The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1967 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1967
Page 11
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4-Algona (la.) Upp«r D«t MeinM Tuesday, May 23, 1967 CHURCH BELL Through the cooperative effort of many persons, a mission church north of the Arctic Circle will receive a church bell which was removed from the Center Chapel Methodist church, Indianola. Mrs. John Branson of Cameron Bay Lodge, Northwest Territories, was present to accept the bell and arrange for its shipment to Our Lady of the Snows mission. It will arrive there sometime in August. Dr. Scbutter To Be Whittemore Guest Speaker Dr. John Schutter, Algona will be a guest of the Whittemore Community Club meeting on May 23, at the Legion building in Whittemore. Dr. Schutter will discuss "risk factors" in heart disease and the precautions people can take against these "risks." The program sponsored by the American Heart Association is one of the most important public education programs ever undertaken by the Association. The film "Better Odds For a Longer Life" will be shown by Marcella Chapman, Mason City, director of the North Central Division of Iowa Heart Association. Notes Servicemen FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO, Army Private Edward L. Attig, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Attig, Wesley, completed a cooking course at Ft. Leonard Wood May 12. During the eight-week course, he was trained in cake and pastry baking, meat cutting, and learned to prepare and serve food in Army mess halls and in the field. - o USS KITTY HAWK (CVA-63) April 24 — Seaman Apprentice Lawrence L. Youngwirth Jr., USN, son of Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence F. Youngwirth Sr., of Wesley, is off the coast of Vietnam helping to launch air strikes against the enemy as a crew- member aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. The Kitty Hawk's A4 "Sky- hawk" andF4 "Phantom" jet pilots fly combat missions against enemy troops, installations and supply routes. The 80,000 ton carrier, home for more than 5,000 men, is a combination floating city and fortress, airfield, arsenal and fighting force. - o - USS CHICAGO (CG-11) April 21 - Date Systems Technician Third Class John J. Clark, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer R. Clark of 331 N. Thorington, Algona, took part in the underway Naval training exercise "Blue Coral" off the southern California coast, as a crewmember of the guided missile cruiser USS Chicago. - o - FT. WOLTERS, TEX -- Second Lieutenant Gerald A. Wel- housen, 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Welhousen, Titonka, completed a 16-week helicopter pilot course at the Army Primary Helicopter School, Ft. Wolters, Tex., March 31. During the course he was trained to fly Army helicopters and learned to use them in tactical maneuvers. He will next undergo advance flight training at the Army Aviation School, Ft. Rucker, Ala. Union 4-H Boys The Union Townslu'p Boys 4-H Club met at the Civic Center on May 9, with President Mike Hansen presiding. Plans were made for the annual tour. Demonstrations teams were selected. Lunch was served by Hansens andThil- ges. Board Proceedings SEVENTH DAY APRIL 3, 1967 REGULAR JANUARY SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Charles Plathe, Chairman, and A. M. Kollasch, Lawrence Newbrough, Garry McDonald and Andrew Reising. Absent: none. Motion by McDonald & seconded by Newbrough that cigarette permit be granted to Starlite Drive Inn Theatre. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough & seconded by Kollasch that Class "B" Beer permit be granted Harold Van Allen dba Van's Cafe. Ayes: all Nays; none Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Reising that $9,192.81 be transferred from Weed Erad. Fund to General County. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that the first quarterly reports be approved for Auditor, Clerk, Recorder & Sheriff. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Reising that tax Cert. #2645 be assigned to Bernard Kramer (Bernies Reo.), Fenton for $ 60.44. Ayes: all Nays; none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and second by Kollasch that the No. Koss. Golf Club's request for Liquor license be approved. