The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1967 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1967
Page 11
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* 1 V » «•'» • «*' "* -t* CROSSWORD PUZZLE '.AST -VSzXS .'_."• -."- ,i™:i- •* ••'. 'x.-X' -•'?- .—*s-f^' ~ i-'V" 1 *""i '* **—t *^ x*"'' -••• -'--I- •'i '. -l-.q '/'at. OVEft -'-4 '5-47 VM- T--J* y»st Us^ifr. -v-,"«A* >>ii A » * » •jfxxJ w^y '-•>*. •.'+•• i •'-. -* "., r'r^r i'» t'r.e job. fife-- 'r.'ii'-, it < * <* -.r.'' rr'^'Jfl of 'jfitr, {hee;*, >«Jft v/ho Sentinel Klgona Upper (( /I, WAM.KIl, J'/llloi «. C.iWi,,M,/ I'on iSinllli, Miin'iKidK M'tltH SUftSCKIfflOH In KiwNiiUi Cuunty unit udjoinifi^ »rc/ii, To nil oilier iiildn'SKi'K in (/nllo<l filuU M or K'/r (No wilj \'i '// j/ij yi us VI 'ft (/(.» /I?,*; c mm .nirr::r 1=11 JOTT r xi- iaaial ;«n:i is^-os rrrns ir S. Jccrr 1 j i, i.irtTs- Hist Srjicci. ilgj^cers -s=r? .- A—dormer, W»s/ v^uier ^f a J3CO it ±e .-.s-y Wiltgsn iTt Srriir.sL3!"jjri; at eUa SUllvan, "lasigbter of 'Varfe Sulliyans, Algona, r&- =rf ^-.e sachelcr of scienca ^I3«s -,f St. Ifctry of the Weeds CoU&gs. taring her senior yaar M;^s 3uliivan - vas copy ?<lltor of the ysarbtclt and a memfcer of {he asntor Ball court. The education major held membership la the coCef e sodality and the ?' Tsachevs of America, Vlckl ISM Harms, Tltonlca, celebrated her 5th birthday and to rielp her celebrate were her jrarulparents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kromiiga. and Diane, Mr. a^d Mrs, C. F. Whalen, Linda &jdiong, Kiyllis Sachau and Li>Ray Blomster of Lakota. A picnic supper -vas enjoyed by the quests and Miss Blomster was also an overnight guest. - o - Mirllyu Zentner was elected by the band of the LuVerne school to be a candidate for Miss North If/va In the North Iowa Band Festival to be held In Mason City. She 'was a senior who played baritone horn In the concert hand and snare drum In the marching band, - o - Confirmation services were panie^i iy her ir_eals, Lois Xln> zan -J. ILzicra, Hiia ^aitsr rf SccnsSteTj ifiiHi^, ^nrj P^T 7 ^ Kaajp x? Licie Carfar, speni i •?<5ei< TacatUxdii la iig Czarks. The girls *sra statlenr narsas at Xafcler Hcsplial Scncci :f Nursing in Pxciiester. Lawrence Hanson, Hurlburt and Ronald Johnson, all of the Swea City area, spent the weekend fishing at Leech Lake, Minn. - o- Algona's City Council, which didn't adjourn until 12:43 a. m., discussed a variety of topics at Its May 16 meeting. One of them, a resolution proposed by Dave Smith several weeks previous, for the purpose of incorporating 80 acres of land on the east edge of town, was read and passed. The newly Incorporated area, to be known as the Neal Smith addition, also Included the new East Side school, which was being constructed at the time. - o - In honor of Donna Wood's graduation the following guests visited at her parent's home at WMttemore: Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Ernst and sons Gadl and Phil, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wood and Mrs. Mary Hauck, all of Llvermore; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ohnemus and family; and Everett Broesder of Algona. The 1960 census disclosed that the average dwelling in the nation contained 4.9 rooms. For And About Teenagers) THE WEEK'S LETTER; "I am fifteen