The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
Page 4
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'PACE BLri'liEVlLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1936 .' THE BLyTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .V THE COURIER.NEWS GO., PUBLISHERS, 1', ' C. Ii. BABCOCK; Editor '. ' H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager '' ' Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago. Delroil, St. Umls, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday - Entered as second class nmlt«r at Uic post o(Ilce: nt- lilytlievillc, Arkansas, under net ot Congress, October 8. 1917. Servca DV tne Untied Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES •' By earner In tiic Cay o( Blytlicvlllo, 15o per wccki or $050 ]Kr year, In advance. By ninll, wlliilti « radius or 50 miles, $3,00 per year, $1.60 (or six months, ISc for Uirco montlis; By innli In postnl zones two to six, Inclusive, >6.50 per ycnr; in zones seven nnd eight, $10,00 I«r year, payable In advance. Psychology , f Itcdnce tlio causes of most atltonw- y'"' accidents to psychological factors, '••','': Scientists tell n?, and Hie real trouhle '•;•-. can he traced lo iiiaUonlion, lack of 9 .'judgment, recklessness, thoui;hl!ess- •iiess, love .of speed, slow wits, or cx- '•; citein,enl. \ It makes motoring on a busy highway these days H dangerous business. do Hboul ilV The psychologists offer several suggestions. • They would, for one thing, prohibit some persons from driving at night '\\ -because of peculiarities of vision; they would rcnuire others with high acci- ,' ' dent records lo practice driving under •' ..the supervision of a trained "specialist in accident prevention"; and, finally, they wouiii inaugurate schools for drivers, attendance at which would be cominilsqry for offenders and ultimately reiiuircd for obtaining a license. • At (.he siiine lime, these psychologists would modernize trall'ic regulations in accordance wilh the findings of scientific reicardi. Their suggestions 'merit a trial. f K\peiiinen /,' 7 '/;ra</ ancd In a year when cilics, as well as state and national governments, face elections, it is particularly significant to follow, the Cincinnati situation. Cincinnati, it will be remembered, instituted several years ago the "Cincinnati experiment"—a municipal government bared on city managership, the merit system and a small council elected by proportional representation. Backed by effective citizen support, this program has blessed Cincinnati wilh good government for more than a decade. From being one of our worst- governed cities, Cincinnati has become one ol" our bcs.t. But now the experiment faces an acid test. Determined forces are said to be seeking lo undermine the charter secured in .192-1. They are urging the voters to turn back the, clock. 11 is devoutly to be hoped that the people of Cinciumiti will retain the present set-up. The municipal structure of this country cannot afford to lo;e good ground in any city. Tlie Italian government lins issued an Insolent defiance to more Hum 50 nations nrnl expects them to t|imll bolero Its threats, Will the League it Million's, which is also the victim ot KallM [-.Egression, hoiv its head to violence? —Wolrie Mariam. Ethiopian diplomat. The Publics 1'uult WJmlever is the status of law <'"- forccinciil in this country, the public is (felting much more fli;m its il' |( >. i' 1 the opinion of Harold Nallian, assistant director of the Federal liurwiu of Investigation. Mr. Niilhiin lold n group of Cleveland educators recently Ihal law enforcement in the United States i.s generally inferior to thai of many Ktu 1 - opean countries, but thai, even so, Americans "are getting more than they deserve." "Moreover," says Jlr. Nathan, "until we arc willing to pay for