The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 7, 1934
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Serwd by the United Press THE DOMINANT NtiWKl'Al'KIt (ii.< NimvtlKA rt i- « .., ,..,„.. ...... ______________ . -•—«-•. m* .1. 1 .H__4 T J ^__</. I! THK DOMINANT NKWMWKIl OI-- NOllTUBA Br AKKAN3AS AN1 , S OUT1IEABT MISSOURI VOL, XXX—NO. SOI BlythevJ) 1 -? Dally News Ulythevllli! Comlev Mississippi Valley Lender Ulytlievllle Herald H1.VTHKVI1.1K. ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, MARCH 7, 103-1 SINGLE '•• COMES FIVE CAPTURED ON LITTLE RiVER Verdict Equivalent of Life Sentence for ^Dr. Alice Wynckoop CHICAGO, Mar. 7 (UP) — Dr. Alice Lindsay Wynckoop, 03-year- old mntriarch of a prominent medical family, today faced spending the rest of her life in prison for the murder by chloroform and revolver shot of her daughter-in- law, Rheta. A criminal court Jury of younger men brought in a guilty verdict last night after less than two hours de-liberation. Its recommendation ol a 25-year sentence was the same as life imprisonment for the aged and ailing woman, whose lepcated collapses from heart dis- have interrupted her trial. There \vere yet the usual motions for a new trial to be disposed of before Judge Harry B. Miller could pronounce sentence. A hearing on these motions was placed on the court calendar for March 2-1. Verdict Comes As Shock The jury's quick verdict came as a shock to the defense forces after a day of closing arguments which verged on religions fervor. Attorneys for the defense, W. VV. and Milton Smith, were partaking of a; late supper when the jury's report of an agreement came. They were summoned to the courtroom. Fearing that the shock of a guilty verdict might be too mucn for the frail defendant, Judge Miller ordered a physician to remain at her side with a heart stimulant during the reading ol the ..verdict. As soon 'as Foreman Fred Oviatt; eldest, jurbr, : .delivered the vecdicp- there 'was a'lipple of surprise, "together with some apparent protest from the spectators despite Presiding Judgo Harry B. Miller's previous Injunction against any demonstration^ It was quickly sllllEd by bailiffs. Dr. Wynekoop, somewhat pathetic in a wheel chair, took the verdict impassively. Prosecutor Sorry Proseculor Dougherty mere 1 y shrugged when risked for comment. When Mrs. Mablc Fairclo, sister of the defendant, who had a front seat throughout most of the trial, ran up to him crying: "She's innocent. You know she's innocent," he replied: "I know in my heart that she is guilty. But- nevertheless I feel sorry for her." Bnrdine Gardner of Indianapolis, father of the slain RliL'la, clasped his hands tightly together as the jury foreman read ihe verdict. ••Twenty-five years—yes." he ,«aid "Justice has been served." CAlfUTHERSVlLLE, Mo. — Jack; been riukuigeicd by jetted !«• Broberg and Don Hughes, Chicago Iocs. Once (hey had (o drug thelr youths on a pleasure jaunt liown K'"» w 2'2 miles over the frown snr- the Mississippi, sloped over here Monday afternoon for a few houis. foung Canoeists. Omui-Hound, Visit ramtliersville on Trip Do\vn Kivcr They left Chicago January 20, they said, and are e'nroute to New Orleans. There they plan to take to the ocean, going around the cast co-.vst to the Hudson river, up that, and through the Eric Canal to live Great Lakes and back to Chicago. They hope lo reach Chicago \>y lUe mUfite ol AngusV. They have had a very pleasant trip thus far, they statvd, although hampered some by cold weather I by the welling, and ice forming on their paddles They expect to gel to Memphis and canoe. The boys are traveling Thmsday or Friday of this week. CL ' of " lo " Vl ' r - °" Wa " l ' K ' r ID flfERT [IF fiF Urges Higher Wages , they had lo work their canoe-up un lur^e slabs of ia- i<n n . , .... kci-p it (rom being crushed lit- KflOSCVcll IklUOf, He llftliS mini grinding ice Jtoes tliui eiimi 1 together. Only once has either Ijcen ducked in the river, and that lime was nt the end of the W-mlk' jaunt UVIT the fruzrn rim, when liroberi; Ml throiii;!) the liv. They were delayed about lour days, while llroberg was rccovi'rln» from a light siege of sr\\!