The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1946
Page 6
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HACK BLYTtUjVILLE COURIER NEWS TBB oocnun nnra OQ B. W. KAXNM, Pvblteiwr BAHTJXL V. MORKJB, Utter -- M* National AdTntldiw Repraenti Wcltao* Wltmer Oo, New York. Ohkato, , AU*aU. n*hlMinrt Turr ftftnrnnnn Itmncit fhinilj Altered w t*eood clMi matter at tt " at Blythevllle, Aikansai, under att at Ooo- October », 1817. Sured by the D&ttcd Pnm '- BUB8CBIPTIOH FATBB ;; By carrier In .the city of Blythernta or ••uburbaa town where carrier «tnrlo» to rtalned, 20c p«r week, or 85c per month. - By mall, within » mdlvu of *0 mile*. M.OO per Tjefcr, t2.tX> for dx months, »1.00 for three months; 7by mail outside ffl mile kone, 110.00 per rear payable Jo advance. Progress by Embarrassment T The Russian government seems lo ~havo been embarrassed by .the UN Se- jicurity Council's consideration of (lie ^•Russo-Irnniini controversy. So Russia, *' through her obedient friend and neigh- ~boi', Poland, apparently is trying to i'embarrass the United States and Rrit- J'ain by calling attention again to -the ^continued existence of the Franco gov- * eminent, in Spain. '„ Russia's attempt will probably be ^successful. During tlie war the two nl- '-lied western (lemocnide.s played along . with Franco for understandable reasons i:of expediency. Since those reasons have '..".become invalid, they have made known . ..'their dislike of the Franco government ;'by a half-hearted and inefective invi- ;tation to the Spanish people to turn out the Falangist clique. Meanwhile Russia, France and oth- '. ei's have pressed for stronger mcas- ',lives. Now things arc coming to a ; head, as they were bound lo. A pos- :'.sible result is that the United Nations may be able lo establish a precedent as 'to what constitutes a threat to world '•pence and what constitutes interference in a nation's intern!)!-politics. There proven charges against 'Franco. He gained and held his power with the military help of the Axis. He was a fawning admirer of Hitler and Mussolini, and gave thorn considerable aid in World War II. He luul modeled his government along Axis lines, and is running a dictatorship of a cruel and repressive sort. But does that make Franco a men- -3ft^lp -irayld, peage ? Should the United .-.Nations'' take -active steps to remove i:him—j-cven though the Spanish people, .given a .free election, might astound 'the world, by voting him continuance in -.power, as the Argentine voters did . Pei-on ? .". There is good reason to answer yes ; to both those questions. The Spain of ^Francisco Franco is a menace to world - peace because, so long as it remains, -the fight against the Axis is not ended. .".World War II was a war between hos- I'.tile, incompatible ideologies, even "though we seem to have forgotten - that today. It was a war to rid the and his govern- world of the barbarian Hitler barbarous ideas of race and ment. ljut those ideas still flourish in Madrid. And so long as they do, Spanish soil is a dangerously fertile ground for the unfinished ideological war to break out again. Franco Spain also merits some punishment by the, victorious United Nations as an active, if feeble, Axis parl- ner. Spain's collaboration cost Allied lives and delayed victory. Her neutrality" may have been as much of an asset to Hitler as Italy's belligerency was a liability. These are all familiar facts, but they must be faced. And when they are faced and acted upon, there are many more (rouble spots in the world which must be dealt with before peace becomes a comfortable reality. All these trouble spots — India, Kgypt, Argentina, Indonesia, Palestine. the Balkans, and the rest — are an env barrassmenl lo one or another of the great powers. Mutual efforts to embarrass one's neighbors are not the ideal way to cure international nead- aches. Hut if they result in 'Clearing up Hie trouble spots, we cannot <|tian-t'l too strongly with the method. en for Business! TAYLOR Missing the Roots Congress has aimed a bill and James Caesar 1'etrillo of the American Federation of Musicians which is designed to stop "coercive practices" and "exactions'.' in the field of radio broadcast ing. '£his is another attempt to correct inequities in our labor laws by pointing a piece of legislation directly at an individual labor leader. The same thing was tried in the Smith-Conn'ally ai:ti-s'trike law. which had John L. Lewis as its target. Rut it didn't stop Mr. Lewis or anyone else from calling wartime strikes, and it's doubtful that the bill aimed at Mr. Pelrillo will fare much belter. In fact it was learned on lite day after the Senate passed this bill that Mr. I'etrillo was planning demands on the movie industry similar lo those outlawed in the radio legislation. Thus Congress has sawed off two limbs while missing the root of the trouble. If exactions and coercions are carried on, it is because our labor laws generally permit them. It would seem more sensible to eliminate the opportunities for such practices limn to punish individuals who take advantage of those opportunities and still remain within the- letter of the law. (ARK.) COURIER NKWS We, Us, and Company FiUDAY, APRIL 12, 1'Mli n (lie boss 1 or-1 skunks iH'c confined to the Unit- four centuries i'<l Btiitcs and Mexico. Read Courier News Wnnt Ads. SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Special/zing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Lawnmowers Kxpertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and guaranteed satisfaction assured. We also specialize in gas -and electrical welding. F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second BABY CHICKS Finest quiirily af all (imes. Complete line of poultry feed. 