The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1967
Page 4
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4-Algona (In.) Upper Des Moinas Thursday, May 18, 1967 Sentra! Seniors Enter Final Week, Graduation i*. MISS SENTRAL .- M;;. : . l/i'.i LiiiMin i? ;t Candida'i. 1 ii>r LHC '', ; lt' iVll>S -V.l!" t] i'HW: selected t>\ tin: bone of Sen- LeRoy Meyer, Seneca Youth, Out Of Service itMiXV. •- U-tfvy Mtjtr, s .j:: v: t!.t I-', ;•_.!<. i/.fyi-js, arnvtd i.'jiM: ;eo-:.'! ; , HKviii;: received J»:£.'. v.!.-i:'r>;id quests ai the MI.-;, vi :,•.".<: inciuoeci Mr, aj*d Mrs. •'-!', S'j'Jta aiid iaujily of St. I J :.-.u], Mm.'..; also Joanila Mr-;.e ,vv, ;s employed by Min- iiesi.i'.j :..•.<••:: '.'.'suraiice in Min- Lc-ster Hasbrook visited last wti-i: a; tU- Hein j WilUrgs. Jack ;i'.-s i-'i;iistt''j in the air force and ifcft 1'.-: iJiC'-icliQii last Thursday. •K-rjy Gtiitiiitjd iias been sent oveisi-js jjid is nov, with the arnn.-'i forcc-s. in Viet Nam. Mr. ajid Mi's. Mark Benihard and lajuily were last Sunday dinner guests of the Donald Boniianus, St. Benedict in lionor of Paul Borinaim's first communion. Mrs. Betty Moel and family of Des Moines were Mother's Day weekend guests at the parental August Nelsons. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Andre witertained Sunday at the home in honor of their daughter, Barbara's confirmation at the Fenton Methodist Church. Dinner guests included the parental grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Andre of Emmetsburg, maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lammers of Graettinger; also Mrs. Maxine Johnson, Marcea and Brenda of Nev/ell, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Gltjenbruns of Mountain Lake, Mlwi., and Melvin Andre of Em- rnetsbuu;. Mr. and Mrs. Vr'ayne Ghnemus and family v/ere evening guests, Mr, and Mrs. Henry V/ilberg ajid Dennis and Mr. and Mrs. Keimeth Thompson and Joy Thompson, also Mrs. Marie lleerdi of Kingstedwere last Sunday afternoon and supper guests of the Byron liauges, Bancroft, iu lionor of Terry Hauge's continuation at the LiitiieraJi chinch that monring. Mrs. Henry Looit was a guest ul the Blue and White 4-H Club, UaJicrolt, at their annual Mother's Tea held Friday evening at Hit- Win, Kennedy home. Mr, and Mrs. Merlin Vnung of Minneapolis visited relatives in this urea over the weekend. They WL-re .Sat. evening guests at the Christina Vohlditck home Wal- lingiord; also vibiled the Wally llliiikiuaiis, \Vallijiglui-d, the John Johaniifseiis, Mrs, Kdna Johun- ne/juii and Larry, the Fred Ju_ hanne.sens and the Henry Luottti. Mrs. Young is the lonii'sj 1 Tilda Larry Johunnsen, son of Mrs. fcldau Joluinnesen returned home Friday aitc-rnoon aitur having completed his six months of training in (he National Air Guard. Mr. and Mrs. David Looit and laniUy spent Mother's Uuyaltur- iipon and evening at the Parental Glen lloppes, Triunan, Minn. Mr. and Mi j. Henry Looit wore Mot)iuj i *s duy siippur guests at the Gej'rit l)uWu4i'd home, Titonka, hoiiuj'ing tlifcj j' mutlier, Mrs. Ber- th.t Poinuier of .•Ugonu. Hostile, N. J., was (ho first (own to have electric lights. FENTON - SentnU Hiirh Solrjui will hole! its bacciUaurtat'. Sunday evening, May 21, at tin. auditorium. Rev. RusseU Elci- ridpe will be the s}iaut;ti an:: Ids message is entitied "Tv bt A Man". Commencement wii! be iield Monday evening, May 2^. at the Sentral auclituriutr. witi. the Dr. Benjamin A. Buck, assistant deaii of the s'jhuoi of education at Mankato State Coilegt. Ht v,;ill speal; or. the subject, "Change, Exchange anc: Sii-.irt- AT HANTLLMAN'S Kn'LS On; ui town visitors v-'ht' came to uttfiiui tlip iunenil uf Martin Hantelmixn were \Valtsn Hantul- num, Sun Frunciiicu, Calil.: Mrs,, .iui Th-jnipami, Allmqut-rtiu'., -N.M.; Mr. and Mrb. \ViinierfUui- tflmiiu, V.'abasli, Intl.; Mr. ant: Mr;,. HilbiT! Hiintulnmn, M."s. PiUli riailt'.iillUil. ail'.: S'Jl.. Manhat',', :\iinu.; ;•/:. anc! Mrs,, .lulu. riant'jim,.u. V.aver!'