\ic, Inouuhl on in a n-foot canvas canoe, and on and then several occasions their craft has two. lay over a iluy or Claretur't Knj«Y l-ilV. WitU i<;r FHM; 18-MilITaxVotedandOU Directors Ree 1 e c t e d Without Opposition Only 189 ballots were cast yesterday In the annual election of Blytlieville Special School District No. 5. C. M. Buck and J. A. Leech were re-elected to the board I without opposition, each receiving IBS votes, and an 18-mill Nix "for current school operating ex|xmse" was voted. 185 to 2. Seventy-five ballots were cast, in [he box at the Arkansas-Missouri Power company olfice on West Main and 114 at the city hall box. A result of the vote is that, there is little prospect that the district will have available sufficient funds to meet in .full-next year's'debt maturities. Under the law proceeds of the 18-mill tax voted yesterday may' be used only for the purpose for which it was lev- led—"current, school operating expense." There wilt oe available to nieel bond obligations th» state apportionment of approximately SIS.OOO, which will be sufficient to pay current interest but will fall about $9.000 short of covering principal maturities. NEW YORK. Mm-. 7 iUI>) Claience Kim;. UH employe ol the Pl.llman company, decided today to stay home until .lolin UiUintiW Is captured, King, who hears a iMmirV.uble resemblance to the iniu-wivsteri] desperado, was ••ri'tognizol" in Pennsylvania struiun loduv by half n down people, incliulin;-. Mirol- man Charle.s Mlckels. AVith Mickels in the Irad an impromptu trailed Kinij a block, where Patrolman Hurry Brooks also "rccognlzetl" him anil joined the procession. him now." llrooki ''Let's . said. Thty closed in on Ml^kcl.; jamming a gun against his heart. .' ' ' •.-'•Don't/shoot.. . I'm not' dillliigcr," trie . n'-ih •. -said.' ' -" ' Order Cutting "Coclc Hours 10 Per,Cent NKIV. VIHIK, Mar. 7 ll'l'j — A uavr of inlil H'llhiR lilt II'C sink niiiikrl li'tlny un rcii*'''" fnilii vYilEbmplun (lull (hi: :ld- m!n|. dalii.n uculri ii.slsl'uiL hour i'Ul>. and p.iy iiirrrasrs. ly the entire Ik! I,/.l mi Ihr patrolmen snapped. "You even got a sc.ii Mi your Up. Take o!t your glover, mid let's .«ec if there is a tear on your hand." There v:as. A v.'on:n:i .screnmc-d, "It's Hil- lii'-Ecr." Swiftly gathering crowds massed abmil the pawoAman am! ihrir "c;l|!.livr." New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mnr. 1 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. oyien high low close Mar mo 1210 1197 1198 , May 1214 1222 1205 1209 Jill 1227 1233 1216 1220 Get 1237 1244 1226 1228 Dec 1247 1254 1234 1236 Jan 1254 1257 1240 1240 Spots close'd steady at 1230, off ft. Report Sea Monster in Gulf of Mexico NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 7 (UP)— A sea serpent, somewhat different from the variety now in vogue on several of the world's waterfront.-, but purportedly a real sea monster nevertheless, has made its appearance in the Gulf of Mexico, just a few hours out of New GrJcr.ns. The witnesses were three intrepid and sober seamen who comprised the four to eigh'. watch board the good ship "Steel Iii- entor." L-ike (rue sons of the sea the itiieEses refused, to adorn their nonstcr. "It was a plain sea serpent ake it or leave it," they said. Jim Reed Fears U. S. Communications Control New Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS, Mar. 7 (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. o«*!n high low close Mnr 1205 1207 1205 1195b May 1215 1219 1203 1207 Jnl 1227 1231 1213 1218 Oct 1237 1241 1223 1227 Dec 1246 1248 1231 I234b Jan 1252 1252 1259 1238b Spots closed steady at 1207. off 6. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 119 3-8 Anaconda Copper 14 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 43 7-8 Chrysler 52 3-4 Cities Service 31-8 Coca Cola .....\ 106 1-2 General American TVtnk 40 1-2 Benernl Electric 21 1-4 General Motors 36 3-4 International Harvester 40 5-8 Middlcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward ... 