The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
Page 5
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\VKDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1936 BLYTHi3VlI.IJ3, (AUK.) COU1UKU NKWS TUGKMEMILIE71 MS y IB HI Dr. Dafoe Reveals Cam Inkcn to Shape Characters of "Royal Babies" This is the fourth ami last ot the scries liy Dr. Dafoc, lellini; intcri'slinir imiili'nls in the rear- iiifT of the Dionnc quintuplets. By ALLAN It. O. IS. K., M. I). (Copyright. 193(i, NBA Service, Inc.) How would you like to put your child to bed 71 times in one evening? It 'happened Uie other night at Ihe miinluplcls' nursery. Maybe the .story will be no less of n rcvelatiol to you than to me. For you must understand that to an old-fashioned man like myself, reared in the old-fashioned way. some of these modern methods are a revelation. The c'hildren were being put. to bed as usual, at Uie proper hour now aboul 7 o'clock. No effort is made lo get Ihem lo go to sleep but once iti bed, with the understanding that they are to stay there, they usually drop off to sleep wlfa- out any more trouble. On this particular night Emilie had an idea. She wasn't going to sleep. She wasn't even going to slay in bed. So the nurse had scarcely left the room, after tucking away all tile quins, wiicn Emilie was squirming. Ten litlle pink toss came a-wriggling over the edge of the bed, and soon all the rest of Rumored To Be Black Legion Chief 'What If I am?" That was (he answer of Virgil F. Enin|>er, Lima. O.. electrical contractor, when asked if he were leader o[ the "Uiscfc Legicn," alleged secret." terrorist society, hi Chio, Michigan mid Pennsylvania. Admitting he belonged to the Ku Khix Klan and evincing knowledge of the legion, h'liinser, who resembles :i movie "western sheriff," Is said to have stated that the hitler had 3,000.000 members, talked about "oi-r principles of Americanism and America first," a::d denied statements that the lc;;tcn countenanced murder cr planned to take over the government. 'Topholc Golfer Is Sir John, 63 Smith's Winclermcve Lulj lo Coihpele m HOV.SI> Show lluirsciay ' DYKliSlHIlta, TOI1U, Muy S7 The pony classes and the IO;M! horse classes will compete for I:,in- i ors lonight In Dyersbing's ho:-i' show and Thursday iilx'at .satkil horses will go through Ihetr IMIISJ for honors. Among; (he horses to appear m. tomorrow nis'nl's competition vi|]' bo Windernn-re Liul. fire-year-,,tii bay owne<| l>y c. O. Sinllll, well, known Dlythevllle, Ark., planuuhn I operator niul horse fancier. TV I Blytlievilli- horse will be making iiv ] first, show uppcarunce and will i oin- | pete in die plantation \vnll:im<.; horse cluss. Mr. Bmllii or Vonv' Youngblooil. the Indiana horseman, will ride (lie Dlytlicvillo horse. Tonljjhi Ihe ponies will compo!'.for honors wit'd uHiisnal comprti- li'm exjyected among the several i i-ntrauls. A doubl elcnm or pole team event will also be held tonight and tin- show will lie o'clock. open .imlll are left mudi of the time with persons totally unequipped nish the example they arc so To 'fur-fE;islern Arkansas Emilie cJimc following after. She let herself down to the door. Now Ihe nurse on duty watching Ihroug'n Ihe glass door. • as the nurses always do when Ihey arc out of the room, and it wasn't a minute before she noticed Emilie crawling about gleefully among the beds. Kmilic Is Oclerniincil So the nurse stepped quietly into the nursery, picked up EmilEe without reproach or reproof^ and tucked her back into bed. Bill Emilie was out to show that she was boss this time, and bright eyes looking on wilh interest from the ol'ncr beds undoublcdly spurred her on. Eo in no time at all she was out '*- of bed again and crawling on the 11 floor. Anil in no lime at all the 11 nurse was back. Without saying a .word, quietly but firmly, she had tncked Emilie back where she belonged. ' ; Now if Emilie "had been me, and : Ihc nunse had'been my'falher, and Ihc' lime had been 'about 50 .years ago.'the next scene in this little drama would have been different It would have consisted of a flow of very firm and emphatic language from my fat'ner, accompanied by perhaps a few gestures with the back of a hairbrush. Tucked Back 71 Times But in this case, the next scene was just like the ones before, and Ihc next one was just like that, too until r.ic nurse had tucked Emilia into her bed just 71 limes, and al 1 this without raising her voice or hinting at punishment or even annoyance. Emilie went to sleep then The next night Emilie wasn' quile convinced. She started getting up again. Sixty-five times t'tii nurse put her back that night. Anc 50 times the night after that. Emilie got the idea. Within few nighs she knew it wasn't o any use. And now vv'rien she is put to bed, she stays there, jus like the others. The nnrsss' plan though it took the patience of a Job, seems lo me to be right. Now yon could strike a child I'm second time it got out of bed. am perhaps terrorize it into staying