The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
Page 2
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r-AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 10<M Licenses Sold To 245 Couples Applicants Here Set New Month's Record During October Compress Labor Crisis Deals Financial B/o\v To Producers "Arkansas Tanners'as well as nil col ion producers in (he Soulh arc facing.a serious financial loss due (o Hie shortage of labor In the compresses", says Harvey Adams, Scc- rclaiy-Managor of The Agricultural Council of Arkansas. This statement wns.made ii/ter a conference TJyo hurdred and 45 couples' between representatives of the com- fconght marriage Ikemes through tlie local county court clerk's of- fice'during the month of October, to establish still another record for n single month, court' house officials revealed yesterday. Licences \\ere sold during the pasf week to Waltei Winders and Misi Jcannette Comer, both of Cano,- III. James Arthui Schofleld of Nasbevth, ,Pa., and Miss Nina Eaia Faught of Jonesboro, Ark.: r. W. Rochelle and Mrs. Dorothy Ie\\is Reed, both of Cairo, III.: John Baker of Chaffee, Mo., and Mis' Ada McNeely of Commerce, Mo': Walter Faton of Sikwton. Mo., and' Mrs Hazel Rcnson of • Morehouse,: Mo. Wesley H. BlanV- Ji, of Melrose Mass, and Miss Bette Jane nod- gcrs' of Lowell, Mass . John M Mcoie anti Miss Nell Thompson, both of Cairo, 111.: Hurley B. King and Mrs: Leona Brock, both of .Blytheville, John T Goggins of Hornersville,_Mo., and Mis? Helen McChnig of Rhes, Mo • Flo>d Chappins o Perr>villa, Mo, and Miss Clarn Essner of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Edward ,C. Criltendon of Marston Mo, and Miss Alice Douglas b Lilbourn, Mo. Frank E -.Kingsbury of Rumson Ind, and Miss Martha E. Me , Gilvray of Sikeston, Mo.: John Hammonds and Miss Willie Howard, both of Sieele, Mo.: Cecil I mdley and Miss Selma Nix, both of He<t Bay, Ala.: Willis Johnson and Miss Magdalen Thompson, both of St Louis W C. Bii. ••-• and Miss, Pansy Leek, both of Alamo,] Tenn.: Clifford O. Brink-ley of Dy- eisbiirg, .Tcnn, and Miss Mary Eleanor Jones of Humboldt, Tcnn. Virgil Ciindift and Mrs. Julia Masters',', both of McClure, III.: Joe Edward Campbell ol Ripley, Tenn., and Miss Dorothy Wright of Brighton, Tcnn Lawrence- Edward Chism and Aliss Loraine Sikcs, both of gteele, Mo . J F Watkins nnd Miss Vivian Louise Chism, both of Bmdette, All, Andrew H. Dirnbauer of Milwaukee, W|s,, nnd Miss Leo'nc F. : Bunders of' Prairie Du Clncn, Wise J P Morgan and Miss Dorothy Kimnston, both .of }«">!' Give Holland, Mo. u ' alin ' in E. A. ftodgers of Cape Girardeau, -vlq^ and Miss Melba Hobbs of St Louis George Arenz and Miss Ma'xlnc, Batcman, both of Granite City, III.: Monroe Joyner mul Mrs Gliidys B«rr, both of Harrisburg IllJ Gravctto B. Morgan of Trenton,' Tenn., and Miss Mae Evelyn Arnold of ^Huntington, Tenn.: John Vargo Jr. of South Bend< Ind., and Mits Betty Jean Chnmbers of Campbell, Mo.: Henry Joseph Bines of T3jersburg, .Tenn, and Miss Mil- drc.'d Harwell of Halls, Tenn. Roland jjailey of Johnson City, 111, and Miss Imogcne Burks of ireinn, 111 otha James Barnett and Mrs. Helen Ruth Webster Burnett, both of Blytheville: H. C. Coikron and Mrs Jessie,N. Hines, I bofh of Millmgton, Tcnn.: T. P.' Reagan and Miss.Ruby Tosh, both ofS Manila^ Ark.: Alfred O'Connor and Miss Elizabeth Gass, both of \psilanh, Mich w. T.. Campbell and Mrs. Thelma Van Hoose, both ofrLilbourn, Mo. Graydon .Goodwin ami Miss Ruby : Leavnll, both of Shawnce Town, 111. Forrest Do\\dy and Miss Rachel Billing-; both of .Dell, Ark.