301-4 New York Centra! ... 30 5-8 Packard 51-8 Phillips Petroleum ... 17 Radio 77-8 Simmons Beds 193-4 St. Louis-San Fran. ... 31-2 Standard, of N. J 45 1-2 Texas Co 26 3-8 U. s. Steel 53 1-4 Keiser Child Killed by Car Driven by Boy of 14 OSCEOLA. Ark. - John Henry Long. 4-year-old son of Mr. mid Mrs. PinV; ixjng. tenant farmers on the Lee Wilson plantation near Keiser. was killed Sunday afternoon when lie fell in front ol I th; automobile driven by E. D.t Young, H, son of City "Marshal' Dave Young ol Osceola. The accident, according to wit- WASI1INOTON. Mar. 7 lUP)- IiulusliialLst.s at Ihe NKA cod' conteicnce itiduy east aljoiil ' fn: co'iipnmilH'.s which worid nii'Ct In l.ait President liuusevelt's V-all • foi hl^Iiir wages and shorter hours. | Spi.ti.nt ili'.'ii 1 rllurts was ;(he threat ol n compulsory 30-hour wee!: i)ill. bearing a lavonible report ii'nni rhc lions-. 1 lulMi 1 com- Reports that ihe president u'ns preparing an executive, order i for a 10 IHT cent reduction in .hour* miller a!! code* \ven- dr.scril.t'di by Mr. nnnwvell hhnwlr us piviiiu- i Hire. • „ | Smldi'ii Acllnr, Uiilikelj ; Ther:' v.ns no further hnnu'iliate r]ii'.-iMcii.'iin of the udminl.tlinllonV. |)li'iis lint It V,;K lieu believed H vciilcl net abruptly in view of tin- (i«-tes'.s uf ninny Industrial Iciiel- ers (hut reduction of horn's would IK ijnwnrkaWe: -Further ligbi may be siiiri on.tlic (|iie.stiun fi Ail- mln>s(:-.iior Hugh S. Johnson's :id- dres.> lo MIL conference lonl;ht. Join-son, in a .surprise appoar- :n:ci.' r.l the conference today, said '.ome cadi authorities .were f.illJ Ing- clown on the Job.u ml cJcclarcc; .that i.nlsss they-get NRA "Is 1 igoliig tn'be me worst Hop _i'n tin 1 1 ttOlld." •' :./-'' '• /. / V Opposr Ilniir' 'Cut "~ He indicated there would be n round Inble meeting after the general cede conference In an ollurl to work out solutions for rome of Diu problr-ms r;it-?d by lnd,i-!iy and the administration. Some Itidusirlalist.s were advancing cautious suggestions that tlicy might iigr'--e en an Increase in wages and let hours reiitiiiu un, changed. They said a shorirtae j i:l -skilled l:i!x)r In several lields would impose grent hardship U hours were reduced and would re- Hiiire them to pay heavv mcr- tlinr. Guns Balk Attempt to Flee Prison IIUNT.SV1U.B, Tex., Mar. 1 I UP) —Thnv prisoned were shut down heri; loiluy when live slate pen- Iti'iUliiry convlclii nllfinptcd lo Bcule fitmui vviilh In u desperate bri'ivk for fimloin. Two ot ihe wounded convicts, shdl down friiin lndder.'i, were cx- pnrlod lo die. Thi-y were Churles rv«/.lvr, n-cmlly pluceil here nf- Irr ti scasatloniil i'sruix; from a I.oiilslaiuv prison farm, and 1VU> 1'inrh. The third wounded prisoner WHS F.'dward McArlhur. Tin- iwo 'vho sin rendered under lh^ guards' lire were Hoy Thornton, snid to be llw (ormer hiis- band of llonnle Pinker, clgtir MiiokliiB ratiipnnlon of the nolor Ions clyili- Uariow, and Kobrvl Hilt. Canvictrd In Arkaasu.t UTn.K KOCK, Mar. 7 (UP)— Charles Frazler, shot in an nt- tcmplcd escapi: from the Tcxiu iHi'iitliu-y today, !.i a former Arkiinsus convict, having L> convicted of murder Iu l.lulc Hiver county and sentenced lo 21 years. PLflNE FULLS III "The NRA Is a fixture In the nation's life;, wages must be rnlsed, hours of the work v/eek cut, and more men employed," declared President. Franklin D. Roosevelt, sliou'n here us he began hi 1 address to Hie country's Industrial leaders, anstmblci! in Constitution Hull, Washington, for the momentous. NrtA conference. Oen. Hugn S. Johnson, NRA chief, k shown, seated, titter he hart Introduced the president. Mrs. Roosevelt Enjoys Caribbean Air Journey Discredits Reports of Threats Against Fordj MIAMI. Fla.. Mnr. Ri-poils that Etlsfl Ford. 01110:110- bile m.iiuifacturcr ol LX-'lroit thivnleneil by kidnapers wintering in Florida werc>. ili; SAN PEDRO MACORIS, Sanlo ncmlngo. Mnr. 1 (UP) — Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, calmly knll- liiiE and occnsionully enjoying the beautiful tropical scenciy, flew