The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1967 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1967
Page 32
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(la.) Upper Des Moinei Thursday, June 1, 1967 t-:i) ITOK'S NOTE - This issue of Woman's World is a reprint in the Thursday, May 17, 1951 issue of The Algona Upper i s Muines. TODAY I SAW THE FIRST of the plum blossoms come out. The tre*s are budding, the grass is greening and Mama is house- cle.ining because suddenly it's Spring I "In the Spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Love," the poet says, but my Man, and a lot of others, are thinking more about the opening of the fishim: season. They can get pretty fancy about that, too. - o - I'M NOT AT ALL SURE THAT THE fishing habit is a vice, but I know its addicts are as strongly attached to their fish poles as the alcoholic is to his bottle. The news that "they're biting up at Spirit" travels fully as fast as does the latest juicy bit of gossip at a hen party. The storm windows can remain In place, the garden can wait to be spaded, and the heavy male muscle-demanding housecleanlng is Ignored- we're going fishing I - o - I MARRIED INTO A FAMILY of fishermen. When I was young, none of our grown-ups fished, though the brothers have since acquired the habit. But on Daddy's side, I think the menfolk cut their teetli on a fishhook. Maybe it's the trade they follow, because in Algona, all the plumbing and heating men are also ardent fishermen. What's more, most of them, at some time or other, have fished together. This may be why the local plumbers gel along so well with their competitors. - o - I HAVE HELD A FISH POLE in my hands only a few times. 1 might l>e more Interested in the sport if I could just hit one of those times when "they are biting so fast we could hardly pull them in." When I go fishing, the fish are not hungry or the wind is in the wrong direction. But I do enjoy the family outings when the men fish and the women watch the children and prepare the food. I think my husband secretly believes tli at I am more of a handicap than a companion when It comes to serious fishing. So he goes fishing with the boys and I can usually find something to do at home, such as write my column, and that is exactly what is happening tonight. Besides, someone has to greet him on his return, admire the catch and listen to the tales of the ones that got away. The frying pan is my department, but I balk at cleaning fish. If he can catch them he can clean them. - o - IN COURTSHIP DAYS, SOME FELLOWS talk knowingly of the mink coats, trips to Paris and the dozens of long-stemmed roses they are going to provide if she will say "yes." I've had my share of the golden dreams for the future, too, only they ran a little different. The sales talk I heard was based on one ultimate paradise - a fishing trip to northern Minnesota, where the air is like wine, you eat and sleep as never before, and you can catch 'so many fish you don't bother with anything less than five pounds. It was to have been the perfect honeymoon, but we only had three days away from our jobs. Soon the wartime gas rationing inter- ferred with the dream and then the babies started arriving. The call of the North Woods was answered a few times, but not by Mama. The trip still sounds alluring to me but now we're waiting for the day when the youngsters are just a little older and we can take them with us. - o - I COMPLAIN ONCE IN A WHILE about being a fisherman's widow, but I really think it's about the best sport or hobby a man can follow. It gets him out-of-doors, it isn't as strenuous as lots of sports and it costs less money than some. Of course, the ceiling is practically unlimited on what he can spend for equipment, but it can be done on a string and a stick and 1 sometimes tlilnk Just as many fish are caught that way as on some of the more elaborate outfits. Then, too, sometimes you get returns on the investment in the form of food for the table. Whoever heard of acquiring anything for the family to eat if Daddy's hobby is shooting golf or knocking out bowling pins ? - o - FISHING ALSO SEEMS