'l ; he handiest place in town. SO THEY SAY Every inflationist in the country is now try- ilia to hide behind the wage increases which are being made, and lo blniuc labor for Ihc price Increases that he has been able to wheedle or bludgeon out of OPA.—Mayor William O'Dwyer of New York, CopynKlil Matrac-S.nini-Co. Dulribulnl In- NKA SEHVICI-jMNC. i AN XXXI NN froze up inside, and with an effort brought her atten- jtion •back to-Miliicenl, who was j still talking. ! "You-must have taught him that, !Ann,- J and made your own contri- .bUtlon to American literature. It'll be a best seller, I'm sure—" ( Ann wondered what it was she •had taught him, and then she 'heard his voice. "Hi Milly — your I car's at. the- gate. The mechanic [said it- -was just a — Oh, hullo, '.Ann., I didn't know you were ',b'ack?' '• " | Millicent put her hat back on — ; at' the proper angle, Ann noted, with detached admiration. She ^always'had to have a mirror to do -that. Then she stood up and said, "If my car's ready, I musl run along. . Thanks, Colin. Good! by, Ann. It's been nice knowing •you." She walked briskly down ;the path. ! When she was out of sight, (Colin turned lo Ann and said, ("Oh, Ann-girl, how I've missed [you!," He swept her info his arms |and kissed. her suddenly averted j cheek. Then he stood back to i look -at her., "What's wrong, my ! <fc»r? Yoii' v aren't- ill, are you? | , "No, I'm all right," Ann said, j «nd' thought defachedly that even [her voice sounded frozen. AH her I anticipated pleasure at seeing j Colin had evaporated, and her de- j lighted- }oy in' just being nlive i*eemed 16 have turned to dust am j ashes. | Only once did she speak on the ; way back to th« house. "When i • your .book coming out, Colin? \ "In October sometime." • "You always get your copies be for* th«y. go on sale, don't you? . '.-HraZi Oh,, sure." •• Colin made no explanation :MtUl£ntJ», presence in For Dr«ktvatid:Ann would have di« .rather thim question him. For the v first time she knew jealousy Wtef and 'burning. Sh« never •bad beeh jealous of Nina, come how, Nina simply hadn't existed— she had been something ethereal and unreal until the wedding Then she had been Jock's wife and one simply wasn't jealous o a man's wife. But it seemed that one could be jealous of a man's former wife. Chester Lewis Poultry •113 East Main. St. *• Insurance of every kind Phono 354S W. J. Poliard Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phone 3616 Bales - Phillips Robinson Burlee - FeMt Canwj AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 Street Bill Wunderlich — Rear Robinson's Drag Store /~"OLIN threw his book across the room, and poured himself a drink. Ann had gone to bed. Ann had gone to bed nnd hadn't kissed him good night. Hell!' what was wrong with Ann? It couldn't be meeting Millicent—she had known about Millicent belore, nnd had taken her existence with equanimity. It was too bad that he couldn't explain Millicent's presence in Port Drake to Ann, but he could scarcely tell her that she ad been brought there lo exert n ttle blackmail on Ann's behalf. 5he had done il rather well, too. Beulah had capitulated neatly, nd probably could be counted on be Ann's champion in the fu- ure. Colin was glad that he had remembered that Millicent had omething on Beulah. He didn't mow what it was, but it was apparently potent. What could have upset Ann so? He lay sleepless for a long vhlle, listening to Ann's regular jreathing. Finally he dropped o(T nto a dcKe, to be roused by a low moan from Ann's bed. In a moment he was awake, half out of bed, to find Ann fumbling with the light. He reached out and turned it on. "What Is it, Ann? What's wrong?" Ann stared at him, her eyes wide and dark in a face white as paper. "Something has happened to Jock—I have to go to him—" She was out of bed, and hurrying toward her clothes. Colin sprang up, and caught her as she swayed. Her body was. coU, and she pushed him away. "I have to go to him—something dreadful has happened—oil, Colin, I'm frightened!" sh* wailed. "Ann, Ann—be rcnFonni'ie. Nothing has happened tu Jcck. You've had a nightmare. Get into bed, child—you'll be ill—" "I must go-—it wasn't a dream. I letl you, something awful has happened—I must go to him—" Sh(: was fumbling with her clothes, dogged determination on he,- face, but her hands were trembling. "Ann—listen. I'll phone Jock. He'll probably want my scalp for getting him up^at this time oC night, but I'll plione him to prove to you he's all right. Then will you go back lo bed?" "Phone him," she said. /"^OLIN cursed himself for a fool ^ as he put in the call. Nina's voice answered almost immediately. "Yes?" "Nina—sorry to disturb you— this is Colin. How is Jock? 11 Kvej\ ns he said it, he realized how silly il sounded. "He'll live. I just got in from the hospital," Nina Enid wearily. Then, in sudden comprehension, "What do you know about it?" ' "About what? Sorry, Nina. I'm being stupid. 