The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 194-i ULYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Newsweek Says Pennsylvania's Votes May Decide Winner, Survey Indicates NEW YORK, Nov. 2 (UP)—Newsweek Magazine announced last night llie final results of-its presidential election survey which Allowed thpjl tlie two candidates nre closely matched on tlie eve of fctlie balloting that llic final result ^hinges on the outcome of the race for Pennsylvania's 3'electoralvotes. .The survey, conducted nationally by 118 political writers, reported that Mr. Roosevelt leads in 27 slates having an electoral vote lohii of 249 while Governor Thomas E. Dcwey holds the lead In 20 stiites with a total electoral vote of 247. In Pennsylvania, the survey said, the outcome is a complete "toss-up," which places the entire presidential race in the same category. States believed cither safely in the Roosevelt column or "leaning Pemocratic" were California, Washington, Nnvudn, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi. Alabama, Tennessee. Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware. Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Those believed favoring or leaning to Dewcy were Oregon, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Maine. Students Give Kiwonis Ciub Program Here Kiwanis Club members-, meeting yesterday nt Hold Noble for their regular weekly luncheon, heard a program given by members of the Garden Club of Blytheville .Higl School, sponsored by Miss Luna B Wilhelm. Tlie program opened with £ piano solo by Barbara Monaghan followed by a tan dance by Jimmie Frances- Clemmons and Doroth> Lum, a baton twirling number bj Prances Shouse, a tap dance routine by Jimmie Frances Clemmons, and n reading, "Salute to Our Fighting Navy" by Jane Borowsky. Members of the Chicks footbal squad, guests of the club, were introduced individually uy Coacl Arvil Green, who also spoke bricflj of the outlook for the Blytheville Jonesboro football game to he played tomorrow night at Kalej Field. :- R. L. Wade was inducted inti membership in the club at yes terday's meeting. BV WILLIAM E. GII.ROY, D. D. Jug unto "one of another nation" llns lesson has a vllnl and tin-• But facts were loo strong for r>e- mcdlalely urgent topic, and no bet- ter. He perceived thai a higher law '" " n '' ~ - " — 1|J of God's grace was at work, and as he listened lo Cornelius, telling of his work of grace that had begun In his hearl, Peter was moved n truth I perceive ..... it ».M_ i^ , (1 ^tiii' LWJ/IV i ttiiu iiu wt;i* tor passage bearing upon It could have been chosen from the Scriptures, or In fact from all literature. 'Ihe story of Peter, and of the Christ, who are stirring up the same sorl of racial prejudice, and who would perpetrate (ho .same sort of destruction. No lover of Chits! can be n hater of Jews, for Christ himself was a Jew, and he laughl love toward all men, We Christians owe a duty lo our Clod and our country to fight racial prejudice with all the power that is ...v, ...w.^ vl i m... .HIM ui L,IU , LW uLxtiiiu, ui a iiuin i perceive strong prejudices that had to be that Cod Is no inspector of persons' Oivmmin hofnrn hn /.n.llrl I,,™! ,!„_ l),|t tllllt. ill CVC1J' liatlOll hC Ulili fearclh Him, and w'orcth righteousness, is accepted of Him," There Is the root an ( i foundation of right relations between men of every sort, race, anil condition. Today, as regards the Jews, things are reversed. Anti-Semitism, cruel, remorseless, and tenlble, has swept over countries in Europe. Haired and violence of incredible Intensity and extent have occasioned the torture inul death of millions for no other reason tlmn (hat they were Jews, it Is stunning in Its horror, yet here in democratic and Christian America there arc groups, of all things naming the name of overcome before he could meet devout Gentiles upon a brsis of common humanity and Christian quality, applies to similar situations to- J 'iy. It reminds us, too, how men hcrwisc good and very carnestcan i against thelr'brothcv men, and c ungodly in their altitudes to- ird those whom for some reason ey do not like, or toward whom icre are social-prejudices in their ivironment or time. Peter had a dream. He went up i the house top to pray, but he as very hungry, and while his lends prepared food for him he II asleep. He dreamed that he aw the heavens opened and that great vessel, like a sheet held i at the four corners, descended the earth, filled with all man- T of beasts and fowls. A voice lid, "Rise, Peter, kill and cat"; it Peter, true to the Jewish sense f cleanliness about food, replied: Not'so, Lord, for I have never iten anything common or lin- ean." Then came the voice saying, What, God hath cleansed, that ill not thou common"; and while eter wondered what it might all lean, there came two servants of ornclius, a Romtin centurion, mmoning him, in accordance with vision that had come to the de- out soldier. According to the standards of "all ral Peter had believed and ac- epled it was all very irregular; ud when he went, to the home" of iorncllus and found a company of ientllcs gathered there h e remincl- d them that he was doing an nn- uvful thing, as a Jew, In associat- ng himself with them and in com i Newborn babies of poisonou snakes arc miniatures of their parents, complete with fangs and poi' son. ine relieves tieatir fast rnxan-c fa llrjuiil. ll preJicnls arc aircaclj-disscivei pain. It nbo soothes nerve tei flon dec to the pain. iJj onl?« directed lOc.SOc CCc- MADAME MAY Satisfaclioa Guuranteed READINGS Gifted reader and advisor. Hwy. 18 West al end of Hlylhcville 15ns Line. READINGS DAILY 9 A. M. til 0 P. M., Concerns To Have Dance At Club Saturday Hight Members of the Nun Commission- The Negro, for n much longer period thnn llic Jew, here In America lins been llic victim of I'lielnl prejudice, wllli color prejudice nddert. 'Hie IncrcnshiK evidence uf n truly Chrlstulii, iiniii'Cjudlced nUKiido on the purl of many In arciis where the subjection of Hie Negro has l)cen deepest, Infers tlml It is irt the south Hint we nrc uotng to see ^666 CoW Pieparalions as diiccted ENERGY-RICH VITAMIN-FULL MEATS "Good as their name" NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Cull m» Co. check-up without cost or obligation. KATB, MICE AND KOACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP Mt E. 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' 43 or in/nnu Ola/sen HALIBUT LIVER OIL Capsules Olaficn BREWERS YEAST TABLETS ol 100 , 49 VALEROL' Mitt iml Halibut Urn Oil will! Vicstlril i cMinliiR years Ihc «ron(cst pro- lls s In llic solution ot "Uio Nc•'o problinn." cd Otricc'l's Club nt Hie HAAF will ciik'itnln (heir wives iina jjiii'sls with a ilniicc nt (In; dub rooms Sillui'iliiy ulijht, Mn.stoi' Hal, Vic 'lovncllo, pivslili'iM (ir Ihc ntlon, (uniu IJuncliiK will wgln at 9 p. in. Music will be fuinlslH'il by n seven. PAGE orolip.slia compose!) of inn- Irom llic OlofAAF liand. Avvrago nlllliKie In Wyoming is 0,700 feet, riinijlim from n 2,100- foot law In Norll'.cnslern Wyoming to u 13,185-fool hlgli on OnnneU . RHEUMATIC PAlti AFTER ...,., •---- — »•»•••» m^ m Wllk • Hitltlni tkit ell) Prm , If you suffer front rheumatic pain' ?';' 1 l"!!'5 u '?L B ?! 1 .? 3 .. bu J r P-.»2?»&? Buy 3 DOUBLE PURE LARD TOMATO SOUP c cZ' lls 9 PI JMID ( ' mln '<'.v Club. I'liiin or A..1!) ILUUIl Self-Kisimr. 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