The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY G, 1939 , T-ARK.y COUBIER Number Has Increased From 18,000 In 1933 To 45,000 Now The raising of more ami better liogs has materially increased in Mississippi coinily Hi the past six years since the AA A program caused fanners to limit their acreage In cotton pnxluctlcu. There wore about 18,000 ]i:es tu Uie county In 1033 and now estl mates Increase this number to about 45.008. The ' primary cause of tills Is thai farmers realized hogs could best use tip the com being planted on some <A the land formerly always used for collon. Prior to tlie time tile government fnrai program wns Inaugurated, only about 15 per cent cf 0>c county's crop land was. in corn .while under the AAA programs the amount painted for home consumption needs is about 35 per cent. The quality of h:gs lias Increased as evidenced by the increase both in. registered males anO females. Six years ago, not more than 12 farmers kept registered hogs en their farms while now records show almost 200 farmers, 4-II Clul) members and Future Farmers' members with registered animals. Ijcans to club members and Future Farmers' members for the purchase of registered hogs made by the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce and the Production Credit 'Association have assisted extension workers and agriculture teachers In fcnvarding Ihis program. The Mississippi Coimly Pair has also plowed a major role in the hoe improvement program. \At least four lios raisers who were not satisfied with just registered hcgs, after becoming interested In this business, obtained males from .outstanding herds. R. E. Jches, of New Liberty, purchased "Golden Dictator", a Poland China, sired by a national champion boar wlvcse sire and granclslre were all national champions. The darn wns national champion ' gilt. Stantcn Pepper, of Huffman, recently purchased "Arkansas Wave- Gold", a Duroc Jersey, sired by HOD •- pound "Louxnionts : Wave- Gold" wlu was 1938 world grand champion; ..•..: Bruce Gulp, of Lcachville, continued his livc-al-home program when he purchased "Delia Cherry King" from the Orion Cherry King line of hogs which have been outstanding shew ring prize winners, for^ trig past 20 years. " the 1D38 MitlSouth Fair champion Poland China male. Methods of raising and feeding hogs have .also improved considerably; Prior to 1933, the small number of hogs' were kept in the barn lot practically all the year except during the" fall when they were turned cii the -fields. Now they are kept on permanent and temporary pastures nearly all the time. More than 200 "A" type houses have been built which not only make t£v sanitation but increase the number of pigs saved in farrowing. One of the mcst outstanding examples of proper reeding and sanitary management of hogs is the plan followed by Jess Hcrner tit Manila. The Horner farm keeps about 14 broccl sows, a registered male, und ordinarily as many, as 100 pigs which are raised there ' on the farm. The sow and pigs are kept on both permanent and temporary pastures of clover mixtures arid rye, oats and sudan grass, but are net permitted to run on a pasture which has been used by hogs the previous year. He vaccinates his pigs at about two months of age.jmd about Uvo weeks later they are treated lor worms. The pigs are treated with one •cunce each of a mixture of: oi of chenopodium Hi ounce, chloroform 1 ounce, oil ot anise '.i ounce, and castor oil 30 ounces. The cost of this treatment is only abcut one-half of the cost of commercial 'remedies. Tankage and shelled corn are kept before the sows ami pegs in self feeders built according: to Extension Service plan No. 70154. A home made mineral mixture made from equal parts of steam bone meal, ground limestone, and salt, which costs only $1.60 'per : 100 pounds -Is used. . During the past year while s? many were losing pigs from cholera and necrotic enteritis (a barnyard disease) he lost none cf his 110. Members of 4-H clubs have shown inuch Interest. In registered hogs and have made fair financial successes. James Henson, Fcrty snd Eight Club member, In addition lo making a financial success of his regislered swine demonstrated!, has served a good purpose in providing registered pigs for ether 4-H Club members In his community. In the spring of 1937 when James purchased a bred gilt through n finance plan lor *-H Club members fcr $38.50, some believed that the price was so high that he could not 'make a financial success from such a project. But from his first litter of seven James sold 3 gilt pigs and one male for about $10 each to 4-H Club members and