The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 5, 1930
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Served by the United 1'ress BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTHRABT ADKANH.Q Awr. aniHriiT^o... .,.„„ ' * • *-X S^E*=K»n«- •;-'. tc~ ••n^:t - -•• NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOI,. XXVII—NO. 224 Ulylhevllle Courier, Blythevllle Dally .._„„, JBlythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. KM illKVILUO, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, DKCEM1SKK u, 191)0 Abe Cohen, Black, Pn/zles Judge in New Yoi-k Coui-t (UP)-A brilliant M n .1 A n j Ills hand stepped'before the l\ew IJeatns Are Reported • county judge A. i. Nova's c< Hourly and Many Are " Y "™'" ° S '«W ' In ken to Hospitals. BRUSSELS. Belgium, Dec. 5 (UP) —A large number rf mysterious ueaths in (lie Mcute vnlley region, centering around the towns of Eivji-i and Neiniir. were reported today to police. Police said 18 iwrsons harl been found dead in various lionscs in the region and reiiorts of more deaths discovered hourly continued to NEW YORK, Doc. 5. j small negro' wearing a gveen tie and holding a derby in Ills hand stepped' before the bar in court. ...„ judge. "Abey Cohen." "Is that your right name?" "Yes." "What is your religion?'. 1 "Jewish." The judge looked perplexed. "Well,". lie said . finally, -"there •.vcre twelve lost tribes of Israel. Perhaps you are a stray member of one of them. By the way, are you orthodox?" Abey looked puzzled and finally answered: 'I reckon not, judge I'm Mo- resch authorities. More tfcan a [ haniIn Vdi,^ p4Ts P ° r "°" S W " e '° h ° S 1 Wllcrcat Jud * e Nova accepted There was much niyUery sur-! * bo »". s . p ! ea ot . su . nt >' to a cha ^ ' rounding the deaths and officials were unablu to explain them immediately. It was First thought cr.s frcm furnaces had killed 11 found dead In Engis. It was later believed to be poison gas when more deaths occurred and cattle were fcund dead in the open field;:. 15 FOR JOE I, Car Strikes Negro Boy; Breaks Legs Above Knees U, "" „ I Move to Oust Robinson from Leadership Has No Backing Harrison Claims I.onnie Lee Judge, eight year old i negro boy, had both legs broken j a'cove the knees nnrl. was severely i shocked when he was struck by a; car, driven by Wendell Kiillips, onj Highv/ay 18 yesterday afternoon. I ~5 (IIPi dislike 'o7 lips where his condition v:as .considered serious but not critical! He •-vaa -resting- better "today, si. 'ri, -.., ciJS: - Officers Eaid that repsrts-'they had received showed the accident to be unavoidable. The negro child is ;afd to have dashed out from in fiont of a wagon just as Phillips pasted Ihc wagon. Tear Gas Halts Red March On Congress o French President Seeks in the senate brought from, Seria- .tor 'Harrison, Democrat, Mississippi, today the.staU'ment tho,t jnot "a Cdrjoral's "guard" wdiild join a movement to retire Robinson to the ! ranks. | Robinson is from Arkansas.' - I President Hoover appointed him ' a member of the American delegation to the London naval conference and Robinson returned to defend the treaty in the senate. But for his support Democrats would FMJIIEtEK A staff cameraman for Service cind the Courier News who wedged his way into the midst of the fighting and was almost overcome by tear gas for his pains, snapped" this striking action picture of the Communist riot, in front of Ihc capitol at Washinglon. Tlie thick smoke from exploding tear gas bombs, backed 'up by flailing night-sticks in tlie hands cf husky iKjlicenien, broke- up an attempt by several hundred Rrds to stage a great demonstration and force their way into the halls ,of Congress to demand certain legislation. This picture shows4 a hot moment in (he melee, with clouds of tear gas swirling aboul policemen' and civilians. Takes Jail in r> i- '-' ! i reiercnce to : Life With Wif(3 Monticello Man's Motive Unknown a s Affairs Were in Good Order. MONTICELLO, Ark., Dec. 5.