over llils island today on a 400- t ^j^,j |mile fliqht from Port an Prince to San Juan. Puerto Rico. The plane halted here for 20 minutes after the only bumpy :iart, so far. of the 9fi2-mllc flight from Miami. Nine marine planes road with some other children who were making mud balk. He itarted to throw- one of the balls at the approaching car. wiis caught by the arm by another child, and when he Jerked away It is news to me." declared S. D McCrary. safety director In Miami, when iiskecl wlislhfr police l,n<l boen guarding Ford while lie was wintering here. "The first 1 knew of this guard was- the report In a newspaper. I escorted it from Port, au Prince o the border despite Mrs. Roosevelt's insistence thai her visit Is unofficial. The pilots circled about . I CEDAR RAPIDS. Iowa, Mar. 71 UP)—Proposed government con- rol of telephone and telegraph hies was attacked today by form- n- Senator James A. Reed ot •vfissouri. prominent Democratic cadcr, as a threat (o free distrl- uiition of news. Reed pointed out that if such i proposal became enacted into av; the American press might be subjected to control similar to that ':elc; r.ver the radio. fell in front of the approai-hina miiifc that if one of ,ny mrn was cur. acco:ding to witnesses. j aisiinccl lo Mr . For( | j W01)W 'Ihe child was buried at Garden I Point Monday. Tlie Voting youth I osccdia co !"ur i a d thLi T °t"'emi iL ' .mpurglars Scared Away school toys. Claims Self-Defense in Fort Smith Slaying FORT SOTnt, ATk., Mar. 7 (U P)-Bill Judge, 25, was shot ana killed here this afternoon by L L. McCtten, 27. McCuen claims self-defense, saying Judge drew a knife and cut him on the hand Judge escaped from u,e slate hospital for nervous diseases s eral months ago. Chicago Wheat Futrell Denies Clemency to Two from This County LITTLE HOCK. Ark.-Petitions of t?.-f> MiiMssippi county iirisoners Oil the slate prison farm among 23 denied by Governor t ,ie glas \Tn~.,v, T>,,^Mt ,-«^ + rtr,^,- A *~*.,1 . B"K>. from McCuiston Store Burglars attempting to gain entrance to Z. A. iMcCuiston's grocery, 213 South First street, tied last night when Ihe sound of ialllng glass attracted ttie attention of a passing pedestrian, vvhu called |K>lice. were; -n, e would-te intruders smashed Committee Officers in County to .View Recreation Area Sites OSCEOLA, Ark., Mnrch 7. — Orlder Memorial Park was vlsltci Tuesday by Win. Scarhoro, chairman, and A. W. iMrke, executive secretary of the Arkansas Hecraa- Old Friend of Charles Lindbergh .Viclim o Crash in Illinois PETERSDUnO, 111., Mar. 7 (UP •A sudden Miowilmn was tiAamc today for the cmstwti an America Mrwnjs plane iv!'^ ' claimed, t) tves ol iwi.tut-^-.^-.^.^ttte vltitlon editor ot yhc OhlcnB Ylbunc and friend of Col. Cha es A. Lindbergh. The dead were: Hugh Sexton, Tribune employ 'ho reported Ihe preparations he Undberkh Atlantic flight reporter mi the'St, Lonls Qlobc Democrat. ' ' Waller Hnllgrcn, Chicago, pllo Q. H. Wneljen, New York Cit W. H. Bell, Columbus, O. Tlie plane crashed on the far f Orval Allrl!!, Hvc mlle.s . fi'o icre, while nppnronlly trying to lodge heavy mist anil cold. THe mow was only a local storm nml hiis not predicted. Ice was bc- levetl lo have formed on the ip's wings. Altrh said the ship, apparently n distress, was losing altitude and list piissetl over his farm home when It "jnsl seemed to fall down nil of n sudilcn." He rushed to Ihe wreckage with his neighbors. 1'licy pulled the men from the plane but all were dead. waved (o her. Mrs. fiooscvelt wiiv- , tlonat Area committee, who re- niH ' malned over night as Ihe guests Itcachcs Si. Timmas ST. THOMAS. Virgin Islands, Mar. 7 <Ui J >— Coming in through heavy rain, the plane bearing Mrs. Elcsuiov Roosevelt nriivtt; at 3:09 P. M. today. The prpsiilent's wife was 8 rc(v t- cd by government officials. Drug Salesman's Car Robbed on Main Street arian yesterday. A total of 2i} ijC-tilions were granted by the governor ar.d ?is rrfericd to tile to.ird. o UI fron oo 110111 UOO1 A-.n.iew Jeivell of the Osccola i gone. district of the county, serving a I