The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 9, 1930
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Served by the United Press \'OL. XXVII—No. 124 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAS? ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blytheville Courier, BlythevlUo Dally News, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. BLYTHRVII-LE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AND BANDIT SLAIN BY BOMB Summer Shorts For Summer Spoils F III Judge Driver Makes Apnea] far Joe Robinson; Good Crowd Attends. Summons Governors o f Twelve States for Discussion of Situation. Candidates for nearly a dozen county anil dislrict offices prssc-ni- cd their appeals to the votors of Blylheville and Mississippi county before a crowd of several hundred on the courthouse lawn last night. Judge W. J. Driver of Osceola j concluded the evening's program I with an address in which ho urged . that the voters of the ccunty i-iiarr! | against any interruption in the fight to relieve them from the men- 1 ace of floods and fiom burden-1 some drainage and highway laxcs | by returning Joe T. Robinson tr the United States senate and by maintaining the uresent state administration in office. If any of the crowd came hop- ] ing for a public meeting between George W. Rarham and Zal B. Harrison, candidates for county judge around whom the major interest of tile ccunty campaign centers, they were disappointed, f^ neither 'of Ihem was represented. • Mr. Harrison, however, has an- ncunced a meeting here for Mon-! day night. | Max B. Reid, one of the group ] sponsoring the meeting, preside! I and nl the conclusion of the m;e-,- I ing expressed the hcpe that similar < affairs might he held preceding fu- ' ture primaries. • • Candidates who spoke, soni" | briefly and some at length, were ' W. W. Hollipeter and Joe P. Pride candidates for treasurer. R. L ' Gaines. candidate for circuit clerk, i ~ ~ , Neill Killough, candidate for cir- . care and supervision accorded them cuit judge, W. Paul Marsh, cimdi- i on the state's penitentiary farirs. i - (late for representative, J. W. Wat- ' He acc6sud Alexander of killiii? v.kms and^Jim Fowler, canditlaUs i the'Nelson salary bill at Ihe la-,! i •Jor assessor. In addition Ally, [vy i sessiAi of the le'i;Ulal*ire. andprnn- 1 •- W. Spencer"of 'Jonesbcvro'spoke in -jsed!tj) do evriything in his power I behalf-of Judge William Carroll, io put an end to the fee system candidate for circuit judge, and Dr ' Praisrs Opponent " j Floyd P. Travis .of OsceDla spoko ' "Billy" Gaines struck a nev.- note in behalf of J. S. Dillahunty. can-: in campaigning when he said that ohlate for assessor. , )le thought his opponent. T. VI S. L. Gladish, prosecuting al-1 Poltcr. was a fine gentleman well lorney, and W. W. Shaver, sheril! ' candidates Tor rceleclion wilhoit; opposition, were introduced to tre crowd, as were' Oscar Alexander. G. J. Walker. lid Walker, B. F Brogdon and R. I.. McKnight, candidates for justice of the peace, and Harry Tayljr. candidate for constable. -Says Robin.s.-m Needed Declaiing that adverse economic conditions have made the ta: burden in Drainage Dislrict 17 almost unbearable, Judge Driver de- • better understanding of the ilifn- clared that the hope of propc-rt> cullies of the office if they wore ', holders within the diitric; fur re- , ek^ied to it. lief from this burden and for permanent protection against Hood, rests largely with Senator Robinson. Senator Robinson, he said, i- the one man who so commands the ! reason. I want it for the money ' respect of his colleagues in the up- | eiat is in it. I like the J6b an-! i> i per house and df the president of , i am reflected I will do the host I | the United Stales as to be able Ii know how." obtain favorable consideration lor i relief legislation when men of tes- j ser prestige would scarcely receive a hearing. i It was Robinson, ho said, who obtained a unanimous vote in the senate for (he Glenn drainage relief bill, now pending in the