there. That would relieve the wear ami tear on ths parents, but would it teach the child anything except t'nat the parent is a wilful giant "who punisties yon suddenly and angrily when you arc doing something* quite natural, such as getting out of bed? I am inclined to doubt it. Emilie has learned all that was necessary to tcacli her—that u'.ien yon are put to bed you might as well slay there. Xurtcs Always Calm The even temper of our nurses often, amazes me. And that is highly important. H is bad for children, especially very young children, to be excessively affectionate to them one minute and then turn and spank them suddenly in' some Hash of anger. They arc mystified, baffled, hurt. Such tilings, quickly forgotten by the grown-up, may leave permanent traces on the character of very young children. It is surprising to see how careless even intelligent parents arc alxnit choosing someone to look after their children in their absence. It is not uncommon for children (o be reared almost entirely by maids completely untrained In child care. . , You have otlen licard parent.: say. "I don't know why my child uses such bad grammar!' 1 o: "Where could Charlie have picked lip those horrible words?" The answer is usually very sii pie. Children of 2 years are very imitative. The quintuplets are get ting surprisingly clever at trying [o do anything they see the nurses or ens another doing. All children are like that, So what is to be expected when they nish the example they arc so | o \\j • 11 t \ anxious to follow? Habits of speech | OOOU IS \V lilt. ,i\\\\ I) and manner learned in this way; /\ ,-, , n • i often are fixed for life. And often I Ul) lil'OWlCV lYldHJC and manner learned in this way often nre fixed for life. And often | parents themselves are not as care- ul as they ought to be In setting an example foi 1 their children to mltate in speec'n ftn<[ manner. [Jivcn IIcsl of Care In this resi>ecl the quintuplets: are especially fortunate. Both Mis~i Yvonne Lcronx nnci Miss Jacque- ne Noel, the present nurses, are able tx> keep before them the best examples of speech and manner. Boy scouts of the EAaslern Arkansas Council will hold n summer | cump at Camp Crowlcy, live miles i north of Wynne, from June 15 to| July 0 and a number of Ulythe- ville Ecoiits arc expected to attend. The cam]) will be divided into three pericds of one week each with about 15 to 80 boys expected for each week of Hie camp. The Tomorrow n\f.\l the show will be opsn all nlglit and n fine selection of .saddle horses will go through their paces. Tlie horse show Is one of ihf- features of the West Tenncsv.v cotton carnival now underway. A dance, with Jim Garber furnishing the music, and a beauty revue are slalcd for Friday night. The Coltonwood Point feu \ nero?s the Mississippi will operate until midnight Wednesday mul Thursday and all night Friday m order that visitors from Missouri ami Arkansas may attend the ,f?a- lures of t'ne carnival. The length of a day varies wllh tile sun. Sometimes it Is more than 'i\ hours, sometimes less. On Sept. 30. for example, the clock 10 minutes slower than actual un lime. The Editor's Letter Box Jut- T. llobhmn ('I'D the editor:) l want lo roiiBmtulntc you on S'our ixlitorjnl In support of the Hon. Joe T. Uoblnson. Unlli-d Slates senator for Arkansas, niul his splendid work and standing In the UnlU-d Slnlcs svniile niul hi.s mug- influent work for Arkansas mm its people, besides his wurk for llu- national government and his splendid support of UNI piv.wnl [ulmlnlstru- llon and Its poltcli's, As yon suwsl. I hi! people of A~ kmisas would make u (-rent mistake by retiring Mr. liobliison at lilts time. Mr. Uoblnson has tlmi'- mure to pnl Arkansas on UK- map than any olhcr man has over done, The men who opixxsi- him may be good unil able men. and i suppose they me. but It miiki-s no dlflm'nri! how i-notl mid iilile Ihey may be, none of tin-in could wield the pawer or hilhicnrc I'nul Mr. Uoblnson can al this lime, and us you him- well said it would be a nival mistake lo re- lire Mr. Robinson, 1 (eel Ilial II wunld lie a great mistake ( 0 t! 0 so now or at any cither lime unless we were certain Unit we were replacing him with a man equal lo him in both energy and ability, lie Is both nlil« and prucllfiil In cv- cryllilng and Ims the conhdcncc ami friendship o( all parlies hi congress, regardless ot what party Ihoy belong to, lie Is c6nservatlve and Just at nil limes and congressmen appreciate thh kind of man. Ye.i. Mr. Editor, I, like you, lK>po to si-c our peoiilc' continue Mr. Robinson In HIV present position us lie can do moic for the state limn any new mnn could do, I dojii care how iible 1io might be.'•• John 11. Driver Luxorci, Ark, All new elementary schools to be built In !