more than Ihe services of a night watchman lo arrest a burglar he picks up red-handed, our slatislirs will continue to read in totiils appalling when compared wilh those o!' other nations." The inajoi 1 cause of crime, in other words, is the incredible nonchalance with which people regard it. Our r Reput<tlion : Abroad Out of New York, news wires recently carried this brief: "A group of European tourists, arriving today on the liner Girolslein, refused to hind until Customs Officer Arthur Webb assured them they would nol be shot immediately by gang- filers." Trivial and absurd on the. face of it, of course. It makes little dilfer- ence whnl a handful of Kuropcan loiir- isls thinks of us over here. Hut the significance of this affair lies in the reasons back of this osld Kuropcan conception of America and Americans. We have'tolerated the criminals and condoned the corruption of public office for so long Ihal it is difficult now to stand out before the world as a nation of essentially honest people. Our crass indifference lo lawlessness not only injured our national character, but it smeared our reputation at the same time. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ADVENTURE by Jean Seivwfight © 1936 NEA Service, Inc. m-:r;i\ ni;nr, TODAY fiAII, F.VKIIHTJ', irlrinrr ol the John S. I.urne i-OKlumu OpKlKU lirl/.e, i-omi'B In Xrw York (o flud (Trtrlf. f.'ulk'M pureiilM nrc liofh drrttl. Slu- Jin* KIK-IL! Ihr iiaxt Ikrl'r yrlirx nt .HISS CnA\<iTON'H fjixliIoiiiiliK- Arhool for RlrU — jiic lo «l»s CriiiulouV i,'i-lirro.i!lx "'"1 frli-Hilxlilii fur tinll'ri molhrr. Arjuoil nltTi n It-llpr from I.nriu-, i;.ill Kiira lo liU ollli-c nnil i» mill iu< ii inn ..r iniTn. i)i:ni-:ic IMIICIIKAVKS, ill. arllnl. over- Jir/ir.s I his rmivrr*'l(inil mill iiflVrit to liriii (.'nil. Ill- ntlvlficN hrr to KU lo .ll.lll.l.-ili; [.mi'l-I'K'S Kliop to nl'lil) 1 for n Joli. Cnll nrrlvn Ilirrf ju,( nflcr fi-ijilirriiiiii-iitnl Mnclmiio I.lzi-ttc liriM li-arjir-il hi-r ili-Ki^ner IIRN f;,»i(r lo Hollj'mioil. Cnll tfru tlift job anil KUE'* lo ivnrk ni-xt morning. <»JIT mill nt il nf (ho ilfty . Slu; r,>r K <.-t« llK to tnkc licr "You'll ilic when you hour (his, Iks-. .Jerry has been iiskcil to Kivc ii success liilk lit some graduating class. Isn't thill priceless?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD Will) n free school, Iree church ami n free library, yon cnn not have ii dictatorship. —Dr. Frank I 1 . Graham, president, University of Norlh Gnrolinii, * * * I do not believe Hint nny nimble television 'apparatus, nny scries of photograph records, any Ingenious mlcj'iipcopic (.fidgets whereby yon can carry tile entire works of Bahac in your ciunrelle case, will lake Ihe place of books, as we knoi, 1 them. —Sinclair Lewis. * » * ' Tnlk nbarl lake counts, vc sure have our troubles In Hie holm royally. Brother, Ihere Is only one king of Ihe hoboes, ami lhat'.s Jefl Dnvis. —Jeff Davis, sclf-slylcct hobo king. * * * Teaching young boys the future of America, instead of past history, would help many ot them from spending Hie best parl ot their lives in prisons. —J. Edgar Hoover, chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation. * * * Mus a waitress is simply another womanly acccmriltshnienl. —Evalyn Scottinann, "queen ol wallresses." t t t Crowds nrc humiliating. I must have space brealhe. —Greta Gnrbo. NE.VEB. MAKE HOMEV FROM &OSES, FOR. R-OSES CONTAI IN >vo IT IS CHEAPER. TO USE THE MAILS IN DRY WEATHER / -A FIRM LOCATED IN FT WORTH, TEXAS, POUND THAT A FEW DAVS OF RAIN ADDED S, ^SO LBS. TO THE TOTAL WEIGHT OF LETTERS SENT OUT DLJRJN& A AWIL- CAMPAIGN WEEK.. Dil.i milieu J)l-rck to illiin.T. I.I;CII.M-; Tii.ivuuw, « n «iiiiimi rl:mjmi<p nC Cull's, :IK!C» tJicnl to Join Ju-r imrl), MIU (.'