house. PT' who averted n veto of the Rapr.n bill through which it is anticioate-j S125.000 will be refunded to Drainage District 17 for expeditures in repairing levee breaks. Gi,-U, Slays ITer I P,| JCT 1C Qf 01 V Playmate, 6 DLHi)l I" Itm • TO REFIISRLDF line three, Seme are wearing summer shorts for summer spcrts and some are not (but you can't repeat that line ilfrec times, real fast, and not stuttcrl) peci'.c Laura Lee of the movies, shown here, has :i complete outfit fcr every occasion. Just to be different, however, Laura wears pajamas on Ihe hciu-h, but when she putters around at golf, goes for a spin in the clouds or plajs tennis she always dons the correct costume for the particular spovi. Spraking cf tennis, if wo played Laura, our score would be "love"—and yours? 5 ' qualified for the office of circuit ! clerk. "Hut I think I am well quali- ; fied for ;he office, too. and I hop? i • you will give .me your voter." he i concluded. ; Following brief talks by J. \v 1 • \Vatkins, and by Dr. F. P. Travis. ! ; who spoke in behalf of J. S. Dilb- I i hunty, in which improvement in | '. the handling of the work of ths I county assessor was promised. Jim ! Fowler, seeking reelection, predict- that his opponents would hav> r. Dsceolan Draws Cartoon in Today's Courier News The cartoon jf'ftfth"appears on today's Farm I^age, pagi3 3 is tile ; work of J. Birchfield of Oj.ceohi. Birchfield, who has received encouragement from Jim Alley, Memphis Commercial Appeal cart r cnisi, has prepared a number of other cartoons which will appear in the Courier News from time to time. : - iToy Cannon Explosion WASHINGTON, Aug. 1). (UP)— President Hoover was directing Irom ills Rnplrtan camp in Virginia today another of the major relief lasks which have signalized I his public career. I Before leaving yesterday for his i week-end rrlrcal alter summoning j Ihe governors of n dozen diouth- I stricken states lo confer here with him next week, Ihc president or! dered the White House ofllcu stall lo remain on duty so he could bs In touch with the .situation. Hoover also Is keeping In clo«e communication will: Secretary ot Agriculture Hyde and federal farm board members. Arkansas Ineluilfd The executives ot the slates mosl seriously ullected by the damaging drouth of the lasl sis weeks are W come here next' Thursday.lo discuss with Hoover and his advisors the methods lo be employed in assisting farmers whose crops have I been virtually destroyed. The governors summoned I next week's conference were from Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indl ana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Montana. Kansas. !o WB and Nebraska. Members of the farm board and leading farm ganlzatlons representatives alsr will participate. Organization of relief agencies in the slates to supply feed for livestock and to help farm families hose Incomes have vanished un- the sun's merciless rays will b ! the president with tho j Fort Worth, Texas, Institution Scene of Explosion at Noon Today. - 6 TORT WORTH, Tex., Aug. f). (UP)—A bandit's bomb killed two persons, liurl a [liinl. and wrecked (lie Stockyards National bank here today at noon. . The dead: S. L. Pelton, vlce-pres- Went of Hie bank, and the unidentified man wlio hurled the bomb. Lynn Marshall, assistant cashier of the bank, was critically Injured. ~ Oniclnlj said tho bandit apj- preached Pellon and sold: "I am desperate, there's a price cm my head. If you don't fork over sin.000 I will blow this bank .tu hell." Pellon rsfus'-d and the man inov-. I ed lownrd the door and hurled the footnb. Alwut .fen persons were in Ihe bunk In addition ,to tho em- ployes, accorljn*! to Mrs. Ruby Courlwright, Casino Park employe, who had just made her deposit there. She said she was shaken by Ihe blast \vlilrii blew out all 'the windows til tho bonk. jTalie Tennessee Payroll MARYVriAE. Tenn.. Aug. 9. (UP —As Carl Koella with S1.600 for the Rcckford Manufacturing ;com- piny payroll was returning' from a Maryvlllc tank early today two young men, unmasked,' stepped up to the running rjoaid of his .tiuto- niobilt, . .'