/)ndoii will be equipped for cinema apparatus, belter wush- ing iiccommodutlons. mul menus of (hying (In- elllldreii's dollies In wet weather. lljlnf NORWALK, O. (UPJ-Telenhon* linemen hare hntc to pto4fc Ihemselve.s ngplnst, «tt»cks W fty- inir squirrel? when woilclng pn kh? HUM, iclfphoii* comp«tiy ofilckls rei>orted. s»ld Imvc been n^tnckcd several tint* )>y the smilirck swdbpInK d jmd ntlimpllpf to bite them. NOTICE The following dental offlcw will be closed every Tliiusd»y nftcinoon dining the, sunuur Dw. Bf*»er, Child, MOM* kn'i'Taylor As adept on the links dcspilc his C3 rears as lie is hefora thfl' liar, Sir John Simon, eminent British home s,crclavy, ells- plnycd some choice driving during a' lour/Kimcnt innonj; Parliament members ill Surrey, Knjiland. The sliilesman Ims oecn nominated captain of tho lloyal nncl Ancient Golf Club, Britain's Inchest golf honor, i Knitting Classes •IMesdtiys & Frl<lays, a:30 I 1 . M. 1109 Chlckasnwua INSTRUCTIONS FRBI! ORDERS TAKEN VOll "I5E11NAT" YAHN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mis. A. 0. Hniny . Phone 702 buildings and equipment of a CCC camp, will be made available for the scouts' camp. W. Leon Smith jr., junior as.,,... „ , , , . , , ,, sislanl lo Ihe scoutmaster of •Ihe Royal babies of Canada," U-.rap 3 S of this city, will ho on the camp's junior staff. The scn- and both have shown a fund of pa- .iencc and untiring devotion That I am afraid I myself could not dn- plicole at limes. is I like to call the quintuplets. I are fortunate in many ways at this second birthday. Their health is ;cod. With luck, they should be financially independent soon, anil in a position to "buy" privacy If t'ney wish it in later life. Everything humanly possible is beiiig done for their welfare. And sometimes 1 am'forcibly niinded of the letters which came to us in the early days, telling how- Individuals and congregations of many denominations were praying for their welfare. No one is more keenly aware than I t'hat sometimes the best human precautions are not enough. lor staff will be headed by R. L. Liindquist, district executive. A group of experienced negro ccnnp ccoks will prepare food for the campers under the supervision of the scout executive. Camp awards will be basi-tl on tiic honor system instead of tli point system. A charge of .six dollars will-be made each scout attending the camp for lib board and lixed ex- Parking Meters Likely On Dallas Streets Soon DALLAS (UP)—Citizens of Dallas are almost unanimously in favor of parking meters. An out-of-town delegation from Austin, hSaded by Mayor Tom Miller, picked 30 persons on the streets at random and asked their views. Twenty-nine favored Uie devices. The lone dissenter was a woman law student who asserted her study of legal matters had convinced her that the meters were unconstitutional. City Manager Hal Mosely lold Hos})ital Notes Admitted: Dr. p. A. Robinson, city; Aubry Earls, Stcele; I,. A, Talc, Bragg city; Joy Adams, Hiiff- mlfan; John Gatewuod, Bragg city Dismissed: Kclley Hale, city. the group lhat Dallas soon would have 2,000 of the devices, paying $180,000 annually inlo Ihe city treasury. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Drs. Wcrt & Wert OI'TOJIETIttSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Storo "WE MAKK 'EM SEE" Phone 5*0 Now Locntcd nt 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKU.S, Proprietor All nukm ui rrlnillt Typrwrllers, Adding Macnlnn »nd c»l- culiilnrs—llciialriiii;—Parts—Hlhloiu TASTES BETTER IN FALL DRINKS If you like lo,sip,yb'ur;f;iii 'drink! slowly you've probably noiiccil liow mcltiriK'kc clnirobj»',diink of In Ilivor and laite.'.licrc's » liint: S««- •Kram'j Kins' Arthur'-Gin-is "Sofi- ftectiuse it's "Soft-Stilled" Stilted". Thi( meam in fine favor » reuincd c\ en'when mixed »i(h is much as 16 pttn of wucr (o I put of sin. Try It tad'KCI: KINO^rVRTHUK GIN 100% D'lsiillfil^fronrAmcrican Grain KliiK Arthur! London Dry pin HIM, IX) PROOF THEY LEARN TOP-RUN MEANS EXTRA VALUE Expensive whiskey is lop-run made. So is low-priced Crnh Orchard. That's why you'll do hcUcr lo join the valuc-gcllcrs—now eight times as many as hst year. Richer, finer-flavored, this golden Ken- lucky straight bourbon whiskey is made by the good old-fashioucd open mash-tub method. Real lop- run qualily. And that, you'll find, makes a world of difference I Snsiston93Proof It Means Better Whiskey Ciob BRAND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY tin-. SANTA MARI\ Columbus' Mag Ship the ship that '..and tobacco to the w° ria ..andnoio throughout the world smokers are saying Exclusive Crab Orchird Diilttbuton F. Straus & Son, Inc., Little Hock. Ark. £ I3JS, Tot.irco Co. tells m> that when Clirislopbcf .Columbus' sailors look lobiicco .buck boiiie with tbem cvcrybotly luiiled il as one of the first new pleasures in years. Today tobacco gives more pleasure to more,people lliau ever before. Manytliffereut claims are made for lobacco,:'bul ; ;iitost everybody- agrees ou this;.';'.'*,". . . • Smoking, is.-a pleasure and'th& cigarette is the mildest und purest form in which that pleasure can- be enjoyed.- ,' r . . _ .

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