The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1967 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1967
Page 6
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fte. D*s Mefe* Wktry Tl, Miss Swei City Contest Will Different fy_T * v^ir *"_ *.i'. £ i;'.iX'... i-j " v.:.r -.:,, 5-u;*;*.ri r.C^.1 VSE 7 .OT - ; *^'* ...-r£ -^i. iZT. i %£i-;, •ii -£.— /.- r « vlti Sl>2c; t£i£ iZS ier sicv ..-£„„ isL-je., _ LEOYARD *-£. 11: E. KilTl-. Bcscd irmly, Kr. '^r. Mrs. Hr. iic Mrs. EayE-,ed S:>:e; sic -<z£ lir. iii 11: £ . 1^ tsr iii lasuo, '<££. Mr v. Cc. . Z:^B.'i UDK, Subs.^ C::^ Cleri: Ker. i A-.-.C- iir.riy DX, were llr. s Z&gasfi on* ]&!*. SSJ^ZT SC Mr. aai Mrs. Mj . '£ Riio, Serv.c-e . is f::^ Co.. L^^s ?aU., Ac-.-feri. . . Serv:c&s . . Mr, Mr. Mrs. I>a«v r Diy gxes^E v- Mr. iii Mrs, f "t:A lilliilj ' Mr. aid Mrs. E^ri ax! iarcily u £ros7i SAMTT.-.TIO5 lt, Salary l%le- c;-.;. Ci&ric, A City, M::ier Lbr .M2.K . .iS.25 . .1.25 .12.Si i5r£. JaJcft Kociler o-* S»-&a City. Tilt Dix/o/s also cftie^ritfrC u*feir 47tii w6<kU/ig ^iiJvfcrEary f ridiv. Mr. jtad Mrs. Earl J'jr&i&ju. Lyle, Elciwi ar/d IXdt atfc.vjfe'j the Grace Lu'J^ra:. c 4 arch Lr. Fairmont Su&day ifjoniijjg. KftlU. Hara, son cd Mr. a/j Mrt. I/,re.- ; Hans, was wiUnhvi cjuriiig tit senlcfcs. They «ferfe dit^fer guests at the Ha;i£ t,'>u ife aior. wltti Mr. ai t d Mrg. and Mr. arrf Mr£. i &!!:}• Bros., Labor 11.&j vr-.h Ctmri.!, Gas n.fcO SEWER RENTAL rc-ritcr.. Salary ii^.02 i.'r.iftfc, Salary 2&C.76 '% Cwr. Co., Iwurar.ce . ..2i.l7 o. P.%fu/.'j ....... 4.14 Oii ,,,.,, i'.i'.t V/etz«I. P!r>g. Su^hti ..... Kfciiti. t*%p:.,Op. Ctn. .2.00 Council Minutes Thfc CnyCounci! rr.t-t ir /fcifula eetiiot; v/itt, Mayor Fin: ar.-j tf. iollowir.g Coui/-]| •!.(•!.'.(,».!.., p f( . tent: Muckty, Ai.'Jn.-isM.-j:, Coo/. MHltr ar/1 Pel f E Mlnutffc o! lai' n,fc6tjr,g wi-rt HECREATIOS fa'/Ic.'i'^if:, Saiary l ! la. Statfc fcV:., Whol'Jii,g .... S'.a't Co.T.r:,., Wt/xlOJiig .... Li'.k If;V. CO , If,£Ufa|,Cfe ... Al;;oiia Hour d Ffctci, 6.01 faowfriai.'t, Oil Ai/i«:n' : C!'.; Cleric, A'Jv. Caii,. > rfe'itj-tck't, Kaix- . . . .36.00 . .1.30 .!'->. li .1-5.14 O. Klyt., Hoifci '•0 i,;, ti.t Nat:oiiiJ Chfeir.. W.bT SKK'.ICE J ii.<- Cour.':jJ &<:' urn;. S'a'.fc ii/.., I) C]'T>: r.o ;.,{. Iiit'.-rfrti 3-J'j.OO 7';. 25 to buy city at (life i_, jn .,., ,ji }.;],, .. ri ,j Maid lor $1,450.00 i/y Hi-fi'ar Witt- ol Corwlij,, Ji, /.a/j ,,.. a ,j , (> Hit- Council autho;i/,(;fi tj vertite fcarnc lo;. f>ai fc ai.o ifc > Jui>t- 14, 1'jfi as ((.<• rlan- of Jf.'trt-t! .... hearing lor hale ol saio joi. Jov/i Jj. M. Nat). Autliori/.fcrj (lit purchasb of a IfiH-rt'M Trasli Pump ai,-i Cifci,.../-ator lo; .St' u;n,, Stau- fc»;. the Strett Dfcpt. JmtroM . . The Coum.-iJ (javi.: a M >ioval './, la. S'.att BX., Jntt-ffctt.'. !l',i procfct'J on thfc Sa/.ita;y {ji-v/tr la. UM Nat!., Initrcii'.'. [2 invc-sti(/atlon lor In/Uiratlou in Citj' Sia'e Ui;.. l;,fi,; fc thf east part ol I hi- nty. Mcrchaiiu, Nail., Aulhorl/.fi the- Ciiy CJtik to Iiiitit-i! the Iowa Klimnct ollirtj 't la. DM Katl.,l, (It ., tt , 7-);.r/j «6Moliu-t>ntxtv/e&k. la. L>tA Nail., Interest . . .34.7:: storm bfcv.'fr intakfc at Call and Stnlth btitet. KewluHciii authorl/.ini/ Quit Klrt.1 Kail,, Interest .... Claim Ijeeij lo Jlitumhious Sfctumy Stalt, luivristti MaturiaJ Hi Suj<jJy Co., v/ai» ajj- proved. PAKKJNO MKTKK Moved and iecondc-d Hit intt-t- Gioeu, Salary Ifig adjourn. JVauJioJ/., Salary .....'