•".;". -.." '•-• . .;. ''Hand over the money,"-'they I commanded at the-point of pistols. Kouella did. • .- . •. '.'Now gel out,' 1 they ordered. The two robbers got Into the tiu- Judge Imposes Death Sentence on Irene Schroecler and Glenn Dague. ' "'All I can say is that I xvill just do the best I can," said "These men running against me want the office for this and thai NEWCASTLE, Pa., Aug. 0. (UP) —Mrs. "Irene Schroeder and W. Glenn Dague were sentenced to die in th.3 electric chair for the murder of Corporai Brady Paul, stat.j highway policeman and thel r | petitions for new trial were refused by Judge Hildebrand today. I Mrs. Scrceder and Dague were . led from their net and stuffy cells in Lawrence county jail into the i deserted court room where on a ! blustery March day they were the first at Hardy May Cost Life j 'a 11 " 1 . governors, I Meanwhile with no hopes of car- j ly general ruins held .otit i; py (Jit weather b'urcnu, the farm board surprise explosion of a toy cannon during festivities al the Y. W. C. A. I summer cnmp at Hardy. Ark., last i night, may result in the perma- : nent blindness or death of Miss i Frances Leigh, 20, of Memphis, hos- ! pita! attaches here said. The girl, an Instructor at camp, was Injured when she leaned over the Hay Kates Reduced Reduction In hay rales by roll„ i roads are to be approved by the In" i terstnte Commerce Commission, the y has made available Its scrvic- tocnobllc and drove oft. It was lil- er round near Mirjrvllle, " et.Ovei;; JIM** ON, O;, Aug'. .3. (UP)— Twp-' '-' nim last night. * ' 11 just ;V| ' I J [| n J-.. [\,i:i; j found guilty of murder in :'owler :IYJdllon ' mcl " unaei IVllfl- degree with recommendaticns of the . board are planning lo extend ample : credits to farm communities. ! The American Red Cross also has ' been ordered by Hoover to stand by j Grandfather Slays Girl, Mistaking Her {or Burglar FLORENCE. Air.., Aug. 9 (UP)— ' He's'possessing 2~250~000 horses and More than 1,000.000 farm fami- Fear Race Outbreaks. MARION'. Tnd.. Aug. 9 ,,,,., . , i Pea re fu! to all outv;ard appearances i Hollipetcr nnrt .Ire P. . b .,, ac ,, telv avrarc , ' ^ Pride, candidates for treasurer. wL| W. W. in fairness Ivy Spencer, speaking beat and hanzcd them. Ihcre have , for wil " ! bten niutterings of race hatreds Similarly, he said, it is tqnn-lght., Hum Carroll, struck a popular no;e • t i, at ij.,.i cn no BCOt [ officials who H. Blackwocd to whom taxpayers! when .:e praised .hiclg; G. E. Keck. , rfq,,^^,] ( i. c prrsri-ce (^ sliKi" of the county are chiefly indebted 1° "All 'he candidates for chvi'il ; s( ,'di(."v5 derla'rcd ' "' for the lifting of Ihe highway dis- I jurisre are good mm" tie 'aid. "H|f | ' ' ' I spcclcr of the electric chair. (UP) i If tlle drath 5elUence .' -..~ \ carried out Mrs. Schrcei flrsl woman to die chair and one have been executed for murder in this stale. Mrs. Schroeder and Dague rcach- eti the climax of their bandit careers a few days from last Christmas when, her four-year-old soi 1 Donnie giving an air of innocenc-' to Ihe party, they held up a chain store in Butler. Pa. A third man who accompanied Ihem was believed by police to have boon Mrs Dague's brolher. He never has bc^r found. They were speeding down the Funeral arrangements were being ' nu ,] eSp 6,000.000 cattle, and 12,000,- j underestimated the drouth damage, made today for^Lulu Hcnson, 10, • wa |, ogs and sheep, live in the ] This was the concensus today among Memphis cotton men, brokers, bankers and agricultural heads. They feel thai the new crop will fall from -lOO.OCO to 150,000 bales short of the government estimate of 14.302,000 bales. vll , „_ .. . . Local cotton men were surprised Penn- ' and said he shot the girl late Wed-1 of famine is unwarranted, the pros- at the 'high estimate and are puz- nerday night when he mistook her i Idenl said in making a preliminary I z ]ed as to how government officials of Collingwood. Tenn., who died in . ncmety allectcd areas, the prcsl f ai'V R'lle US Authorities !