(I OX WITH TUB STORY CHAPTER VU JJEREK snicl insistently, "But it's ^ |)Ci-fc<tly ;iil riylit wilh me— don't .rivt' it another thought!" They were leaving the R-,-,sia i-i'st.iurant nftei- Gail had refused Lucille Travcrs' invitation lo join her friends. "I3ul I'm afraid I vras rather selfish," Gail objected. "Lucille is frightfully rich. Perhaps if you'd met her friends it might have brought you some commissions foi portraits." "Do you think I'd sacrifice an hour with yon for the sake ol such a mercenary consideration?' As they reached the door Gail noticed the woman iiho hac spoken to her the day before in the tearoom — the one who liac urged her lo see ;i certain cshibi' of paintings. Gail was surprised when Derek acknowledged th woman's jerky little bow mos com'lcously. It was not until they were out side that he said, "Did you notice Hint rather unusual looking worn mi lo whom I bowed as we let the restaurant?" "Yes. Who is she?" Gail askec interestedly. "Mrs. Morton, the widow of oiv of America's ;;rcni(st financiers. She's tremendously rich and takes an interest in young painters, trying to get a start. Art's her hobby. In fact, it was the sale of a little wafer color to her that set my feel on the ladder." "How exciting!" said Gail. "But, believe if or not, she spoke to me yesterday!" Quickly she lold Derek of their meeting. "Well, you are having some lucky breaks, for if Mrs. Morton ccomcs interested in you or your vork there isn't a thing she won't 0 for you." "Oh, I may never meet her gain. It isn't likely I'll be Join- ng the social whirl, I'm afraid work's going to fake most ot ny time." "Say, you're not going to make vork the whole aim of your"cxlst- ince! I'm going to sec to that, ight now. How about a little rip Sunday?" "I'm sorry I can't accept. I've promised to spend the week-end vith some friends on Long 1s- and." * « • , I hope you have a good time," said Derek as they •ea<'.ied the clubhouse. "Oil, I guess I will. Thank you 'or the nicest evening I've had •since I came to the big city." "Glad you enjoyed it. liy the way, Ihe Ferrara gallerylis lo be open one or two evenings ncxl week. The pictures arc well worth seeing. Won't you let me 'iike you Ihore?" "Of course I will,'if you're sure rou don't mind taking me." "Mind? Are you fishing, little lady?" For a precious moment his eyes licld hers. Then, withdrawing her hands, Gail ran up the short flight of stone steps. * » * AS Gail turned the key in tlv door of her room the green- eyed girl she had seen in the dining room stepped out into the hall She glanced up and down thi hall and then crossed to Gail "I've just broken the points of my scissors." she said. "I wonder i 1 might borrow a pair.from yoi for a moment or two? f'm Nala lie Preston," she added, In a care fully modulated voice. 'Of course you may! Comi right in." "What is your work?" asked N'alalie, taking a cigaret from th box Gail offered her. "! design dresses." "That's interesting! I'm in th advertising line. I write spccia women's copy for one of the bi Fifth Avenue stores.. It's not bac only you don't get around enougl —I mean outside the st»,-c. Am it's real slavery, for we have t work Saturdays, loo. I'm trying lo get into an agency. You get to know more people that way. Beside.; I'm fed up writing exclusively about clothes. I loathe them." + * * r>AlI. laughed. "Then I guess 7 you don't think much of my line?" , "Oh. that's different. You're aclually crcaling—not just-raving about creations! Besides, if you're ny good at all as a designer you'll I lake a fortune. Some of the I vholesale houses pay fabulous I urns lo their designers, nnd they | an act just as 'temperamental 1 s opera stars." "Surely they're not all like I hat?" Gail's amber eyes were I winkling as she looked at lier| guest. 