The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1967
Page 16
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8—Algona (la.) Upper Des Molnes Thursday, May 25, 1967 "THE ALAMO" STARTS SUNDAY AT THE ALGONA THEATRE EDITOR'S XOTE - This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Tuesday, October 10, 1950 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. - o - ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHOICES THAT confronts parents is a name for a newcomer. An inappropriate name may cause all sorts of mental anguish for a person and who wants to make any unnecessary trouble for the little ones. But, at the time of birth ifs practically impassible to tell what personality traits are going to develop. That's why so many people's names don't seem to fit them. - o - IT HAS OFTEN 5EE.N SUGGESTED that children be allowed to wait a few years and then choose their names, but it brings up another phase of the problem. Before the children choose their own name, people have to call them something and it is that "meanwhile" for life. So, we'd be right back where we started. We'd still have the name- the parent's first gift to their offspring. - o - HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED HOW, when a name you can't stand turns up attached to a person you admire and like, you seem to lose your dislike for that name? On the other hand, some pretty obnoxious people sometimes have very nice names. But after knowing such a person, the name never seems quite so pretty again. - o - THEN THERE .ABE THOSE family names. It's a nice custom to name the baby after Great Uncle So-and-So, even if he isn't planning to leave you his money. But if the name is too odd, ifs better to leave well enough alone and think up a whole set of new monikers. I had always wanted to name our children for their grandparents. But what can you do with a list like this: Clara, Rose, Minnie, Helena Katrina, Elsie Jaline, Fred, Winifred, Lawrence, Alexander, Louis, and Dennis. The ones I liked had already been taken so we didn't pick any family names. Then, after it was too late, I found out that one of the more distant grandmas was named Nancy, a name I have always liked. Any future daughter will be named Nancy. - o WHEN THE STORK VISITED THE PAUL Popmas a year or so ago they had a perfect set-up for birth announcements. Their last name was printed at the top. Under the word Pop, was Paul under Ma was Jean, and then came the baby's name, Paula Jean. - o - I ALWAYS LIKE TO LOOK at the wedding announcements In papers, the ones listed in the Smith-Jones fashion. In past years there have been some pretty funny combinations locally. When Gladys Rising and Paul Bell were married, it was Rising- Bell. When Betty Barry and Roy Berrie were married, the newspapers must have had to use a little caution lest the announcement look like that vitamin deficiency disease, beri-beri! Ifs a little unusual for a fish to become a fisher but that's what some people could have made from this more recent wedding announcement Florence Fisch married Victor Fisher. - o - MIDDLE NAMES, IF YOU CAN GET people to tell them, are in still another category. Mine isn't much of a secret since ifs the name I write under. In high school they called me Grace, too, but that was because of those Grade Allen skits I did with John Shilts. When I was born, it was a custom of the neighborhood, to have a girl friend of the mother in to take care of the house, during the confinement. Sometimes the mamma was so grateful John Wayne plays the top romantic lead opposite Linda Cristal in his multi-million-dollar Batjac Production "The Alamo," Technicolor United Artists re-release which opens Sunday at the Algona Theatre. for this help, she named her poor little innocent babe after her. That's where Grace comes from and that's also how my sister gets the middle name she likes so much - Fern. - o - I RECEIVED TWO LETTERS LN THE SAME mail and both of them from Wesley. I appreciated Mrs. Esther Skew's kind words and encouragement. I remember the nice visits we used to have when I worked downtown. - o - I HAD A VERY ENJOYABLE TELEPHONE conversation with Mrs. Loren Parsons who lives near Algona. We talked about recipes and children. She says she knows the answer to my question of a week or so ago, "what did people use to seal jelly before they had parafin?" She says her mother used to put a teaspoon of brandy over the jelly, then cut out a piece of writing paper a little smaller than the size of the glass, add a little more brandy and paper until there were four or five alternate layers. Then a larger piece of paper was tied over the top with a string. Her father was an ardent prohibitionist, but, she says, she noticed that he was always the one who got the top of the Jelly! Mrs. Parsons gave me some other food ideas that I am going to try very soon. Pll let you know how I come out. - o - IT'S BEEN MANY A YEAR SINCE YOU could buy top-quality bananas every time you went to the store. You can do it now. Remember the years when the arrival of a shipment of bananas created such a sense of achievement for the lucky few who managed to buy them? - o - THIS WEEK'S PHILOSPHER , TRIAL SIZE, is four year old, Janie Vinson. I was singing a little song and I told her that her mother probably sang the same song when she was a little glrL Janie replied, "Well, I don't know about that. You see, I didn't know my mother very well until after she was all grown up." GRACE Complete Programbegins:7:00— 9:05p.m. "FistfulofDoUars"- 7:30-9:39 p. m. SATURDAY KIDDIE Matinee- Complete Program begins: 1:30 p. m. "Snow Queen" - 2:09. