The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1967 · Page 37
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 37

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1967
Page 37
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4-Algona (la.) Upp«r Dei Moinw Thursday, May 18, 1967 Oft AC! EDITOR'S NOTE - This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Tuesday, September 26, 1950 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. - o - SOMETHING ABOUT THE MUSIC and the beautiful words of the wedding ceremony always makes me want to cry. I would have if my own husband, who is a bit scornful of such feminine sentiment, were not sitting by my side. It isn't crying for sadness - if s just because the whole thing is so solemn and so beautiful. But the weddings of today are apt to have a touch of sadness about them, too. So many young couples must pack away all those wonderful presents until the bridegroom returns from service and they can establish their home. It's not easy, nowadays to l)e young and in love. Maybe it never was entirely moonlight and roses. - o - THE WEDDLNG CEREMONY NOW IS A LITTLE changed from the ones I remembered. But then I hadn't been to a wedding for a couple of years. There weren't so many tliys and tliees. Instead of endowing her with his worldly goods, he promised to share all his possessions with her. And the nicest change of all, it seems to me, came when the minister asked who would give the bride. The fattier answered, "Her Mother and I do," instead of just, "I do." The parents have equal responsibilities in rearing a daughter to marriageable age and I think acknowledgment of tills fact in the ceremony is a fine thing. - o - LAVONNE POST WAS INVITED TO A WEDDING recently, too. Her brother, Maury White, was married in Des Moines. Lavonne had long kidded her brother about being a confirmed bachelor and she had always wanted to be there when he finally took the big step. It was a morning wedding so she was up and on the road by 5:30 to allow ample time for the trip. Bobbie and Joan E. accompanied her and they were so excited about Uncle Maury's wedding that they did something unusual, for them. They succumbed to car-sickness. From Clarion to Des Moines they made eight very necessary stops. After cleaning up the evidence and changing to fresh clothes, Lavonne arrived at the festivities in time to see the bride and groom, dressed in their traveling clothes, leaving on their honeymoon. - o - DO YOU EVER GET TO FEELING "low" about things? Maybe you call it "down in the dumps" or feeling "blue." Thafs the way I looked at tilings for a while last week. The housework was way ahead of me, the kids were extra-ornery and my writing wasn't doing too well. Those three skits familiar to Algona club women, that 1 sent to an interested publisher, with high hopes, came back. This time perked up with a personal letter instead of the usual printed rejection slip - but still unsold. I had almost decided to take up darning socks for my evening hobby when a few things started happening to make me feel much better. - o - FIRST I RECEIVED A MOST WELCOME letter from a reader who prefers that Tdo not use her name. She says she finds the subjects I write about most interesting and she made some good suggestions for future column material. She lives near Burt on a farm with a lovely name. Why don't more farmers give their home places names? It seems to me a nice custom. Not the sickenly coy names people sometimes tack up on their lake cottages, but names that fit the location and character of the farm. - o - THEN THERE WAS A PHONE CALL that made me feel good. It was from Mrs. Julius Capesius of Bode. I hope I have the name right - the children were making quite a bit of noise at the time. She asked about the fourteen-day pickle recipe and she also said that she likes this column's recipes and uses or saves most of them. She promised me some of hers to share with you. - o - THERE WAS AN ITEM IN THE PAPERS that should encourage those of us who are homemakers by choice or by necessity. The Duchess of Windsor, long on the best-dressed lists, says she really isn't very interested in Fashion. What she really prefers is housekeeping 1 I really didn't think it of her, but I suppose she is just a home girl at heart. I'll bet she is a whizz on the business end of a mop. Do you suppose Edward threw over the throne of England because of the way she whips up roast beef and Yorkshire pudding? GRACE -30- Prof. Sam B. Sloan, 92, one of University of Iowa's most respected and loved professors, passed away May. 1. Prof. Sloan was a graduate of Logan High School and had taught at Iowa City nearly 70 years. Ever had BEER-BECUE? BEERJPARTY U.S.A. Get the recipe in this FREE GUIDE to Beer Party/ USA U. S. BREWERS ASSOCIATION, Inc. New York, N.Y. 10017 It'.s chockful of ideas for decor.i- tions. entertainments and recipes for the most fun paity of jll. Send for it tocby! 