and I am going with a boy who ia fifteen, but not for lorifj. He sayg he is going to oreait up y/lth me and I don't k/i<jw why. We've been going Ifiliettwr for a year and a hal/. I'i that time, we broke up twice r<ijt we've always gotten together u#ain. Ab«. ut a week agohesaid he rcaliy ilked me. I can't un- fl*r»iiiri/l how he can change his (fii/jfl no 'julckly. Do you think he will? Will we get back together OUR REPLY! If you have broken up twice, you will probably breuk up again — and get together again, Cnancea are very hlj,b that, eventually, you will break up and not get together /A!t'» face it. The percent- age of couples who begin dating at fifteen and continue dating until they become married is not too large. The best advice we can give you is to not take the whole bit too seriously. You are still young. You will probably have many boyfriends. Eachtlmeyou break up with one, you will feel, for a time, as if your world has come to an end. As you grow older, however, you will become more selective in the type of person you are looking for. Maturity will help you make better decisions for yourself. t you hev» « l»nag« probUm »i. «•"' to diicull, w on ob»rvQl»n to mol«, ocMrm rou l«H.r to F0« AND A»OUI TEENAOHS. COMMUNITY AND SUWJUAN MISS SHVICE. FIANKFOXT, KY. ~"f\f* *r*c '"'^ 3el!I_i^=' "^"""^ "^*7 c ""^ Huc£Ci- Say jzc ii-.acsur coizrry is i rssalr ±£ zarr; -v-nilc icnsis: ^ ifr. azd Mrs, aricy Jlsfcer :i T=sr Eerut, Sa~ ^hnj and Tad, El-ris inc Fnak 7=ra. Aicut 3C Hey Scouts ircE Tv'ss- !ey, Algnna aatl La7ems, Sieir sccunnastsrs, E7ersn 3arr ai Wesley, Ben Airs, Aigcna, ao: Harold lichtar cl La Verne, TSM to the state park norti oi Hrii: where they would spend wo days camping. - o - George Vlizthum, Sr., Weslsy, received a painful injury to his foot when a horse stepped en it. He used crutches for several days. - o Members of the Friendly Neighbor Club gathered at the town hall in LuVerne for a farewell courtesy for Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lowmlller and family who were moving to California. There were 51 In attendance. Hostesses were Mesdames Wilson and Raymond Legler, Ralph Stoll, Elmer Kubly, Chas. Brown, Ernest Morgan, Ralph Black, Clarence Holmes and Irwln Friday. - o - Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blancharci of Lone Rock in honor of Mr. Blanchard's birthday and the anniversaries of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alme of Ottosen and Mr. and Mrs. H. A, Blanchard were Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alme and Shirley of Ottosen, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Blanchard, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Gary Gene. - o - Mrs. Andrew BergoftheSwea- Eagle area, received some deep cuts on her face from breaking her glasses in a fall when she tripped on some loose wire while caring for her chickens. - o - Peter Erpeldlng and Mrs. Nicholas Wagner returned to St. Joe after a week spent at the Alvin Erpeldlng home at Denver, Colo. While there they were sponsors for Nicholas Peter, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Erpeld- lng, who was baptized In the Cathedral in Denver. - o - Two wedding permits had been Issued during the week by Deputy Alma Pearson to Sheldon Merrill, Jr., and LaVonne Bailey, Fenton; and Arnold Hansen and Mary Georgia Newel, also of Fenton. ^.