. ; Ma:". Haiilyimau, C'.tiiias Fiu;:-; tU>v. tin'J Mrs,. l)ii'*a.'i. Lr.JH* Ni'.ti'ji^ ; Miilincia HanitlniiUi, Cantji,: an:: A:; s,. \\t]"i Lij.ier an:: Mrs. M-:'!'yn'j'. -ieinit- v > re Mjiiify's Da;, nu-s'.fr . : .'. ".ii 1 Kut! Ei;;le: The loliowi:if_: teachvi'i. have also beei. lure-;, by the SentriJ Community Scli-j'jl b-jari. Tiiomas,, ;j^j;:;.., v.'ill teach jiuuor liirjl. s-jciiJ s'.uciits and assume tlie duues ul junior lilt;!; c-jaci.. Maurice Ivtilier, M?.r:o;i, If.,, viL te;/;:. junior lii^l; snatii air.i '.;r:ve: edu- catiyii. Williair. Kaasci., FJ:.- tiuielle, Ifc. will be the ;i!i> y.-jiJ education teacher it; j;.nr.iei 1-2 and assist in c'jac:iin>'. at tin Irv;:. DL:''I'.IE,'.U. ir.iiiit at Cnarit-t C::; ,.:i:'. tin Arirjk; Helle: irjmt ,a Mi'.riiie Kocl:. Tin -rv.;'. :>'. '.;,* liyjifv. Luti,- . /u:iert IvU'.ciitil. Mrs. Ernest bfc-n^i-.!!'.; j;,i'vt ::,t;ynj, ^ud Mil,. Milfvrr. Mr.wie:.; tiit less'.!!:. MU-. OU-; s-.i:., N:.-L. Shirk'} X,L:!iiac.'i i'.tr.: Mi'b. Ki'.::i ( r:: 'JirJej- wo-j'.l v.ert •;uosL£.. Tht Fcnt'.i;, i : :;r\ v.r-.'.s 4-HClut iield their May meetinc- at the home of Rita Luedtke. Plans. wi:re made for a workshop tu be held all daj ntxt month. Rita Luedtke, Marly B and Jane Widitendald resi;;nod Irom the club. Barbara Baxter i;ave ii denvjiiatratiun on suitable c'/.ui- tiLiiit)-;. for flywtT Mr:>. Melvin Kimpe v.-as init-st nr.ithcr. Luncli was servtid in the hostess. Mrs. Geral'J Voi<;( atteiide'J the national conference of tlie Office Education Assoc. at Greunlake, Vt'isc. last Friday'and Saturday. The conierence was helc! at the American Baptist Assembh. LUTHLRA.N LEAGUE The L.L.L. oi St. Jolm's Lutii- t ran churuh met Tuescun even- :;ir at the church jiai'lurs. Hostesses- were the committee of the international membersliip drive '.hat rot tlie iewest ne - ,v luembert in the campaign. They were Mr. and Mrs. Vic Struecker, Mr. and Mrt.. Emil Bierstedt, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Vaudt, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyej, Mr. and Mrs. John Struecker and Mr. andMrs.Dar- reii Dreyer. There wereSOpre- sem. Kev. Re;; Spicer e«ive the topic. Harold Eimers was voted as, delei;att to flit convfntioi: at Okoboji iu Ju:»; and Joiin Struecke)' was voU'd ultejiiati-. E:i;ii Bierstt'Clt ;;,ave a j'epvrt '.in the L.L.L. s mt'inlwrship dJ'ive. •uay:i<:> Stotber, a junioj ,«( th,. Vniversiiy of Iowa, hw been elected pitsideiit of Ueltc Si;;ma >':;i, professional business fii-t- er!!it> for t'n- fall w;nu ; ,ster. Wayne is tlie son of Mr. aJidMrs. '>Vilfred SXoeber. Tile Fent'jn \\'oman's Club met Tuesday eveijia,;, May 'j, at the Fwiton Cale. Theje v/ere 1'J memljej's and ;;uests of memU-rs whu weit unaUe to attend. Thf, wtre entertained with Kii^.in-' <Jid guessing games. The ;;n>- rrarn cyininjttee included Mis, Ciajlon Ditsworth, Mrs. E. C. v.'eisbrod sjid Mrs. V,'. Laa/e! A tw(j-course luncheon -.vas strved by Uie caft. Mrs. Ernest Vottelei, Mrs. Homei Matt'iie- sen, Mrs. Ed Meyer ajid Mrs. .Vina Schwartz were the hostesses. The next meeting will be in September. ErvLn Votteler is home from the hospital and is recovering satisfactoril;,' from his tractor accident. The neighbors are helpuiv \sitii (hi; coin |;!aiitii,|j. Calvin Vaudt ,nid h'.ij tiardciiiii 1 have U j enplanting ooi'nthis su/ek. Mr. and Mrs. Vic l)i'.->tr ,md girls ar,.j Mr. jj.d Mrs. Win. D. Djejtr, 1/;!H l<'j<:k, '.'.I'l'u .'iund.r, di.'ijii;! v.utsts <ii tlie Is..he Johnsons at lsjj;av,'ii.i f'>r (In- i:nnlii- mativ.'i ol J>;'i ; :l:-.-: J',hn.i';ii al Ihi Metliod:.-:! chiji'i'l; ..t Kjji.r.'.h.i Suji'ia;,. TI.U: Friemi];. '',i;] t l,i;.)j'.-j Ciui- met Ma;, 11 at ti/e h',m<- ol Mr.i. KeiiJielJi lyjliinter ''.ith Aj.nV.ill- relt, assist.;jit hostess. Mrs, Klsie DJi-;.i:r .-;ave two le.idiii/s entitled "Pioneer V/Miieii" .md '"J'his Is The Mvlon. Wife", EnterU'.ij;!!.i.-M a variet;, >it t'Jessi;:;; ^mes led i.} Mi 1 .--, Heleiie IjJedtke a.'i-.i Mis, H.UI: ; iiiigo. There were t'.