^°aVh penalty: Neither'showed i a hos ,P itfll here after she had been ] 0 - pm snld . dl\ I\.lie rlS /AUtnOlltie 3 ! nny cmolion)!is the Judge lol(] ; mistaken for a burglar and shot by Ihem he would not remove the' hei ; grandfather. This ts about 12 per cent of the nation's farm animals. Owing lo Dan llcnson. 12. grandfather of, sharp curtailment of feed crops new is finally i'he girl, with whom she made her j supplies must be provided to carry I home, brought her to the hospital : this stock through the winter. Talk lor a burgler. Lindberghs Will Fly tn Maine for 'Varaiinn nancial difficulties liuiwsed upon'. nitions and possible yield -ts Issued io mdine iur v acdiion |hcm (<) carry thc|r nnlmals ovcl . i Se p tcml , or 8 the winter, the president added. Authorities faced a perplexing case when Gloria Utter, 3, above, shot and killed her playmate, Rose May Etherldge, 0, below, after a quarrel over a rag doll al Loganlown, Colo;, n Denver suburb. The child slayer used a ..22 caliber rifle. Colorado 'law sets 10 years as inlnlHium-'nge __ for punishment for sjich n crime. Kffnnlgan, superintendent "of" the H. — : r | R. Blagg company, here-shortly | before 10 o'clock and escaped with. I the payroll totalling between $10.- • i 000 and S 12,000. Mlnnlgan wilh John Wadsworth, another emotoye, were taking the payroll lo company workmen' employed on tho new Ohio-Bell Telephone company building. They had stopped for a street traffic •-Ugh', when the bandits pulled up besldj Ihe car with drawn revolvers, grabbed the payroll and escaped. Hazv Atmosphere Caused by'Numerous Woods Fires HAYTI, Mo.—The past two days in this vicinity have been unusually hazy although the sun 'and sky were bright and blue. At noon Friday liaziness reached such proportions that it seemed like an eclipse of the sun was taking place. - The papers were searched, but no announcement of an eclipse was found. The queer appearance of the light has been explained by woods' fires In pemlscot county. The ' winds- from tho southwest have brought Into the Hayti vicinity a volume of fine charred particles from-the Government Figure Several Hundred Thousand Bales Too Big Say Memphians. MEMPHIS, Aug. 9. (UP)—The government has overestimated the size of the 1030 cotton crop and ; survey. Nevertheless there will be | could possibly have arrived at fuel: ; p. great deal of privation among | fl figure. Nfany predict that tl- I families In the drouth areas clu? j government will low er Its estimate , to the loss of Inrauc and the ft- | when the next report on crop con- tricl tax burden. As long as th»j Cralghcail comity r-iten Judge Wil- road district bonds remain a lieu i liam Carroll as a mar. of whom wv upon the land Mississippi county ! are proud and v:'n r .-rx w? know will should never support a movrmeni which might result in tile removal of ularkwcocl from his position at the head of the highway affairs. Judge Driver said. Hits Alexander's Uecnrd Marsh, who has been condutfin<: n vigorous campaign throii^hon' the county, attacked th5 record of his opponent. E. E. Alexand Mrs. Pearl Creasv Dies; Mrr. Pearl Creasy. 35. wife of Ed Creasy died at the family home near Roseland nt 1 o'clock this whom he described as responsible ; morning. for lealshtinn tint had co«f tix-' Funeral services will be hed for payers of this and other counUe- the deceased in Wrodruuff county. The trcops. numbering about- 100 I Eutler pike after the robbery when men. and in command of Col. ' Corporal Brady Paul and Ernrsl George Hcaley. were rushed by I Mocre attempted to halt them for '• special intcrurbcint from Camp | questioning. The answer was s iKnox.. Ky.. at the request of Sher- j stream of bullets. PauV felt to the ' iff Jake Campbell and Mayor Jake I ground, dying. Moore was wounded. .Fxiwarrls who said they feared some : The chase finally left lo the small disturbance might prove Ihe I mountains of Arizona. Fighting and at