535 Fifth Avenue, I'm interested in beer-becue. Send me my free copy of Beer Party/U.S.A. Name- Street- City- - ->.'.-.. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. I'.O. 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QQ O FRESH; DELICIOUS PINEAPPLE 3 for TEXAS TOMATO KETCHUP Mill MY 1WANMWD S1IWFX. INC.. II t. C HI AM ANI> IIAIKY HI VISION. < III HUM I. HIV, A SWANSON'S - ALL FLAVORS ICE CREAM Vi GAL.... QUART... SIX 10-OZ. BOTTLES PLUS DEPOSIT GRADE A MEDIUM RADE A WHOLE FAMILY PAC CUT-UP FRYERS FRESH PORK HORMEL'S ^ 4^/1 LITTLE SIZZLERS ^ 49* SHUR KRISP CHICKEN: PARTS : HEINZ KETCHUP Big 14 oz. Bottle 1 Ib AD PRICES GOOD THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY. CHECK OUR STORE MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY 1 FOR SPECIAL PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE YOU! Decker's BACON BEEF OX TAIL IRRELL'S SUMMER SAUSAGE CERVELAT BARBEQUE GRILL SPECIAL - LONDON ROIL STEAK: BREASTS LEGS THIGHS GIZZARDS USDA CHOICE BEEF FRONTS.. Ib. 3 9 ( HINDS.. Ib. 5 5 c >''< ^^F ^& SIDES. Ib. 4 7 c CUT, WRAPPED AND FROZEN FREE ! giimiintiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiminB (Notes Of Servicemen' the Armored Division near Hohenfels, Germany. FT. SILL, OKLA. - Private Thomas G. Otis, 19, son of Mr. ajui Mrs. Edmund L. Otis, Houte 1, Wesley completed eight weeks of advanced artillery training May 11 at the Army Artillery and Missile School, Ft. Sill, Okla. He was trained as a cannon- eer in field artillery. His training included maintenance ;uici firing of artillery guns, howitzers and heavy machine guns. Instruction was also given in ammunition handling and communications. During his last week of training, he participated in day and night firing exercises. - o - BIND L AC H, GEKMAXY (AH- TNC) - Army Specialist Five Allen D. Schultz, 23, son of Mrs. Katliryn Schultz, Algona, received the Good Conduct Medal April 20 while assigned to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Germany. Spec. Schultz received the award for exemplary conduct, efficiency and fidelity in active military service. A mechanic in Howitzer Battery of the regiment's 1st Reconnaissance Squadron located near Blndlacli, Spec. Schultz entered on active duty in May, 1964. Spec. Schultz attended Wliitte- more Higli School. - o USS TACONIC (AGC-17) April 26 -- Fireman James D. Colwell, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis F. Colwell of 1609 E. North, Algona, is in the Caribbean taking part in a joint service amphibious training exercise named "Clove Hitch HI," as a crewmember aboard the amphibious command ship USS laconic. His unit comprises a segment of more than 21,000 men of the Army, Navy, AJr Force, Marine Corps and Puerto Rican National Guard who participated in the exercise. - o - ' FT. BENJAMIN HARRISON, IND. — Army Private George A . Bierstedt , 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert G. Bierstedt of Whittemore, la., completed an eight-week pay specialist course at the Army Finance School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind., April 24. He was trained in the payment of civilian and military personnel, handling of travel allosv- ances, and accounting. Instruction was also given in business law and pay regulations. His wife lives in Ottosen. - o HOHENFELS, GERMANY — Army Specialist Four Michael T. Studer, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nate Studer, Wesely, participated in a four-week field training exercise conducted by k t-. SO DO LONG DISTANCE RATES After 8 p.m. daily and all day Sunday you can make a three- minute station call to anywhere in 48 states for 90c or less. Additional minutes each 25c or less. How about tonight? Northwestern Bell DIAL DIRECT^ Fast, Personal. Easy NEW! GEHL"HI-THROW" 55" BIG-CAPACITY BLOWER The all new, 55-in., six-blade Gehl FB88 Hi-Throw blasts silage or haylage to any silo height, at unlimited capacity. Low 20-in. hopper and recessed wheel virtually eliminate spillage regardless of the unloading box you use. CHECK THESE: • Direct PTO drive • Triple #67 chain conveyor for positive feeding to 10-in. diameter auger • Hopper 20-in. high, 30-in. width (extends beyond fan housing) • Six-blade fan delivers full load to 9-in. blower pipe • Throw- out safety clutch • Adjustable fan housing • Rugged 10-gauge steel sides • Water intake opening. GEHL Make us Prove it with a Demonstration! JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT AIGONA, IA.

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