The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1967 · Page 36
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 36

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1967
Page 36
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Roaad h DREW WASHINGTON — The war in Vietnam apparently is entering a new and ominous phase. Russia is taking a much harder line toward the U. S.; captured enemy documents reveal not only that Red China has offered troops to fight with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, but that Hanoi is massing troops for a major campaign in the south to start when heavy monsoon rains will seriously cripple U.S. air support, probably in July. Secretary General Thant of the United Nations voiced the rapidly growing apprehension when he said he fears we are in the first phase of World War m. Behind this statement was the wide recognition that U.S. - Soviet relations are deteriorating rapidly, as evidenced by the Rusian harassment of U.S. warships in the Sea of Japan last week. But the split is much deeper than that incident indicates. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson has cabled the State Department that he had tried repeatedly to arrange talks in Moscow on limiting anti-missile missiles, without success. The Kremlin also has made no move to ratify the Soviet-American Consular Treaty, despite the fact that the Russians are fully aware of how hard President Johson worked to push this treaty through the Senate. The Kremlin has stepped up its aid to North Vietnam; and often has warned us in the past that, should China be drawn into the war, it would be forced to support China much as it obviously dislikes the Peking leaders. This is a part of the communist philosophy which many Americans don't understand — namely that communist nations must stick together against all "capitalist aggression," and in the communist world there is no question that this is the U.S. role in Vietnam. But U Thant does understand it, and he noted last week that the Soviet-Chinese treaty of mutual assistance was still in force despite the differences between them. Meanwhile, apparently all that is keeping Chinese combat troops out of Vietnam is the refusal of Ho Chi Minn to accept the"m. He has admitted an estimated 40,000 Chinese workers to help repair roads and railways which have been bombed out, but has barred Chinese troops for fear they might dominate the war and stay in his country after hostilities end. While all these developments threaten to engulf us in a far more serious war than at present, we also face serious escalation by the North Vietnamese on their own. The monsoon seasons in South and North Vietnam are different -- in the South the daily heavy rains begin in April or May and last into September. Then they start in the North and last into April. The captured enemy documents clearly indicate the North Vietnamese build-up—already starting—is aimed at massive offense action in the South. A total of 12 combat devisions is reported being readied, with 100 out of 200 battalions being equipped with heavy weapons. We previously have reported that President Johnson will send at least another 100,000 U. S. troops to Vietnam by the start of next year, bringing General Westmoreland's total to around 600,000 men. If Russia and Red China become more involved, that may not be enough. - o - —NEW SOVIET WEAPONS — Intelligence reports say Russia may soon send sophisticated surface-to-surface missiles to North Vietnam. These would be intended to give Hanoi a weapon against U.S. warships now operating freely off the North Vietnamese coast. Our Navy so far has been able to operate at will close to shore, shelling land targets or launching planes. The new missiles would force our ships to stay further out or risk being sunk. This would mean that our ability to bombard shore targets would be shaply reduced. And if North Vietnam should be able to sink a major U.S. warship, it would be a big boost for communist morale. Aside from everything else, the Soviet missiles would be additional evidence that the Kremlin is indeed getting tough toward the U.S., for they would invite further U.S. escalation and also would lead to further serious deterioration of U.S. Soviet relations. - o •• —LYNDA'S ROMANCE COOLING? — Mrs. Anne Hamilton Spaulding, mother of actor George Hamilton, friend of Lynda Bird Jphnson, has been entertaining royalty. George Hamilton was deferred from the draft on the ground that he had to support his mother. But his mother obviously has plenty of cash to entertain royal visitors. At a recent party at her Beverly Hills mansion were Prince Hohenlohe, Princess Auersperg and Arndt Krupp, of the Krupp munition firm. Incidentally, George and Lynda aren't seeing as much of each other as they once did. - o - —DODD'S VIEW OF ETHICS—• If s now been almost four years since Otto Otepka was dismissed by the State Department for taking confidential papers out of State Department files and giving them to Sen. Tom Dodd of Connecticut. Even though he was dismissed Nov. 5, 1963, the State Department has kept Otepka on the payroll pending a hearing which only now is getting started, almost four years later, Otepka's office phone is not answered; apparently he has not been working, though