'Oh, tliece arc exceptions, but! most of them seem to think they! ire gifts from heaven and must I ie handled with care. Are you I your own? But there, you I must lliink I have an awful lot otl nerve to cross-question you likcl his!" "That's Ihe only way we'll gctl icquainled. I've just started to| vork with Madame Lizetle." "Oh, Madame Lizolto's!" Natalie! sat forward in her chair. "Howl ever did you manage to get inl ihere? I hear it's awfully hard! even to get an appointment withl ior to talk about a job! But may-| be you had some pull?" "No," Gall replied, and then revealed the manner in which shop had secured her job. "You sce, after all, it was only luck," shc| went on, "and besides, I don' know what may happen l row. It wouldn't surprise me froml what I've seen at Madamc's if II should lose my job any momenU' "You don't seem to feel very| worried about it." * * * /"""AIL shrugged her shouldersJ Had she spoken too freely fcil flu's stranger? Bui, as though thef dusky-haired girl had read hen thoughts, she started up, takino the scissors wilh her. When pJ reached the door, she murmurei "Hope you don't think I've askcci too many questions. You knouf I don't want to pry into anyone'^ affairs." "That's all right. AH I've toll you might be published from iiiil housetops. Il's been ever so nictl of you to stop and talk to mc| Come back any time you like." Alone again, she summed up the! olher girl, "A bit nosey, but no! a bad sort." Maybe they coulcl go around some together, for un doubtedly Natalie knew the cilJ well. Gail glancc'.l at her travel! ing clock and saw lhat it waJ only half past 10. She woultf hav? time to write to Miss Cran| ston before turning jr.. Opening her handbag, she loolj out her fountain pen, sat dowi at the desk, and began to write] "There," she exclaimed an hou later as she re-read the loiter and folding it, slipped it into the velope. "That should satisfy UiJ dear old thing!" A wave of colol dyed Gail's cheeks when sh'l thought ot Derek. She had no| mentioned his name! (To Be Continued) DO NOT CAST THEIR. "' SKINS, BUT ONLV THE OUTER. OF THE EPIDERMIS. Poets have ViTiUcu many beautiful verses abcul bees, gathering honey from fragrant rose blossoms, bvt this never happens. Although roses arc without nectar, they attract n horde of insects. - .tecs, as \vcll as other species., .since they arc rich in pollen. food and to give additional water between meals until the doctor can determine the cause of the condition uwl eliminate that cause. Many disturbances associated with vomiting, diarrhea or colic bring lout serious conditions within ic body, wliich demand a change i the food supply. O -S * As has already been mentioned, 10 baby requires additional vit;i- iiu C very early because of the vss of this substance from the u'lk, and vitamin D is required to rcvcnL rickets. Babies wno are fed artificially n sterilized or pasteurized milk nist receive orange juice or some thcr food containing vitamin C, •cginning with the .second month. t is c us toma ry to beg in wi t h a easpooniul of orange Juice each NKXT: From wlml was the Egyplain deciphered? H AMI? FLOWERS- V^,S- ' <=' - lf' 70EM!X,' ; i>n ALL BELOW .id Only Doctor Change B;tby"'s Did, When He Deems !l Esscnlia IIV ' 1)K. MOKK1S ;ililnr, ,T<nirn;il of tlir Amr.riran ir.-xl AvsnciiiUon. ntnl of Hy- Krin, (lie Urallh ^ia^.uiitc Mast mothrvs arc incHnod to cfiino nervous, flud wk to uiigt: Ibr l)ahj*'s fmhm: lor> fit;- liiciUly. The doctor chii]^c\s the j 'nRs in accordance wiiii the I dcvclcpmcnt of the intunt anil the symptoms that occur as a result if its diet. limes skhiimrd milk is usctl, iti stead of wlinlo milk. When I he l>nhy lircomr.s infect ctl In any way. M> that it ha.s fc vcr r it mny tin ncrcwnry to ehang the dirl. At tlir onset of any infection , it \r, we! 1 to red lice th c CHURCH EXCUSES : By fi. W. Barbara = me whelher III the