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Reising & seconded by McDonald that Class "B" beer permit be granted Edward J. Eischen (DX Serv.), Fenton, Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough & seconded by Reising that insurance policy on the Recorder's office by approved. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS St. Ann Hospital, Medical 207.60 M. G. Bourne, M. D., Medical 69.00 POOR FUND Algona Locker, Rent . . .12.00 Roy McVay, Repairs . . . .20.00 Jack's O. K. Tires, Repairs 1.00 N. W. Bell, Telephone . . .33.43 Sunray DX, Fuel 267.84 Arwell, Spraying 11.45 Whittemore Elevator, Supplies 49.02 Wendel Warwick, Mileage 12.60 Ervin Emick, Food 15.90 Pratt Elec. Repairs . . , .4.20 J. C. Penney Co., Clothing 14.56 R. J. Funk Plb. Repairs 122.00 Honsbruch Drug , Medical 080.72 Finn's Bakery, Food . . , .96.00 Algona Produce, Supplies 29.50 Surge, Supplies 26.80 Algona Imp., Parts . . .34.70 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 44.70 DX Oil Co., Fuel . . . .206.33 Knapp Imp., Parts . . . .2.95 Hutzell's, Fuel 47.35 East End Groc., Food 109.68 Hood's Super Valu, Food 37.82 Cresco Power Co., Elec. Serv 299.27 Consl. Creameries, Food 134.50 Spencer Grocery, Food 30.24 Algona Locker, Butchering 33.30 Madelia Walker, Help at Co. Farm 130.75 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical 135.00 Fare*ay Stores, Food . . . .1.24 M. & J. R. Hakes, Food 239.08 Pratt Elec., Repairs . . . .10.40 Payroll Fund, Poor . . .1251.65 State of Iowa , ADC. . . .2554.02 State of Iowa, Blind .... 227.71 State of Iowa, Emergency 237.92 State of Iowa, Disabled 143.08 Mark Seeley etal, Rent: Kenneth Summers 70.00 Werner Struecker, Rent; John Rosensteil 100.00 Louis Bartlet, Rent Glen Parcel 25.00. Mary Copp, Rent, Rose Hahle 35.00 Marvel Immerfal, Mileage 37.00 Blake Funeral Home, Mileage, Stella Decker 30.00 Charles Plathe, Mileage, Wm. Gustin 51.85 Alg. Mun. Util., Util. Larry Reefer 12.60; Louis Lynk 11.68; DorisiCulbertson 9.78 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas., Larry Reefer, 23.25, Louis Lynk 15.00; Doris Culbertson 12.63 Town of Whittemore, Util., Myrtle Frost 53.45. la. Pub. Serv. Co., Utility, Robert Jones 3.16 Interstate Pwr. Co., Utility, Floyd Reibsamen 13.58 Dr. Richardson, Medical, Audrey Frye 24.00; Helen Johnson 18.00; Mae McLean 15.00. M. G. Bourne, M. D., Medical, Angeline Gustin 68.00; Elsie Ladenhoff 116.00 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D., Medical, Clarence Zaugg 4.00 Lutheran Hosp., Medical, Richard Brown 140.10. T. J. Egan, M.D., Medical, Joseph Rapp 4.00 Dr. Robt. Morris, Medical, Lawrence Mulligan 6.00 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical, Ray Wessels 13.00 & Kenneth Summers 7.00. Thuente Pharmacy, Medical, Mary Hentges 53.00; Mae McLean 8.35; Leatha Redemske 14.30. Honsbruch Drug, Medical, Herm. Wlchtendahl 2.10; Helen Johnson 17.15; Lucy Wessels 7.65. Rusk Drug, Medical, Audry Frye 21.35; Pat Thompson 2.55; Ann Gustin 1.25; Al Timmer 15.10; Mae Ramus 7.55 Holy Fam. Hosp., Medical, Frank Ditsworth 40.00 Dr. G. I. Bock, Medical, Stella Decker 86.00 St. Ann Hosp., Medical, Ann Gustin 574.10, Bruce Rosensteil 450; Kathy & Lori Rosensteil 53.15; David Dimond 25.00; Elsie Ladenhoff 204.45; Ed Detrich 415.15. Buff. Cent. Hosp,, Medical, June Jenkins 233.45 Hancock Co. Hosp., Medical, Harvey Isebrand 1.25 Park Clinic, Medical, Ella Govern 11.90 Hutzell's, Supplies, Relief Office 6.69 B. & W. Food, Food, Robert Jones 50.00 Busy Bee, Food, June Jenkins 10.16 Swansons, Food, Glen Parcel 39.62, Ray Wessel 49.86, Alvina Fisch 45.90 Dunn's Sure Save, Food, Rich. Parsons 15.00; Jim Reefer 18.00 Russ Sliipler 49.44; Robert Jones 40.00 Fareway Stores, Food, Ray Wessel 9.00; Melinda Jennings 50.00 Johnny's A. & G., Food Clarence Golwltzer 39.27. Vogel's Store, Food, Bernard Leeper 35.00 Braacks Groc., Food, June Jenkins 10.00 Standard Oil, Fuel, Floyd Rei- bsamen 29.40 K. & H., Fuel, Robert Jones 47.38 Standard Oil, Fuel, Mildred Ternes 20.82 Murray Elevator, Fuel, Kenneth Summers 25.42 Thermogas, Fuel, Robert Jones 26.30 Sunray DX, Fuel, Jim Reefer 15.80; Helen Johnson 23.70 Bancroft Oil, Fuel, Byron Hauge 31.80 Fergie's Thermogas, Fuel Joe Fox 53.79 Alg. Good SanxHome, Keep, Myrtle Boone 312.50, Geneva Dodds 227.50, Rose Westling 270.00; Vena Schneider, 472.50, Marg. Haubach 262.50, Mae Ramus 360.50; Dora Mitchell 41.25; Ethel Gilles 75.00; Frances Johnson 62.50; Laura Burtis 75.00; Bessie Jones 21.25 Grace Ramus 76.25, Bertha Wohlers 76.25; Adele White 80.00; Aug. Knopf 66.25; Julius Knopf 21.25; Adam Reefer, 71.25; Ellen Norton 71.25; Cora Cooper 63.75; Belle Roalson 67.50, ClytieRoepke 52.50; Minnie Medin 37.50; Chas. Ost- winkle 53.75. Mrs. C. H. Severance, Keep, Anna Kleindl 15.00; Geo. Frisbie 20.00 Turner Nursing Home, Keep, Vera Wohlers 75.00. Morgan Home, Keep, Paul Mulligan 38.05, Lawrence Mulligan 155.00. Heritage Home, Keep, Otto Barenthin 140.00. COUNTY FUND Alg. Mun. Util, Utilities 198.59 N. Cent. Pub. Serv.,Gas.. .67.04 Post Office, Rent 15.00 Payroll Fund, County 9744.90 Payroll Fund, County 3485.05 Lois Kloster, Treas.