- (UP —Henry Cnice, 54, vice-president of CHICAGO, Dec. 5 (UP)—Harold '• j Hoiikiiif,, 24. .today begari, serving i a one .year 'sentencfe id tne cbiiity -,TI i-prho- than live' witlv His pretty I wife, Mildred, 22. "We jubt can't, get along," Hop'•'•v! Md judge- Edclman. "I can't stand living with her and I'd rath- "' s ° to Jan ' thon l 'y it any more." ••. Slirr°«nr rn-Tardipll h(lve dealt more severely'.with that the Drew Cunty'flank and Trust OUCCvSSOT 10 laraieu ] document although there might not I company here, was found shot to PARTS, Dec. 5. (.UP)—France was without a government today for j ..... u....u.. 3 .t t..clc llllgllt null I ».vmj/ilny JleiG, \SUi> LUUI1U ! have been sufficient votes to re- death in his home today. ject it,. Robinson's defense of trie treaty a parli ing a various hostile political factions. Thc president accepted the resig- nnticn of Premier Andre Tardteu last night after Tardieu had been defeated on a confidence motion in the senate by eight voles. A gun was found near the body and officers expressed the belief ttiat the banker committed suicide. ^ , ---------- *..,.„.„ ui -w^uiauu among | The body was discovered by Cruce's j his senate followers. His signature j wife and two children. to the Democratic leaders' slate- 1 ilembers of his family said they ™ enl ^ ust aflcr " le election pl=dg-|knew of no motive for the act as o ° eI 'io The minimum sei -- icrtion was Imposed, by Judge Edcl- rcan who attempted to bring about a reconciliation. . • • the 19t!i time since the overthrow aroused some caustic but guardedly that the of Georges Clemenceau's war time J private criticism of Robinson among i The body enactment of jhe appeared in the best of snirits cabinet. President Gaston Doumergus, faced the difficult task of finding j mel a narliamentarian capable of form-1 in ^ co °P era tion __ ilt ut f ._ Mt ,,,^ ultu MLL tlit ^^ wi .-.uun^ concentration cabinet from : em "B enc J' measures renewed criti- ] during the past few days. His af- s hnsHlp noiiMrai faxHnne i clsm. Thls_ week Robinson sought! fairs at the bank are reported in to lead Democratic senators to vote i excellent shape and it was not ce- agqinst delaying administration of ] Hevcd his financial condition would the oath to . Senator-Elect DivLs. | have prompted him to take his life, in. of Pennsylvania, whose i Cruce was well known In banking > expenditures were under I circles of tm's section and was one of Montlcello's leading citizens Bound Over to Last Wtes Today For i Ho! <|S e ™«s Fo Missouri-Kansas Company Will Build Line from Will Build Line Mississippi Field. JACKSON, Miss., Dec. 5. (UP) — Construction cf a $30,000,000 pipe line to extend from the Jackson gas ! field to-Great Lakes cities was on- I nounced here by the Mlssouri-Kan- ! sas pipe line company. T' D 1.L n SL ' US 10Ua y r ° r W I IL ' T T ! sas Pipe »n= company. •Jury on Robbery Charges M rs P mn ,, R P H FUhor 1 "aveny Johnson Today' The proposed pipe line win han- ' i mrs.cmma oell fisher. ' ; d ie gas produced by the pcan RH-- Cla.'nis Benefits from Stabilization Program but Urges Less Production. WASHINGTON,' Dec. C. (OH) — Failure ol Its stabilization operations to prevent "sevcra price do- lions to prevent 'several price de- day by Ihe federal farm board in Its first annual report. The report bluntly warned thc nation's growers that Ihe government cannot protect them from the consequences of continued overproduction. Voluntary rcslrlctlon of !>rcdt!ctbii by farmers was held imperative If government alii Is to be effective. Must Limit Produdlon Admitting Its emergency buying operations in wheat and colton 'had not produced th3 resiills desired, thc board lic]d they were Justified nevertheless. If thc board had riot Intervened grain ami cotton prices would have fallen evciv further, the report said. For the future tho board said stabilization, .measures might continue t» piny a llmltet role In the government's program, but added "such measures cannot wisely be undertaken lightly, for many Involve not only excessive risks of loss of public funds bul grave dange rof serious disaster to cooperatives themselves." " "Finally," It added,, "the .boar< regards measures for preventlon-ol surpluses through control or excessive production as: absolutely essential to stabilizing '• farm prices and farm Incomes. Cooperative associations ajid slabllizallon cor|x>r- ations supplemented by other de vices may prove able to deal will temporary or occasional surpluses. 