paid off his note. He. kept one of the gilts for a brcod sow, kept one male and sold one. Every pig In this first 1'tter cf seven was raised as well as nil seven In the second litter. The only pig -which he lost was three of the nine from Uie gilt which he raised himself. j An Inventory of James' purebred FLAPPER FANNY "In the Garden" BlightIj- more (Han the cheapest nnd the result Is worth ninny more times the amount, spent. PAGE'THREE,, Demonstration Club News' Notes "No, you can't read my diary! It wouldn't interest you, any"• •. way—it's mostly about boys you 'don't know." demonstration shows Hit he has sold six pigs fcr $61, all of which went to 4-H Club members, lie has two brood SOTS valued at $00, a male valued at $25, and 11 other pigs valued at $75, making a total of $221. Expenses other than for home grown feed were $02 which included the price of the bred gilt service fees : fcr both sows and for 16 sacks of shorts. Leroy Watkins, 4-H club member of the Flat Lake community, is now making prcgrcss witii his registered Poland China gilt 'purchased through a. 4-H Club loan from the Mississippi County Production Credit Association. The gilt, which was sred by a son cf a national champion owned by R. E. Jones of near Blytheville, . weighed 4G pounds when teroy purchased her Mny 1. During the month of May 'she gamed oily, li pounds, due, he stated, to the move to the new location and being vaccinated. The next 21 days she gained 22 pounds. He weighs hLs gilt every week and makes, a record of the gain. He docs'hot yet have a pasture for her but, ty lake the place. of H, he keeps alfalfa hay before her at all times and also pulls weeds ahd^grass,for her. He also keeps before- her a mineral mixture; of ashes, lime and salt, in a box under : "" '' ' " Singing Barber Laments Hair Trim by Friend NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (UP) _ It is dcubtful whether 'liosarlo Tata, "The Singing Barber," ever will let another customer cut ills hair. Byron Morse decided "curly this spring Hint lie would grow some gladioli Just for the fun of It. The result Is tlmt he 1ms 1800 of Hie finest bulbs available now in full bloom. Gorgeous colors nnd species miikc H beautiful picture at his farm on Highway Ul, across from the country club, where he [limited the bulbs nftcr buying "ninny more" , lil 'i' !lllt Home Demonstration than he first inlendcd-bccnuse hei , ." ""'' '" " lo llolll ° of M«: '"• B- couldn't resist tlie Interesting SW1 Molllll >5' afternoon with, rramesl "jMrs, Will Morgan presiding. After Not content, with Just growing I V^ I l7 <J , l .'T, 1 . aIul " m 'l> »»!8"'lf the gladioli n« n hobby, Mr. nnd Mrs. Morse are shnrlng them with friends, even If It does mean gelling up very early each morning gather the long stemmed flow, arrange them ns to species, id distribute them. Like several other flowers, the 'Binds" have nlso become ruffled and the Morses have several varieties with ruffled blooms. Although hey were planted nt one lime they are blooming nt intervals because "' the different kinds. One of their favcy)les, the 1'le- ardy, which Is a tnljnon-plnk ami •cry large. Is almost gone ns U Js "n early plant. Now, their crinkled, ioldbug, Ahl, anil Uctty Nutnll lire among their finest blooming nl- hough they all look wonderful, Mr. Morse (Mrs. Morse declares ill she doe's Is lo pick them) says ie IMIS learned (lie secret of giw- ng gladioli, wlilch Is the buying of line bulbs. By purclinslng them' In large quanlltles, which can be done by .several persons together, the most select bulbs cost only | Two of Tata's regular patrons offered him $5 each If he would allow them to Iry their hand at hair-snipping. —. When they finished, Tnta called in a fellow-barber -iriio tried to repair .the damage. Tata wore home a borrowed hat lo hide his humiliation. 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Can ....18c :i Ib. Can .., .-SUt WATERMELONS "'S, 49 APPLES Do/. 15 SEEDLESS I'ounil HI IIUC or ApricofH, Calif. T LUiTlO Vnncy, Kuch Lemons s k - 15c SALAD DRESSING finihassy ' 47c 22c PEANUT BUTTER Pint Quart lOc 20c Butter Eiilmnrc Oleo,l 2 Ihs, POTATOES New B-fii-mlo 10 His. 15 LIMES Doxcn 10 CHERRIES 15' LETTUCE Firm Hcail.s Oranges l& 29c PICNIC HAMS Tendered Morrell's Pride, Ib. 15c SLICED BACON Wis. Cheese... Ib. 17jc|Pure Lard ... lh. Pure Pork Sausage Ib. 15c I Sliced Bacon, reg, lb K 19c "S r! BEEF ROAST - 23c PhiL Cream Cheese ea, 7jclDressed Hens . . .ib. 25c Cottage Cheese . Ib.l2jc|lamh Chops . Ib. 29c Pork Shoulders Picnic Cuts, Ib, 15c Spring Chicken i^t 34c

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