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:30 - 4:50- 7:31 p. m. "The Alamo" - 2:09 - 4:50 8:09 p. m. i mov I cloc e c ! ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Try Comoro-"The Hugger" Comoro hugs a road closer, straightens a curve easier because it's the widest stance sportster at its price. It's lower, heavier, too...big-car solid and steady. You get a better ride, more precise handling for your money. Ask any Camaro owner, he'll tell you. Now, during the Camaro Pacesetter Sale. you also get special savings on specially equipped sport coupes and convertibles. Save on all this: the 250-cu.-in. Six, whitewalls, wheel covers, bumper guards, wheel opening moldings, body striping, deluxe steering wheel, extra brightwork inside. And, at no extra cost during the Sale, get a floor shift for the 3-speed transmission and the sporty hood stripe! Compare Camaro. See your Chevrolet dealer now. (Sale savings, too, on specially equipped Fleetside pickups, Model CS10934.) 108 So. Hall CAMARO by Chevrolet KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Algona, Iowa 14 0115 MONDAY - Complete Program Ivmps: 7:30 p. m. "The Alamo"-8:09 p. m. TUESDAY (Memorial Day) Complete Program begins: 1:30 p. m. (Matinee) - 7:30 p. m. "The Alamo" - 2:09 - 8:09 p. m. WEDNESDAY - Complete Program begins: 7:30 p. m. "The Alamo" - 8:09 p. m. STARLITE DRIVE-IN THURSDAY and SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 8:35 p.m. "Wild Angels"-8:49p.m. "Fireball 500" - 10:39 p. m. FRIDAY and SUNDAY-Complete Program begins: 8:35p.m. "Fireball 500" - 8:49. "Wild Angels"-10:41. MONDAY - Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m. "Four For Texas" - 9:00 p. m. "Rio Conchos" - 10:35 p. m. "Hallelujah Trail" - 12:27 a. m. TUESDAY '(Memorial Day)Complete Program begins: 9:00 P. m. "Trouble With Angels" 9:14 p. m. "A Very Special Favor"-11:26 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m. "A Very Special Favor" - 9:14 p. m. "Trouble With Angels"-11:18 p. m. Select District Pork Queen The Kossuth County Swine Association has announced nominations are now open for Pork Queen candidates. The girls must be single, age 17 - 21 inclusive, as of November 1, 1967. She must reside on a farm on which swine is raised or be the daughter of parents now actively engaged in pork production. A picture of the contestant suitable for news release must accompany the entry and the entry must be received by Dick Kuecker, Algona, association president, before June 5. A county elimination will be held if necessary. More will be released on this later. The District Contest will be held in the evening in conjunction with the Pork Appreciation Days to be held in Whittemore, Saturday, June 17. Contestants will be required to present a short oral essay, not to exceed five minutes, on one of the following topics: (a) How to promote more pork consumption; (b) The value of pork in nutrition, (c) What the housewife can do to help the pork market, (d) discuss any subject pertaining to the pork industry. Any one interested in being a queen candidate and meeting all the requirements enter their name now. More details may be obtained at the Kossuth county Extension office. Buys Bancroft Home Mrs. Mary Gisch of Algona has purchased the home of Edward and Diane Larsen located in the south part of Bancroft. ASTRONAUT Creston native, R. Walter Cunningham, has been chosen as a member of the three-man team for the first manned flight of the Apollo spacecraft. 295-3^54 ALGONA THURS. - FRI. - SAT., MAY 25 - 26 • 27 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^•^•1 In his own way he is, perhaps, the most dangerous man who ever lived! This is the man j with no name." 1 Danger fits him like a tight black glove! A FiSKI 9FDDUARS is the first motion picture of its kind. k It won't be the last! GUNIEUIWDD. ft FiSIfIII fF DDlURUWflf • Km was/w. IUKSCW/S. RUPP/JOC EDGIR /o..«,d», SERGIO LEONE />>,»**.< t, HARRY COLOMBO M GEORGE PAPI ^TECHNICOLOR' awXffSSZSg.S&Ka^ «"",s:!UNITED ARTISTS SATURDAY KIDDIE MATINEE "SNOW QUEEN" PLUS 4 CARTOONS ALL SEATS - 50c MATRON ON DUTY SUN. - MON. - TUES. - WED. MAY 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT! AGAIN! FOR THOSE WHO SAW IT... AND CAN'T FORGET IT! THEJI1AMO JOHN WAYNE • RICHARD WIDMARK • LAURENCE HARVEY CO STARRING FRANKIE AVALON • PAIRICK TONE • UNO* CRISTAI • JOAN O'BRIEN • CHILL WILLS -m>» cum* ANDGUE5TSTAH RICHARDBOONE. TECHNICOLOR* '• J0m WMNt • iliTjicWBUCtiSN M luuiiQiMu UNITED ARTISTS DRIVE THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY, MAY 25 - 28 Their credo is violence...Their God is hate ...The most terrifying film of our time! PETER THE WILD ANGELS -PANAVISIONt. PATHECOLOR IRUCtDERNinoDIANELADD ROGUTCORMAN • CHARUS"GRIFFIIH MEMBERS OFHEU'SANGELSwvFiuct.uiiFomit - PLUS THIS PICTURE i RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ^WAVALON ,NNm E FUNICELLO-FABIAN SPECIAL PRE-HOLIDAY SHOW MONDAY, MAY 29 ONLY FORTEXAS BUflTLAHIiLEEIlEMICK JIM HUHOK PAMELA TIFFIN -JOHNBTUBfES' THE HALLELUJAH THAU ,. yDIutlN .. P ., a .. CiKEMiScopE • COLOR IT DE LUKE ADMISSION - $1.25 CHILDREN UNDER 12 - FREE MEMORIAL DAY MAY 30 - JUNE 3 I PLUS "A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR" ADMISSION MAY 30 - $1.25 MAY 31 -JUNE 3 - $1.00 SATURDAY, JUNE 3 - MIDNITE SHOW "Guns of Bqtasi"

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