-.i; .ui-'St;. i-'resent. Mi. aj;i; Mrs. Glenn Flint .md girls ::j;d Mi. and Mrs, Ha;, L'tliof, Jvy;;,e;, and Cliti;,!, v.c-ri- Su-'idi-.;, e-.-cnin;;. Diesis .,t the, i;;h : ;j i,, ;mt Jur Dai i ell's ajid Diajie'fe b:rthda;.s. Mr. and Mrs. Gar;. Jansma, Spirit Lake, Mi. ajid Mrs. Carl Fe;.'e and Mr. and Mrs. Harold '•Vishman and family were- Sunday dinner guests at Uie Lyndon Kerber home. "Kossulh County's Favorite .Vcwspapi-r" SHOP in your KOMI COMMUNITY Fanton Business & Prof&ttsono! Directory FRIENDLY FENTON INVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE Golden Sun Uoyd GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE Fenlon, Iowa HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building • Rernod«l!ng PHONE 889-2281 Fenlon, Iowa Dr. E. W. Rur-kt Offic* Phemt te$.22*l Retidrnc* 689-2353 Frnten, fewo FENTON DRUG R.C.A. Dtoifir T-V Sal»t I S«rviet Phont FRIENDLY FENTON. IOWA AND J€flVIC —,. PERJflflALI €5 you flfiQfj/J jK oU T" AND PATRON IZf VIKING OIL CO. GASOUNE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot ALGONA IMPLEMENT YOUR IHC HEADQUARTERS BUILDING MATERIALS KINDS AND TYPfeS • for Remwteling, Modernizing • For F»rm fe Home Building • For Rtidy-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. OF ALL Kit Phone 295.5266 -*» • e * F • F t. .*..&. CAROILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your 8 rain befw» yo u te |[. • Federal licensed Storage Warehoute. Dale Kleingarfner or Corwin C. Peer 419 s " Philli P' st - Ph. BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building - Farm and Town o 122 South Jteckflri, Alqorta Phone 295-2865 (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) •*-•-«* '/I 'HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" Well Appreciate a Chance to Eitlmate Without Obligation on any Town or Farm Conduction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. PHONE 295-5577 ALGONA, IOWA oil CO a/gana, la. SERVICE lUI^KJI BULK STATION IVIPDII SERVICE PHILLIPS & MCGREGOR STREETS ALGONA, IOWA JIM SLOTER, OWNER The Algona Implement Company — your International Harvester Dealer in the Algona area, is headquarters for all your Farm Equipment needs. They have one of the largest parts inventories in the area and can handle all your service requirements. Their service men are specialists - truck mechanics to work on trucks-tractor mechanics to service your tractor problems. If it's new equipment you need, check their complete line of IHC Implements, tractors and trucks. Because of their Large sales volume in new equipment, tl.ey always have on hand a fine line-up of good' used machinery. Whatever your needs, stop in-let Algona Implement help you make the right selection. COME IN - LET'S TALK TRADE ! -»** Your Banking Needs SAFE © CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Crowln 0 with the Community IOWA STATE BANK AIGONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 928-2312 Wo Welcome A Chance To Give You An Estimate On Re,idential, Farm or Commercial Building No Obligation. CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 ALGONA IMPLEMENT Moving « Storage « Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere All Types Crating _ Phone 295-2275* POST Moving & Storage INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER YOUR IHC DEALER Phone 295-350! 1417 Commerical St. Algona Algona Implement Co. M » FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS _. Phone 295-3501 1407 Cpmmercial St. ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" EaM of Algona on Highway IP, s °. Phillips Si. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The I'rcli-rrcd I..P. Gas BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone 295-2841 Algona ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING EQU.PMENT . Kheem Hot Wuter heaters. Garbage Disposal Units cr-Rooler "&cr. vice. PHONE 295-5240 IN ALGONA

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