. She likes to think you are attractive to some other woman besides herself even if you are, to an unpredjudiced eye, no Cassanova. You might try mentioning once in awhile the fact that when a man stops looking at, and appreciating, feminine beauty—he might just as well be dead. This doesn't excuse any real straying from the reservation. The husbands who regularly assure their wives that they still love her very much have very little trouble with jealousy. - o - WOMEN OFTEN MAKE THE STATEMENT THAT men are "just little boys grown tall". This way of thinking always nauseates me, mainly, I guess, because you never hear anyone excusing a woman's foibles just because she is "a little girl grown tall". But if after careful research, you decide you have a wife to whom the boyish type appeals, you may be able to get awav with all kinds of things and blame it on the "little bo;.-" in you. - o - WOMEN HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO USE water-power as a weapon. They turn on the tears and melt some!.:?, strcng man's resistance. Personally, I have never found cryi-'ig"very effective-all it ever got me was a swollen face ana \ n:~. :^=.l_. But husbands should know that tears are not always use:!;. ±5 > feminine -.veapon. Sometimes a gal cries, when she is hi;p, ir.%: ; si.T.&tnin:; is verv beautiful or when she is sac. Fre^;lr.Uv, ever, sr.e doesn't know why she is bawling. We just have :.-/:.ive iVx/i cr. ar.-I7et it out of our systems. THERE WILL BE MANY T2,'.E£ V.HEN but the brave can live v.-jtii the fii;. Vvj ::.i that the old saw about rr:a:.-:a?e :^.:;; -. j simply not true! The :%=.! '-^. '^. 'r.v Seventy percent rfesponsiu:::;, '.-,: ].,'-~ the woman, thirty perce.V. t'. ::A ::.*•:,. hold up you thirty percent, \.^-.'.A:.::-.,. M •_-.:; J c " PLANES Sixteen year old Hv^rt ' del of Manchester recent!-, played his collection '4 planes he has built .,it;. from his father, oi tho&e THANK YOU We wish to thor,'/ ever /one for the generous gifts of furrotur*,, ciofnir.g and cash following our recent f,r* A special thanks to the Burt fire L/epoi-rrnent, the Algona Fire Department, to Sill Nugent and to Phil Diamond. MR. AND MRS. ROMAN AND FAMILY. HOOD'S ALGONA HONORED WITH 3 NATIONAL MERCHANDISING AWARDS IN APPRECIATION TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WHO FILLED OUR STORE TO CAPACITY DURING OUR ANNIVERSARY SALE - RESULTING IN OUR RECEIVING AN OUTSTANDING MERCHANDISING PLAQUE FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR FROM SUPER VALU - WE ARE PROUD TO GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS A CHANCE TO REGISTER FOR A FINE ARRAY OF FREE TOASTMASTER APPLIANCES. OUR STORE ALWAYS FEATURES EVERYDAY SPECIALS FOR YOU ! 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Just mail to Wilson & Co., Chicago, B III. coupon — you receive in our store and K the parchment certificate you will find in- ^ Try new Wilson's Certified Tender Made side e ° ch "n of Wilson's certified Tender ^ Pork Roast,,Corned Beef, Beef Roast, or Turkey ^°f p p ° rk RTOQS J' c ™ d Beef ^' ket ' 5 .' c^j. Beef Roast, or Turkey and receive 50c. j WATERMELON CALIFORNIA VALENCIA LARGE 0 RAN G E S NEW CALIF. RED OR WHITE U.S. NO. 1 POTATOES EA. DOZ. »,.Oftt BAG M %JP ROYAL I GELAI SUPER VALU Thursday, June 8, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-7 Mr. & Mrs. John J. V'mt MR. AND MRS, JOHN J. VINT, Algona Higli School teachers who were married last Saturday, are pictured above. The bride is the former Conine Shimel, of demons, la. The bridegroom is from Spirit Lake. They were married in an ecumenical ceremony performed at St. Cecelia's Catholic church here, with Father James Brucli of St. Cecelia's, and Rev. Frank Harcoy, Congregational pastor, officiating. The complete wedding story appeared in Tuesday's Upper DCS Moincs. After a wedding trip to the west coast the popular young teaching couple will be at home at 305 N. Tliorington St. (Mueller Studio Foto) GRADUATION PARTIES Greg Sue re was honored at a graduation party held in his home following the Commencement exercises for Algona High School's seniors. Hosting the event were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Snere. Guests included Greg's grandfathers, Harold Rabb of Charles City, and Clyde, Snere,.of, Alg,ona.;,,Mr. and ; Mrs. Cliff .Nickerson, ,Mn and Mrs. Robert Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Knoll, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ludwig and Jeff Snere. A family get-together was held in honor of Steve Waller, 19G7 graduate of Algona High School. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Waller were hosts to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hobson, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schumacher, Whittemore, John Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Waller and Jack Waller. Tom, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Snyder was honored upon graduation from high school last week. Attending a reception at his home were some thirty guests including Torn's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Orian Cheetham of Creston. - o - RECEPTION FOR GRADUATE Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deal honored their graduate son, Bill, at a reception last Thursday following commencement exercises at Algona High. Guests were Mrs. Celia Deal, Mr. and Mrs. Don Deal, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Engstrom, Mr. and Mrs. August Bernau of Burt, Pete Deal of Ft. Dodge, Rev. and Mrs. Frank Harcey, Roland Bernau of West Bend, Mrs. John Deim and the honoree's sisters, Marilyn and Virginia. Kirn Deal, who will teach vocal music at Kenosha, Wsic. next fall, also attended. Marilyn Deal came home from Iowa Methodist Hospital Sctiool of Nursing to attend the festivities. - o - HONOR MISS SLONIKER Carol Sloniker was honored at a graduation party in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Sloniker on Thursday evening, June 1, after Commencement exercises. Mrs. Sloniker's mother, Mrs. William Seruie of Kenosha, Wise, is staying with the family. The stay was highlighted by Carol's graduation, and Mrs. Senne plans to be here for a month. - o - JOINT RECEPTION Connie Darby shire and Denny (Max) Miller were honored at the tatter's home, May 28, at a joint reception following baccalaureate exercises at the high school. Mr. and Mrs. Irving "Pudge" Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darbyshire were co-hosts. Guests included the Ray Gilberts, Orvillu Duncans, Don llemmingsens, Elmer Cooks, Max Millers, Dale Farnharns, James Lowmans, Gerald Klatts, and Mrs. Adeline Balir. Thf younger sot was represented ir. Linda Darbyshire, Marcia Gilbert, Bill Farnham, Carl Idatt Kitty and Virginia Hardgroveimd two junior members who slept through it all, Todd and Tracy .Miller, •' • •" • - b- " ; SCOUT MEETING Wednesday, June 7, there will l)e a meeting of Boy Scout Troop 71, Darrell Steven, Scoutmaster. - o - DINNER HOSTESS Mrs. 0. B. Laing had as dinner guests Monday evening Helen Comfort, her sister, Mrs. Effie Warner, Deer Island, Ore., Hattie Wilson, Marion, Alvin Miller and Lovern Johnson. With the exception of Mrs. Warner, all have been teachers in the Algona school system. Men's & Boys' FORMAL ATTIRE • WEDDINGS Complete efficient rent al for any formal event Tuxedo or dinner jacket ir all sizes — and accessories. specia THE HUB CLOTHIERS ALGONA

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