Home Near Roseland I sisnal for mure m-.u violence. | shooting at officers In their flight ' i colonel Healey arrived last night I f r0 ' sll ; c continent, they were cap- by airplane autt Iwo troops of Fort l " rei * at last " ca , r Pl>«*»* >* « Wayne and one of South Bend sheriffs Posse A deputy shenlf guardsmen came in today. The s-1- Ka => killed m the fray. rtiers marched at once to the city j hall where they will be quartered Identifies Hospital PatUnt nt out to .. , , „ NEW YORK, Aug. 9 (UP)—Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh are scheduled lo fly lo the summer home of Dwight W. Morrow at North Haven. Me., some lime lo- day. I Their young son will not accom- ' MARTF/TTA. O.. Aug. 9. (UPI- pany them, it was understood. They Henry Conrath, 10-year-old sheep will leave the Long Island Aviation rancher, was arresled today in con- Question Aged Man in Murder of Brother club field in the new Bird bl-plane ; ncction which has been purchased for Mrs. : brolher, John. murder who wocds fire districts, causing,'the ( general atmosphere to appear dark; The new crop will fall 150,0001 an d hazy and yellow, although the bales.short of the government es- S nn and sky remain bright and timate in the opinion of W. M. I b] lle . Many Haytians were going about . rubbing their eyes and wondering through-1 ,-hnt was causing Ihe Irritation. Landers, county agricultural agent. I He beitcves there has been considerable crop detcrioratioi oul the drouth area. Lindergl, of Ills '"I iy Loral Men« Certain I Cotton men and observers of ag- i rlcultural condition In Blylheville I B °y S HaVC Beel > . JJn More Than 500 nOWS With 512 hours behind them at many thousands or dollars. Al»xan- i Atkansas and interment will be riei's rco'.Vd. he said. Is such thjt i ma de near Harrison, vaers can put no confidence in his i j drr r as ed Is survived bv her pramUes - and half cf them were sent ou or.trol the strcels. ., , , f0r »- V'L fl 'l", re - "/ T' ; luiitaiid. four daughters and tic-ularly criticized Alexander for! ..„_ ' his part in drafting the leaiflalinn for the establishment of Dr.iirn<>" District 17. which he said was d«- Jianed chiefly In Ihs nur-rrsts of the attorneys and engineers who "arnert fal f^'s for their work it' eMablishing It. Marsh premised to seek a silu- tion for the county nenal nrabl.'iin through establishment of stat° penal farms on which countv pri^oncrt could work out fines and COAK ns- ftstcA ngalnst them. Such a sv=- trm, he ^sid. would be far nnre oc- two i The Cobb Undertaking company I is in charge of funeral arrangements. • Local Woman Fries Search Flood Wreckage {or Bodies of Wissiny | KOGAI.ES. Ari^.. Au|. 9 lUP) — \ A search for the bodies of al l; 110 pcrs-ns missing in the flood • areas of Arizona and northern Son- j era. Mexico, continued today as in Heat 01 Sun I state and national agencies began _. iciiet work in the twin border cit- onrmlral and cfTicient than the es- the experiment today at neon. An tabllshmtnt o! individual farms in I egj b.-o!:en In a frying pan set In the various counties, and would as-1 the sun cooked well done In 25 sure the prisoners of Ihe kind of I minutes. Old £ol Is still radiating enough j '•->•• heat to cock eggs. Mrs. J. A. storms in the district have, 1601 West Ask street, chimed the lives of teven persons, caused more than S500.000 dam- anrl disrupted wire communl and several of her neighbors made as Marked Tree Suspect MEMPHIS, Aug. 9. (UP1— W. P. Weems, watchman at Marked Tree. Arkk., today identified the mar known as "Smith" who was brought to Baptist hospital here early today and who Is believed fatally injured, as Leslie Smith, about 20. farmer of that district, whom he shot last night when he believed Smith was preparing to shoot him The watchman said he ordered Smith to halt when he believed him guilty of pilfering from parked automobiles. A companion of smith Harrv Craft, surrendered following the shooting and is held for investigation. cations, highway and railroad flc, a