'What is wrong with Jock?" "He was in »n automobile accident. He had bocn drinking. There was a girl with him. She's dead." Nina's voice was toneless, repeating facts for Colin's enlightenment. "I'm sorry, Nina. Is there anything I can do?" "You might drive in tomorrow." "Do you want me tonight?" * "No, ('11 take a sedative and get some sleep. Good night, Colin." He liirned from the phone to Ann. "Jock will be all righl. He was hurt In an auto accident. I'll lake you in to see him tomorrow," he said soothingly. "Now will you go lo bed, Ann?" She seemed a little dazed. "Now I'll go to bed," she said docilely. Colin brought a g^iss of water and two small while tablets to Ann, and she took them unquos- tioningly. "Slay here, Colin," she said, reaching out her hand. He turned out the light and sal there, holding her hand. Soon she slept, but there was no more sleep for him that night. (To Be Continued) Radio Service Angel Refrigerator Service Fred I,awler Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service I'ltillp Frel Vacuum Cleaners. Fans. Irons and Small Appliances Rc- piiircd. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. .1. W. Adams, Msr. Plump 2071 'iOG-OS W. Main $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. CdlllJCl E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone :m:> —. 11o i: ; i s i .\sh IS A NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OP THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water is a natural old In helping eliminate wastes from the system. Not laxative, It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs. Ark. It has been prescribed tor more than 5 yean, free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured actress 12 Beat n Temper 15 Peak 16 Suspend 18 Vegetable 19 Greek island 20 Woodland 22 Tear 23 Hour (ab.) 24 Tantalum {symbol) 25 While 27 Tellurium (symbol) 28 Natural fat 30 Lower 32 Limb 33 Lixivium 34 Strained 36 Greased 39 Sun god 40 Comparative suffix 11 Hypothetical I structural I units H 3 Virginia (ab.) f 43 Employ 15 Fiber 50 Ecmality jlSiie is a Hollywood 53 Great Lake 54 Herring barrel 55 Canopy >7 Injures 59 Rosin €0 Lyric poems VERTICAL 1 Fumes 2 Roman date 3 Annoy 4 Within 5 Resound 6 Close 7 Falls behind 8 Half-em 21 Condensed 24 Concise 26 Arabian title 9 Writing fluid 29 Brown 10 Equipment 11 Rock salt 46 Gull-like bird 47 Railroad (ab.) •48 Assistant 49 Low tide %' 31 Self (Scot.) 50 Attendant 1 34 Faith 52 Righte (ab.) 12 Kiding place 35 Church festival 54 Scoundrel 14 Parish 37 Avoids 56 East Indies ' 17 Compass point 38 Ventures ' (ab.) 20 Agriculturists 44 Comfort 58 Missouri (ab.) m ' We have frtsh ground meal and chicken chops, fine or coarse. !(uy and mixed ground feeds. Also custom crlnding-crushing. We are now buying poultry. SON South Second On Old Bertie Gla Lot LANGLEY & FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS Planted from State Certified Seed 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. & P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS DC//, Arkansas Phone 635 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Tick Up »nil Oelivel Jusl Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Urn- and SHI iVed Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 321 luisl Main Phone 2101 FOR RENT... Frozen Food Lockers Eqntpped to Cure Your Hams, Bacon, Shoulders, Sausage A Complete Meal Curing-and Storing Service FROZEN Phono 2fi02 FOODS Main at 21st Street POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Davis is tonnected with the country's largest poultry Iniycrs and offers highest pricen at all limes. TODAY and TOMORROW'S PRICES— Hens — 25c Cox — 16c BRING YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 W«tt Vint St. Bh*Kevitle Prior. Subject U Cb«u(« WlUxrat Notic* VOUR. UD, MISTER.'-"-r HftDDA CHASH IT T\WO BLOCKS AMD A TROC^ ALMOST TAGGED ME- \ ~L f% CAUGMT A HKT.POS. ) ': A SOOD LOOKlMG \ ' 8lKp A8ODT HIM-F ) YOUR. 617-E AM'.VAe J GIMME A 'DIME.''/ Boarding House with Maj.Hooph UM.P? ? THIS IS EGAD, BL&S.S VOL), AAV RWeVOUMG GENTLE-- 6V THE WAV, I'M ABOU TO ERECT AM ICE CREftM FACTOE.V OM THIS VACA^TLOT — WE HAME OUR. GRPvND OPEWINSG.'DROP is! AND I'LL SE 4-/1 IE DfloTIN\,BUT ' = ^~~ A HEART OF GOLD Out Our Way 8yJ. R. Williams THEY DIDN'T EVEN GIVE YOU A FIRST GLANCE. LET ALOME A SECOND IO '^EE MOW MUCH OF A LHTCOWW THERP. IS t> WAR, H6/S MAKIM' MOT JUST A 'l DOWN- II IF- HLILL. FELL OUT.' NOT AOO IF YOU HAP A APPLE - PEEL ' PAPER-5 LOOt, LIKE HE'S STEALIW A VISE ER LATHE

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