1 $70,000.000 In Colton Loan* WASHINGTON, Dec, 5. ~(UP>- Klnu Collon has bcnefltled n three nioiUlu, and 50 per cent October 15, slated, that they had received a response of virtually 100 icr cent, and success of this phase of the program Is already assured. Tho agreements arc not being sought from those with accounts of less than. $100, and ,lt is necessary to obtain only n good proiwr- llon of tse othera w permit the rc- Missouri Highway ..Will Be;. Link in Continental Roa'iJ: .Will Start at Once. ST.' FRANCIS, Ark., Dec. 5.— Contract for the construction of a highway from St. Francis, Ark., (o Campbell, Mo., was awarded yester ~....,^i^.,, u^, „. 1U i-j— day by the Missouri State Highway Kins Collon has bcnefltled mos Department to the Lahar. Con-! heavily by federal farm board loans struction Company of Bconeville, in the'first year of Its operation Mo., for immediate procedure. the board's annual report showe T'llfl clvin ,)„,-,•„,,_ l_J r i . _ .. 1-J r ..«««* in. The 'strip designated for hnmedl- today. ate construction is approximately Loan commiltmenU lo cotton co- 4 miletj In length "and will form a < operatives total $70 000 000 ink of. Federal Highway G2 from Grain cooperatives we're next will through . soutneast Missouri and! totnt loans of $24,204,140. Committ- ments for $14,859.634 were madi for dairy products, while wool and mo- Buffalo, N. Y. tc the Pacific Coast northern Arkansas. Specifications called for a 2-1 fool crown of gravel on a 100 foot rlc^il. of way. Ac" cording to . of the Lahar , hair marketing-cooperallves received $D,21C,163, i»uiums L u incims ot me L&n&r - ! Company, work on the road will I n««....J Fk it n i. begin at once and bo compleled i Demands Ueath renalty before spring in order t-- relieve the i unemployment, situation prevail-' lng In southeast Misoiuri. The construction company has a branch office at Campbell, M->., the eastern terminus of the proposed roa.d, where they own and operate one gravel quarries In of the larges 1 this region. for Soviet Defendants MOSCOW, Dec. 5. (UP)—Deatl by shooting for all eight o! thi counter revolutionaries on trial hen was demanded today by Nichola Krllenko, the stale's prosecutor. As he swept the final chapter of th Harvey Hall and Willard Young i L , ,, , v.-ere bound over to await the action : nc on for \v of,ire grand jury by Justice Ed.?, for M Walker this morning on charges of i ' turglary an;I rrrand larceny in con- W ainnf t t t «^r*r^^^!»*r~^ Abends Tere set at $250. Another youth. 15 years old, was releas?d on his own recognizance but ordered to appear bafore ''« Brand jury in connection wilh thc case. .,. this after- Bel ' Fisher ' Wh ° ' UC on antl Gas Waverly Johnson. 20. son of Mr :tl VJ " nllu (Jn:) l - lj i"pany l csum and Mrs. Tom Johnson, who live ! at 3| M,000,000 -cubic feet, and north of this city, died Wednr-sdiv ' eat lnteres ls In this stale, the at a Cape Girardr-au, Mo., hospilal I nouncernent said, of acute appendicitis. • 10 ic 5 ;uii. - - e na caper o ( C:ntracts for the construction oI' B " C8ei1 " lr > (ervcn ' tonls t plot'' tria ' '° its cio estimated wild an- j Hhhway 62. extending Irom camp- I bell cast to Maiden, Mo., have not '° its Tho demand threw the crowde " mary cause of Mrs. Fisher's death The Rev. Williams of Gosnell officiate at the services and - at Morley. i Mo., near Sikesten, where th= de- • ceased lived. The Cnbb Undcrtak-liv? company was in charge of funeral Former Naval Cutter Missing