TO BRING out the best In the father- ajui-son relationship. My husband has always enjoyed fishing with his father, so lie could hardly wait to continue the custom with our son, BUI. Maybe he started a little too early for their first excursion was anything but a success. When Bill was about three, Daddy and Ralph Llndhorst decided It was about time the little fellow was going fishing. They went to the river and Bill became quite restless. They managed to grab him by the heels before it was too late and the men were pretty scared of what might have happened because the water was high and the current was swift. But not Bill - he was mad as a hornet. The first thing he said when he stopped sputtering was "Well, you didn't have to go and push me in I" - o - IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ALGONA has a higher percentage of its population interested in fishing than most towns. This is true probably because we are located not far from a lot of Iowa lakes, Minnesota is just over the county line, and even the near-by rivers abound in fish. Algonans aren't all fishermen, either, because a lot of the ladies like the sport. Lavon Lindhorst is as fond of it as her husband is, and you have a hard time keeping Nell Larson away from a fish pole, too. Beulah Richardson shares her husband's interest in fishing and Mary Muckey, by her own admission, would rather fish than eat. Though the mere fact that you don't catch anything doesn't daunt a true fisher-woman, Mary has certainly brought home her share. She even won a prize once for a huge fish she caught. Elaine Hutchlns likes to fish and she reports a big string of bullheads caught on her trip to Emmetsburg last Sunday. The high school generation of fisher women is represented by MaxjLne Johnson, who loves to catch them but doesn't care so much about eating them. GRACE Notes Of IServicemei U.S. ARMY, VIETNAM - Army Specialist Four David L. Hovey, 21, whose mother, Mrs. Vivian E. Hovey, and wife, Joan, live in Algona, la., arrived in Vietnam May 5 with his unit, the 20th Transportation Company. The unit was last stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky. Spec. Hovey, an aircraft re- pair man, entered the Army in December, 1965. Hovey is a 1964 graduate of Algona High School and was employed by the Hodgman Construction Co., Fairmont, Minn,, prior to entering the Army. U. S. ARMY, VIETNAM (AHTNC) -- Army Private First Class Terry J. Dixon, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville T. Dixon, Bancroft, is participating in "Operation Francis Marion" in Vietnam with his unit from the 4th Infantry Division. His unit is conducting search and destroy operations in the Viet Cong-inlested Central High- lands. The operation, which began early in April, is named for the famed "Swamp Fox" of the American Revolution. Pvt. Dixon is a cannoneer in Battery A, 6th Battalion of the division's 29th Artillery. His wife, Jane, lives at Bancroft. U.S. ARMY, VIETNAM - Army Specialist Four Dennis L. Ohm, 23, son of Martin H. Ohm, Fenton, was assigned to the 4th Infantry Dlvison in Vietnam, May 15. A heavy truck driver assigned to Company C, 4th Battalion in the division's 3rd Brigade, Spec. Ohm entered the Army in January 1963 and was last stationed at Ft. Carson, Colo. Spec. Ohm is a 1962 graduate of Sentral High School, Fenton. - o - U. S. ARMY, VIETNAM — Army Private First Class Allan L. Dacken, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dacken, Lone Rock, participated in "Operation Pershing" In the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Pvt. Dacken, assigned to Company A, 2nd Battalion of the 1st Air Cavalry Division's 12th Cavalry, and his unit was engaged in dragging the Viet Cong from their vast network of tunnels and bunkers. The VC had been driven underground by constant U.S. artillery and air strikes. The operation has accounted for the capture of several VC and the confiscation of vast stores of food and arms from the enemy. - o - TORREJON DE ARDOZ, Spain -- Kenneth B. Nurre, son of Mrs. Marjorie M. Nurre of Bancroft, has been promoted to airman first class in the U.S. Air Force. Airman