membci| iliDiight, so or not, but before I back I lliink it best lhat soul Ihey arc liavh| Sunday when I will by and I have been more or less in church needed hiding since they put me off of preacher and the church board a few years ago. I Tiie members tried so hard lo wrcsl- the management of the lo insult inc. I suppose thinking that would cause me lo resign and walk out, but I told them. Inriies and gentlemen would not Insult me, and Ihey couldn't and they might as well stop trying. Well.j „ „ R T Trai , I told my son-in-law and hirct\ ; nmn lhat I felt, here of late, the my nearness Ihcn maybe they wl invite me to coaic buck. If thl fail, I may, so lo speak take ti| bit ill my teeth and just walk may be given between feedings, or SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—II Brooks, rancher, is not so sul lhat American mechanised faril mg is cheaper than the oldl day and to increase the quantity I may be added to Ihe milk. I European methods. He is train!]] gradually until Uic baby Is gel- ] Cod liver oil, or some olhcr suit- two pail's of bullocks lo rcplal an ounce of orange juice able substance containing vitamin the more expensive horses, tra| :vcry das'. D, Ehculd be given to all babies tors and autos. Orange juice sometimes is lax- beginning in the very early weeks! alive, nnd a looseness of the in- of life, and should be continued' According lo an English expH fanl's bowels follows. Under these regularly as long as the doctor married life is very trying on tl circumstances, the orange juice orders. nerves until children arrive. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopl] z% Announcements The- Cxiiincr News ins flecn : thorlzert lo make rorrr.a'i an- liomrmbcr lhat not nil ihr dis- j nounccmcnt or the Inltovlni; can- rcmfovts nnd (lisliirlwnri-.s of the j didal.cs for public office, Mibjcc child nrc atlribtUablc lo iix diet. I to the Democratic primary ne? Graiulinothers Mid iuoxpriicnccd j Aueust 11: nurses are likely lo riMitond that I I'or ReproscnhiUvr in Cnn:;ress most ol the baby's Un;il)lr is due \m$$-&&^^ T.M.HK.\i.s.nt.flrr. . 5--27 tr M>nu'thiii£ H atr or lo thn way In which Ihe fcxxi VV;IA prepared. It nUo Is nol nrs^ibV lo tell, with nnr r.r l«o feoclinr-. whether ho new loml is more nerccable n thr one which ha.', JIIM been ndiuircl. T\vo nr Hirer clays mny lit- rr-criitrcd (or ilic doctor lo rielerininc whether the new mixture IA better llian (he old one. At eeilaiu wajoiis ol the year, i however, and a! eniaui periods in tilt- Iwby's life. ;i c'lniige. in feediiii; i > lu-eeAsaiy. In hot. weather, infants do not rticeM as well .is ihi-y do hi rold weather They reriuiie u^s loort lur.nise they do not have !o produce heat. They perspire, r.ime and lorn more waier from Ihe hoiiy. to Iliat llicy require more vaic'r. The Ifimu:^ in hot wcAilwr. ilmcfore, is chanced by the rtoeior. lo eivc bore water and less milk. Sonic- ZAI, IV HAHHISON I-'or rrc«ec;illin Atlomny O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY T'eir County ,?nilce O. R. SEORAVK8 VinClll. OREENE S. I,. GIjADlHIl For Slipriir nml Oollcclor HALK .TACKSON JOK S. DIM,.\HUNTY E. A. (KD) RICE Tor Tniinly Treasurer ROI.ftNl) GUKEN For Circuit rmirl Oerk HUGH CRAT.O For nc-Flee.tlon (or 2nrt Term For Cminly Coiirt Clerk MISS CAREY WOO15HUHN IVir re-eleelion tor second term I'or Slulc Sciulflr LUCIKM E. COLUMAN Tor Coinitj IJepreseliUtlvo IVY W. CIUWKOHD For Counly AssKSor R. L. (BILLY) GA1NE5 Fcr Re-election to a 2nd Term ^ JES AM OL' BOX SOMEBODY THROWED OUT, WHAT 6OT BURIED UDDER MA3AM PLAKIT5 TATERS YO -DI6S UP A ' 3UMK HEAP/ E<3/:0/THESE -r s A,"RE LE6AL GREAT IT NAAV BE BURIED TREASURE SPUTT-T-T-T E>i AM I WE THEM O"F CATPTA,IKJ l\ww$f/ KIUU ^^ 'sUM. ife- T .€ m „. .„ „, s -«

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