-Extra Help 22.50 Lavon Lindhorst, Sheriff-Extra Help 6.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners, 60.40 Eppo Bulten, Mileage . . .44.02 Donald Wood, Mileage . . . .25.70 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals, Miles & Lodging... 652,39 Tom's T.V., Repairs 3.95 Gerber Mfg. Co., Supplies 44.35 Doris Culbertson, Extra Help-Nurse 67.50 Joyce Hayden, Mileage . . .67.40 Rusk Drug, Supplies 1.76 Culligan, Soft Water . . . .6.50 Pratt Elec., Supplies . . . .21.16 Rudolph Rahe, Meeting . . .12.00 Elmer Hellman, Meeting 12.00 Florian Hellman, Meeting 12.00 Ed Peterson, Meeting . . . .8.00 Richard Anderson, Meeting e.OO W. B. Shipler, Meeting . . . .8.00 Willard Appelt, Meeting s.OO Leander Vaske, Meeting... 12.00 Credit Bureau, Subscription 24.00 Post Office, Postage . . . ,4o]oo Koch Bros., Supplies . . . .19,22 N. Cent. Pub. Serv. Gas 264.99 Farner-Bocken, Supplies 151%00 N. W. Bell, Tel 454.94 la. State Bar Assoc., Supplies . , 16<OQ Hutzell's, Supplies . . . .14.22 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. Supplies 70-7 g Klipto Printing Co., Supplies 49>4 g Hamilton Printing, Supplies 3-75 Matt Parrott & Sons, Supplies 326.77 Koch Bros, Supplies U 2 .85 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 483.53 AVM (Automatic Voting Machines), Payment, 15,024.00 Titonka Consl. School, Tax Free Lands ...... .283.78 Sentral Comm. School, Tax Free Lands 114.62 Algona Comm. School, Tax Free Lands, 1052.21 Hurt Comm. School, Tax Free Lands 134.00 LuVerne Comm. School, Tax Free Lands 62.93 Dr. Schultz & Schultz, Blood Tests 20.00 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Blood Tests 10.00 M. G. Bourne, M.D., Blood Tests 15.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings 169.37 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 115.86 Bancroft Register, Proceedings 696.27 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 13.44 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 16.40 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 108.00 Walter B. MacDonald, Expenses 206.39 County Treasurer, Bounty 47.20 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 86.25 SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Virgil Shackelford, Rent 40.00 Elmer Phillips, Rent . . .50.00 Everett Attlg, Keep . . . .65.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Utilities 61.46 Fergies Thermogas, Fuel 29.80 Alg. Mun. Util., Utilities 7.57 Leonard Warner, Mileage 8.70 Welp Drug, Medical . . . .9.25 Thuente Pharmacy, Medical 76.80 W. B. McTaggart, Medical 59.00 Ron & Jack's, Food . . .80.00 Hood's Super Valu, Food 95.00 East End Grocery, Food 20.00 Kenneth Salveson, Keep 71.00 Luth. Home Find. Soc., Keep 80.00 Howard Andrews, Meeting 9.00 Lee Davidson, Meeting 10.40 PAYROLL FUND Kathryn Myers, Treas.-Extra Help 265.50 Janice Funk, Treas. Help(84.00) Auditor Help (84.00) . . .168.00 Richard Snyder, Medical Examiner 17.30 Wendel Warwick, Co. Home .225.00 Alma Warwick, Co. Home 225.00 K. C. Kern, Co. Home . . .200.00 Rosetta Kern, Co. Home 200.00 Kenneth Richardson 1 , Probation 153.59 L. C. Rovn, Probation 188.98 A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage . . . .769.00 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage 692.80 Garry McDonald, Meetings & Mileage 656.50 Andrew Reising, Meetings & Mileage 589.20 Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage 673.60 H. M. Smith, Engineer 1000.00 John Fraser, Asst. Engineer 650.00 Marilyn Schneider, Clerk 350.00 Tommy Aaron, Inspector 450,00 John Bauer, Labor 460.00 Raymond Baade, Labor.. .493.20 Edward Blanchard, Labor 460.00 Alvin Ewing, Labor 460.00 Dale Helmers, Labor . ...475.50 Clifford Holmes, Labor . .460.00 ' Continued on next page

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