Nurre is an aircraft equipment repairman at Torre- Jon AB, Spain. He is a member of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe, America's overseas air arm assigned to NATO. The airman attended St. John High School. Relative Of Ottosen Folks Dies In War OTTOSEN-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Olson received word Wednesday evening that their nephew, Theodore Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nelson, Sr., Austin, Minn., was killed in action in Viet Nam. He leaves a wife and two children. His mother is the former Lila Olson of the Livermore- Bode area. The deceased was also a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Olson of Bradgate. - o - TO HIGH SCHOOL Students from the Ottosen area who were Tuesday night, May 23, graduates from eighth grade in MISS CORWITH -WESLEY Kailn S|Mnj;lrr. dauphin "( Mr. fliirl Mis. Bcrrwri Spanglci. ('or\\ith. will hr a lanrlidale for Miss North Iowa al Ihr N'nrlh IOWM Hariri Festival. Shf ua> chri.sfn by Ihr hand members of Corwith- Wrsley High School. A senior, she has hern active in Viking Singers, girK thorns, chncr- IfDeling, diarrwlics. yearbook slaff, band and church orpani- ;ation<; llrr t;iihrr is an agricultural technician. a ceremony with the Livermore school and held at the Bode school auditorium, were Gary Kinseth, Eric Mogler, Eileen Satern, Kristie Struthers, Gary Telford and Dallas Tofteberg. Bernard Cooper, head football coach at Garrigan High School, Algona, was the speaker. There were 42 eighth grade graduates. - o - Glenn Norman, Seattle, Wash., son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richards, has been honored by being named to the board of directors of Highline Community College. Mr. Norman is the board representative of the aeronautical industrial council. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hellickson attended confirmation services Sunday at Mallard. A nephew, Paul Hellickson, was confirmed and they were dinner guests at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hellickson. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kropf were Saturday visitors at the Richard Kropf home, Ruthven. Clinic Planned The State Services for Crippled Children will conduct a cardiac clinic in Emmetsburg Thursday, June 15, to provide diagnostic and evaluation services for children who have had rheumatic fever or who have heart problems. The clinic will be held at West Elementary School. Patients from the following counties are eligible for the clinic: BuenaVista,Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Humboldt, Kossuth, Palo Alto and Pocahontas. Is your office furniture in. sad shape? Look over the new office desks, chairs, files and safes at the Office Supply Dept. of THE UPPER DES MOINES. CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY DURING JUNE, JULY & AUGUST For Convenience ... For Luxury Accommodations. .. For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort- like Atmosphere ... Easily Accessible to All Highways EXCELLENT FOOD - Hednood DIM in.: Kouin leatunng Healt Uioiled Steaks - Collee Shop ope Ironi 6 00 a MI 'till Mn1"igM Lounge Kini:-Si/r S" llllltlilt^' 1 'no! • <'uinplclr Hold Sl'IA Ample fin Parking in front 01 Your Room * lift-TV * 1'lav Aim I i.i Chlldivn * lifitjy Sitter Si-rv let Cluidicn undn l.'IKU m same loom nitli Adults. SINGLE ROOMS _ DOUBLE ROOMS $13.00 to $U. SO TO HAVE SHOWER A miscellaneous bridal shower is being given Tuesday, June 6, at 8 p. m. in the Izaak Walton hall for Christine Gnabaslk, fiancee of Nick Clark. Hostesses are Lillie Foth, Jane Foth, Marie Dimond, Dorothy Muckey, Jerry Briggs, Mary Bartlett, Kay Jorgenson, Ada Hardgrove, Helen Limbaugh and Gladys Jergensen. - o - PLAY 500 Mrs. John Dutton will be hostess to her 500 club Wednesday evening, - o - BRIDGE CLUB Mrs. E. B. Carlson was hostess to her bridge club Thursday evening. - o - HAS BIRTHDAY Mrs. Margaret Hofmaster entertained a few friends May 18 in honor of the birthday of her sister, Mrs. Jean Wadsworth. The afternoon was spent socially. - o - HONORED GUESTS The 50th anniversary of membership in Rebekah Lodge was