survey of the stricken region showed. The value of the annual harvcs of fish along Alaska's 26,000 mile., of scacoast Is nearly $50,000,000. Gets Unexpected 3ml g ° : But Slight Drenching Raln clourts swping up unex- death Ian" night supposedly by j are by no means agreed as lo the j three bandits, and robbed of he-, accuracy 01 yesterday's government i 4 O . c)ock this afterri0on , the Burns tween $15,000 and S20.000 in money -estimate of the col.on crop. Brothers, Dick and John, moved mil government boi-.iis. ,. "j^, >*hevc thnt thc_cstlmatc j , ntn - [ho van amcng the leilders of national hrnor s in the recent e of tree sitting competition. All present high records over the country are believed not to ex- his way two j " » pointed out lhat dry years I rn to a neigh- j usually produce belter cotlonyields i him li'.'.o a clo and killed -ome relief from a beaming sun brother, hat sent the mercury rocketine • s _ llcrif upward (hi s morning. The sliower lasted for only .. 'ew minutes however and a torrled i lngl am again turned its rays on the ! dly - ; Cotton Belt Authorized : COO bales for Missouri Is regarded as substantially short of the tndi- tha local . ... __ big tree at 328 Dougart Avenue, have already cccd 525 hours and younsslers. aloft in a the general belief here and In Mis- j communities their up at least until election Conrath was taken into custody '» '«> MB", but on Ihe other hann, afler he had made his way two;" *s pointed out lhat dry years miles from his hoir.r tor and told of throe masked who invaded their home. his afternoon gave Blythevllle a - him and lnre ' v light drenching thai brought wcl- Bnd then -- - hrnthpr. Kinley V.'ay. dissatisned story ordered the' soltrl i aced man locked up for f|iicstlon- i s "d Dnnklm counties aiune wn j to h (l ft , aged ^ , hat mufh cot , on Nor Is! ~ r ch until .school bells sound the It the general opinion lhat the cs- ^ - - - tlmalcs for Arkansas of 1.016.000 bales Is much In excess of what the state will rjroduce. Undoubtedly there has been serious deterioration in many park of the cotton belt since August 1 that Pemiscp; j [£™ amlf e v£r yt ni n g goes well the ._"*,."',-'boys hope to remain In their leafy Funeral Services for to Cross Frisco Tracks 1 ( i T -J LITTLE ROCK-TUP ranroa inlant rnday commission issued yesterday an or end of their reign in September. : I dor. authorizing the Cotton Belt Funeral services were held yester- ' Railroad to cross '•'•'•? niain clay afternoon for Ernest Arvln'of the Frisco at Trunwnn, as part tfm • su^^ntunV i owcr estimate! • a link In ^ may be Sharpe, 18 months old son of Mr i of the construction o! SEEK NEW TREATY ATHENS. (UP)-On the ground that under the present Bulgaro- Greek trade treaty Greece's Imports from Bulgaria are sis times as great as her exports to that should this continii--: country numerous representative throughout the month It Is agreed ! orgnniratlons of Greek b-.isinsss men have re-quelled V-cnlzcios to eiid the date on which the estimate wa' and September. and Mrs. J. M. Sharpe, who died of' the new C:lton colitis at the family home near - from SI. Louis to Mempnis. i Roseland Thursday. j The pclition was l«^d on joint I ESTIMATES LESS WHEAT Interment was made at North petition of the roads which had ST. PAUL-, Minn., (UP)—Wheat Sawba cemetery after services had '' agreed upon all o;>eratin'! details'production In the Northwest was been conducted by the Rev. Me-' before presenting the application' estimated as 20,000,000 bushels be- Mohon of Dell. The Cobb Under- JAn Interiockine system of electric I low the 1929 crop in the report of taking company was in charge of'signals '" ' : """* "' ""•'"•• " ""'— •P»««I««I i«"- this irealy snd to negotiate a new one wh , ch w(|1 lnsurc s more equal exchange of produce between the two countries. funeral arrangements. ] crossing. bc installed at the I the Farmers Union Terminal 1 elation. WEATHER cloudy to- ARKANSAS—Party night and Sunday.

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