. L). A. SMITH la. State Bk., Wltol'lUt^ , . CITY CLEHK State Coin in., Wtn;l'Jlii(j . . .10,22 Trust & Agency, Pension . .4.40 GENEHAL I,lie Jnv, Co., Iniuranue .. .2&.17 Finn, Salary 123,15 Fldlar & Chajnl^rs, Sinitd, Salary 243.07 Uccelpfs 120.75 Sands, Salary 130.00 iiotkwell M%., Repairs . . ,17.21 la. Stale Bk., Wlioldlnii 71.23 Sherwln-Williams, State Coinin., Wliuldlng 7.93 Paint a .OO LUB Inv. Co., Insurance .. .37.18 Utl Elec., Service .... ..216.1K 'J7.50 :j.oo 77.50 07 05,iO PEOPLE: WHO LIKE V LIKE CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST j ROUND BONE ROAST BUDGET STRETCHER (TRY THESE ON THE GRILL) I CHUCK STEAK • ARM CUT j SWISS STEAK STERLING BRAND : SKINLESS FRANKS LB. PKG. GUS GLASER | SMORGASBORD PACK • ARMOUR'S TOP jCERVELAT J MORRELL PRIDE SLICED BEEF 69* • • • • ARMOUR'S STAR SLICED BACON LOTTS CREEK |LONGHORN CHEESE • RUPERT FRESH FROZEN jOCEANI PERCH • GREENLAND FRESH FROZEN iHALIBUT FILETS LB. 1-LB. BOXES LB. SUPER VALU CAKE MIX t • GEISHA J MANDARIN ORANGES 1 for NESTLE'S 2 LB, BOX RED OR RUSSET POTATOES 20 LB BAG NEW CROP CALIF. VALENCIA ORANGES CALIFORNIA LETTUCE LGE. HEADS Prices Good Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday HOOD'S SUPER UALU ALGONA FLAV-O-RITE FROZEN • CHOCOLATE •LEMON •NEAPOLITAN • COCONUT •STRAWBERRY ^BANANA 14 oz. THAW N EAT FLAVORITE BROWN OR POWDERED SUGAR 2H LB. PKG. ARGO SLICED PEACHES 2'/ 2 CAN HUNT'S APRICOTS For 2!/z CAN HAPPY HOST SIZE 300 CAN FLAVORITE PEANUT BUTTER ... SUPER VALU EPOR.M.l 7 . 07 : KING-SIZE TUBE BRYLCREEM CANNED GOODS PORK & BEANS - BUTTER BEANS NORTHERN BEANS - RED BEANS RED KIDNEY BEANS - CHILI BEANS HOMINY -*• SPAGHETTI i****************************** FLAVORITE FROZEN £^ VEGETABLES R FOR ALL EXCEPT ASPARAGUS & BRUSSELS SPROUTS ^H^^ The Food Cost U AT HOOD 1 S - Day After Day. w* invite You To Check Our Re< Prices •7 SheW COOKIES REG. - PEAKS PKG SUPER VALU TISSUES ****» f •• •> ^ •• ? WHITE - YELLOW PINK 200 COUNT ^^li* I HUNT SILVER JUBILEE 1 c * FLORIDAGOLD FROZEN half gallon Cones - Bn 'ng The Kids / ORANGE JUICE 6 6 OZ. CONCENTRATE **#^ ^ PINK LADY LIQUID DETERGENT 32 OZ. SUPERVALU Thursday, May 18, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Dej i •;<*-#,• ;r Kossuth Fans To See First Races May 26 ; Area race fans will get their first chance to see the latest in. super stock cars when Kossuth! Speedway's opening event of 19671 is held at the fairgrounds here' Friday night, May 26. Dwight Cook, operator of the. local track, said this week that; more than 4 5 cars are registered with vehicles expected to come from a large area to run here. Drivers expected, besides a large number from this immediate vi- , cinity, are from Ames, Mason City, Ft. Dodge and Northwood. Practically every community in north Iowa will be represented here this season. ' Time trials will be held again ' tills year after a season in which they were not featured. Trials ; are slated for 8:30 p.m. each ] Friday, with the first