observed last Tuesday with a dinner at Mrs. Bertha Spear's. The honored guests were Pearl Moore, Hattie Schmidt, Eva Wille, Myrtle Turnbaugh aiid Mabel Lund. They were presented with charms bearing the lodge insignia. HOMEMAKERS MET The Plum Creek Homemakers Club met May 24 and hostesses were Helen Harrison, Roseanne Schmit and Betty Miller. Twenty- two members and two children were present. Lesson was quality in government by leader, Joyce Keith. Inspiration by Florence Kain, fun time by Norma Paetz and Doris Ruhnke. Roll call was "something I do like mother did." - o - GOP MEETING The Republican Women's Club of Kossuth county will meet June 5 in the Legion hall at Burt. This meeting is open to all and will be hekTat 8:30p.m. Speaker will be Representative Karl Kiilsholnri. Hostesses, Republican Women of Burt. - o - IDLE HOUR CLUB The Idle Hour bridge club will meet with Mrs. Hay Potter, June 7. - o - TWO BIRTHDAYS Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves entertained at dinner May 24 in honor of the birthday anniversaries of Harry Hargreaves and Dick McGinnis, the actual dates being May 27. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves and Mr. and Mrs. Dick McGinnis and family. 4-year renewable scholarship of $280. She plans on entering the field of elementary education. A special award, God, Home, Country medal, was given for meritorious achievement in spiritual and leadership participation in church, community, home and 4-H activities to Judy and Diane Bode, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bode, by the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, sponsored by St. Cecelia's C.D.A., Algona. Judy is girls' county 4-H president and Diane was historian In 1966. .The art of making fling arrowheads Is not lost; many modern men can make them. A fossil Is defined as some e- vldence of plant or animal life preserved In rock. School Sign-Up WESLEY - Wesley area youngsters who have been registered for kindergarten classes this fall include Cynthia Anderson, Karen Axness, Jovian Bauer, Jerome Becker, Annette Dornbler, Michael Dornbler, Debra Doughan, Daniel Forburger, Debra Froehlich, Donna Golwltzer, Dale Grandgenett, James Hamilton, Sheila Hanlg, Sidney Hauptman, Nicholas Krieps, Donald Loss, Kimberly Monson, Laura Otis, Sherri Price, John Rasmussen, Mark Ricke, Robert Stude*, Dennis Studer, Steven Vltz- thum, Rodney Vltzthum, Richard Weig, Dawn Youngwirth, Donna Youngwirth and Lori Youngwirth. COUNTRY CLUB PARTY Mrs. W. P. French was hostess at the weekly bridge party at Algona County Club May 24. Winners were Mesdames. W. P. French, Robert HiUburg and Virgil Gunder. - o - HONOR GRADUATES Open house was held for two Garrlgan High School graduates, Judy Berger, daughter of Theresa Berger and the late Paul Berger, Algona, and Gary Erdman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Erdman, Whittemore, at the Moose hall from 4 to 6:30 p. m. Judy received several honors. She was one of seven graduates to receive special recognition of the Gold Honor Role status throughout four years of high school. State College of Iowa has awarded her a NOTICE All law offices in Kossufh County will | be closed June 1 and S 2 for Lawyers Chaut- S auqua. | KOSSUTH COUNTY | JJUJLA*!^ I'm Painting Again This Summer PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL BEANIE COOPER Ph. 295-2245 * OVER 40 HOUSES PAINTED IN ALGONA OVER THE PAST YEARS * MANY FARM BUILDINGS * TWO CHURCHS FREE ESTIMATES BRUSH WORK STARTING TOMORROW ;0ur Great Summer FREF ORFSS BIG REDUCTIONS ON REGULAR STOCK! SPECIAL PURCHASES! SIZES FOR EVERYONE! FABRICS GALORE! i All the shapes and fabrics you've wanted, be they sedate, sophisticated or simply swingin'l Tents, shifts, sheaths, step-ins and coat styles in cotton, jersey, Dacron<R> polyester, Avril<*> rayon, whip cream, crepe, lace and many more. Sleeveless, short and long sleeves . . . every flattering neckline under the sun. Junior Petite, Junior, Misses' and Women's sizes. LIMITED TIME ONLY AT THESE REDUCED PRICES No Payment Due '111 July on Charge Purchases Mode Now

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