-. Charles Rex Ridenhower of Oak- .resses/The National Cotton Conn- 11, and The Agricultural Council f Arkansas. Alonzo Bennett, Vice President f the Federal Compress ami Warc- loiise Company, slated at the con- erence Ihp^ an embargo existed on ill their/M' plants >» tllc Mississippi .Valley and 'tlwt nil theii ilnnts would be full'in two weeks Contact made with 1 executives o compresses throughout the remainder of tlie South 'confirmed the fact that the same, condition exist ed everywhere. Cotton is piling «] at the. gins and farmers are slot- Ing their cotton in open fields The insurance on colton stored ii the fields Is 20 limes as high «. that In the warehouse. A perloc of bad weather will not only cans prohibitive cost for reworkin bales, but the compresses will no be in a position to receive any dam aged cotton for reworking. Compresses have four' dlstinc labor operations and are operatin with Just about enough hibor t take care of only one operation a at time. It is necessary to have suf flclent men to unload,' weigh, san pie and slack the cotton as it received, men to handle for con pressing, to set back, and to hand' for shipping. Compress men have realized the seriousness of the situation for some time nnd have. madc.appeals : to the-War Manpower Commission in Arkansas without avail. It was pointed out that largo spread ads are 'being continually hm In Arkansas papers for labor or the Pacific Northwest, West 'oast shipyards, and most everyr vhcrc at high wages nnd short lours, and they have not observed one appeal [or workers by the U S. Employment Service for men to nclp save the cotton crop of the South. Cotton farmers arc not tlie only ics who are being hurt. Mill orders nnnoL be filled nnd there Is the assibillly of mills which nrc work- ig on Army and Navy orders bad- needed by our lighting men avlni? to shut down yccause of lability to secure colton. We were old of one order for Ihe Red Cross /hich Is needed for shipment to Switzerland where it is to be .used or clothing and surgical supplies or our men who are prisoners of ar. Read Courier News Want Ad». Guards At Camp Receive Chairs For Day Room A USO liostcss of Blylhovlllo was dinning wllli a soldier who lin|J seen service overseas, tmd had been 'decorated for bravery. He told her tliat he ts now a | (jiiard at the Blytheville Prisoner of Wnr-.Camp. He said: "'You know, we didn't even have a chair to sit on, until the other day. Someone sent us some clialrs with real cushions, arid the men almost fought over them." . ' Part of the furniture for the guards' day -room was donated by Ihn Hlythevllle Women's Club, and ic-upliolitered by circle No. l of the First Presbyterian Church Auxiliary. -Tills day room was furnished through the Camp and Hospital Service of the CIHckasawIja District Oha.'ilcr, A.wei.'iftm Red Crass. 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Birdsong of Newport, Ark., and Miss Ruby Lee Hodge of Blytheville: \Villiam Lyle Thurmnn -and Miss Ruby Olive Burgess, both of Ceil- Appetizing! fitergiiing! with 650x16— 6 ply Goodrich Silvertown tires and four springs. NO PERM8T REQUIRED ELLIS Our modern equipment can handle even your largest tires. Kcpalrs In time will save yon both dollars and work days. l-Xtlniatcs without obligation. GUARANTEED WORK — Cf/LING PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATHIC PHYSIC!AM RECTAL DISEASES o SPECIALTY ffXCWT CAHCERt OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Mil* BlythCTiBe, Ark. Phone 2)21 Hwy. 61 North Phone 2201 Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, Blytheville, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING • While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! 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