Since Monday; interment will be made at Map]- arrangements Grove cemetery. The Cobb Under- The deceased Is survived taking company is in charge of funeral plans. Tlie deceased is survived by her! husband, two small sons and a • small daughter. I Deppite Wild Stories George Curtis, negro, won an acquittal in police court this morn- ti-Mm,- VfrV Ti~ n ™i u ^" "' ' in £ despite thc widely varied a::d J^^ m u,*^^rr^-™^^5r^ Mrs. E.. F. Fry New ,.._ I'termpted assault nltli a deadly wea- Push Program for Reopening First National orricers ot tho First National i a nk. re|Huted this aflrrnoon that icUvitlc.n' preliminary to Ihe rcop- nh)g of the lank, looked for irly next, week, were muklng sat- sfnclory -progiess. Members of committees deslg- intcd to oblaln agreements from depositors under which 25 per cent | FfllllSEBItt " L - • ' ^ ; W/- t _ p_i 'cLi D i ' '>•*} '-••'•V •'.'' "CIS UCt oet-DaQK in-Tan-. . IMV»- f " C J. . ous Derialurants. ' . .. Application for authority to reopen tho bank, made with the ci.mplj oiler of the .currency, provides for the collection of $100,KO In cash on' notes held by the tank, and this goal Is so near attainment that offlceis and directors feel Ihat there Is no doubt of Us being reached within Ihe next tew days. 'Hie actual dale upon which the dcors will bo thrown open .and business resumed • has not been sel, bul oiricen; snld today that eveiylhlng pointed to the resumption ol business before the middle of next week. Rotarians and Lions ' Help in Annual Campaign Next ..Tue8daji!.-v'^ ; i'!i^«r The annual membership campaign for the Blythevllle Chamber of Commerce will be held next week, starting Tuesday afternoon with an intensive drive by teams recruited from the Rotary and Lions clubs. • A Joint meeting of the two clubs, to be attended also by others interested In the work of the chamber of commerce, will be held at the Hotel Noble Tuesday noon, at which details df the campaign will be outlined and assignments to teams made. Calls upon prospective members will bd made that aticr- WASHINGTON Dec' 5 he senate iV- l- 000,000 for droiithTeilef in'dtO-at- tcmpt to get It through'frie senate Monday, '.-• -'I'J'-. I,..^A similar bill IntroducedMn-.ttie house, apparently with; admlnUtra- tlon endorsement; provldei*'ah'iji- proprlatloii of only »23,pOO,000 ''Mid was 'the subject'of- : bltt*r'attack ^ yesterday by members iwiVo deciari. ed It Inadequate to meet the sltui atlon. • ' . . , : -,'\-;' -.-'."'-' Ketp rolnmoiis Alcohol ;-.^' Thc wet bloc In tlie hbu'se'-. tddaj) . lost its first battle tn this-session; ' of congress. . ..".' .. ."•& • An amendment to Iho treasury^ post office appropriation bill ;to prohibit the use of poison in denaturing industrial alcohol was'de-' fealed by a vote of 54 to 106. Tha measure was Introduced,by Representative Linthlcum, ; Democrat, Maryland, leader .of the" wct'-bioc.'' Representative. Slrovlch,: •Demci : erat, New York; a phy^lclan^'de-*^ clartd the use. of the •'pofsons-'re- quired by the Eovcrriment 'fe ; "a shame: In this twentieth'century of civlBzatlon." ' '• ; . • •.' . ; , .'!, "We are .going, to battle : for;'a principle that has' aroused the nation and that Is the principle of poisoned alcohol which is killing thousands of citizens," "ne shouted.' • Piah Joi Relief i*nifnm '-A i ,-i Prealdent Hoover's 1150,'OOO.ddO unemployment relief- program ires put into motion in the house today with-the-knowledge Am'etein bus- Inoa was:expe«tint speedy^iitlon. JUllUS "' •*'-'—-- '-•-;. "A- ..--.. noon and as many as possible signed, with follow-up work scheduled for the rest of the week. Despite drouth nnd business de . = :™Ir».-Tr—' . chamber erf. cqmmerce «.iu cnair-' man of President Hoover's'buslnssa survey conference, tallied With Mh Hoover last night and announced business interests 'were 'hoping nothing wuold be allowed to interfere with tne emergency sched- ole. • ..