year for grand larceny was denied cleninncy. Pat Hunter., serving two years for brr?lnry n "d grand lar- to the grocery. The nobe hoard by (he passer-by who luir- riwlly sii]umon?d officer 1 ;. Wli^n I'olice arrived the intruders had ceny. from the Osceob district, was nlfo denied release. Cuban Military Ready to Combat Violence HAVANA, Cuba. Mar. 7 <UP> — Military authorities hastily gath- The glass smashing occurred about 10 o'clock. $1,250,000 Relief Grant Allotted to Arkansas An overcoat, a carton of cigarettes and an assortment of drug samples were stolen from the 1 the Grlder park site, accompanies om Major and Mrs. F. P. Jacobs and conlinncd today tu Blythevllle to view the proposed site at Bit Lake.' Mr. Scarboro concluded nfle visiting the Orldcr site that th acquisition of 20 adjoining acres which, with the 10 acres already Included In the park, would mak a tract of 30 acres, would be filif ficient for development of the re creational area, and this acreag may be purchased from the Orlde Estate, it is understood. J. B. Bunn, president of th Civic club, who with J. T. Costor and Major and Mrs. Jacobs hav been promoting consideration o Illv car of f,. C. Woods. Marianna, Ark., drug salesman, parked in front of llio Shane apartment.'!, West Main street, last night. H:: Woods had left his car unlcrtccii when he entered the apartment building to visit a friend. Police said no clue ns lo the Identity of the thief or the Molen articles had been obtained. WASHINGTON. Mar. 7 <UP>— Rc'.ief Administrator Harry 1.. Hopkins today authorized new federal grants to six states. Arkansas was allotted 51,250.000. of which SW.007 will be used for ered tear gas tombs loday and held soldiers alert In anticipation ', of serious riots, the result of a j lelief of transients. iiliam (Coin) Harvey assuming major; in NQ l mmediate Dan „ open high low close „. ,. ^ 5 ' a". 7 l "»* 87 3 ' 8 86 M 86 1-* s'riKe that Jul 86 1-2 865-8^ 85 5-8 85 5-8^proportions. | No Chicago Corn See 6 taslic open high low close The cabinet passed a special j afternoon. May 51 1-8 51 ;l-8 503-8 50 1-2 .decree to suppress communistic or Doctors wild- "There Jul 531-8 5S 1-4 5» !-4 62 3-8. similar jigtlallon. medinte dnngcr." Mr. Parke anti Mr. Scarboro o their inspection of the site an later went to Wilson where the visited In company with J. H Crain, what Is known as "Th 'Preserve." a wooded tract of 32 acres west of Marie. It L' under stood, that this site, while dcsira ble for a game preserve, does no come within the requirements f< a recreational center and that r definite application has teen i will be made for Ils convcrsio Inlo a recreational area. SEIZE lESftlUN -aplurc Ends Long Search for Mississippi Slayer of Federal Officer Uwiicy. liilon, esciijicil Mliiis- Ipp! life leiiner and long sought ml/mini, was captured at a Little ;lvcr, about i!0 miles oulhwesi ol here today by a posse f oirlccis that included Shcrlfl Clarence Wilson and deputies of ils county, several olflccrs from 'olnsell county, and deiinrtincnt f jiLstlco ngentK. The long search for Eaton was mewed ycslerday when will! three onipiinioiw, he tcrrorl/c<l the colm- i y'.side near Rlplcy, Miss., . coni- nandercd a school bus conlalrtliig 0 children, later wrccted It, and hen slolc another car. Ealon escaped fi-om Parchman irlson farm in Mississippi several lOnlhs ago while serving a BCII- cnce for tlio slayinii ot Federal Agent ciytlo Rivers and Davo Cleno. He was said by oftlcer.i to wanted for two murders. Euan Is one of Mississippi's lOled badmen., RecelvliiR a 'tip that Eaton wan ding at the home of ci friend in he lilttlri River section, a. sparse- y seltlid cointmmlty near here, :hc nroiij) o! officers surrounded he house about noon today. They crushed In a locked door and 'ounrt Ert'ton, who apparently liail been sleeping. A high powered rifle, smaller wcapo:is nnd n large :iuantlty of ammunition were found in the house. Eaton was Jailed this afternoon. nt Osceola \-/h ' i' *•] Airline (Hiker Calk V " 'totiierellcei "Ittproper" WASHINGTON, Mar, 7 (UP>Former