-", * >. •>•'; i--/-:- • f//* from H/5JOSr5 SCRAPBOOK ^A—E3 i.NC r<iNTS FROM YESTERYE.ARS Hitier i.ia Mus-soiini m« 3.1 Brsnner Pass, June 2. 1941. aaiy i Alcoran piebi«c:te rsjected monarchy in favor of a r ."one i '/*46. iisipson laarr-ed the Duke of Windsor. June o. 1937. Trihitim i. i;eci in ex-lie at Doom. Holland. Jiine 4. sncz;! 3-3 ops e-Tiersd Rome. June 4. 1944. dra^iin .* •.•u.-isLiia _di~cover-ed electricity with a kite experi- ii. ;:me i, 1 732. Eisenhower. Montgomery, Zhukov and D< I^n caned, i jeciarvition by which four governments as- Sviaied suDrsnie iaihorrtv ind power in Germany. June 5, 1945. " The poilirr :i" Lmari*<;aineni for debt was abolished in the Cmtea Stales. Juiie d. 1 TSS. 3iciari Henry L<?e .?ne~<i in Continental Congress resolu- ioas for indepencsnce. :'orjiffn alliances, andaform of currency, Jane ~ , ITT -5. Coozrss ?as*esi a G. L 3U1 of Sights, June 8, 1944. _C£r idcns-d ±e "IM :i±.cs. Jaci Men:, son oi Mr. and Mrs. J. 3. Merti, West 5^nd, T^S starring on the Loras A:iie-y case'call team. The :eizi vrr. i sectional tourney, iz» jler^: jccrsd the winning riz ^. ±r i j .~.-J.± i Une single Professional Directory INSURANCE ALGOXA IXSURANCE ..... AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines Of Insurance 2S5-3176 _ MO E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 7 N. Dodge 295-2733 BOHANNON INSUUANCK SERVICE 5 N. Dodge 295-M13 Home — Automobile — Purin _ Pulio tfisuriinco HERHST INS. A(JKNCY For Auto., Iliniso, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. DOCTORS MELVIN G. ItOt'RNE. M.P. Physician & Surgeon 111) N. Mooro St. Offiiro I'liono 2!'S-i;U5 Hesldi'iice I'liiino ;ti5-;'.T7 J. N. KENEKICK. M IX I'liysiciiin & Sm>;oon 2111 VV. State Street Office I'lione l".i;'< '.',!?,; Itosidenre Ted S. Horbfit KOSSUTII INSURANT I, AKKO(!IATION Over W,(KX),()(Hi win Hi of Insurance In foiru, I'lidilii '-(Dli ;r/l'ill. Lolu Sriillhuiu, (iuit'y. JOHN i\l. SCHl'TVEU. M.O Hi'sitU'iice Phono '.' % .)5-;?35 IM-.AN K. K00». M.O. 1'hysii'ians v\ Sui>:ivns y'.'O No. Oovlgo. Alsona Office I'lione '.W-.NO;; Hesidonco I'lione 'J l ,)?-5Sl7 DENTISTS DR. J. ». HARRIS. JR. Dentist At («2 K. State UK HAItl) A. MOEN FEDEUATKI) INfiUHANf'K Modern tJnc Sloii Inmiruni'ii Sitrvicc Business ~ Hoini! - (Jur l.l Phone 2US-5U55 P.O. Box 337 Alyunii, SUNDET INHURANtK AGENCY Harold C. Sunilut unil Larry C. Joluihon 118 So. Dodge — Alyona, In, Phone 2U5-2341 Chiropractor DR. M. R. BALDWIN Summer Office Howii Mon. - Tues. - Wed. - Kri. 8:30 - 5:00 Thurs. - Sat. — U:30 - 12:00 Friday Evenings — 0:30 • U:30 Farm Mgmnt. CAHLKON Farm MANAGEMENT COMPANY IV/i N. Dodge Ph. 295-3891 IHl. J. (i. fl.AI'SADDl.E Dentist Al \\'i, N. Tlwriii|;Um I'lioiii) 2tlli;(2.|.| for A OPTOMETRISTS im. I,, I,. SNYDKIt III! Slate Alumni Tolephoni' 2l»5-:'.vi5 (,'low'd Siiliinliiy Aflernoims DM. HAHOI.D \V. I'Jyon Examined onac l,i!HHi!H •- IIiinriiiK Aid (ilasses I) EaHt Sidle Street J'hone aun-?.Ui« UOUI-H: !(:0() A.M. l» 5:ix> ]' Cloned Suturduy DR. DONALD J. KIN(JKIEI,l> Visual Analyiilfi tinil Visual Training Contact Lensi;;; 108 So. Hurlaii, Ali/o,,, Phone 295-;jvi;r MISCELLANEOUS Credit Bureau of Kossuth County Collectrite Service Factbilt Reports

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