--._ He urged " no extended dlsiuai slon of measures which may '•' be worthy in themselves should be allowed to create delay and dlscus'-r ston of nn'extra session at this sensitive time." • ^ . The measure -authorizes -"pphllQ construction designed to employ thousands of men. - - -: vv Denoiuicn R*d Imjniry " ' I WASHINOTObf, Dec. 5. (UP-M - William z. Foster, coriimunbt lead- • prcsslou chamber of commerce I er > denounced, today the Iriveitlga- members have pafd up their dues ! tlon of communist activities-being as well ns tn former years, and of- ! ma de by a special committee"^o flcers of the organization, basing | UlD nouse . asserting the inquiry w»s their opinion on Interviews with j nmecl ot "outlawing the commun'- inembcrs, express confidence the I lat Dart y and a 'l its membbrs." i-'t 1S31 membership will be equal to Foster testified at the comrhH- that ot other years. Need for an ttc ' s final haarlug. He refused to .name other communist leaders.' • "Such evidence," Foster paid "would be illicited only to 'be used 1 against them later In the police courts." . •' • yet been offered, and, according to j courtroom Into a wild confusion o the remaining Missouri secllon of cheers and applause. The demon- P. H. Daniels. State Highway En- stralors shouted "hurrahs" ivhlcl frinecr rf the Sikestoti Division, spread their feeling to the millions I will, in all probability not be of; i listening In on the radios. ierr-.-l February. ' | — With the contracts accepted, and. Sporavpc I. completion of the Maiden-Camp-j Bt> I!> bell road, all Missouri sections cf! the highway will be -completed anrt ready for ncceptance for thc designated route of the const-to- C'ast road. Work has been tem i Fleemp Liquor Suspect jpon but Judge Gravette ruled thai C JL c i i T i ' Ocor Se was not guilty oi^thc charge .JllCSUry School 1 eacher [ " cve » 'f the truth had been told." j The defendant's witnesses related ! an assortment cf conflicltnj sto- . porarlly halted on the Arkansas construction r,f ihls route between' c? Osceoh Civic Club OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 5.—G. B. effective organization to coordinate civic and business development activities has never been greater than'at present,' they point out. Two Electric Plants j F - , R , . c . . ;. Light Campbell Streets F!n . d BM ° dy 6 , f . S ^ cld ? n —1 in Memphis Hotel Room CAMPBELL. Mo.—Night is being > turned into day on thc streets of I MEMPHIS, Dec. 5. (UP)—Tlie Campbell since tile opening of the j lxKi y of a man believed to be Andy new municipal lighting plant. I Bennett, 55, Buffalo, N. Y., was re- Tlie Arkansas-Missouri Power 1 moved from a local hotel today bs- company holds a contract for light-; "cvcd to be a suicld; by hanging-; Ing thc city streejs which has four j T| K> man . who registered last \jfj\fFf\Jljt\ i\TK 1JCC O —l-i U — ••••-»» iijj twiii Segraves, Osccola atlornev 'wast 5 ' 0 " 5 to rim - Efforts to reach an. - - - '' agreement for cancellation of Ihc | contract failed, so now both plants i elected president of the O.=ccola CK-Ic Club at its luncheon meeting wls J T. Coston, club during the , are furnishing street lights. . left, a note which read: "There Is enough cash for burial," Police found $66 among his ef- fecls. No Identifying papers found. were that have been closed in that sec- j , ~. -C., Dec. 5.1 -Tic coast gliard cutter Ya-i macrav.- was scouring tha Carolina- i Georgia coast today for traces of I STUTTGART, -nOT-ni- r ° rmer lnv ' a! cutlcr and !-'"tempting „. „„,. • nsning bt>af which sailed Man-! c - rs seeking him on a liquor c'-iar^e • • " " "'" ""• ~ " " ~~ *•" ""•••^ vi iuu day with a crew of teii men aboard. Noah Elliott. 20, of Palestine, Ark'! g , rad ! »"* Jill be Language in-1 most evident "lying" he had ever „,,„,.„«, - T „,. , <np , was shot and wounded by nl»ht : Slruclor Cf the ^i'" 1 ™"^ 1 c'^ss- he£ "' d fr0!11 &* Wlr-ess stand. I ,' ,, WARK ',"' (J : h .'