Poatmastier General .Walter P. Brown's conferences with nlr line operators .In May, litto, were "improper," Col. Paul 'H. Henderson, vice-president of ,the United Aircraft and Tmnsport company, teatiflert today before the Semite tilrmall investigating- colnmlttec. Henderson said he attempted to lursuade former Assistant Secre- nry of Commerce William P. Mac- 3racken Jr., chairman of the -.»l- cgcd "spoils conference," to ad-~ ourn the meetings, but was told', 'you're crazy as hell." Cotton House at Roseland Gin Burns With $700 Loss A cotton house at the Roscland ;ln, 12 miles west of Blytheville on Highway 18, was destroyed, by fire yesterday afternoon. The >ullding was located near the center of the gin property and a brisk wind would have threatened other buildings, including the gin proper. The loss was estimated at about (700, covered by insurance. A small quantity of loose cotton was also destroyed. A BtythcvLlle fire truck was called to the rccne and firemen were prepared to throw water from a nearby ditch onto the fire had it spread to the gin building. As It was chemical 1 ! were used in extinguishing a blaze which flared up In an adjoining cotton house. The cause of the fire was unknown. Roadster and Transport;. Collide on Highway 61 A Chevrolet roadster and a car transport were damaged In a collision un Highway 01 about five nnd n half miles south of this city this morning. The drivers were uninjured. Jim Wlllcox of S.ilcm, Mo., 'wiis driving the roadster and Walter Llndscy of St. Louis. Hfo., was at the wheel of [he unloaded transport. Pay Davis, depuly coastable. in- vc.'.'l?a!.ed the accident. No criminal charges had been filed this ofti-rncon. Drivers of the vehicles, were striving to reach an agreement. Four Fined $1 Each for Failure to Work Streets - [Spanish Authorities The city's drive against tax! . D \r- I delinquents brought several men. ACt tO rrCVent Violence into court yesterday for failure i -to work the streets or pay slreeli MADRID. Mar. 7 (UP)— A state for the last hair of 1333. 'of alarm, the first of three stages entered pleas of guilty and. that culminate In martini law, was Jefferson County Grand Jurors Refuse Their Pay PINE BLUFF, Ark. — The 1C, members of the Jefferson county j harmed during the two ho'.ir battle, grand Jury refused yesterday to ' " take pay wl#n the county's financial condition became known to them. Each member was due $3 a Crazed Veteran Fights Police From Barricade PHILADELPHIA. Mar. 7 (UP)— A 67-year-old demented \vnr veteran was critically wounded today and a patrolman shot when the man kidnaped two girls and barricaded himself iu a house. Police identified the man as Walter Bcavas. The girls, both about '15, were kidnaped by the crazed veteran shortly before he rushed into the house and barricaded the door! and windows. They were un- day for a two-day session, as well as expenses ot travel from their homes, were fined one dollaT earh. They declared by the interior ministry Political unrest has developed o extent of threatening grave and radical labor cle- Two Seek Divorces Two divorce actions were filed in chancery court here yesterday by Sam Manatl, local attorney. ^fr. Manall was to present his cases for decrees in vacation before Judge J. F. Gautney at Joncsboro today. The suits were styled Mildred Toll Uelsney was charged with menu have predicted a revolution Nelson vs. Roy Nelson and Maurno 1m-1 breach of the peace but the cas-: If Ihe Socialist elements fire at-1 Ice Melvln vs. Johnie Lucille Mel- vos rntitimu'd. 'lacker as they were In Austria.I via. Jctectives said. Dairy production In the United States reached a new high in 1932. when 101,663 million pounds of milk was produced. WEATHER ARKANSAS —Rain and colder tonight. Thursday partly cloudy, colder. M?ni]i«ls nnd Vicinity—Rain, colder tonight and Thursday. Lowest 32 lo 36. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 72 V . minimum 39, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- iris, official weather observer.

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