still draw- TRY SPREADING THIS WITH YOUR CONVENTIONAL SPREADER Your Brady flail-type spreader will pulverize them all ... as it spreads a rich, even blanket of fertility behind you. And you'll never break a beater, a chain, or a webb—your Brady doesn't have any. Stop in for the full story today—facts only—I'll let the Brady do all the spreading. BRADY MANURE SPREADER BUSCHER BROS, IMPLEMENT JQ15 NORTH MAIN ALGONA ing salary. The reason he is drawing salary is because Sen. Dodd considered it was patriotic for Ote- pka to take papers out of secret State Department files, and he raised Cain with the State Department when it fired Otepka. And the State Department was afraid to offend the Connecticut Senator by cutting off Otepka's salary until final hearings were held. This of course is the same Sen. Dodd who bitterly denounced his own former employees who took papers from his files to prove that he had used campaign funds for personal expenses without reporting them as income. Their charges against him have been backed up by a reluctant Senatorial committee which finally recommended that he be censured. Sen. Dodd obviously does not feel that taking secret State Department files is in the same class with taking his own. - o - — PAPER CLOTHING-- Government attorneys may cut short the new fad in paper cloth- ping. Paper dresses have made such a hit with the women that manufacturers have started designing paper pants and jackets for men. But the paper fad has not made a hit with the Federal Trade Commission. It's investigating to determine whether the new clothing is a deadly fire hazard. The garments are supposed to be treated with flame-resistant coating, but government in- vestigators are worried that this will wear off. - o - — PEiYTAGON PADDING — The Pentagon, contradicting a Hanoi claim that 88,000 Americans were killed in Vietnam during the first nine months of 1966 charged that the figures were considerably inflated. But the totals put out by the Defense Department — 3,558 Americans dead and 41,000 communists killed — are also padded. The truth is that almost all Vietnamese killed in action, if they aren't wearing South Vietnamese uniforms, are lumped together as enemy dead. On occasion, this has even included women and children. One combat soldier, whose name charitably is omitted, wrote to this column about the practice in his division. "The daily enemy-killed-inaction figures," he charged, "can be trusted as much as a paper bag can be trusted to store water. Everyone killed who is not in friendly uniform is counted as an enemy KIA. "On one mission, I saw two unarmed men scamper from under some rocks and attempt to run away. One was shot through the heart; the other had his leg nearly severed by an M- 16 round. "The former was listed as an enemy KIA. Maybe tie was. Maybe he was a villager who hid from the enemy just as he tried to hide from us. Thursday, May 18, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper DCS Moin«s-3 "On another mission, a woman killed by aerial rocket artillery, fired from fire-breathing choppers, was likewise listed as an enemy KIA." - o -- SUPPRESSED REPORT? ~ The Senate Republican Policy Committee's controversial report on the Vietnam war is being suppressed by its chairman, Sen. Bourke Hickenlooper, R-Iowa, who has rejected several offers from private publishing houses to reprint the report. While he has been grandly turning down all publishers, however, Public Affairs Press has rushed into print without bothering to ask permission. Editor M. B. Schnapper contends that the report, prepared at the taxpayers' expense, is a public document. FOOTNOTES — Sen. Steve Young, D-Ohio, the spryest elder statesman in the Senate, has just written a penetrating diagnosis of Central Intelligence for Playboy magazine. It's published this month among all the undraped females. The CIA, incidentally, no longer uses sexy gals as spies . . . Rep. Fred Schwengel, R-Iowa, who has promoted a color booklet about the U.S. Capitol, on sale to tourists for $1, isn't making any money from it. Proceeds go to the Capitol guides . ONGTIN TWIN RIVERS HIGH SCHOOL TOP ROW - Kent Paeper, Donna Cran, Norman Olson, Geraldine Vedvik, Jack Knudson, Kay Selvig, Ronald Sorlien BOTTOM ROW — Dennis Nelson, Ruth Bakken, Carol Fiderlick, Richard Zeimet, Janice Johnson, Kirk Rolland, Mary Lou Olson TOP ROW — Jack Harris, Ramona Aure, Roger Markman, Susan Erdmann, John Satern, Celeste Ehrhardt, James Collins BOTTOM ROW — Thola Salmon, Duane Sharp, Barbara Kozajda, David Hoyt, Roberta Rolland, Rick Croker, Lois Serebrin PHOTOS BY SAUL STUDIO Humboldt, la. Photos not available: Marsha Bjorns.on Sandra Thul Harlan Tofteberg TOP ROW — Dennis Kissinger, Charlene Hanson, Greg Stiltz, Mary Melavin, Larry Smith, Arlys Wehrspann, John Skow BOTTOM ROW — Trudy Rossing, Mary Kozojda, Cloyce Gress, Joyce Lurkens, David Hanson, Sharon Joiner - SPONSORED BY THESE TWIN RIVERS BOOSTERS: FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR OTTOSEN, IA. BODE FARMERS ELEVATOR BODE, IA. L BODE STATE BANK BODE, IA. - f I LIVERMORE STATE BANK LIVERMORE, IA. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR CO. LIVERMORE, IA. CUSTOM FARM SERVICES, INC. BODE, IA. 0 N MOTOR LIVERMORE, IA.

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