•• tl chief of police Holden last night i es ' ' i H -> ear -° ld K lrl wlth a mother Officers accosted Elliott and a. negro as they were driving through | Mayor WatltSHS Overton ^HpD^HllT I . _ __ _ .. A. W. Bowen v.r.r elected president and Jsmo^ C ?lon, secretary. , Biame Gas Main Leak i c vlcc for $1,400,000 Blast i Famo " s Frenc{l Feared Lost in Desert Plans Beauty - r P , v : nDgro as tne y werc driving through i tor rilture Years the negro section and allegedly . • 'ounci 30 gallons of whiskey In the . (UP)—London Is pre-: »"tom;>bile. Police said Elliott! take care of its beauty i Jumped frcm the car and made a! MEMPHIS, Dec. 5. (UP), further st3nerati--nrs j break. ... ] Watkins Overtoil was ill .„ , „ ..... Allowed No Visitors l-:-,nn Diets vary froin to ssven a;re:t riv.-! rf th» r^" dC ".,, Ccunt> ' Cour > cl l is! which would pre- :rs for ever moiej . -... squares and small! 'hr-uphout the city. The! a few square yards i ] MIAMI. Pla.. D3C. 5. <UP)-One mutt bo facri- week of liking a day after she had ^_i .\. ]pft HflVflnQ ffir \((aml ki, «1- »r_. Miller' Reaches Flonda City Mayor j* hl< ; home here today. Doctors allowed t him no visitors. He [ last Friday. taken 111 Anti-Freeze' Solution -Fatal to Two Negroes CLARENDON, BELOIT, WIs., Dec. 5. (UP)-An i . . I explosion followed by fire destroyed ' ORAN. Algeria Dec 5 <TJP>— I four stores In Beloit's business dls- i Rene LeFevre, pilot of th» French •>'>"< today. I monoplane "Yellow Bird" on East nntl Wp«t SJrlo. '-*!>l. ana nest aide* An J 1-year-old girl with a "mother CLARENDON, Dcr. 5. (UP)— 1 complex" today admitted she had'.Harvey Hoard and s):i. Brown, nei taken 2-yenr-old Evelyn Gaflney | grpes, aro dead and t^rfc other ne- i i from her bed last nijht and then | groes are In a serio'is condition as . Damage was ' !00 ' OM ' estimated at $!,- Its trans-Atlantic flight, was missing , rJ lOafty OH & flight flCTOSS & explosion was caused by a region Inhabited by unfriendly- gas mal ^ according to fire- Arabs. from hcr bed las , m , llt ,, nd thcn ^ are , n a Mrlo , |s fmm[m K3 8 nd shook the entire business ! LeFevre left .Oran Tuesday for !o Meet on Gridiron i' cr «veral -hours taken hsr for a a result of drinking an anti-freez; „„:";,,„ a ,? lma " Lest * r Shehan [ Coiomb-Eechar, flying a low-pow_ .ride In a baby carriage. compound purchased frcm a local ' fn Hn through a plate glass ; ere<! plane along (he edge of the WIndOW, receiving RpvnTfll rntr .c;^ha*.a J*,;*** Thc East and and the West clash in a .ride in a baby carriage. West Scrappers I The Sirl, Mary Fldcr, took police • — ' •- - - ..... — - — ,... WU3I1 „ piuic gin^a titxt uimiL ni window, receiving several cuts. Sahara desert. C,-II:^L KUL. v r Scottish Aimers Vote ,. Work --„..,„.. g,.,,.,^ Av iiniuy • Field Saturday morning 1 at 101 o'clock acceding t-> press agents 1 ,,. . , . . for Ihe groups of school boy grid- i ftlmister of Justice ders. ! i LIr.c-ups of the opp-sing teams | find Boone, Harris, Secoy, Foster, [ /%•/-. /» Quits German Cabinet WEATHER it nno. west Scrappers lne Kiri, Aiary Jrincr, tooic ponco *"""s omuuji. 'cst End Bear Cats will I'° an alleyway where little Evelyn! The negroes toW officers they M;|i; • . c . football game at Haley' was asleep In th; brty carriage. 1 had been drlnkin? li:? fiuld for j wiutionaire dpOnSRlan ; rday momin, at to,' ' sever, weeks^ho^efrect, | Found Dead in Hallway ARKAN . SA ^ Falr '^ f _ bbCI St Librar^ ^\™"W*£ ' -'— :&&?&& ST' «""" l.ef.Havana_ for Miami by atr Mrs Brcdt and deslg-1 tools spent thc i, was found dead today In j According to the rf tidal weath« Police ^w „ £ f.P*" 1118111 ' i ?^erver, Charles Phillips, the mm- i once said a, preliminary exam- j imuni temperature here yesterday > he had died from . wm 41 rfapraot and t** & wiAvim,.«. , was one of the leading : of rain. On Hie same day a year i.gures In American horse racing, ago the minimum : temperature 'wned "flying Ebony," winner of the Kentucky Derby In 19S5, was 32 degrees and Ihc maximum, 58 degrees; partly cloudy

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