heat race; on tap at 9. For the first time, convertibles will be allowed, and some of' the engines to be featured are in the 40&-plus cubic inch category. All in all, it looks like a big season. Place Sixth Algona High's Fresh-Soph track team finished sixth in the Conference meet at Webster City Tuesday. The 2-mile relay team placed first for the Bullpups, while Mark Olson wound up second in the mile run. '• SCA Grades j Visit Various j Algona Firms The students of St. Cecelia's grade school are meeting the community this week. May 1519 is entitled, Know Your Community Week. Each grade is visiting a different place of business to learn just how the community helps us daily while the students are preparing for the role that someday they will be asked to fill. The following grades visited, the places of business listed below: Grade 8 - Algona Court House Grade 7 - Weldenhoff Corp. Grade 6 - Publishing Plant Grade 5 - Universal Mfg. Co. Grade 4 - Telephone Office Grade 3 - Water and Electric Plant. Grade 2 - Post Office Grade 1 - Police and Fire Station Faculty - Directory Service. Eskimos carve figures from the ivory of walrus taks. Area Modified Driver Takes Spill And Cash A modified stock car driver from Algona, Gene Schattschneider, was responsible for much of the excitement - and also claimed some of the prize money at the first night of racing at Jackson, Minn. Speedway Saturday night. Gene, who drives cars on all tracks in the area, rolled his speedster in the back straightaway on the first lap of the second heat, then came back after the re-start and wound up third. Jim Edgington, another well- known Algona pilot, was one of the top winners as he won the trophy dash and took a pair of seconds - in the second heat and A Feature. Another pair of area drivers, Leo Christensen, West Bend, and Bob Fisher, Renwick, also captured thirds during the program, Christensen in the first heat and Fisher in the A Feature. St. John's Is -3 Loser; Out Of Meet In a District playoff game that was tied going into the ninth inning, Bancroft St. John's lost to Granville - Spaulding, 4-3, Mon. night. In the ninth inning, the winning run came in from second on an error. Bancroft had three runs on three hits and committed five errors. Dick Diers was the starting pitcher for the Johnnies and was relieved by Steve Vaske in the sixth inning. The Bancroft pitchers whiffed 13 and walked eight men, Tom Nemmers, John Meyer and Lanny Kissner accounted for Bancroft's three hits, all singles. In State Meet Garrigan's medley relay team will run at 3 p. m. and John Winkel will run in the open 880 at 3;15 Saturday in the class A State Track Meet at Eagle Grove. The meet begins at 1:15 p. m. SMITH-CORONA Portable Typewriters, Victor Adding Machines at the UPPER DBS MOINES PUB. CO., Algona. (30tfn) OLD T-V HARD ON YOUR EYES? A poor television picture con hamper the vision of both children and adults. Don't take chances . . „ WHY WAIT CALLUS.. 295-3215 Protect your family's eyes with good T-V viewing I 18" RECTANGULAR COLOR T-V $O*JO per week— fc NO DOWN PAYMENT total - $299.95 with trade > lectronic Specialties! 616 Diagonal St. Algona

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